Are All Aries Women Macho?

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Woman in Grid Iron Locker room

Many of the Aries women i’ve known have been amazingly bossy but brilliant lithe little balls of optimism, sort of bouncing around and revving everyone up with rah-rah team spirit. When they fancied a man, they’d tackle it like a sporting event. Total candour. No gameplaying. Just ‘how about it?’ One I knew would even go and do chin-ups on the door frame to impress a guy she liked. Okay, she was young but still…

Aries is said to be the most masculine sign of all – Fire-Cardinal and ruled by Mars…Inย  ye olde astrology, there was an argument that being born an Aries somehow disadvantaged a woman, that she might be ‘unfeminine’. Obviously an awful lot of that is just sexist garbage & old-style thinking re what qualities (courage, assertiveness) are appropriate or not in a woman.

Still, i’m interested in your thoughts on Aries femmes please!


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132 thoughts on “Are All Aries Women Macho?

  1. Love them! Yes, they can be forceful as all hell, but they are the ladies you want to have your back. They are optimistic, pragmatic, and get straight to the point. As for fitting a feminine archetype, I find them usually slightly less glamourous than the Leo Ladies who share many of these qualities and a bit more Sagg-like in that they generally have a strong physical presence and sense of physicality about them. Less boho than the Saggs though.

  2. My mother is strong but tamed and controlled, i think it had to do with her Libra asc and moon in Pisces. BUT she is workaholic and loving it, moon in 6th house, and she told me when she was little girl, she always wanted to be a marine.

    My Scorpio but aries rising gal pal who is always willing to be some gay’s beard. She literally looks butch/strong/misunderstood as lesbian and she did told she always wanted to be part of army, she is aspiring to work there. majoring to become forensics scientist, very Scorpionic but her aries rising is there clearly tho.

  3. I know two fem aries. They are actually masculine compared to all my other friends.. They are into sport, both play football, barely ever wear make up…. Champagne bearing aquarian totally summed it up – you DEF want these girls to have your back. THEY ARE TOUGH.

    Also they both have great personalities, funny as hell but just reallly to the point, never bitchy or pass agg nothing. But if they do have a problem with you you wil know it.

  4. Mystic you post the most awesome pix – you seriously would be a RED HOT photo editor!! xox

  5. I’ve only ever had one female Aries friend. She WAS a human dynamo. But two fire signs can lead to clashes. We had issues about who was in charge. Don’t see her anymore. She was funny, intelligent, incredibly snappy dresser.

    But there was this other side of great vulnerability. A difficult family life. It had scarred her hugely

  6. my best friend for years was arian – she had no shame around men which was unfotunate because it gained her a reputation as a total skank – I don’t necessarily agree with that kind of sexist labelling of women when all that’s supposedly virile when a man does it but she was out of control and frequently embarrassing to be around. I once entered a room and counted 20 men who had her in common and pondered the conversations that could be had if they knew – she only went for famous men – preferably in music or film – it got me into some great parties for years and I met some crazy and amazing peeps but I couldn’t cope with her in the end exhausing and sad to see someone behave that way for so long without growing out of it.

    • o and I’m a libran – hence the disconfort with the neverending sexual rampages – sometimes 2-3 men in one day depending on whether she travelled on the tour bus with them.

      • Yep! That’s exactly what I’d expect from an Aries gal. I think they out-sexualize the Scorpio gal, when they are governed by the sex organs. They ‘put it out there’ while you wouldn’t know it, they only have their sights on the “well healed” or that could support their maternal future goals. They’ll defend their children to the point of ridiculous. The invalidity of it is irrelevant to them. No matter what wrong or evil or injustice their child has committed. A very Girly-within, maternally defending Sign. Sometimes, Incredibly so to the onlooker. They don’t care, they are shameless first the Aries.

    • hey whatever, i had a fellow aries bf for years…thankfully not THAT out of control around men but after she separated from her husband it was a matter of reeling in all men around her, which she was supposedly ‘ignorant’ of…i would point out to her what she was doing but she was in denial….and i understood that it made her feel good considering the sheer & utter rejection she got from her husband the day she found out she was pregnant. he only ever touched her when he absolutely had to….,ugh…what an arseshole…that all just leads into other stories really…but the whole aries thing – she had to captivate & reel in every man ….to validate herself….rather sad

      • ok that sounds really bitchy & i want to take back that it’s an aries thang b/c maybe it isn’t….who am i to say…

  7. i think aries women just don’t muck about. they’re survivors. they’re target driven. And they know how to set goals whether in work on in their personal lives. Sometimes the skew leans the wrong way as in the above story, but you can’t say they don’t put everything into their aims. i’ve known more macho Leo’s.

  8. I AM an aries female and think I share some of the stereotypical qualities although I’m not at all tough. I’m absolutely shit at sport and hopefully never look butch! I was a bit of a tomboy when younger however… now I wear a lot of dresses, but never with heels (I can’t walk properly) and make-up etc. My ideal style is sexy and pretty but with a cool and tomboyish edge if that makes sense. I also kind of want to be pocahontas and be able to short arrows and have paint on my face and things. (maybe my saggittarius rising).
    I don’t like not knowing what’s going on and would rather be upfront with men and them to do the same with me. I am extremely sensitive too, which may not be from Aries sun.

  9. I’m an aries femme & I love em! No clash issues. Have a couple of very close aries girlfriends – who i don’t see that often – but we’re like soul mates. I love the understanding that aries sisters share with each other. My goddaughter is aries sun & moon, 7 years old and already one hell of a a woman! I think I might be a bit less crazier than some other aries gals cos I have lib risin…

    Tho I’m still a bit crazy. My aries girlfriends & I aren’t particularly masculine in appearance I don’t think. One is insanely cut & muscular but she’s a total yoga freak! She’s not like butch, just cut. The other one is all big hair and short skirts and the most hilarious example of the aries woman. I’m definitely all woman, big boobs, long hair and unfortunately didn’t score the aries physique…

    I rarely wear make up, have lots of close male friends. I don’t have game with men either. My friends laugh about it. I would hate to describe myself as “masculine” though. Eeew.

