Astro-Beauty: How Retro-Fetishist Are Crabs?

Victoriana Goth Fashion MontageYes, I  admit it. I am often caught depicting Cancerians as old-lace fetishists, fingering their antique cameo brooch as they stalk vintage clothing stores or sites, forever enmeshed in a web of ye olde world fashion yearnings, nostalgia encapsulated. When I did an Astro-Nite in Melbourne a few years ago and got everyone to sit in the groups of their Sun Signs, the Crab Folk WERE all wearing an item that was not only vintage but had actual sentimental value to do with one of their ancestors. Seen as such in a group, their general look was more Edwardian/Victorian than any of the other groups. Okay, the Arieans also stood out as they were all in Red & the Librans for their well-kempt complexions. Still, shall we settle this???  Do Crab People have way more of an appreciation for the retro, the ancient, the nostalgic, the vintage end of fashion????  If you are or you know a Cancerian who gets around in cobwebby ye olde lace & antique jewellery, please tell…



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47 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty: How Retro-Fetishist Are Crabs?

  1. Haha, I think that this is why I wear lolita fashion! Actually, my venus in virgo makes me a picky person, so I can’t just settle for anything that’s “retro”. I can’t help but look into the details such as lace; the lace must be soft and durable, not that itchy netting stuff (rachel), and neither should the lace be plentiful on the outfit (yikes! It’ll look costumy!).
    My libra moon/rising, however, makes a great deal on how the item fits my body and ties in with the idea that I can’t settle for anything that’s retro. I’m not willing to wear a tacky over sized sweater that was in vogue during the 80s. Classics are a big deal for me. Overall, I like clothing that doesn’t go out of style easily. Every so often, it’s nice to make additions like embroidery.

    Looking at the polyvore example in this post: if I had my way, I’d lengthen the dress so it’s down to my waist (I can’t wear empire waist dresses well. My torso may be long, but so are my arms). I’d also add a proper petticoat underneath the skirt for novelty purposes. Although I am cancerian, my bewbs are tiny for my age, so I can’t really pull off the top portion very well, but I could always try out wearing a slim fitted sweater underneath (black to blend in), and wear black tights with my pair of low heeled cream colored mary janes for modesty purposes (I can’t afford to injure my feet in those heels….they don’t really flatter my legs because it stops at the ankles). I love pearls to death, but I think that a simple princess length necklace with a single pearl drop will do this outfit justice.

    I’d probably carry a simpler yet elegant clutch as well. The details are a little childish/girlish with that dress, so it’s proper to have something that goes with an elegant and grown up outfit.

  2. I’m a Cancer Sun/Moon with Scorpio Ascendant and I adore anything vintage. I spend my time pretending to live in 40’s/50’s movies and emulating the look. I love vintage shopping more than anything.

    Speaking of vinatge and lace, I JUST bought a super elaborate, lacy 1950’s dressrobe. I saw it from across the room and just died.

    Even in my modern attire, I tend to get told I have a vintage appeal. I’ve often been told that I have the Old Hollywood appeal…maybe it’s a Cancer thing.

  3. Oh I so wanted to comment on this since last week…but it seems even my comment will have to be retro.

    As a Cancer sun with Venus in Leo, I DO love lace, however I am incredibly restrained with it – as I look more along the lines of an anime/Kill Bill character than I do anything poignant and of yore. Seriously. I once hopped on a bus tour to the Great Ocean Road and it was filled with tourists, I was the only person there in blood red jeans, a tight white tshirt, boots and an overcoat – I looked like an assassin. Sigh.

    Hence, I like my lace tempered with a bit o’ leather, and no, I can’t pull goth off THAT well as I border on the tanned and exotic, I’d LOVE to but I can’t pull it off. For the most part, I like having a modern twist on old classics, and adore tailored clothing.

    Hang out clothes, American Apparel definitely. But other than that I have at least 6 personalities hiding in my wardrobe. None of whom are nostalgic haha…

  4. Cancerian friend’s husband is a Virgo artist…that first started out as a jewellery maker. He makes sophisticated primitive early…all one offs. Cancerian friend mentioned above combines this with the simple timeless, suits her stuff and just looks wonderful.

  5. Cancer rising, and slowly succumbing to the vintage bug…

    I don’t -have- anything that’s vintage, but I keep being told by other people that i would either 1) look good in it or 2) look like I’m wearing it. Not entirely sure where this opinion’s coming from.

