Astro-Baby: The Leo Baby

Regal Crown Booties For BabyThe Leo Baby has an extremely sophisticated grasp of music and, from an early age will respond with alacrity to Brahms lullabies & al those classical compositions set at a certain tempo to help babies relax. They may diss standard nursery jingles in fabour of a far more complicated tunes. As soon as they can hold – say – a rattle, they would love a drum set or any other kind of instrument. As they move into toddler-hood le petit Leos love also photography, film & dancing. It is totally their thing…

Image:  Prince Booties – Funky Shapes Etsy

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Taurean Girl

My MOST EXCELLENT LEO son turns 21 next week. Absolutely to everything mentioned. I was so pleased to have such an appreciative audience for my nightly “lullabies” (mostly soul) when he was small. He still likes to hear me sing. He is known to have the most extensive digital music library at the University of Texas. All genres! To complement his engineering studies, he took Music History … I could go on …


Astrology tres freakily accurate again….scary.

Music, dance, film and photography, no more, no less, 100%.

Earth bound Aries

Ok have to add my two cents – I have TWO Leos (they are twins) and they can DANCE! They turn 5 next Wednesday and they already choreograph routines for each other and their big sister to perform at regular weekly concerts. Their favourite TV show at the moment is Dancing with the Stars – yes we are big tv dags. When they were about two their favourite driving music (we travelled regularly long distance) was the Dixie Chicks, especially “Taking the Long Way Round”, which they infinitely preferred to anything by the Wiggles. I started them on ballet classes… Read more »


Yeeeesssss! All this is true about my leo daughter! She’s musical, she’s dramatic, she has amazing rhythm and she was born with all of the above! Let’s face it, Leos are just great.


FF I’m know exactly how you feel I have a Leo rising boy and I’m Leo sun /mercury. I did not stop grinning for weeks when he played at the Opera House in a recorder concert. Still makes me teary. My poor kids have grown up on a diet of trashy 80’s break songs alongside classical, blues and jazz. My teen loves the remixes of my disco stuff. My parents tortured me as teen with classical music which I’ve come to love and right now MJ is putting me in a great mood after a shiteful day. Thanks for this… Read more »

fluid feline

Ok, can’t resist, my Leo boy is musical and to my surprise he can dance! His Art/Drama/Music teacher gave him Very High on latest report for Dance and Art (from the school musical i suspect)! This is my rugby loving, tae kwon do, boys boy. His piano teacher raves about his musical ability to my absolute Leo Sun pleasure. I nor his father are musical (tho I love listening to music and have always surrounded them with music and words). His Aqua sis is very musical (chosen to play at the Bris Arts Fest coming up in Sept) and soo… Read more »


The story goes, clever-clogs Leo, Ms Tori Amos, was playing piano at 2, composing by 4, and could play just about anything by ear at 8… Maybe a slight Leo exaggeration, but she clearly is uber-gifted in that dept.


Oh gosh Lexicorn, your Cappy Sun is vibing my Cappy Moon this Cali evening…

Just today, at lunch, listening to Ms. Amos. “Up on the 101” she says…(Pacific Coast Hwy.)

“You could taste heaven perfectly”. I really thought about this as I drove, thinking how in a moment we can feel that clarity of just a perfect moment…the breeze just right, the sun…The taste just a feeling, you know? …She captures that beautifully.

Of course my Gemini daughter, encouraged by my Leo Mom (musically inclined lion), gave me the cd!!


“A Sorta Fairytale”….couldn’t think of the name…


I must confess to playing that song on the iPod every time I touch down in San Francisco, coasting along in the BART… preparing for another Cali adventure.


“To take your word, I had to steal it….”

Love that line….

The horse's ass

My little Leo lady just turned eight. She insisted I put on Bjork’s “It’s oh so quiet” at her sleepover party. Then she charmingly ordered her adoring fans … huhumm, I mean friends … onto the “dance floor” in the playroom and belted out the number for them with typical gusto.

Next morning, when I asked her if she’d enjoyed the pancakes I’d made her entourage for breakfast, she replied quick as a flash and perfectly earnest, “Well, you know what they say? You always do your best for the best!”

Can’t help but adore the heck out of her.

Leonine Librarian

I amused many people with my moves to Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 by Listz…in the bouncinette.I put my whole body into it too…keeping time with the music and approaching whatever baby beat nirvana leo babies go for. Apparently this was my Aries Mum’s solution to me and dinner prep bids for attention.

Funny thing even now the traditional relaxing music just winds me up..I go nearly spare at pan pipes…whereas something with a strong fast beat takes me away to somewhere fun and then I do relax.

Ms Motown

That is sooooo true! My Leo gal has always had an innate sense of rhythm. Tis beautiful. When we put on (say) Marvin Gaye, or Prince or the Jackson 5 as cooking music, she is bustin moves all over the kitchen. (Nearly 10 now) I don’t think she even knows she is doing it sometimes. I love to watch her move. she and her sister choreograph dances in the lounge. But not if I am watching the process. They’ll perform it for me if I have left them along to create… I remeber her as a toddler when we were… Read more »


Aw, I dare say it is difficult to pop by and not comment on our Loveable Leos esp. when I see those royal booties and when Mum’s (Mom’s) birthday is this Sunday. Do hope though that before our loveable twinkle toes begin to dance, that those (in pix) booties are sorted properly for the appropriate feet! Never the less, Mom (x2 Leo), had on Roy Orbison this afternoon. Yesterday it was Andrea Bocelli (hope I’m spelling these right). Every day she does her solitaire on the computer and plays one of her cds in her myriad of choices collection .… Read more »


We have bought our little Leo a camera for her 3rd birthday next week as we are tired of finding our photos deleted because she plays with it so much.
Most of the photos of her show her trying to grab the camera off us to look at the pics of herself on the back…

The Leo Socialite

I mean ahead of his peers.

The Leo Socialite

Stop making me clucky! When i was a little baby, i am told that i could only go to sleep with loud music around me. My pram could be parked beside bands playing or in music shops & i would be completely happy. I know all babies like music but it is true about leos. My friends leo toddler is really really good at singing, obviously streets ahead of any of his peeps musically. Am not just boasting for the leo side. Leo toddler is not universally superior but the link between leos and the arts is real. both my… Read more »

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