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When the Moon is in Scorpio, your mind not-so-lightly turns to thoughts of the supernatural & omens.

When The Moon Is In Scorpio, you reek of some insanely singular scent. Hand-crushed narcissus, cypress from rolling around on the forest bed, disinfectant, ammonia or far too much of something discontinued because you have developed a tolerance for it.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you keep score.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you score.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you adopt the bland air of a super-successful spy – no overt idosyncracies by which anyone can remember you.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you eavesdrop & google-stalk, your favourite and not-so-favourite peeps. Merely intelligence gathering, you understand.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you maintain a fixed gaze.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you think about joining a secret club.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you conspiracy theorise.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you peruse or manufacture erotica.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you can obtain money from mysterious sources.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you stick to a results-driven diet: rejuvenation, longevity, weight loss, muscle building or chakra enhancement.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you scheme.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, you watch your back.

Blonde woman looking in rear vision mirrorPics by Ellen Von Unwerth

Moon in Scorpio until just after Midnight Saturday in Sydney, 15.12 Friday in London, 10.12 am Friday in New York, 7.12 am Friday in L.A.

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49 thoughts on “When The Moon Is In Scorpio…

  1. OMG YES to all of the above! Specially going “beige” for spying…and just this afternoon, I was testing a rose scent at the shops on my hand, while wondering how I could streamline my intelligence gathering efforts. Via triangulation, brute force attack or social engineering?

    Goddess help me, I am even only looking at things out of the corner of my eye and contemplating how efficiently I can use the illusion of white space to go incognito as IMO white is the new black as far sexy super spy stuff goes.

    I’d say I need a vacay from Pluto but there’s too much to be done…

    • Hello FA, How art thou gorgeous one? : > Just love your avatar, where/what is it from? It suits you to the max, as I can imagine you doing the elegant stride, head held high away from your Scorp in a Huff!.

      Reading your “triangulation, brute force” etc I can see you are in the throes of Scorpionicdome! I am doing well with my Scorp, have been since my “whateva” attitude. My daughter doing this drives me nuts, but the attitude is great to dish out to control types! : >

  2. when the moon is in Scorpio
    you and 95 other scantily clad pagans
    go running thru the forest at night
    hair stuffed full of flowers
    dancing in the fields
    and making out
    in the streams

  3. oh lord. I just had my performance appraisal and applied for more money too.. that isn’t exactly a mysterious source. Is moon in scorp good for asking for money??

    Performance Appraisal went well though. I am definitely keeping score and I held eye contact.

  4. Wearing black on Saturday – with a pair of cool silver aviators!
    spy time!

    ps. i sound like a 5yr old – BUT THIS IS GONNA BE FUN

  5. I love love love the Moon in Scorpio times every month! Wanna be a Scorp in my next life.

  6. Yes yes yes wondered why i was feeling stealthily dreamy. I am conjuring up norty wild prose and sending off to appreciative audience of the Aquarian type. Glad I’m not alone with these dark thoughts.
    The moon and my moon in Scorpio is a powerful force and must not be tempered for fear the vengeful beast will turn and tear us all asunder.

    Phew! time for a warm milk and bed me thinks.

  7. I love it, but find the rearview mirror pic totally off. I mean, the upturned eye liner/false eyelashes is bad enough (a real scorp will do more of a smudged, smokey look) but those earrings!? No scorp I know would be caught dead in them. The looking in the rearview would happen way more secretly too. I mean, a true spying scorp would never be caught by a photographer sitting in the backseat.

  8. I would LOVE to be a Scorpio…….or a Virgo……..or a Libra………or a Saggitarius…….or a Pisces. Anything but a Cancer!!!
    Sorry, but I absoulutely HATE my star sign. In my opinion, we sort of suck

    • awwww. It’s not all bad!

      🙂 I used to think the same but now I like the positives about it and don’t dwell on the negatives.

    • OMGosh, Cancer is great, every sign is pretty great, if your a high whatever sign you are.