    And re sex and conquests… the aries ladies I know tend to, ah, climax quickly. I’m pro lots and often, but not for too long. :) I would be interested to hear of others?

    I’m not of the no shame variety tho, I do have *some* libran decorum. Tho I do detest people who judge women for having lots of sex. In high school I loved the Bikini Kill song Rebel Girl. “People say she’s a slut but she’s MY BEST FRIEND!”.

    • “And re sex and conquestsโ€ฆ the aries ladies I know tend to, ah, climax quickly.”

      -Oh snap! I think this is true for Aries moons too. My favorite part of sex, is well, the sex. No need to cuddle and very minimal foreplay required. And lots and often, quick and animalistic is spot on. If I had the choice of being made love to, slowly…for hours… after being playfully teased with a feather by a gentle lover with soft kisses…for hours… OR getting hit one time, one solid hit, with a bat, on the toes – fit me for a cast cuz it’s “Batter up!!!”

      • Haha! Yeah, I’m an Aries Venus-Mars-Lilith in the 9th house, and I definitely feel this! But I’m also a Leo Asc, Pisces Sun, so there must be some wooing and also some excessive praise of my body/hotness/gorgeousness/smell/HAIR (ha) etc to get me in the mood (which isn’t hard — gimme those things and I’m easy!) But once we’re getting down to it, I don’t like much mucking about! :-)

    • I mostly agree with the two comments above me. I’m an Aries with an Aquarius rising and I hope I’m not “masculine”. I don’t really have muscle or anything and I HATE sports, except maybe sex and yoga. I love to dress up and have fun with my style and look crazy and cool at the same time. I love to have cool hair, which makes sense because Aries are ruled by the head. My biggest desire is to become beautiful.

    • Wow, ur cut friend sounds so amazing and beautiful, and i wish i knew what she looked like:) Greetings from a fellow Aries:)

  10. P.S. An anecdote – vegetarians beware…

    The crazy very Aries girlfriend with big hair and short skirts. I remember once at uni she had the hots for this cool bush hippy dude, and rode her motorbike out to his farm and went HUNTING, shot some animal (a kangaroo or a sheep or something) and like lugged it over her shoulders to impress him. It was so extreme. And, I thought, fabulous.

    lol the psychic/astrologer i saw with my mum was horrified to find out that my mum had 4 sons – but as soon as she asked what sign she was (aries btw) shes like “OH THANK GOD – YOU’LL NEED THAT KICKASS MENTALITY TO SURVIVE!

        • OH wait till they get an opinion about your life.

          I actually knew an Aries female who happened to be French as well, god did she want to run my life. Not that she was wrong..

    • This was the compliment I got at my first (and last) high school reunion: we liked you ‘coz you had balls!

      Thank you, Aries Moon. And funny, many of my gfs have Aries Moons, too. I like my women forthright and dynamic.

  12. Oh interesting! I’ve only known two but one was definitely very much your description. Although I don’t know how she was with men because we only worked together and from what she told me she was generally a single girl.
    The other I didn’t read the same but she was far more intellectual and seemed very family oriented, did have a long term boyfriend. She was very ambitious and optimistic, though, which fits.

  13. Love the Aries femmes – the straightforward, go get em style and all the ones i know are great mums and just get stuff done (no dithering). Yes to their physicality and strength.

    I have been burned badly by one but put that down to other chart factors and she is the only Aries i know who had issues dealing upfront with peeps, just went on and on about them nastily behind their back (but in a charismatic way) until she exploded with anger.

  14. all the aries-es i know without fail have a v direct air about them.
    the my v close friend The Fearless Aqua is actually rules my Mars (I think) I recently found out from her chart – aries asc and mars in aqua. and yes she is V arian – NOTHING puts her off her goals and competition makes her even more ruthless! She has a history of intensely demanding international competitive sport which probably created the foundation…but surviving a few NDE’s has also toughened her up..!?!! but emo issues (prob other chart aspects) can bamboozle her at times. she never lets up on herself – and won’t accept physical weakness in others when it’s just grizzling and being lazy..totally love the gal

  15. the only aries girl i ever went out with was hot, too hot.. we were like 2 matches rubbing together, starting fires everywhere we went, it was just too much, she was the only woman who I can truly say ‘took advantage of me’…yes, in that way.

    • If that’s a complaint davidl we’ll need you to issue that on the official form.. hee hee lucky boy.

      • I never made an official complaint :) we once took speed together, that was the last time I took it, we were running around causing trouble for 2 days without sleep, all the other partakers lasted about 12 hours and crashed. There is something about opposites that works for me in romantic relationships, we were too much alike.

        • Gawd, 2 Aries on speed, what’d you guys do? Build a highway?? Spontaneously combust and start a forest fire?

          Hmm, I get that about the opposites, you need a little grit so you can shine each other into pearls.

          • what a poetic way to express how people’s differences can work together! :)

          • Thanks UP, is a bit more elegant than saying having someone get on your nerves so you can get your crap together. haha :)

  16. glad to be of assistance mystic ! if anyone is interested in la crawford’s films, check out harriet craig – she is fantastic in that !in fact joan crawford is fantastic full stop. take no prisoners stop at nothing glam carcrash in action !

  17. I know a mix of Aries women. Some are full on macho…in some ways.

    Physically my natural mother was very strong and athletic. She played in one of Qld’s first female rugby league teams, and when I met her she was 42 and working in a 40 gallon drum factory….she got hideously drunk and someone used her King Gee work dungarees to throw her out of the pub. A flower of femine delicacy… I think not.

    My adoptive mum taught ballroom dancing and frocked up hollywood style. Still has immaculate grooming. I’ve got another Aries friend who sort of looks Lucille Ball. Mad cap fem? Another Aries friend looked like Dolly Parton’s younger cuter little sister.

