Asteroid Sappho

Sappho Pre Raphaelite

The other day, I was posting real nice things about Saturn (Saturn Girl) and i only later realised that asteroid Sappho (number 80 if you want to bung her into your chart via Astrodienst) was conjunct Saturn and still is. That so fits!  I still think so many of the asteroids are just named randomly – and there are heaps of them – whereas the naming of the main planets took place over aeons of observation & witching. eg; the planet we call Venus was known as Ishtar by the Ancient Babylonians & they figured out her weird pentagram-shaped orbit way before (obviously) modern telescopes etc.

See Venus – Are You A Morning Star Or An Evening Star Venus? for more on that.

But asteroid relevancy aside, i loved that an asteroid called after one of the greatest ever poets – Sappho – was on Saturn as i tried to reinterpret the entity. I love it when Sappho shows up in charts. She was a genius, a poet and gay, though she had a daughter, Cleis, for whom she wrote a poem…“I have a fair daughter….her form is that of a golden flower…”

Most of her work was burned by rabid Christians & so only bits of it survive. There were Papal edicts instructing peeps to destroy her work – because she was gay? Because she began and managed schools to educate women? Because heaps of her poems were in frank praise of Aphrodite? The Greeks considered her on a par with Homer and she surely influenced Ovid?  Anyway, in a chart,  I think she signifies poetry, wit, sheer feminine genius and the will to eloquently assert your right to do as you sensually please.

My friend Kim Falconer thinks asteroid Sappho shows up as tactile, indulgent, luscious, heady & yet extraordinarily smart – Asteroid 80 is a totally fun asteroid to research AND if your Sappho is on the love interest’s Venus or Moon you SO mess with his/her mind. Just by showing up. If you don’t know much about Sappho, do go to some of these links…I like to think that book burnings do NOT work! Oh and yes, she was born on the isle of Lesbos, some time around 600 BC.


Image: Charles August Mengin

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Hi all….well it took me a long time to interpret my Sappho in my natal chart, so here it is: My Sappho in Tropical Astrology is in Scorpio 10th house…My Sappho placements in relation to the rest of my chart are as follows:

trines my Chrion in Cancer 7th house,
conjuction my Pluto in Scorpio 10th house,
sextiles my Neptune in Capricorn 12 house
sextiles my Saturn in Capricorn 12 house
& what looks like an upside down Quincux my Venus in Libra 9th house.


upon further research, turns out my Sappho semi-sextiles my Venus in Libra 9th house….hence the ‘upside down quincux’ comment lol :p


Sappho conjunct my sun moon midpoint 0degrees

Blue Moon

22 deg Sag on my Jupiter rising and on my AC
Just looked down at the squiggly thing on my DC meh. Saturn in Gemini in my 6th house. Yup health issues check. Been sick as a dawg all week.
This full moon in Gem build up is so not fun for me.
Network Chiro says I’m doing brilliantly ugh. Feel totally rotten tho.
At least I’m feeling it tho which is more empowering than not feeling it.
In theory anyway. Lol


Hi everyone I’m a cancer sun sign with a stellium in my 11th house and a 0 degree Virgo Ac I discovered Sappho on the very day as she enter Scorpio so as I happen to have Sappho. In my natal chart in Aries and in my 8th house is it by accident? she sextile Pallas square Venus and my moon keeping a tight T square in cardinal signs between Venus moon Aphrodite I can tell you guys my life is not boring the last aspect she have is to natal Neptune is a trine and she’s about to pass… Read more »


david said:
“Sapphism isn’t considered gay these days? Isn’t it the term for women who are straight but enjoy sensuality with other women?”

This is exactly how I see myself, and I have a really strong Sappho connected with the house of love


What about Sappho conjunct the Moon in Leo in the 11th house? I am having fun learning about asteroids—


Sappho conj. my Aries Mercury in 10th. Used to write tons of poetry. And as a kid played house with my female cousin and we did kiss and we did rub our flat bare chests against each other… 🙂


Also great book entitled “The Laughter of Aprodite – A Novel about Sappho of Lesbos” by Peter Green first published 1966. isbn 0520079663

Well worth a read.


Sappho info Fantastic as always Mystic. Mine in 3rd house, conjunct Pluto in Virgo, sextile Neptune in Scorp, Square Saturn in Sagg and Square Taurus rising. Can anyone reveal anything to me?