    I do wear a lot of (carefully-chosen) second-hands, though.

  6. Cancer moon, it’s not really my clothes but jewellery & accessories. Mother of pearl trinkets I can’t resist them.

    Household items as I’ve said before I’m waiting for the day when I can buy my own Californian bungalow. Only lace I have is on vintage linen.

  7. I don’t have a lot of lace in my wardrobe or much secondhand any more. I used to raid my mum’s collection of sixties frocks but that was when I was into grunge and before it was called vintage. It was just a phase. Alot of why i used to wear stuff from op shops was i had no money.

    I did buy a nice vintage 60’s coat last year but I don’t wear it at all. I much prefer my brand new local melbourne designer coat with the stars printed on the lining. It’s sort of duffle coat shaped but with a hood. Most of the clothes I love are local melbourne designers.

    I do have a lovely blue lace dress but it was bought new.

    My house has some old stuff, but more new than old. (Alot of stuff from ikea some old cast offs from my folks and friends but it’s not old old) My favourite recent purchases are wool rugs from tibet – maroon and yellow with simple geometric designs. Also wooden japanese dolls. I also have a fabulous tree lamp that looks a bit retro but is new. Very 50’s austrliana in style.

    I love old houses. I love high ceilings.

    sun, moon, mercury in cancer. Venus Gemini? Maybe that’s why I don’t really caught up in secondhand clothes?

  8. Yes, completely. My mum is the queen of retro. She reminisces on the 70’s, loves estate jewelry (and has a few rings and necklaces that she wears all the time that she inherited) and dresses retro or retro-inspired at least. I dunno, would you call Gwen Stefani’s label L.A.M.B. retro-inspired? I think so.

  9. Davidl, thats hilarious, i am the same hate buying new clothes, equipment etc, it just doesnt feel right, it take me forever shopping because it needs to be a certain way, cant really put my finger on it, I am cancer venus and sun. I def have a thing for lace anykind, gloves, scarves, heirlooms, anything that has sentimental value…
    And i have a thing for plants anykind even though always end up dying, i need them around me…..dont know if thats the cancers coming out…Oh cancers!!!

  10. I had a Moon-Child friend years ago that kept boxes and boxes of her dead mother’s old jewelry around and wore it all the time.

    She also had a weird fetish for old cheesy movies and made me watch them with her. These weren’t classics just odd old Westerns.

    She bought a lot of retro stuff.

    I’m a Leo. Other than a few pieces of ultrafabulous jewelry from my grandmother and some great antique furniture from my mom, I dislike old stuff.

    We’re not friends any more. Are you surprised?

  11. Reading through these comments I’ve noticed that Cancer homage to the past through clothing, is a little more expansive than the sort of victorian looking clobber. Although that does have its devotees.

    This fits in with what I know of a good Cancerian friend. I think she pulls off a more timeless look. Just simple lines that suit her. She does shop almost exclusively at charity shops though. She constantly has her eye open for the next find.

    She’s also very good at finding bizarre knee rugs…you know the ones that look like they’ve been made by Nannas on acid?

    • Well observed LL. I think Cancerians may have an eye for/respect of history. This goes a bit wider than loving lace per se or loving ‘old stuff’ just because its old. Old crap is still crap in my book. But old style is still style.

      I think I have expressed my dislike of ‘Ye Olden Days’, memory lane & family gatherings here before. I do have some stylish & funny old things and, yes I admit it, I do get a certain joy from a finding a bargain, but my Taurus hubbo is FAR more into hoarding old stuff than I am. I am in domestic clean out/simplification mode, so if it is past its use-by date out it goes to another life – including the gorgeous 40s & 50s dresses I wore for so many years (chosen because the shapes suited my figure & they were well made rather than because they were ‘old’). If I’m not wearing nice things I give them away for someone else to enjoy.

      As a group, the Cancerians I know (incl me) are more likely to share skills in cooking or providing/nurturing than a retro fashion fetish.

      Maybe the Natal Moon placement is very important in how our Cancerian Sun is expressed? Mine is in no nonsense Aries, thank God, otherwise I think I could drown in all this water!

  12. I am a Cancerian with my sun/mercury/venus in Cancer. I adore and live for vintage clothes! Maybe not victorian, but I totally agree with this post! I like vintage stores, lace, and old time makeup looks.