    All of them have great physical endurance abilities, just packaged differently.

  18. I find them really refreshing, clear and fun~ and very present! being prone to lurk in murk and unintentional (sometimes) subterranean agendas i have moments of wishing i was one!

  19. my best friend is an aries sun, sag moon. Sparky, sexy and sweet, She always seems in control (physically at least) of the many plates she is spinning at anyone time! We go swimming together and her positive, ” thirty lenths last time, means forty today” attitude, keeps one fit! x

  20. i’ve jsut been run over by a mack truck of an aries female now ex friend. Straight up, shoot from the hip, you’re no good for me, kind of farewell. I said my piece but she was gone. Now feel relieved that its all over. Aries women are too much for me. She had no style either and was a total minx but accused me of loose lifestyle!
    At least I have some Leo style. Good riddance said with claws out and a sneer.

  21. My niece is a ram, their honesty with their hearts is so touching, diamond like in their clarity. No mucking about, yes, scary when angry.

  22. I just realised my grandmother, aunt and cousin are all Aries women, all very femme and all wear the pants in their respective households.

    My friend Mel is an Aries. She’s the only person I know that can deal with having twins under 12 months old, working part time, organising builders and interior designers, looking after pets, accommodating family members visiting from overseas, arranging social events for a dozen people, including purchasing presents and rising at 6am to bake cakes.

    Somehow she still looks more put together and calm than single people like me who struggle to look after myself on a daily basis.

  23. hmm yes, i have found aries women to be not very feminine in the conventional sense, but they are still amazingly driven, astute, and sexy.

    maybe it’s my mars in sagg but totally their gung ho attitude to everything – including sex – is catnip for me.

  24. I have Moon in Aries and in my prevous life (that is pre-motherhood) I measured my self-worth in terms of whether I could drink blokes under the table (Pisces sun). Also, I always had trouble getting boyfriends as all my friends were men, and this seemed to put other men off in approaching me in pubs.

  25. mmmm, yes yes and yes.

    I am, as I have said before, a miniature female drag queen… I can do anything a boy can do, usually better…. I love high heels, big hair and have more beauty products (natural ones of course) than you can poke a hair straightener at. I make pretty things, but use industrial sewing machines.

    I love hammers and power tools and building stuff. I love fixing things (that is also a bit o the aqua rising). I was the first to have the pink power tool idea, but never got round to doing it, then some one else found the idea.

    I love boys. Oh and men too. All types of them. Sex is a jolly big yes, but verrrrry committed to one boy at a time. Wore the last one out, he was 8 years older. Happy to do it several times a day.

    Exercise fiend, pole dancing, irish dancing, swing dancing. Hate getting ‘fat’ ( put on 4.6 kilo since giving up the fags 5 weeks ago. yuck).

    Family is fricken psycho. Always having to sort out the shiz (as is my big aries dad). I am stable as, now I am grown up. Was a skitzo tantrum chucker as a kid. Couldn’t control aries energy. Now put into working like a demon and being super solo mum.

    Very sensitive. Like a little kid can hurt really easy but forget about it quick too. Super sensitive to other people. Psychic Vampire Slayer in training.

    Very open about everything. Will tell stranger on the tram my life story and happily hear theirs.

    Lazy eater, but sometimes gourmet. Prefer healthy food. Like the pub. Like hanging with the boys. Like being single. Like sci fi. Like dirty blues. Like very pretty classical like Vaughn Williams Lark Ascending. My hero is Kate Bush and also David Bowie oh and love Amanda Palmer- she is another lady hero but much more angsty tough gen x than controlled empowered sensual Kate.

    I am just a big poncey trannie in a womans body!!! Also have a few (striaght) male tranny pals who are also quite macho when being man person.

    Love being an aries. Love being strong. Weakness in others I find verrry hard to tolerate, but i try. ugh. Love a fight for the underdog. Love to talk my head off.

    • AAC,

      Think I’d made mention what Noel Tyl calls Aries Sun, Moon in Cap, “The Radiant Rock”..

      Do appreciate that as can’t say I always feel it but we could lead an army, no?

      I totally love “Gladiator” where Russel Crow is at the beginning of the movie. He’s an Aries in real life….

      He’s waiting to give the signal to start the war. Then he says “unleash hell”.


      • I totally agree. I can rally the forces in the name of truth, honor and justice! Definitely can organise big stuff. Have you seen 300 yet? Awesome movie. I watched it alone because I know none of my friends or my flat mate would have dug it.

        I forgot russ is an aries. Explains the ‘tude! I am not much for aries men EXCEPT for David Tenant from doctor who. My god his is amazing! Does his own stunts, is super duper clever AND he was the most incredible Casanova EVER! yum bum.

        • loved 300!!! And if you like sci-fi then may i recommend District 9. Saw it yesterday – it’s the strangest, most original fantastic movie i’ve seen in a long while.

      • I have the reverse, Cap sun and Aries moon. What does he call that, I wonder?

        • He doesn’t have a key phrase per say, but does state that that Sun/Mn blend is about organizing, strategizing, deploying resources.

          “Aries Moon energy is focused within the need to be Number One, to be important.

          This blend is highly determined, fearless. The mind is constantly at work stirring up new schemes. Work consumes the personality. There usually needs to be some moderation, a tie-in with feeling more and administrating less. ”

          Katie Couric has this blend. Al Capone, Richard Widmark, Jane Wyman, Albert Schweitzer.

          From Noel Tyl’s Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology.

        • And cappomoon: Is it alright if I consider us a couple, even though we’re both straight? You are my freakin’ soulmate!!!

          Beautiful Things is the name of MY store. Because guess what I sell? And for the rest of it, gosh I feel like I wrote that. Except my dad is a Sag.

          • sweeet. where are you located pretty things, is that after the bowie song of the same name? Do you have a webpage? We should compare pretty things!!! I am pretty sure my shop is a virgo. Which is funny cos all my biggest crushes (and ex hubbie) are virgo.

