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Peeps! I am re-posting this as Uranus-Venus transits already going on – see below – are now HOT for two reasons: Venus is quincunx Uranus, setting them off AND Uranus is retrograding way back to where it was lurking in Feb 2008 and then forward again…So from now till May 2010 is the Hot Zone for your Uranus-Venus transit. Also, Saturn gets involved from now through until September – yay! – So some of us could even have a, gulp, meaningful and enduring Uranian romance. As Uranus heads back to exact conjunct my Piscean Venus, i am totally going to be in the club, hanging out in the comments. Pls read the post and comments to determine your eligibility to join my club.

Last year’s transit of Uranus conjunct my natal Venus bought The Uranian & it wasn’t even exact. It’s exact in mid-March & then again in Nov & December. There is already the Leo-Rising Aquarian Rugger Stud & an Ariean so bats & Uranian i can barely begin to explain it/him.  Uranus-Venus transits are fun but weird. All the peeps you attract or whom zig into your life seem to be ultra-attractive & individuated but really bats. As an example, even my Celebrity Crush – Joaquin Phoenix – has apparently gone totally ape-shit bats. That is the awesome power of this astro-passage. Unbelievable.

None of my friends are doing Uranus-Venus transits. So, in the spirit of support, I am offering u the chance to join the Uranus-Venus club. All you have to do to join is have a Venus between 21 and 28 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini. Also considered Venus in those degrees of Scorpio or Cancer and Capricorn-Taurus.  How do you know your Venus degree? Again, look it up on Astrodienst You all know the Venus glyph & just check out the list of planets in the little box down the left…Look at the number next to the Venus…

If  you are eligible to join the club OR you have interesting Uranus-Venus transit info to share, please comment. It’s a fascinating transit.

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149 thoughts on “Transit Lounge: The Uranus-Venus Club – Updated

  1. oh man i so want to be in this club!
    i have venus in sagg, but it’s 20 degrees 8 minutes…close enough??

  2. yay! i have venus 25 degrees pisces, at the mo ensconced in serious naval gazing/ cleansing so i look forward to delectable distractions from the transit! yay

  3. oh, I feel so left out :( I’m only having a piddling Uranus/Midheaven (24 Pisces) transit and a meager Uranus/Pluto (22 Virgo)/Jupiter (26 Virgo) opposition… My Venus (10 Aries) is relatively unscathed… I’ll swap ya! Some interesting Uranian types might be a breath of fresh air… all I seem to be doing is reinventing myself, ho hum.

    • ah but the upcoming Venus retro will go over your natal venus in Aries – helping you review/ revisit love and beauty themes K x

      • I wish I were having retro Venus gliding over my natal Venus! That seems nice.

  4. That explains it all really….

    Venus at 25 deg Gem…

    The last while has seen:

    1) Pilot who took me out for “a coffee”, I kid you not, a single coffee while my stomach growled in frustration and shock while he told me of his last g/f who was married to someone else at the time. I discovered via a quick txt to a friend at his previous place of employ that said pilot had been caught romancing two other flight attendants while shaggin the married one

    2) Straight flight attendant with serious pecs who is so in love with himself that he can’t bring himself low enough to ask me out directly but resorts to vague and general “so what are you up to” texts… His facebook name? Steve Rambo…. ??!?!! not his real name..

    3) cute italian, off the boat, temporarily employed putting up posters for travelling italian singers, whose M.O is to grab me in a bear clinch and tell me i’m beautiful the second time we’ve met… er, no shit sherlock but easy eh?

    4) gorge saggo, with body to die for who lives in sydney, is six yrs younger than me, with a divorce and 13yr old daughter under his belt who is hot, hot, hot – delivers aid to conflict zones and drops off the planet regularly except when he’s in town and has an itch to scratch…
    can u tell he’s the one I like the most?

    This is the last six months….WTF?!?!?!
    Not a one with any flowers or calls for V-day
    What’s a girl to do?!
    And it’s not even exact yet? Christ, in the words of Cher a la Moonstuck: “I shoulda taken a rock and killed myself years ago”

    I guess it’s better than no action tho?