  13. Retro-FETISHIST? My cancer sun bf is an authority on the history of fetish clothing, primarily fetish boots. He’s published a number of international periodicals over the last 30 years on this, started writing at 19 then writing for himself for the last 25yrs. It sounds like total train-spotting, left-of-field bunkum, but he was “in the workshop when legendary UK label X was the genesis of the European fetish scene”, got “fitted with custom crotch ballets when now defunct Y bootmaker was creating the most seminal ballet boot shapes in the 80’s” and “handpicked the last hide of cherry red moc-croc for Z New York Dominatrix, two years before B shoemaker folded due to mismanagement in 2005”. (cue wringing of Cancer hand-claws) He possesses one of the world’s foremost archives of vintage fetish boots and clothing, all kept at a steady, air-cond’ 70’F. (a Virg rising, maybe?) He dresses in unremarkable utilitarian comfort – khakis and beige – but get him talking about the history of fetish clothing over a lovingly home cooked Cancer dinner and it’s like re-runs of “Antiques Roadshow: Fetish Boots, Gloves & Corsets. The 10 part series”.

    I’m a Virg with Cancer rising. I used to be a film and theatre costumer with a collection of original vintage & reproduction clothing from the 1900’s onwards. If I corner you & given the chance, I’ll dazzle you with inane tidbits about the history of corsetry, milinery, C20th fashion, history of kimono… until you RUN RUN RUN. I’ve also been described as the most 1920’s-looking person you’ll see; with my Louise Brooks bob, smoky eye makeup, matching gloves, custom made boots…

  14. Yes, I confess. I do collect lots of good quality antique jewellery and collect silk scarves, especially Mikimoto and old Chloe and YSL. Plus I absolutely adore beautiful lace and have (I think) the best lingerie drawer ever!

    I think your image is correct but perhaps the dowdiness needs redressing? I feel that crabs generally add a few pieces to add luxury and style to a look, without descending to the look of an old fortune teller…I’ve found my Aquarian friends have more of that look? I think there’s always something clean/chic to the crabby aesthetic…?

  15. Oh god I loathe lace! But my wardrobe is a homage to the 50s – with a good bit of Blondie-era punk thrown in for good measure. Not all vintage tho – but most made to a vintage pattern, and good quality, dahlink! Does make living out of a backpack somewhat challenging slightly envious of Sagg-types in backpacker’s hostels with their moisture-wicking, lightweight garments, but would not be caught DEAD in that!
    Incidentally went hiking in converse trainers, black jeans and a vintage leather bomber jacket. Was the only one who thought to bring booze..

    cancer sun/moon, libra rising.

  16. My brother is a Cancer and loves wearing fedora’s and waist coats. He thinks he looks absolutely fantastic, which incidentally he does.

    Also, he loves collecting retro toys a la Star Trek etc

  17. A good Cancerian friend of mine will only shop and wear clothes from thrift / second-hand shops…(even though she is quite wealthy )….Brags about getting a Designer jacket for next to nothing….while it is charming at times , it seems a bit “shoddy” as well….Also she is madd for little flower trinkets ….her house is positively cluttered with them

  18. my Gemini Cancer moon friend wears retro clothes from 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. Her home looks like a retro store. No lace though. She does swing dancing too.

  19. Anything old is good according to cancer wifey (who i will have to find a better name for ?) anything new is dubious and crass. This attitude works across all sectors of life. Housing, clothes, jewellery, electronic equipment, anything..? it can be an absolute pain in the butt at times.

    • Ahhh, the sacrifices you make to keep her happy 😉

      How about Soulmate, Love of My Life, Best Beloved, She Who Makes My Life Complete, The Woman I Adore …..

      • I was thinking something with a little more sarcasm to match the description of most males around here. All of those you mentioned above are true, but
        too corny, (she can be incredibly corny). You know, focussing on her minor shortcomings ?

        • Sorry, can’t help there! You never mention them. Unless you mean some of her more cancerian traits … which aren’t so much shortcomings as virtues. So speaketh a cancer moon.

        • My parents call each other ‘precious petal’ when in full blown cold war death rows.

          that or ‘Darling dearest’

          * vomits away from computer screen*

          how about ‘her indoors’ or ‘the ball and chain’ for full blown sarcasm david?

          ps – how do vous feel about the word ‘partner’.