            SR, one of my friends saw it the other day and raved about it too. unfortunately may have to wait for the video version.

            sweetpea, I am so going to check out this dudes site. I think my interest in astro pretty much stems from my constant desire to understand myself and my whole id thing. But also love understanding others too.

            I am going to look up virgo scorpio. I have a bit of a crush at the mo.

          • I am wondering if being the reverse of my sun moon you are a tad more diligent and observant… I went and looked up Beautiful Things, but below I have asked about ‘pretty things’… I am like a real spazz a lot of the time!

  26. My ex best friend was an aries. We were like sisters.The night we 1st, I was sick in an alley & she held my sheet of waist length hair for me as I threw up. I looked at her in thanks & knew we were friends forever…..unfortunately not so. I supported her through thick & thin….her husband rejected her in pregnancy, i was support person etc blah blah blah….in the end…he wanted me gone b/c he wanted to be that person for her… i get that…i walked away….am hurt & disappointed but that’s the way the cookie crumbles….and i truly hope it has worked out for them…she was an amazingly strong& sassy woman & I learnt so much from her….and right now my heart fucking aches from missing her so much & i haven’t felt that for the last 8 months but god i miss her & yes I will actually weep tonight over the loss of our friendship …. It sux sometimes when u know that u have to walk away & let things go….i miss her little boy too……it hurts to think that i will never see him again after being such a big part of his life from day 1….. argh….I haven’t let myself think of him in all this time…

      • me too. I don’t understand why you can’t be a part of her life. Is there only room for one person? Are you still able to hang out? I don’t get why he wanted you gone. And that aint how the cookie crumbles. Your her friend, not his choice to tell her who her friends are. Sounds suss to me.

        I find this a very strange story. I am an aries. I love all my friends. I can’t bear to shut people out.

        I hope you heal, and you will find new people. more big fat hugs. x

        • Last time I ran into her she saw me & turned & walked away….she was with her husband & child & that was it…I was truly FLABBERGASTED. I’d run into her once before & we said hi & it was ok but this time she was with her husband & dissed me…I get that she had to support him, they have a child together, so there is no decision to make & ultimately….who am i? After a nightmare party at their place where her husband got me drunk on grappa & her dad tried to kiss me… all went to hell in a handbag & what can i say. i was set up brilliantly & …..i hope they are all happy & it works out for them. I truly do. I think my thing has always been is i have that ability to put people back together. I did that for her. for them. for so long. and it’s not my role. I”ve walked away & it’s been good for me as I’ve actually succeeded in putting MYSELF 1st for once in my life, instead of other people. Just b/c I ‘see’ doesn’t mean it’s my role and I’ve managed to let that go. So this year is all about ME. for the 1st time ever.

          • Sounds like a dysfunctional mess your better off without.

            As you put yourself first more and more (which as an Aries sounds like she’s done!), you’ll see more and more clearly. You’re on your way… x

          • Gee Lex, it sounds like there’s some blame, jealousy, insecurity and a host of a whole lot of nasties mixed in there. It is sad when someone does that, did she really have to turn away?

            I find that cruel. An Aqua GF sort of did it to me once, but was more along lines of impatiently trying to just breeze through the hello – though she was a person I supported through her many depressive bouts. It’s ok, I have Aqua Moon so I get it. All I could think of once the sting subsided was, great, now I don’t have to talk about your sh*t anymore.

            Soz I sound callous but that’s the truth. I think its good you saw the space her departure from your life created and made it positive for you. You’re lovely, you will have many, many more friends for the person you are now. I’m sure you wish her well on her way, it just seems to me you may not actually even enjoy the friendship if she came back now as you’ve probably outgrown it… just a thought.


          • Couldn’t reply below to your comment FA so i’ve put it here. Definitely no possibilty of salvaging f’ship if she came knocking on my door. It has all worked out in the way it was meant to….I’m making space in my life for someone for ME, my time was too consumed by her & her problems, whilst she was pregnant & a new mum, I couldn’t NOT be there, she had just lost her own mother & had no one etc Thankfully it’s not my role anymore & it’s actually been WONDERFUL establishing & reconnecting with old friends & having people enjoy me for ME & not what I can do for them.

            Hugs right back to you, Sweetpea & AAC xx

  27. As an Aries woman – yes, I loved sport at school and played everything going. A full flight Aries with a hockey stick is a sight to behold. Interestingly, I love swimming – the water seems to calm my fire. Now I love all the oval ball sports (rugby, league, AFL). I love seeing men run at full pelt and try to kill each other for a piece of leather. Sweetpea, I love, love, love Russell Crowe and he was just amazing in “Gladiator”.

    I am gung ho about a lot of things and just get in and get things done – organised my wedding in a bout 3 weeks flat. I can help with just about anything – including spelling and punctuation.

    However, with Cancer Rising and two hideous Libran parents, I have a very sad side – scarred by a shocker childhood. So while all Aries women are amzingly strong – it so true that we are more than just the sum of our parts.

    I have read over and over lately that Aries women are set to take up strong leadership positions throughout the world around 2015 – 2020. Look out the old order – a new age of “get off your arse” is coming!

    • RTL,

      Where did you read about 2015-2020? Do you have a site name? I’d love to read it. Think it’s because Uranus going into Aries, no? It will be conjunct my Sun in 2013 I think and I really do have some things I’m working on that I’m feeling very overwhelmed about getting done….

      But yes, even Aries go through the wringer in order to grow. I mean how can one take up any type of genuine leadership, etc. if they have not plummeted the depths…

      Must admit and not to “crow” (he,he so to speak….speaking about Babealicious Russ-Russ), but Aries can get more done in one day than most in a week…Not that I don’t have SOME slack time…

  28. I have an Aries Moon…..and yes, the advanced weaponry does come out when I get pissed off,….. a la Xena, warrior princess.