  5. Dear Mystic,

    I read your post on the U-V-C and thought I might as well add to your experiences, although this one happened a while ago, as my Venus sits on 9° Virgo. Still, having a Virgo Sun at 23° I guess the Uranus-journey manifests itself quite obviously re my relationship-life.

    When Uranus opposed my Venus I got literally run over by a very Uranian Pisces Male (whose natal Sun-Saturn-Mercury Conjunction was affected by Uranus simultaniously.) Well we had a very tumultous relationship, not to say exhausting, turbulent and deeply life-changing. Oh, I forgot to mention, this guy was/is 18 years older than me… (before that I had not developed a pattern or issue with father-figures – or wasn’t aware of it) Uranus-Venus?

    Anyway the relationship lasted about 4 years until last November, pretty much around the time of the Uranus-Saturn Opposition, Uranus by then having arrived at my Sun…
    The whole thing got enriched by a very Saggitarian Capricorn whom I met about one and a half year ago, while I was still trying to live up to and with the Uranian Pisces. I had to found out just recently, that this Capricorn and I fell in love instantly with each other the moment we met. Due to a very complex entanglement (me and then-to-be Ex-Pisces worked together to put up a Concert DVD of the band the Capricorn plays the Drums for) I did not dare telling sexy Cap about my feelings. Anyhow, in late November 08 the both of us finally dared confessing our feelings to each other. After 15 months of delicately chasing each other (his lips used to wander ever closer towards mine each time we met and had a chance to kiss-hello or kiss-goodbye – you know the french way;)). Well…

    Of course, the whole thing is still very complicated, as the sexy Cap is in a relationship and has a beautiful daughter with his girlfriend. According to him, he is very unhappy about his family life and there is nothing more he wants in this world than being together with me. Besides a good dose of Virgoan self-guilting (re: why the hell is life always that complicated, why do I fall in love with men that are not available et al) I am kind of relaxed re his decision-making, as I believe, forcing someone to a decision like leaving his family is not my cup of tea. He either wants to change his life or he doesn’t. Still, as I do have Aries Rising, I am not a very patient person… I have to say I do have trouble keeping cool re this situation and at the same time, I kind of feel like “all will be good, just wait…”

    Anyway, relationships are driving me seriously insane. The Ex-Uranian-Pisces is still hunting me, completely and with astounding verve ignoring my decision to leave him (due to above described social entanglements he does not know yet, that there is another man occupying my heart). The very tempting Saggitarian-Capricorn has silently disappeared after he came back from a four-week-family-holiday during which he wrote such infatuating love-mails that I thought he might even propose marriage once he returns… He does not write, textmessage anymore. forget about talking on the phone or even answering it. Weird to the max.

    So far re Love Bats, Uranus etc.

    PS please xcuse any typos or weird grammar… English is not my native language….

    i think.
    it says venus 22 pis 21’29”
    and i already got some fab astro advice from mysticmedusa on this re a taurean with libra rising pining for the soulmate he met almost two years ago,butwho still wanted to dabble and now ive found a scorpio with taurus rising and moon in cancer who has the most divine inner anarchy going on and secretly longs to vandalise cars in complete contrast to the taurean who wants to airbrush any scratches and dents back to perfection. im really in a state of complete Fluxistfunfunfun, ive started making clothes again and change my profile on a dating site at least three times a day. i got no valentines but i could feel them all seething and unwritten from shyness. hahahahahaha. its great all this. the scorp has a masters in psychology. weve been on one date. im not sure yet. jeezo.

    • I know nothing of any of this degrees and latitudes business but you strike me as a fringe dweller – by choice.

  7. Venus at 27 Pisces. I’m definitely in. Things aren’t popping yet, but I can hear the drumbeat off in the distance. So, do we get a separate login/chat room/whatev for the club?

  8. Venus 1 degree 50 Cap. Aqua MOTM started his determined chase to win me when Uranus had just turned direct at 2 degrees Pisces and sextile my Venus. I gave in when Uranus was 6 degrees Pisces, still sextile my Venus but beginning to form a square my Gemini Uranus. I finished it when Uranus began to form a wide square with my Venus (conjunct transiting Pluto) but conjunct his Piscean Venus to begin relationship with Venus ruled Taurean. I’m hoping that with Uranus losing the square to natal Uranus but gaining a trine to my Sag Moon when it hits Aries, that the Uranian effect will leave me in peace. Uranus moved into my 4th house in 07 but thankfully I declined the offer of sharing my own house with Aqua MOTM though he visited often.