      Can’t think why anyone would want to be a VIRGO?? Neurotic, worrysome, nagging. Pretty highly strung. YUCK

    • Oh and look for the Meryl Streep post. The greatest living actress. Sublime Cancerian/Kataka. The Dalai Lama is Cancerian! And Nelson Mandela, whom Mystic also posted about.

    • hey Luinae if you follow the line of thought that the soul travels through each sign of the zodiac as an evolutionary experience you will note that Cancer is the first dip of the spiritual toe into the element of water and thus feeling. In fact Cancer’s mission statement is I Feel So Therefore I Am.

      As such, and you may have experienced this personally, it’s a bit of a tough one to get a handle on, as the soul is inexperienced in handling all these feeling orientated impressions and the flood of emotional based non-rational information that one receives along with it – some call it psychic or intuitive. But for us it can be a right royal pain in the arse at first – particularly as it does not seem to come with a handy “off” button and frequently defies logic. No wonder we get a bit neurotic at times.

      However I’ve found that Cancer is very much a sign that improves with age. What starts off as seeming like a liability actually turns into an asset. Once you aclimatise to experiencing life through impressions rather than logic, new vistas open up, life becomes richer AND on a more practical note you’re miles ahead of others who are in more rational incarnations, as you learn to sense what’s up ahead with virtually no effort and plan accordingly – once you learn to accept and trust your intuition that is.

  9. Plus, Mystic Medusa, you rarely do posts on Cancer. If you looks at tags, Cancer only has 31. Virgo has 84. Aquarius has 88!! We are just not interesting enough to talk about.
    Plus, I do NOT act like a Cancer! I hate cooking and all things domestic with a pattern. I love to travel! I never want children! I love to be unique and different, and I always stand out from the crowd at school!!

    • Hey, Im a mad Cancerian female fan, I don’t stop going on about it around here actually…(which can annoy certain types) of course you want to travel, forget kids tralalla…but when your ready you’ll make the best wife, mother, partner there is, in the meantime just pretend your a sag, lie to everyone for a while..

  10. And another complaint.
    When you make posts that seem to include all of the Zodiac, Cancer doesn’t show up. I makes me frown 🙁
    And who wants to be a disease anyway?

    • Cancerians are fab & no, i don’t count the posts. In my Nightly Scopes, they are called Kataka – which is the Ancient Sanskrit name for the constellation. One reason i don’t post so much re them is that they’re soooo sensitive and i always get my in-box flooded with complaints when i do…however, I can think of loads of posts that include kataka & maybe you’ve got a whole lot of stuff in other signs overwhelming your Cancerian sun – it happens, but could not tell without doing your chart.

    • Reading all your complaints about being a cancer made me laugh, I too am a kataka and posted something similar to yourself about our sign last week and hating being one. I am touched reading all the supportive posts from others and the stuff that is appreciated about us.

  11. Did you know the word ‘Dis-Aster’ comes from Astro/Stars?
    Sanskrit is a sacred language with a direct link to God/Goddess
    as in they understand it.
    Maybe why all the mantras are in Sanscrit.
    Hebrew is the other direct link.
    Today i am going to play Kelly Howell’s ‘Deep Meditation’ thro’ the Bose system &
    earphones on My Massage Table. Yup, putting ME on there instead of others.
    I feel a cleansing coming on. 10 minutes of water running over my crown in the shower
    then the Dr. FeelGood’s vibramat with 5 programs, heat pad & magnet. Both sides a 20
    minutes before it auto ceases & Kelly’s sounds.

    Love your Sun Sign.it’s there for a very good reason you may have yet to find out.
    Not one of you are born at the inappropriate time. Believe it.

    • i was having a good zoning out just reading about how you plan to spend your day – enjoy!

  12. Cancers love Beauty. You are just ‘in your own way’ at moment, tis all.
    Look at the perfect symmetry of a Crab shell.
    I have a collection of empty shells. Will mount them one day.
    Love to draw them as well.
    The sea, apart from Pisces, you ARE the ocean. Go there if you can.
    It holds your soulutions.

