Astro-Compatibility: Aries & Libra

Miss Piggy in concert with Elton John

Miss Piggy is the Libran & Elton John the Aries

There is, at first, something enormously appealing about such a pairing. Aries is ruled by Mars – the ultra-masculine warlordly action planet & Libra by lovely Venus, the Goddess of love, sexual rapture and allure…also the Eternal Lover of Mars in mythology. Both love to debate & both a Cardinal Signs. They like to lead.

At first Libra may easily succumb to the more overt leadership (a.k.a. bloody minded bossiness) and Ariesarchy but very quickly Aries realises that Libra just laughs that tinkly little simper and then goes onto do precisely as he/she wanted to do in the first place. Aries does not really flirt – if they want to conquer you, you will know all about it but they cannot be stuffed with innuendo, intrigue, lack of honesty and what they call game-playing.

Libra lives for it & no matter how  happily pair-bonded, will have little ‘things’ going on…Flirting is one of the ways Librans enlighten every day life & besides, it’s sensible. Complimenting the bank teller on his tie is going to make him far more likely to cut a few corners on lovely one’s behalf. Aries considers this rank infidelity.

Both believe in fairness. Aries loves poncing about with Trophy Libra. Libra loves Ramzilla’s guts but deplores their disdain for the art of euphemism. If Libra ever stops pandering to the ego-demands of Aries or Aries decides to resist Libra’s attempt to ‘terraform’ him/her, the game is up.

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23 thoughts on “Astro-Compatibility: Aries & Libra

  1. Poor libra sun moon girl i am…mad for aries men, especially if they have a lot of taurus…its tricky. I have venus 1st house sag so you think it would work, no? But alas, in all cases i have never successfully ensnared one as my boyfriend. Could be all the scorpio in me, perhaps they find it shady?

    What i’ve noticed is that as a libra i see the balancing potential in our opposition…but aries doesn’t give a rats ass! They like being an aries, so why be dampened by libra’s careful considerations? I always thought of aries men as penises rocketing furiously into the sky…they’re such dicks sometimes. Still, i believe if an aries and libra combined their powers it could be earth shaking.

    One day my prince will come…

  2. Wow. Just ran into my favourite Taurus ex (for the first time in twelve years) who happens to have moon in Libra. I have moon in Aries. Nevermind that we’re all super duper Gemini in Mars (and his Venus in Gemini and mine in Leo), but also have Mercury opposing each other in Aries and Libra. And his Pluto is shockingly close to my sun. I mention this because the above Aries/Libra thing really struck a chord.

    Both quite flirty (as you might imagine from the planets above) and also a strange combination of gentle gossamer Libra moments AND super direct and no holds barred Aries directness.

    Love it. Not quite sure what to do with it.

      • You are in an expansive, devil-may-care mood this morning, DavidL! I was fascinated to read that you previously had a Libran wife. BTW, I the name that I always associate with your wife is “Goddess” – you do speak so beautifully of her.

        • Yes, one of those tormenting types. She really did have me fooled, but ended up fooling herself…she was violent too. The last time she hit me I made an executive decision and threw her out of the house and my life, thank god. I went totally feral after all that, the best thing that ever happened to me.

          • Good for you, pet. What a liberating feeling it must have been to end that situation so dramatically and feel a very definite sense of completion. Exactly how feral did you go?

      • haha! Good question. It’s just that with the Bulls I can pretty much count on them to be the ones who approach me at a party and chat me up. Now that I think of it, I very rarely actually hook up with them. Maybe I should revise to say “favourite Taurus love”. Or maybe just favourite Taurus. Or favourite man who makes my heart skip a beat. Heavy sigh.

  3. hmmmmm no need to elaborate any more deets round here re mon PHD in Aries male!! 1/3 of life spent paired with one Aries or the other!

    Haute Aries quick mind, good eye, wit, charm, chutzpa, unbridled focus, pioneering foresight, charm, creative etcetc , has been most equal side kick to this Libby Fleur so far!!!

    Aries w Uranian undertones (Low Aries) to be avoided at all cost!
    xox 🙂 xox

    • BTW Aries Ex used to refer to himself as “the boss” – also noting if one has to point out they’re the boss, they obviously dont wear the pants! all in jest of course, but earthed in fact…….

  4. Me aries, first wife (20 years ago) libra….lasted less than 12 months, she faked it till we were married, then thought i’d do what i was told, I didn’t…end of story.

  5. Personally I’m so bloody both (it is maddenly confusing) half the time I don’t know if I am Arthur or freakin Martha. I tell you, it is slightly torture having Aries sun & venus conjunct in 7th house & Lib risin, pluto & node as 1st house.

    Apols all, I digress (that must have been the aries manifesting, me, me, me).

    Is it just me, or is this combo more glorious (hetero speaking) when Aries is the gal, Lib is the boy? I just find that it … um, evens it out a bit? I often find myself loving such an archetypcal masculine sign in a woman (eg Aries, Leo ladies) and vice versa a feminine sign in a man (eg Lib, Cancer men), whereas I’d find super masculine blokes and super feminine women a bit OTT.

    Or that could just be the venus tortured martian speaking…

      • sorry david. what i was trying to say was that I have noticed i can find a supermasculine sign in a bloke can be OTT but enjoyable in a woman, and vice versa. I often find (but not always of course!) an aries man over bolshy and a libran woman too much guile and wiles. it may just be my own aries/lib confusing configuration tho…

        • 😆 you’re still confusing me or maybe it’s because i disagree. I don’t see any difference with the genders. I think all Aries men and women are bolshy and Librans of both sexes with too much guile and wiles.

    • (Love Elton like crazy, just interesting his gender thing and mars so masculine (not that theres anything wrong with..) kind of intriguing is all
      I thought miss piggy was a puppet— she is real? Im so confused..

      • Keep an eye out for her, she is likely to be lurking round one of your corners waiting to Ha-Yah! you for doubting her very existence.
        I suppose you think fairies don’t exist either *sigh*

  6. It is freakily true – my dad and step-mum are a Lib-Aries combo and have been happily married for longer than twice their first marriages combined! They still even hold hands at the shops!! But yes, he does do exactly as he pleases while letting her think she runs the show… tee hee…

  7. The thing is, the Arien Males I know can barely keep it in their pants….. But yes, Librans, of makes and models seem to have the flirty thing down pat, which is creepy when its my dad, and irritating when on the prowl with the ‘friend’. Lets just say I never go out with the ‘friend’ anymore, as she cannot help but thrust her bosom into any tete a tete I may be having and steal the lads attention with her LARGE bust. My other Libran girl friend has much clearer boundaries, if he’s pommy, with specs, he’s mine she declares, and I just sit back and enjoy the hapless pom get shuffled off….. hehehe.

  8. Well, I am the Aries half of one of these pairings and all I can do is recommend it.

    Lots to talk about. Both of us love to plan adventures together and nest in between.

    Re leadership, I’d say we both have our ‘areas’, which works well.

    I’m not sure I’d call my Libra a “trophy”, but I sure do like poncing around with him.

    Seven years in and I’ve never been happier.



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