    Am I in the Club?

    • seriously weird!! Scorpio ex (from about 30yrs ago) has found out about new taurean and phoned me to tell me he’s jealous!! WTF!

        • 😆 we have mutual friends and meet occasionally at social functions and I guess one of the mutual friends told him. I broke up with him because I couldn’t deal with his over-the-top drinking and gambling. I wasn’t being judgmental, just knew I couldn’t live with it long term. He’s always courteous and charming but this came from left flank!!

      • Wow, now that’s radar…and you must of made a heck of an impression 30 years ago for him to be so impacted by your present joyousness re:taurean.

    • what you are having is a super intense Pluto transit to your Venus – will be transformative for sure – about love, beauty et al

  9. I have Venus at 27 Gemini – I don’t really follow all of this, and I don’t know what it means so would love some help! Haven’t had any man action for a long time but I’m having lots of deja vu and people who I think about appearing. And doors are opening…nothing concrete yet, but it’s feeling like all the changes I’m after are preparing to manifest. There’s definitely something goin’ on out there.

    • Yah well you won’t get Uranus square your Venus till 2010 but consider that the end of your drought…Open thy mind! Whomever pops up will be packaged attractively enough to get your lustful attention yet also a serious head spin and growth catalyst.

  10. I’m not in the club. But I have Uranus conjunct Venus and Eros in my natal chart so maybe I can pick up some tips!

    • Plum, maybe you can provide us with tips!

      Cancerian Annie, “changes preparing to manifest” sounds like my drumbeat in the distance. There’s a lot heading for 27 degrees. You’ll have Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius (with Chiron) trining your Venus at the same time Uranus is at 27 Pisces (with Juno) in June. I’d think you’d be feeling some major rumblings. And, there will be the day when the Sun passes right over your Venus, in addition to all that!

        • We’ll leave it to Mystic (hopefully?!) to attempt an interpretation of such a big hit. I think you should brace yourself, and it’s just got to be good! Looks zingy and transformative to me … like winning the lottery and meeting wacky, fun soul mate who zooshes you on to brilliant endeavors, leaving you in some place/space you never dreamed of being. Something like that.

  11. Hi Mystic ;))) I’m in your club.

    My Venus is 23Pis55 Conjunct South Node 24Pis28. Yes totally weird experiences with quite a few different people. Some just friends, some of the lover variety. And I’ve had the ‘what was I thinking?’ thought crossing my mind on many an occasion. Really. Bizarre.

    Funnily enough, some of them have a Venus-Uranus aspect in their natal charts as well. Usually Venus Conjunct Uranus. Or if not that, a Sun Conjunct Mars aspect… and I’m an Aries Sun. One of these guy’s V-U was in my 7th House… even more crazy!

    Guess all of this will just keep on keeping on for a while now hey? Expect the unexpected.

    Oh yes and an Aquarius friend declared his love for me but I just don’t feel the love the same way he does. I think I’ve upset him. Ooops.

    Uranus is transiting my Fourth house too and this will be going on for quite a few years.

    Oh and I also am having the Pluto to the Ascendant transit doing major things in my chart. So lots going on here.

    Loveya work Mystic. xxx

    • Yes your venus one degree off from mine so we in it all year. But doing Pluto-Asc at the same time is full on! Major makeover and intense deep love things…But focus on the transformation of your self first…

  12. Actually just realised that the Aquarius friend’s Venus is Conjunct mine … oh well that explains it completely… he’s not only having the same transit but he’s from my past yeah? With his Venus Conjunct my Venus-South Node? And I’m not wanting to take it into the future in quite the same way he wants…

  13. Does Venus 29 Gemini count? It’s conjunct my North Node in the Fourth House. Could this mean big changes re heading in the right direction with my life through my living arrangements?? Pluto is conjunct my South Node at the moment as well. Any insights welcome.