  29. aries is great, totally hot for sure, take it from one who knows…
    so surprising they are… you stand back and go…

    whoa… aries… farout..thats really pure… pure aries!

  30. I’m an Aries with a stelliam in Taurus in the 7th house, Scorpio rirsing, Leo moon. Generally pretty un-Aries like except where it matters. At least that’s how i like to think of it! I’m pretty girly (makeup, heels, ect) But can be pretty steadfast about stuff that’s important to me. Love being outdoors, like both “topping” and bottoming” and woe be to the human who dares to hurt a loved one of mine.

  31. As an Aries woman, the one stereotype that I’ve never really fallen into was the sports/physically competitive jag. I was involved in athletics in high school, but it’s not something that I would take up as a hobby. Physically, I’m probably the laziest example of an Aries ever. (No clue where it comes from.) Physically I am very feminine – short, soft, small-boned, and small-featured – but I find that emotionally I am much more masculine.

    For me, the most obvious attribute is my absolute independence. There is no one that I need and I do not want someone to need me. I want to want someone, and I want them to want me back. I’m opinionated and I’m not shy, though I do possess some measure of tact and a sense of propriety – the fact is that I often don’t care to be proper and tactful.

    I think to say that we’re all masculine is a bit too limiting. To say that we exhibit a lot of masculine qualities, however, is true. I don’t know an Aries that doesn’t exhibit strong masculine qualities in one form or another.

  32. I have a very good friend who maintains that all aries have a touch of the superhero about them. Hear hear, I say!

  33. I am Leo, rising Aries and Moon in Sagg, I guess I have an over abundance of enthusiasm and I HAVE been told I have ‘brass balls’, but ultimately I love glamour and dressing up at least two days of the week!

    With Aries ascending I would say that I am open and to the point, but am certainly not all jolly hockey sticks.

    My Aries friends are similar, often quite chic in a practical way… I suppose they are quite blunt but can be awfully charming at the same time. Most Aries I know are capable of great athleticism even if they aren’t jogging every morning or whatever.

    We all do enjoy the company of men and women and have almost equal numbers of friends of both sexes, so I guess there is camaraderie that is a bit masculine in tone there…

  34. good lord there’s something crazy up with this site – one minute there’s only 6 comments then it reloads and theres many more – please disregard my last comment which now makes no sense at all because the 50 something other posts have just loaded. Mercury Retro is in full sqiing already I hate to think what may happen when it’s actually here.

  35. I think there are 24 signs of the zodiac determined by the male/female pattern of the signs which then
    reflect differently on guys and gals of that sign. What do you think Mystic; could you write this book?
    Would anyone dare in this pc time of history. I think it would be a kick and maybe could be called THE NAKED (TRUTH) ASTROLOGER.

  36. That picture ROCKS. I love it, MM. I have an Aries moon and although it makes me a little quick on the draw, I think its the best position for the moon. I have never met an “ordinary” person with the moon in Aries.

  37. I have to laugh t the name “Ram tortured by Librans”. I imagine for you it’s not funny, so I apologize. But my mother and sister are both Librans, and they drive me bananas! Imagine if everytime you walked around a room someone swept up after you and tidied everything that you touch….This is what it’s like having an emotional conversation with them….
    Plus can anyone please tell my why I keep walking into traps this year? One after another after another. It’s like everytime I follow my Aries impulse, I end up picking some enormous, vicious snafu….
    Like even when I started this reply. I did it cause it made me laugh, then I realized, wow he/she picked that name because of pain from her/his family. Put my foot in it.

  38. 4 female aries friends.
    All a little different. All have very strong opinions about everything. If my opinions differ from theirs and I voice my differences I am somehow stifling them (which I find amusing).
    They do so like to be the knight riding in on their white horse.
    The world would fall apart without the arians…

    • I have one Aries friend who I am currently miffed with(because she cancelled plans with me at the last minute with a lousy text), that tends to have rants about people being ‘high maintance’ if they do things contrary to how she feels they would be most efficiently done…ie her way.

      That said I still have a swag of Aries people in my life…and I find the lack of quibbling refreshing.

      • I concur… I used to live with an Arian lass… still one of my favortie peeps…
        … I never had a bad time of it… even though coming home to the house complete reshaped on a few occasions was unsettling (oh steadfast toro!) but otherwise it was pretty damn blissful. The concept of ‘its acceptable, because I have done it and therefore it is right… and I have decided this is the right way and therefore it must be so’ I generally find hilarious. I have the tendency to go ‘yes dear’ and then slowly and careful go about doing whatever the hell I was doing before (unless the suggest is really good… or they have that _look_ in their eye… and then you do exactly what they say).

      • All you Libra’s need to get off your high horse. She probably canceled plans with you because:
        1. you talk to much abut yourself and your problems, 2. she found something more exciting and fun or adventurous to do with her time
        3.She’s with a hot guy.

        don’t come crying to her about it. she’s too independent to give a damn. She knew she was going to cancel on you and just wanted to keep you open as an option. That’s how we are. Sorry.
        We’re sweet….but we also can just not give a fuck and go our own way at the drop of a dime.

  39. I definitely identify with this. I’m an Aries’ Aries and I have always had a 10:1 ratio of male friends to female friends. I am not butch, sporty, or crude, but I am very direct and confident. People are always surprised at how I can be the way I am without any bitchiness. I have not met many other Aries women, but they all seem to be guy’s gals too!

  40. Aries Rising, Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon here. I very often identify with the Pisces Moon and Aries Rising — more so than the Virgo Sun sometimes (till that and the Mercury Libra start weighing in and wondering/dissecting “why” that be the case…) — I am a Venus Scorpio also.

    It’s quite a ruckus when everything starts kicking in…

    P.S. I can be very direct, competitive, and ambitious…due to the Aries Rising, I guess :P!