    • when you say mount do you mean back them and hang them on a wall?……

  13. Dear Luinae,

    I love being a Cancers/Kataka, and we are exceptionally in tune, emotional and intuitive and beautiful.

    “Plus, I do NOT act like a Cancer! I hate cooking and all things domestic with a pattern. I love to travel! I never want children! I love to be unique and different, and I always stand out from the crowd at school!!

    I too adore travel, do not have children (out of choice) and am unique and different and oh my – do i stand out from the crowd.. !!!

    We were cancer way before the disease. I know you will learn to love who you really are. Unique and beautiful.

    Cancer Sun/Pisces moon/ Gemini rising

    • Gemini rising explains your love of travel.
      Cancer Sun/Pisces moon-no matter what u claim, this combo makes u
      EXTREMELY sensitive. How do I know? I have Pisces moon/sun. We’d get along great!

  14. when the moon is in scorpio you hear a voice call you by name
    over the internet speakers as your laptop freezes mysteriously
    at 3 a.m and you start getting odd emails….
    and you realize you were “drawing down the moon”
    only it’s real…

    • when the moon is in scorpio and you hear a voice call you by name over the internet speakers ……, you realize that you forgot your pills when the moon was in libra !

      • definitely wished I stayed in libra for sure

        then I saw that episode of Bones with Stewie and that was it…

        game over, pluto transit…

  15. Wow, I am really touched by all the support. You guys made me feel a lot better! I think I will start to try and embrace my sign more. Plus, you guys said Kataka improves with age. That might explain it, as I am only 14!
    Thanks again. That really lifted my mood.

  16. Luinae Honey, you have much to experience of your wonderful nature, just take you cues from the
    Moon & remember you are cyclic…ebb..flow…ebb…flow. Going sideways can be very helpful:)

    Matthew, you bin watching the Matrix AGAIN?!

    Cancer/Gem/Scorp…very funny, but what would YOU do with 8 fabbo shells you want to display?
    A new age sex toy not:)

    (how do you do those coloured animated smilie things on a macbook?)

    Lex Lovie, got as far as the shower only with my self treatment day off. Twas a good idea tho’.
    Went shopping for pyramid lamps that you can insert green/blue or orange/red horizontal
    or vertical striped globes, instead.

    Very atmospheric. With the blue/green, it immediatley cooled the room by 5 degrees.
    Will try red/orange later & see if increase in temp.

  17. Moon in Scorpio….Butch text-ed to say we should do less talking next time we meet
    & gave ideas of what we could do instead.
    My reply was……….mmmmmnnmmmm er um er YES!

  18. He: mmmmnnmmmmm Gr8 ok soon.
    She: (thinking) is it soon yet?
    Moon in Sagg on weekend.
    Let me tell you how much fun 2 cliched Saggo’s are together.
    Total mirrors & alter ego’s, give each other sooo much space that i’m
    not quite sure he even exists ‘cept on my mobile as words.
    LadyHawke has it lucky. With us it’s every 6 weeks!!!
    He: you may not like me if you see me more often.
    She: it could go on for another 4 years this way.
    He: yes, i know.

    Men! Or more….Saggo Men!!!!!

    • Im glad you 2 are enjoying each other again, by the way..how you going with the Arcturus Probe ? (asif, she says)

      • Doing ‘Grace, Gaia & the End of Days’, by Stuart Wilde at mo.
        Very trippy & interesting, certainly not for mainstream.
        Will check ‘Probe’ when next at New Dimensions Bookshop at TS Society,
        it’s a must now. Thanx for reminder.

  19. I just bought a book which really grabbed me :

    “The Earth hums in B-flat”
    by mari strachan. Check it out.

    • just like jumpin jack flash? something about that note Bflat. it’s the simplest blue note. (if you want to get musical.)

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