  14. Will try to find time to address individual questions sometime, lol…
    BUT i personally am finding Uranus-Venus quite a fascinating transit. It’s like theatre. And I HAVE Venus opposite Uranus natally & a strongly Uranian chart as many astrologers DO but STILL!
    Essentially it’s an amoral high-Qi ultra exciting vibe that brings people into your life who – very quickly – make you a fuq of a lot more broadminded. The “relationships” simply do not follow a conventional pattern and no, you don’t particularly care.
    They leave room for a LOT of your own space, you are forced to abandon/examine a whole set of preconceptions you clearly have because (typically) here is a person apparently in love with you but is unable to follow the societal script for whatever reason, erratic & it looks really bad on paper. But it’s FUN! And it stimulates your creativity. Pluto-Venus (which I think Nebulous Virgo is actually on about is more torrid & emotional, depth psych stuff. Neptune-Venus can be drunk/delusional/druggie co-dependent shit OR nun-like degree of sexless adoration for christ-like figure whom you can never have so thus rendering self celibate.
    Uranus-Venus is BIG on communication. You get to be candid re your needs. Nobody’s clingy/needy – the people you’re attracting can’t even do normal let along clingy/needy so any element of that in yourself just GOES.

    • Mystic, you rock as always!
      This blog is SO interesting!
      I also have venus opposition uranus – exact -in natal chart, not in transit YET, because my venus is 11º aries, BUT uranus IS near Asc/Desc axis AND venus retrograde will replicate in transit the venus/uranus natal opp till June!
      And things are starting to become completly bats with a male that is beginning to have in HIS chart a uranus opp venus transit, already aflicting his sun conjunct venus (yes, he is a damn gorgeous looking virgo…).
      For a taurean sun like me is quite hard trying to conciliate the passion for beauty and some basic need for stability with the weirdeness of such strong uranian vibes all over.
      Maybe it’s the end of a already long story that began when uranus in transit conjunct exactly my descendant: he appeared out of nowhere and i felt instanly – literally- in love with that man i never had seen just in front of me!
      I have a love/hate relationship with uranus: there is nothing more exciting as the emotions it can eclit but nothing more disturbing either for the general sense of security…maybe because the opposition nataly takes place in 8th (venus) and 2nd houses. In any case, it’s so intense that when that it’s you, you just have to give in to that urge and put up with the crazyness that those moments bring to your life.
      If that is already like this now, i tremble only to think of the day that uranus in trasit will hit my aries venus…in the 8th!!!
      Again, thank you all for your insights and congratulations on great work again, Mystic!

    • Gee, this is amazing. My uranus transit (conjunction at about 27 pieces) is starting now, but since it came near my Venus the girls I met were just unbelievable. I recently had an other wonderful but slightly painful encounter, same weird patterns of running away from emotional. Both those girls were admitedly SA, but without a doubt this from my perspective goes back to the Uranus transit. My Venus is in the 12th so there is a lot of deepness to those encounters. And they are so unbelievable pretty. Well, when I say “they”, I thanks to my latest encounter finally realized that all those girls I love/d were in fact the same: I actually always fall in love with my Venus and that of course is not very fair as no human can keep up with that. And with thouse Uranus-Transit girls, especially because they come and go so magically and with the knowledge I have, they are actually perfect to represent a Venus for a certain time, isnt it? Thats the approach I will take now, lets see how it goes..

      Cool Blog, is bookmarked! How funny is that I always had problems finding senseful stuff to read about a pieces/12th house venus in the net, and now that uranus transits, there is quite a lot actually..


      • Constant Change, of COURSE you fall in love with your Venus! 27 pieces lol! Or was that Freudian? Oh yes, when Uranians come your way – they’re gorgeous – how else would The Trickster capture your attention for the productive mind-messing?

        • :) “of course”!..thats what I think too…soo pretty and sweet. Every guy or lesbian would fall in love with her if they ever had a chance to see her ;).

          I am aqurarian myself btw (a pretty “proud” one), and that very latest gorgeos representation of my Venus had her sun exactly there where my Pices Venus is…(23rd march birthday).

          I like to think she would have “stayed” for a while, if uranus wasnt there as well ;).

          Cheers, I will btw. contact you for your skype-consultation soon, I need some more heady info about my Venus (all the info on the net seems so cliche).