  41. I’m a Libran with moon in Aries. I must say.. I LOVE IT! The more I read about myself or all of the others moon in aries- I fling my head back and laugh. I would have to disagree though- I don’t think we’re manly- We’re just tough cookies. Nothing impress me and I hate being bored. I find myself being too choosy with the guys I want as a boyfriend- I throw things at them and see if they could handle me. Weakness TURNS ME OFF! You’re in for a ride. I also can’t seem to be with a man who can’t be aggressive and grab me- hold me- kiss me passionately! I was wondering to myself why I don’t feel anything for this guy when.. he’s intelligent, attentive and sweet… and now I know why- there’s no passion. Passion is important, nough’ said.

    I have a few Aries girl pals and.. what I’ve noticed is that we love our hair. lol. We like to keep it nice and luscious! Spending too much time on it. Our style is colourful with a twist of edgy. Fucking glitters and shiny things! Or is that from my Libran side? Either way, I don’t care-We love make-ups, looking good and everything feminine. Don’t tell us we’re manly and macho! I play a lot of sport in school but hey, at least I have the energy for it! ๐Ÿ˜› Hence, you get a great work-out to keep your body fit! And what can I say, I’m competitive. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I play only to win and boy or not- You’re going down. I remember this guy was complaining to the coach whilst we’re playing rugby- HE WAS COMPLAINING THAT IT IS UNFAIR FOR ME TO TACKLE HIM DOWN.. which is a load of crap. Maybe I hurt his pride a little but a game is a game. :) I had so much fun. Still, doesn’t make us manly. We’re just tough and a lot to deal with.

    CERTAINLY- not for the faint hearted.
    take the challenge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For future references, when you’re dating us moon in aries gals, have a lot of energy- don’t tell us lies [we will find out and we’re going to get even], treat us right- and we’ll have your back. Don’t try too hard to impress us with cheesy lines b/c most likely, we’ll come to you if we’re interested and trust me, you’ll know if we fancy you. Be entertaining and surprise us with original ideas. Be driven, goal oriented, and spontaneous. Be creative, don’t be afraid to show us what you are all about and who you really are. Cut your bullshits to the minimum- always be open with us from the start. We have no intolerance with a guy who doesn’t know what he wants. Seriously, need more passion!

    Don’t put out this fiery flame- keep it blazing!


  42. Nice! I would have a comment about that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was more curious about moon in aries- searching the web to maybe understand why I act the way I act/think. I couldn’t help but read people’s comments and yeah, maybe a quick temper arise- resulting the previous comment made. haha ๐Ÿ˜€ I felt like I need to make a comment cos heck, I’m proud to be a libra and proud with my moon in aries. I could honestly say, I’m balanced. Knowing aries is the opposite sign of libra= a nice balance for calm/reckless! But geez, do I LOVE it when it’s moon in aries day- I can’t stop speaking my mind. it’s funny. Anyways, I’m rambling on and on! Will wait for your new post. paix! :3

  43. I actually find Aries women to be some of the prettiest and sexiest kittens in the zodiac ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love the passion, and the fun that Aries women bring to everything. They are def. bossy and masculine, but you would be surprised to find that deep down inside they are very much all woman.

  44. I AM AN ARIES AND PROUD OF IT!!!!! Yes were bossy and hot tempered, but we’re honest, loyal friends, independent, passionet, funny ect, ect, BUT BEST OF ALL WE’RE GREAT IN BED!!!!! Come on thats the best of both worlds you gotta love it;)

    • Ha,ha…Well, gotta love your passion Mayra.

      “Are all women Macho?”

      That depends. It depends on the Moon placement, Venus placement which will temper the “machismo”…Crikey, I’m a Aries female and have NEVER thought of myself as Macho! Then agian, is there a MALE MACHO enough for us!!!

      Rise to the occasion boy….And I’m not just talking about your winkie ๐Ÿ˜‰


  45. I am an stereotypical Aries. Very butch very masculine and am married to my best friend who is a man. We’ve definetly been through our fair share of arguments. In the past I tried to be the “feminine” woman, but the older I got the less I could keep things in. The funny thing about it is that he told me he never expected me to be the “feminine” woman. It’s just not me. I love wearing mens shoes, wearing mens jewelry and wearing mens cologne. Don’t get me wrong I like my feminine nature as well.
    I think if I could break an Aries down it would have to be a woman who is confident in her masculinity. A woman who can fix a car in the afternoon and bake cookies on the weekend for her loved ones. The older I get the more I begin to embrace both sides of me, (masculine and feminine). When I was a child I tried to be girly, as I became a teenager I became masculine, then when I met my husband I became feminine again (atleast I thought, we’ve had many laughs about that. ” Hey sweetie want me to bake you some cookies”*belch*. ) Or how about my mother always getting on me when I wore a dress and would sit with my legs open. Not to good of a thing. As a child I barely noticed my Aries qualities but the older I get the more I notice things about myself that are coming to light. And I AM LOVING IT!!!!!
    Nature tends to soothe me. I love the outdoors. However, I am very much overweight and need to do something about that. I did partake in basketball in highschool and am a natural competitor at heart. I am always in competition mode and have learned to calm that fire as well.
    It’s funny when I think about it, everything that I’ve read about an Aries is within me. Somethings I have done and some not, but all the same I TRULY do have ALL THE NATURAL QUALITIES OF AN ARIES. I even sound like a man to some. I remember being in junior highschool and called a friend. The next day she told me that I got her in trouble because her mother thought she was lieing and a boy had actually called her. Though my aunt has a deep voice as well.
    I am a beginner when it comes to astrology and cosmology. I am just learning to read and understand signs and houses and am so very fortunate to be an Aries. I feel at home being an Aries. It’s who I am and I love it!!!!

  46. My mother is an aries sun and is a self-centered, amazingly hateful, vindictive pathological manipulator. She is also a hoarder and NEVER accepts responsibility for her effect on others. She is unrepentant and ultimately thinks only of herself in the moment.

      • Mental illness knows no boundaries, least of all astrological ones.

