Are All Aries Women Macho?

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Many of the Aries women i’ve known have been amazingly bossy but brilliant lithe little balls of optimism, sort of bouncing around and revving everyone up with rah-rah team spirit. When they fancied a man, they’d tackle it like a sporting event. Total candour. No gameplaying. Just ‘how about it?’ One I knew would even go and do chin-ups on the door frame to impress a guy she liked. Okay, she was young but still…

Aries is said to be the most masculine sign of all – Fire-Cardinal and ruled by Mars…Inย  ye olde astrology, there was an argument that being born an Aries somehow disadvantaged a woman, that she might be ‘unfeminine’. Obviously an awful lot of that is just sexist garbage & old-style thinking re what qualities (courage, assertiveness) are appropriate or not in a woman.

Still, i’m interested in your thoughts on Aries femmes please!


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123 thoughts on “Are All Aries Women Macho?

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  3. I have the sun,mercury,venus and mars all in Aries………I definitely wouldn’t call myself macho…I am rather feminine actually…i still have been told i have some Aries traits though…i’ve been called bossy and self-centered many times. I’m also cancer rising and virgo moon…i guess i have a mixture of traits from all three signs…..i can’t relate to aries in the way many commenters here do….I hate sports and i am kind of shy….although funnily enough i’m the one who’s initiated most of my relationships lol. I wish i had the famous aries energy! I’m the least energetic person i know lol.

  4. You know what, I’m an aries woman. sure im tough as hell. I pick fights with men. But i dress top of the line clothes. I wear make up, and i make sure i dress as confidant as i can. because i want people to look at me and see im strong and a proud independant woman. I dress to the occasion, but i always make sure i am one of the best dress women there. i dont do frilly clothes, i do sexy and hot.

    • GO ARIES KITTY! you know what to do! ๐Ÿ™‚

      aries also knows how to relax and party and let loose too ๐Ÿ™‚

      alot of men have told me i’m intimidating: beauty and brains and energy/enthusiasm. why does everyone want us to tone ourselves down?

  5. I am an Aries female. With a Scorpio Ascendant/rising, Taurus Moon, Pisces Mercury, Pisces Venus, and Mars in Taurus. So although I AM a fire sign,t he rest of my chart is in earth and water. People would always tell me that I am extremely down to earth, which is probably a big Taurus influence. And I also am very VERY much in a fantasy world a lot of the time, I blame my Pisces for that. When I think of my true self, what’s in my heart, I think of that lost princess sitting by the water, very lonely waiting for her prince. Yet I do have many tough qualities. For example, I used to go to a lot of punk rock concerts and would be the first girl in the mosh pit. When I become very hyper, I can be really crazy, funny, headstrong, etc. However, in my heart, I am all female. I used to not express my feminine side when I was younger, but after hanging out with a Taurus and Virgo almost every day for so many years, my true feminine side did come out. Aries can be super feminine, but in a different way than the other signs. I am not sure how to explain it in words I guess. I am extremely sensitive, probably also due to the amount of water (Scoprio/Pisces) in my chart. I am super emotional, up and down constantly, and I appreciate people who are down to earth, sincere, kind hearted, pure, etc. I am not athletic at ALL. I appreciate being in the home, but I am also career minded. I have always been rebellious and played by my own rules. So I guess, you guys can’t always judge an Aries girl based on just her sun sign, but VERY MANY of us have huge influences from the rest of my chart as well. I am in love with a Sagittarius man, who knows I like him because I told him. He hasn’t said anything back..yet. Us Aries seem to have hope in things that others let go a long time ago. I normally don’t like other fire signs, but this guy just melted my heart with his boyish, innocent, playful charms. I feel Sagittarius is one of our soul mates and we have so much in common, it’s crazy. Oh well though. That’s my two cents. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Omg. I think I relate mostly to your kind of Aries. I’m Aries sun. Taurus moon and venus. Mars in Capricorn and mercury in Pisces
      Saggitarius rising and that saggitarius rising has gotten me in trouble because I snagged the same sexxxxy saggitarius not once but twice. My rising and sun lovvess him but my Taurus Venus is like..are you crazy? Lol sagg guys are rolling stones but my last serious to the point of almost kids and eloping was Gemini… another rolling stone lol