  15. How do you work out if you are in this club?
    How do you guys know all this stuff about your charts?

      • Thanks for the tip TG! I am just going to double check my time fo birth before I go any further tho!

  16. 😆 With a Venus/Neptune square, thankfully I’m none of the above, totally not celibate! But the Venus square is balanced by Neptune sextiles to Moon, Merc and Pluto plus a trine to Uranus.

  17. Hey MM!

    Yup I’m in this club- Venus at 24 Cap, so coming up for the first pass in April, totally exciting! AM loving the freedom, flexibility and spontaneity of it all – and my totally open minded man who I’m sharing it with!

  18. Venus at 27 Taurus here and absolutely nothing like that is happening to me. I just went to a conference of hippies and never got hit on once. Then again, it was all my gay friends being hit on, so hmmmm.

  19. Well Uranus is exact on my Venus in ten days – last year, when i wound up with The Uranian – it wasn’t even exact yet. So will HE return? Or will the Leo-Rising-Aquarian Rugger Stud show some form? Or is it something else? I think the thing about Uranus-Venus transits is that they declutter ALL of your expectations/bourgeois constructs re love/romance/sex etc. And you meet people who are so individuated it is ridiculous and it sort of evokes a similar response in yourself. Plus there’s no point relying on these things/characters for that much regularity so you get a lot more independent…Look also to the houses in your chart ruled by Venus: Taurus and Libra. Change there too…

    • hmmm this makes much sense to Libran Moon & Taura riser re MUCH change!!

  20. Well Mystic Medusa,
    I am so glad I have found this site…
    My natal venus is 23.58. Pisces with prog venus in taurus…so both will hit exact 6 April 2009.
    So think I might be about to fly…ha!
    Nothing happened so far relationship wise anyway…god help the him…. thats all I can say coz its been awhile.
    So presently hanging on to my knickers… bitch!!!
    All pointers or advice welcome followed with soon to be support. Ha!

  21. I just left the club (venus 18 Cancer) but the guy I am in love with is in it hard (Venus 20 Pisces). PLEASE tell me there is hope for this! I keep hearing the old refrain “relationships that begin under hard uranus transits don’t last” blah blah blah.

  22. Emily – just take all the lovely freedom lessons you learned under your transit and let him benefit from them.
    Okay – i have new Uranian insight. At least, new for me.
    Today i saw the Uranian (from last year) at the gym and all the fuqing chemistry is still there and even my sensation of a soul link. It would be perfect if not for the madness, paranoia and addiction. And i had to exert extreme control not to give him my new mobile number.
    Anyway and then the Leo-Rising-Aquarian-Rugger-Stud (the current incarnation of Aquarius man) ducked our semi-arranged date tonight. But the weird thing is that Uranus on my Venus is taking away any of my usual impulses to control things; i just seem to be completely cool about accepting these love interests as they are. But not in a Neptunian goobly wishful way – i just enjoy them for whatever stimulus or adoration they’re offering at any moment and don’t feel resentful for what they can’t offer & keep on doing my own thing. That is, I think, one of the gifts of Uranus-Venus.

    • “I just seem to be completely cool about accepting these love interest as they are” – goose bumps. this is happening to me at the moment Saggitarian Cap). saturn/uranus at my sun, still… has started though with the Uranian Pisces Uranus/venus brought into my life… merde…. Mystic!

  23. Well. Here is a lady from Sweden with Mercury/venus/Saturn between 18 to 24 deegre in Virgo. Venus is at 23 deegre. I am a Libra with Leo rising.
    Last year..two years after my divorse, I meet A new man. From late last year I dont cant feel for him anymore. I want change in my lovelife but beacuse I am a Libra I cant tell traith out:-( I have give him “hints” but he dont care. He is a Leo and
    just want to put me on a pedestal…since february I have been in contakt witk av man that seams to suit me more, and he has like my a lot of “earth” and Venus at the SAME deegre as me and mars at 1-2 Sag..just like me…
    So this year should be exaiting. I am thing that i am NOT engage/NOT married anymore and we are not livling togehter…so I think I should follow my heart this year:-)

  24. I found this blog doing a search for Uranus Opposed Venus transits. WOOT!

    I have Venus in Virgo, 26 degrees, squared Uranus in Cancer at 3 degrees. This Uranus opposition is something I’ve been watching out for because my soon to be ex-husband sired a daughter with his mistress, born on 3/7/09.

