Happy Birthday -Alma Mahler…

“Nothing tastes better than the sperm of a genius,” said Alma Mahler

OMG, what a fantastic pick-up line. Whom says Virgoans are prudish????  Never me.

More: “A liberated, passionate, mystical-erotic, half irrational, who within 1890 to 1930 represented Europe’s outermost modernity…” I don’t know much about her – she had her first kiss with Gustav Klimt , her husband told her she was not allowed to compose her own music so she agreed but then turned sex and being a Muse into sort of a whole new art form.

The astrological Alma is interesting…Uranus conjunct her Virgo Sun, Moon in Pisces, Venus in Libra opposed by Saturn (older husband trying to quell her spirits etc) and -this is the wildest for astro-fiends: Mars, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron all conjunct in Taurus. Ultra Obstinate and a radical a la Uranian Sun. But sooo earthy -hence the libido, i guess.

Alma Mahler portrait

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21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday -Alma Mahler…

  1. The Bruce Beresford film about Alma: “Bride of the Wind” was appalling. I went to a lecture by him about his film and it was easily the most sexist commentary I had ever heard. It has put me off Beresford’s work. He argued that critics ruined the distribution potential of the film. I think the critics were justified in their appraisal. Beresford wouldn’t know how to represent a three-dimensional female protagonist if his career depended on it. But I digress from astrology…..

    Bruce Beresford’s chart might be interesting…

  2. That is interesting – i read an extract from some book he wrote (hollywood memoirs) in which he was slagging off a young male actor to such a loathsome degree that i as utterly on the side of the actor and have loathed BB ever since.

  3. Every time I hear of Alma, I think of Tom Lehrer’s song about her…

  4. “Nothing tastes better than the sperm of a genius,” well, unless he smokes (or any other vast quantities of substances), then it’s utterly almost beyond description revolting! Bleucgh to the nth degree. I presume it would be almost as bad if he has junk food/shite diet.

    • Well that quote made me laugh out loud because I have always considered that Frangelico tastes exactly how sperm should taste. I guess we have revealed way more about ourselves than we possibly should have in these few short lines….

      • I can take Frangelico Jen Scorp! :) Personally I’d love it if sperm tasted like pure, unadulterated 80% dark chocolate…mmmm…no dairy, nuts, fruit pieces kind of dark chocolate, just intense & untainted goodness of Theobroma Cacao.

  5. HaHaha ha Jen, that’s what the now ex, Butch, used to call me as a pet name,

  6. Look, ignore this if you don’t care, but you’re not using ‘whom’ correctly at all.

    There, I said it! I’ve been writing on the carpet for hours trying to stop myself saying anything. I’m sorry!

    Whom is for the objective; who for the subjective.

    • OMG, and then I said I was ‘writing on the carpet’ instead of ‘writhing on the carpet’.

      I feel so bad for correcting, y’see. But it’s a compulsion!

      • Buckle do you have Mercury in Virgo in the 3rd house by any chance? I work with a Libran who has the same compulsion to correct peeps.

    • Heh heh, good luck correcting the language usage of a mercury in Aries, Buckle. What Mystic may or may not lack (and I don’t think it’s a lack) in correctitude she makes up for in affect.

      Pull yourself up off the carpet and let it go! Don’t you ever want to bust out and express yourself unconventionally? Artists and creative people do it all the time with fabulous results. Even Cormac McCarthy makes up his own rules. I’m as Virgo as you can get, but even I draw the line at correcting grammar and spelling.

  7. Loving the all these profiles on fascinating women/muses, Mystic.

    Excuse me, I have to go find a genius.

  8. This is all too funny.

    I often freak out my uber-Virgo SO by totally using my own ‘artistic’ choice of word mash-ups and ways of saying something which doesn’t necessarily correspond to correctitude – knowingly and intentionally.

    He finds it hard to understand how I can use words that others haven’t agreed upon in a communal pact to mean a certain thing. I mean what next?! A heroin habit?

    But jokes aside, this is different to correcting peeps’ punctuation…I do this sometimes too.

  9. Goodness! I forwarded the link to the VP (the Virgo Poet) who is my current squeeze. Gawd knows where this will take us. Am waiting to see if he joins the coven……

    Everyone remember the cone of silence! Nah, seriously, he is fully into astrology. Did my chart after the second date. Keeps promising to give it to me. Details, details.

    This puss-cat is an ENFP big picture person :-))

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