  6. I am an Aries female with a leo rising so i tend to be umm..loud! hahaha! I like to think of myself as a nice blend of masculine and feminine although i do tend to lean towards a more masculine style. I love sports but i’m awful at all of them. I love to dress up in high heels and chuck taylors. I can wear a ball gown or mini skirt just as well as i can wear skinny jeans and a t-shirt. when it comes to men umm i tend to treat them aggressively. i’m attracted to masculine take charge men because i can’t stand a pushover. I can sometime turn a good guy into a one-night stand but hey guys do it to good girls all the time so why should i be a bad person when i do it? a majority of the girls in my family (cousins) are all aries and almost all my friends are leos so we always make a scene when we are together.

  7. I would say that I’m a typicl aries female and….

    I definitely WOULD NOT describe myself as macho or masculine-at all; Iโ€™m very feminine. I am very serious about achieving my goals so I do take charge in my endeavors and will not hesitate to stand up to or challenge a man in the workplace, etc. Iโ€™m not a sports fan but i’ll watch a game at a social gathering, with family, with my boyfriend, etc. Iโ€™m very independent, a little impulsive, assertive, and yes sometimes a little bossy, but I donโ€™t like a man that I can run over top of, he has to be strong. I do take my appearance very seriously and I love looking my best, clothes, shoes, hair, etc. However, I donโ€™t wear tons of makeup, no way. Although sometimes I can come off as a little selfish, I love helping people, and would go out of my way and jump through hoops to make my loving boyfriend happy

  8. I get ya 100% Aries Girl…

    Alot of it is also where our Venus and Moon are…Both of mine are in feminine signs so I can stand up when I need to but also just go “eh”…Go kill yourselves…lol

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  10. ARIES WOMEN TAKE NOOOO SHIT. BOTTOM LINE. They’ll be your back-up’s, they’ll be your most loyal bbf’s, they’ll battle Lucifer for you, IF THEY DEEM YOU WORTHY. Turn offs? ONLY IF YOU CANNOT DEAL WITH NAKED TRUTH. PERIOD. Personally, give me ONE individual in this world who will tell me naked truth.The majority are fakes; she’s NOT!

    • If we deem you worthy, we’ll battle Lucifer to you. If you aren’t worthy, we’ll just send you to hell anyway

  11. Not all Aries woman are macho but I can say we are all strong ..I’m an Aries and for me macho works..not manly but I enjoy sports I don’t mind getting dirty ..Fun is like my middle name. But in the other hangin friends with an Aries who is nothing but a prissy Girly girl. She complains she doesn’t like to get Down and dirty unless she really has to. But she’s very strong willed. Aries are the best. Sometimes you need some fire to keep you cozy and warm!!!…

    • And we are some of the list loyal ride or die people you will ever meet. An Aries is a good friend to have

    • Hi Anon, Aries here too….I think it also depends on the Moon and Venus signs also. Mine are both in feminine signs so overall, no I am not “macho” in a manly sense but if I ~hafta~ kick your butt I will ๐Ÿ™‚ (joke).

      I can usually leave that to my Gemini Mars/Asc to rip someone to shreds ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. An Aries woman’s sexuality is off the charts. Sexuality is much a part of our personalities, but that doesn’t mean we always put out or that we’re butch. We’re unorthodox and complex don’t like to be held to such pathetic and limited standards.

    On a much deeper and spiritual level, we use our innate drive and sexual power to get what we want and need in life. It is the fire that drives and consumes us. Our “optimism” is nothing more than drive and willpower that helps us to exploit opportunities and advantages…….if it’s dick, it’s dick and if it’s a career it’s a career and if it’s a party, or a business plan, you’ll bet we’ll score in on that. We score in on anything we want because we are natural leaders and strategists, we’re bold women. Where others may fall back into learned feminine helplessness, we consult knowledge and advice and do whatever we need to do to get it done. even if it means getting our hands dirty and fucking up our french tips.

    we’re aroused by intellectual pursuits…so if you want to keep our pussies wet, just stimulate us with conversation, but make sure your masculine sexy game is on at the same time…..we can smell fear, weakness…deception (because we play the game too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Aries knows how to pick the alpha male, even if he’s not that worthy of a catch. We just want other women to know who rules what.

    our zest for life is RIDICULOUS. and everyone can sense it.