        However if you’d still like to apply astrology here, Aries rules the head so if hers was messed with as a child it could possibly explain the turmoil above.
        But what exactly is wrong with being vindictive?
        There’s nothing wrong with seeking vindication on certain matters as far as I can see.

        And to Anonymous 4/26/2011 – what exactly does “Low Cap” mean?

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  50. I have the sun,mercury,venus and mars all in Aries………I definitely wouldn’t call myself macho…I am rather feminine actually…i still have been told i have some Aries traits though…i’ve been called bossy and self-centered many times. I’m also cancer rising and virgo moon…i guess i have a mixture of traits from all three signs…..i can’t relate to aries in the way many commenters here do….I hate sports and i am kind of shy….although funnily enough i’m the one who’s initiated most of my relationships lol. I wish i had the famous aries energy! I’m the least energetic person i know lol.

  51. You know what, I’m an aries woman. sure im tough as hell. I pick fights with men. But i dress top of the line clothes. I wear make up, and i make sure i dress as confidant as i can. because i want people to look at me and see im strong and a proud independant woman. I dress to the occasion, but i always make sure i am one of the best dress women there. i dont do frilly clothes, i do sexy and hot.

    • GO ARIES KITTY! you know what to do! :)

      aries also knows how to relax and party and let loose too :)

      alot of men have told me i’m intimidating: beauty and brains and energy/enthusiasm. why does everyone want us to tone ourselves down?

  52. I am an Aries female. With a Scorpio Ascendant/rising, Taurus Moon, Pisces Mercury, Pisces Venus, and Mars in Taurus. So although I AM a fire sign,t he rest of my chart is in earth and water. People would always tell me that I am extremely down to earth, which is probably a big Taurus influence. And I also am very VERY much in a fantasy world a lot of the time, I blame my Pisces for that. When I think of my true self, what’s in my heart, I think of that lost princess sitting by the water, very lonely waiting for her prince. Yet I do have many tough qualities. For example, I used to go to a lot of punk rock concerts and would be the first girl in the mosh pit. When I become very hyper, I can be really crazy, funny, headstrong, etc. However, in my heart, I am all female. I used to not express my feminine side when I was younger, but after hanging out with a Taurus and Virgo almost every day for so many years, my true feminine side did come out. Aries can be super feminine, but in a different way than the other signs. I am not sure how to explain it in words I guess. I am extremely sensitive, probably also due to the amount of water (Scoprio/Pisces) in my chart. I am super emotional, up and down constantly, and I appreciate people who are down to earth, sincere, kind hearted, pure, etc. I am not athletic at ALL. I appreciate being in the home, but I am also career minded. I have always been rebellious and played by my own rules. So I guess, you guys can’t always judge an Aries girl based on just her sun sign, but VERY MANY of us have huge influences from the rest of my chart as well. I am in love with a Sagittarius man, who knows I like him because I told him. He hasn’t said anything back..yet. Us Aries seem to have hope in things that others let go a long time ago. I normally don’t like other fire signs, but this guy just melted my heart with his boyish, innocent, playful charms. I feel Sagittarius is one of our soul mates and we have so much in common, it’s crazy. Oh well though. That’s my two cents. :)

    • Omg. I think I relate mostly to your kind of Aries. I’m Aries sun. Taurus moon and venus. Mars in Capricorn and mercury in Pisces
      Saggitarius rising and that saggitarius rising has gotten me in trouble because I snagged the same sexxxxy saggitarius not once but twice. My rising and sun lovvess him but my Taurus Venus is like..are you crazy? Lol sagg guys are rolling stones but my last serious to the point of almost kids and eloping was Gemini… another rolling stone lol

  53. I am an Aries female with a leo rising so i tend to be umm..loud! hahaha! I like to think of myself as a nice blend of masculine and feminine although i do tend to lean towards a more masculine style. I love sports but i’m awful at all of them. I love to dress up in high heels and chuck taylors. I can wear a ball gown or mini skirt just as well as i can wear skinny jeans and a t-shirt. when it comes to men umm i tend to treat them aggressively. i’m attracted to masculine take charge men because i can’t stand a pushover. I can sometime turn a good guy into a one-night stand but hey guys do it to good girls all the time so why should i be a bad person when i do it? a majority of the girls in my family (cousins) are all aries and almost all my friends are leos so we always make a scene when we are together.

  54. I would say that I’m a typicl aries female and….

    I definitely WOULD NOT describe myself as macho or masculine-at all; Iโ€™m very feminine. I am very serious about achieving my goals so I do take charge in my endeavors and will not hesitate to stand up to or challenge a man in the workplace, etc. Iโ€™m not a sports fan but i’ll watch a game at a social gathering, with family, with my boyfriend, etc. Iโ€™m very independent, a little impulsive, assertive, and yes sometimes a little bossy, but I donโ€™t like a man that I can run over top of, he has to be strong. I do take my appearance very seriously and I love looking my best, clothes, shoes, hair, etc. However, I donโ€™t wear tons of makeup, no way. Although sometimes I can come off as a little selfish, I love helping people, and would go out of my way and jump through hoops to make my loving boyfriend happy

  55. I get ya 100% Aries Girl…

    Alot of it is also where our Venus and Moon are…Both of mine are in feminine signs so I can stand up when I need to but also just go “eh”…Go kill yourselves…lol

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  57. ARIES WOMEN TAKE NOOOO SHIT. BOTTOM LINE. They’ll be your back-up’s, they’ll be your most loyal bbf’s, they’ll battle Lucifer for you, IF THEY DEEM YOU WORTHY. Turn offs? ONLY IF YOU CANNOT DEAL WITH NAKED TRUTH. PERIOD. Personally, give me ONE individual in this world who will tell me naked truth.The majority are fakes; she’s NOT!