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Thanks Mystic! Just found out my Sappho is at 13 Leo, so will be having a Sappho return soon. Aquavit above is in the middle of one already.
Sappho is conjunct my MC (tight 2 degrees) & Saturn (a wider 9 degree). Will have to look more into this. 🙂


wow, this is the first time i have looked at sappho in my chart, and it seems i am in the middle of a sappho return! in virgo in the first…
not sure if i’m coming across as tactile, indulgent, luscious, heady and smart at the moment, but it sounds like something to aspire to!


First, I was wondering if there’s any way of telling what Sappho’s astro is like. Second, since I’m a Capricorn, I wonder if asteroid Sappho being conjuct Saturn could in any way be related to my recent reminiscing about my days of dating girls — back in high school when everyone I knew was “experimenting” and it was much easier to form close bonds with my girlfriends because we were also innocently intimate… I have always loved Sappho, her poetry, and the love of women that she represents — not just sexually but in a holistic way.


That’s quite enlightening. I have Sappho conjunct Natal Venus in Aqua… 5 degrees on the other side of Venus is Circe, so Sappho and Circe are also conjunct in Aqua, embracing my Venus in a woman-power hug. Could this explain my androgynous ways? Totally love being a boy, but I’ve always indulged my feminine side with glee. In primary school, the ONE TIME I was selected to be captain and ‘pick teams’ I chose all the slow, spazzy girls first, leaving the fit sporty boys til last. When the teacher asked “what are you doing” I said “I AM A… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

I would have been one of those slow spazzy girls if I’d been there, and you would have been my friend for life. All the best men are feminists.

I love your mother! Go Aries! What’s her sun sign?


Thanks Ube. Yeah, you would totally have been on my team.
And we would have psychoanalysed and deconstructed and just bitched it up large about that creepy Phys Ed teacher!!

Mother is a fellow Cap. Normally very calm and gentle, spiritual type, til you fuq with her kin and my word you’re in trouble.


Plus you’d be cheerleader for the ‘witch-with-a-willy’ club.

Ãœber Virgo

And nice avatar, Lex.


Thats a great story Lexicorn… Your mum has gone onto my list of Women I Aspire to be…..

Ms Motown

Great story! We love, love love male feminists!

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Adore your mother Lexicorn! 🙂


Ancient, but::: holy fuq, your mom is awesome.


I have natal Sappho at 0 Gem 3rd house sharing with sun, moon, venus, vesta & ceres. Well, well what to do you know? There she tailgating saturn in the 6th who has been moving at a glacial pace over it’s home since 07. Oh geez it’s sunday drivers on highway 6! lol!

unpredictable pisces

bgem, with all those feminine planets/asteriods (moon, ceres et al ) in gem that wld be interesting – 3rd house being um siblings, communication, those Gemini things…what sort of female r’ships or connections do you have? they are all home n hearth kind of asteroids non? do you have a bunch of sisters or regular womens get togethers at home? etc? just a thought… 🙂


Thanks up that is really helpful!

I have only one sister (libran) but she is always off somewhere in the world so don’t get to see her. My brother has strong feminine energy.
However now that I think about it most of my friends are women & they all said at different times what I mean to them, value friendship, we are sisters etc. Even the men in my life have very strong feminine energy & I think that is what I love about them
I guess all of my relationships have this theme, that’s really cool!


Sappho in Cap with my MC… Trine Mercury & Venus in Sagg, Trine Saturn in Virgo (how does this impact a saturn return?), sextile Uranus in Scorp, and square pluto…. Argh! How to decipher that one??? I need to seriously get the internet at home so I can nut this stuff out….


Writer 8th house Sag has Cap Sappho/Venus conjunct in the 9th…also sextile Neptune. It all emerges in the written word, for which he has a fluid, no holds barred approach. Such titles as “Left field sex” – in which he writes, ahem…
“differentiating a potential fuq from a casual conversation is a gift”
Love it.

venus a-go-go

Ok… so my Sappho is in Taurus.
Most decedant!
I looked up somone else’s chart on Astro… and now I feel like a peeping tom:(


Sapphism isn’t considered gay these days? Isn’t it the term for women who are straight but enjoy sensuality with other women?


and I, for one, am very supportive of the whole concept 🙂

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