    Just don’t be mad as you see us moving and shaking the world. we’re cosmic archetypes of powerful deities. the word cant handle us, and that’s why we’re so successful at conquering it.

    If you’re not careful, we might just conquer you ๐Ÿ˜‰


  13. I am an Aries woman and I wouldn’t call Aries woman macho. However, they are usually tough, independent, outspoken, and highly sexual. Traits often associated with men. This is usually a threat to insecure men and women. and that’s why we are accused of being macho, bitches, or rough around the edges. I don’t know very many aries men, but I haven’t met another aries woman that I didn’t like. I am also a Taurus rising so dressing up and looking beautiful is important to me. I’m dating a Scorpio and he’s told me I can be too aggressive at times. And because I love him, I try my best to tone it down. Aries women can’t change who they are. . . I just think when it comes to relationships it’s about allowing yourself to give up that aries dominance and control and allowing your man to be the MAN once in awhile.

    • AMEN. Because of my sagg rising and Aries sun I can become a friendly type of aggressive and preachy quick. Lol Im thankful for my Taurus moon and Venus even though I can’t stand Taurus women or men lol

  14. I am an Aries/sun/leo, a true blue aries. Tall, slim, arch eyebrows, mole on my right cheek, scar on my right forehead and a beaming smile, model for Parisian fashion houses during college, travelled half the world by 23 years of age ,excellent cook…honest to the point of painful for some people (in laws are pissed naturally) but generous and helpful to the point of being a doormat but once you treat me bad I will drop you like a hot potato!

    My husband thinks I am childish at times but laughed his hearts out when I dance and acting like a fool or just having fun joking around and playing with words. But I prefer men friends and attract men like magnet from babies to 80 years old men. Women most women canยดt stand my competitive spirit.

    Once I was invited to a branch with 20 women and I nearly pass out …I was so bored with their conversations and their ways of showing off about their successful husband! Phew… I was so bored that I left my mother in law with the women and took a taxi home.

    My husband knows me inside out and when I am tired or bored he knows that I need my walk in the forest then after half hour of walk I am I bouncing and happy again.Essentric and love children. Unfortunately I have to stop at one.

    When I fall or failed, I stand up and try again. Have difficulty to relax even during holidays…

  15. I love Aries women. Sizzling hot and feisty as hell. Fierce and competitive whether it be sport or argument. Boredom is their enemy. Trail blazing. Leaving spot fires everywhere, but they’re gone. Moved on.

    My best female Aries friend exhausts me. Always feel she is about to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. And when she leaves I realize I have been holding my breath.

    High energy bordering on high anxiety.

    Aries are the very reason why astrology IS real. They are pure. Energy on a stick.

    One of the easiest signs to pick. Without a doubt.

  16. I’ve come to learn that Aries women are like Scorpios. A very sexual sign. Governed by the head I suppose, as they are. They always have very hour-glass statures. They may find themselves committing a sexual gaffe like Kristen Stewart (an Aries), just bursting to be that “It” girl they always knew they could be. They won’t let any women in their crowd, “out-shine” them, even if you simply use succinct speech, or you will swiftly get a horse kick or similar to the Scorpio bite, although that one is more the viscious bite. Like the Scorpio, they are extremely pro-male & focussed. Their focus on being centre of attention can often reveal a truly dense, sense of humor. They like jokes with no challenge or required thinking to it so they are certain to be the first, seen to be laughing. That’s the attention I was talking about. You’ll need to be a worthy financial supporter. Of that they are certain.

  17. No! I am an Aries Women and i don’t completely agree with that statement that all Aries women are masculine or mancho. You can’t put everybody in the same melting pot and say that were all the same.There are five different types of Aries women i have met personally.The 1st is the masuline Aries Women or the (tomboy).The 2nd Aries Women is the “Drama Queen”. The 3rd is The Energy Center or the Energetic Aries Women whose always on the go. The 4th is the “Fashionista” i.e. Sarah Jessica Parker,and the 5th is the”DIVA” i.e Mariah Cary, Diana Ross type of Aries.