    • If we deem you worthy, we’ll battle Lucifer to you. If you aren’t worthy, we’ll just send you to hell anyway

  58. Not all Aries woman are macho but I can say we are all strong ..I’m an Aries and for me macho works..not manly but I enjoy sports I don’t mind getting dirty ..Fun is like my middle name. But in the other hangin friends with an Aries who is nothing but a prissy Girly girl. She complains she doesn’t like to get Down and dirty unless she really has to. But she’s very strong willed. Aries are the best. Sometimes you need some fire to keep you cozy and warm!!!…

    • And we are some of the list loyal ride or die people you will ever meet. An Aries is a good friend to have

    • Hi Anon, Aries here too….I think it also depends on the Moon and Venus signs also. Mine are both in feminine signs so overall, no I am not “macho” in a manly sense but if I ~hafta~ kick your butt I will :) (joke).

      I can usually leave that to my Gemini Mars/Asc to rip someone to shreds ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. An Aries woman’s sexuality is off the charts. Sexuality is much a part of our personalities, but that doesn’t mean we always put out or that we’re butch. We’re unorthodox and complex don’t like to be held to such pathetic and limited standards.

    On a much deeper and spiritual level, we use our innate drive and sexual power to get what we want and need in life. It is the fire that drives and consumes us. Our “optimism” is nothing more than drive and willpower that helps us to exploit opportunities and advantages…….if it’s dick, it’s dick and if it’s a career it’s a career and if it’s a party, or a business plan, you’ll bet we’ll score in on that. We score in on anything we want because we are natural leaders and strategists, we’re bold women. Where others may fall back into learned feminine helplessness, we consult knowledge and advice and do whatever we need to do to get it done. even if it means getting our hands dirty and fucking up our french tips.

    we’re aroused by intellectual pursuits…so if you want to keep our pussies wet, just stimulate us with conversation, but make sure your masculine sexy game is on at the same time…..we can smell fear, weakness…deception (because we play the game too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Aries knows how to pick the alpha male, even if he’s not that worthy of a catch. We just want other women to know who rules what.

    our zest for life is RIDICULOUS. and everyone can sense it.

    Just don’t be mad as you see us moving and shaking the world. we’re cosmic archetypes of powerful deities. the word cant handle us, and that’s why we’re so successful at conquering it.

    If you’re not careful, we might just conquer you ๐Ÿ˜‰


  60. I am an Aries woman and I wouldn’t call Aries woman macho. However, they are usually tough, independent, outspoken, and highly sexual. Traits often associated with men. This is usually a threat to insecure men and women. and that’s why we are accused of being macho, bitches, or rough around the edges. I don’t know very many aries men, but I haven’t met another aries woman that I didn’t like. I am also a Taurus rising so dressing up and looking beautiful is important to me. I’m dating a Scorpio and he’s told me I can be too aggressive at times. And because I love him, I try my best to tone it down. Aries women can’t change who they are. . . I just think when it comes to relationships it’s about allowing yourself to give up that aries dominance and control and allowing your man to be the MAN once in awhile.

    • AMEN. Because of my sagg rising and Aries sun I can become a friendly type of aggressive and preachy quick. Lol Im thankful for my Taurus moon and Venus even though I can’t stand Taurus women or men lol

  61. I am an Aries/sun/leo, a true blue aries. Tall, slim, arch eyebrows, mole on my right cheek, scar on my right forehead and a beaming smile, model for Parisian fashion houses during college, travelled half the world by 23 years of age ,excellent cook…honest to the point of painful for some people (in laws are pissed naturally) but generous and helpful to the point of being a doormat but once you treat me bad I will drop you like a hot potato!

    My husband thinks I am childish at times but laughed his hearts out when I dance and acting like a fool or just having fun joking around and playing with words. But I prefer men friends and attract men like magnet from babies to 80 years old men. Women most women canยดt stand my competitive spirit.

    Once I was invited to a branch with 20 women and I nearly pass out …I was so bored with their conversations and their ways of showing off about their successful husband! Phew… I was so bored that I left my mother in law with the women and took a taxi home.

    My husband knows me inside out and when I am tired or bored he knows that I need my walk in the forest then after half hour of walk I am I bouncing and happy again.Essentric and love children. Unfortunately I have to stop at one.

    When I fall or failed, I stand up and try again. Have difficulty to relax even during holidays…

  62. I love Aries women. Sizzling hot and feisty as hell. Fierce and competitive whether it be sport or argument. Boredom is their enemy. Trail blazing. Leaving spot fires everywhere, but they’re gone. Moved on.

    My best female Aries friend exhausts me. Always feel she is about to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. And when she leaves I realize I have been holding my breath.

    High energy bordering on high anxiety.

    Aries are the very reason why astrology IS real. They are pure. Energy on a stick.

    One of the easiest signs to pick. Without a doubt.

  63. I’ve come to learn that Aries women are like Scorpios. A very sexual sign. Governed by the head I suppose, as they are. They always have very hour-glass statures. They may find themselves committing a sexual gaffe like Kristen Stewart (an Aries), just bursting to be that “It” girl they always knew they could be. They won’t let any women in their crowd, “out-shine” them, even if you simply use succinct speech, or you will swiftly get a horse kick or similar to the Scorpio bite, although that one is more the viscious bite. Like the Scorpio, they are extremely pro-male & focussed. Their focus on being centre of attention can often reveal a truly dense, sense of humor. They like jokes with no challenge or required thinking to it so they are certain to be the first, seen to be laughing. That’s the attention I was talking about. You’ll need to be a worthy financial supporter. Of that they are certain.

  64. No! I am an Aries Women and i don’t completely agree with that statement that all Aries women are masculine or mancho. You can’t put everybody in the same melting pot and say that were all the same.There are five different types of Aries women i have met personally.The 1st is the masuline Aries Women or the (tomboy).The 2nd Aries Women is the “Drama Queen”. The 3rd is The Energy Center or the Energetic Aries Women whose always on the go. The 4th is the “Fashionista” i.e. Sarah Jessica Parker,and the 5th is the”DIVA” i.e Mariah Cary, Diana Ross type of Aries.