        • Bella is right davidl you never say anything awful about your lovely wife. How about ‘Goldilocks’? You mentioned yr house looks like that of the 3 Bears…

  20. Yes yes! My little nannying charge (now all grown up) was turning 12. All she wanted was a cameo brooch. That’s it. Nothing else for her b’day. Well, a brooch COULD be substituted with earrings if one couldn’t be found… But how that possible outcome pained her.

  21. I knew a Cancerian who’s wardrobe was something from the 1940’s. It was stacked, packed & racked full of vintage stuff. She was always wearing something vintage. Not sure of any cheap stuff most were expensive as she spent loads of $$$ on the stuff. Even had old relics around the house, it looked like she inherited it from a previous generation. She made it look very cool.

  22. i’m scorpio with ascendant in cancer. i wear red in some form everyday, without realising usually. a fave piece of jewellery is my maternal grandmothers engagement ring, which is too small for my fat fingers, but often squeezes onto the pinky or worn around my neck on a chain.

  23. Cancer sun yes love lace, attracted to the texture, SCorp ascendant means that I mostly like black lace, preferably mixed with leather, and Virgo moon dictates that it must be a not too sultry….. its hard

  24. Yes (Cancer sun and ascendant) — SO love bits of old lace, scarves and shawls, vintage and retro frocks, vintage lingerie. 20’s right up through 70’s. Prized possessions are a long rope of 20’s pearls, and a 30’s sheer silk crepe nightgown/dressing gown set, and french silk slip with complicated panels and lace. I”m with ariesartist — a fan of the quality of vintage fabrics, the tailoring. But it’s the shapely sihouettes too — demurely sexy. I also wear lots of contemporary stuff — plenty of American Apparel in the wardrobe — but somehow the overall look ends up being nostagic — people regularly comment that I look like I came from another era and I’m not a ‘costumey’ or period-exact retro-wearer so this must come from some intangible overall effect.

    • I think you are onto something there cancercam. Maybe other signs see something retro in us Cancerians that we don’t necessarily see in ourselves. I’ve also been told that I look like I’m from another time but don’t actively try to look that way at all.

  25. and I mixed up the convo – oh well, he was watching as I commented about fledging bra garment, commented, to which i responded.

    HE is an aries and one could almost be convinced that he invented the colour red! lol he loves it!

  26. My husband actually said to me last night, as I fingered a fossil of a bra, that you should never toss out the old ones because there is always a time when you need them. His response, you never throw out anything useful. I have a rack full to the brim of classic jackets from faux fur, leather, denim, all styles except lace and they all look brand new even though some are decades old, but that’s where it stops. I have the standard lbd, and corresponding black essentials and have one gold ring that belongs to my great-grandmother. I know if I had a broad budget, my chicdom would extend beyond the jackets, but I appreciate my limitations. A cancer lovely that I knew who was born two days after me, with far less budget restrictions was a fashionista! elegant, chic, cutting edge classy! no lace there either!

  27. One of my cats is a Cancer and she “stole” one of my scarves, the fluffy one: would insert her paw in my drawer in an attempt to extract it. In the end I gave in and just let her have it. Now she has it on my bed and lies on it continually.

    • Mums Capricorn cat languishes gleefully on my heirloom mohair blanket made by my grandmother for my 21st….. maybe she has a cancer Asc? Or moon? Or is just a luxury lovin’ capricorn?

    • I used to have a cuddle jumper for my cancerian cat. When he looked forlorn I would put it on and he would jump up for a cuddle. He ended up with half a dozen of my best jumpers to sleep on around the house.

  28. My bestie is a cancerarian and she is WA-aay cool. No lace, embroidery or cameo broach stuff for her. I totally love her dress sense. Stylish, funky eclectic, retro-cool. Not ye-olde-op-shop….. But funky retro-cool. Her house is a homage to the late 50’s early 60s. I could never pull it off.

  29. I have aries sun and cancer moon
    so I compensate by wearing a LOT of red, AND mostly vintage.

    I heart heart vintage – but more of a 1920s-40s retro. but any old embroidery, lace and velvet – YUM. I don’t do sentimental, flowery and all victoriana though.

    It is the quality of the materials and the hand-madeness that seducess me. I have no time for modern vulgarity, synthetic fibres and crappy finish!

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