    What the opposition is doing for me is to let me look at the end of this marriage as a liberation. I’m feeling oddly peaceful with the separation and looking forward to being a single woman again. But that’s Venus squared Uranus, “Don’t let the door hit you on the behind..” attitude with ended relationships.

    One interesting manifestation is someone from my High School contacted me through Classmates. He and I are both 60 and he’s back in school to be an RN. I’d bet money he’s Pisces, was involved in the music scene for years. I’m not getting worked up about his entry into my life until this Uranus Opposed Venus transit passes. If he’s still emailing me by then … well maybe.

    Another manifestation is I’m sculpting like a mad woman. The sculptures are better than ever, like my tools are being guided on their own. It’s better to channel these Venus hits through art than through relationships, I reckon.

  25. Welcome Nora & yah, Uranus-Venus is fab for creativity and feeling happy being independent…You would also have had Pluto squaring your Venus relatively recently too. That would have been a big transformation that prepped your Venus for the Uranian delights…Were you needier etc b-4
    Pluto? 2006ish.
    Yes, just enjoy – i am in the middle of uranus ON my venus and simply collect Aquarius men & they’re all lovely but eccentric so it’s totally wiped out any of my control-freaky urges. I’ve just let go and enjoy them for what they are, the love/lust they offer. Which sounds simple & easy but it is not always…I agree utterly re Uranus helping you handle break-ups with the most sanguine aplomb ever invented. Is odd though as society often seems to want people to be suffering, freaking out and guilting with this.

    • 2006, what was going on. My soon to be ex-husband took me to the first and only company Christmas party. Soon after in 2007 he started up with his mistress. At first I took it like a Leo, “You’re leaving ME for HER?”

      You know the different stages of grief: denial, anger, bargining, depression, and acceptance? I went through them all. When she got pregnant I stepped back and said “game over”. I have four grown sons and 5 grandchilden. My husband is 26 years younger than I am. He had the need to breed. We both have Mars in Cancer, so I can relate to his parenting hunger.

      When they started up I did her chart, re-did his chart, did an interchart compatibility between them. Did our transits. I gave him their readings. I sat down with mine to figure what’s going on.

      I have Capricorn rising at 5 degrees. I saw Pluto was ready to cross my Ascendant, had been squaring my Venus for a while. Then it all made sense. It came down to “let him go”. To try to fight the changes that were coming down the pike would only spell trouble for me.

      My peaceful resignation confused my family and friends, who were all willing to get upset for me. I told them, “Don’t bother on my account.” They asked “Don’t you care?” It was weird to tell them that I care enough to let him go in peace. Let him be with her, with their baby, go on with their life.

      The realization that was important was his departure is not a threat to my life, it was a threat to my lifestyle. Was my lifestyle one that I wanted to preserve, or change to be a better representation of who I am? That was the big question. Truth be known, it’s more peaceful without him.

      So I’m ready for the change. I’m grabbing my psychic surfboard and looking over my shoulder for the big wave. Cowabunga!

      • “……Uranus helping you handle break-ups with the most sanguine aplomb ever invented….”

        “…I’m grabbing my psychic surfboard and looking over my shoulder for the big wave. Cowabunga!…”

        reading you ppl gives SUCH pleasure.

        Nice Dice MM / Nora – hope your calm path continued Nora!!


  26. well uranus hit natal and progressed venus on 6 April but nothing happened???? Can anyone help me here as I was waiting for the big bang or something….I am ssssoooo ready for it.

  27. My uranus hit my natal and progressed venus at the beginninbg of April but so far nothing has happened….any advice..anyone.

  28. Uranus stared its square to my natal venus (24 gem/conj Asc) a week ago. I found a note my Taurus husband of 16 years sent a young woman on Valentines Day and hit the roof. He claims it was a joke but I am very upset. We fought again last night and he slept on the couch. Am I correct to assume this will last the full transit??????

  29. HI

    Im in the club! Just- I have venus at 25 Scorpio and Uranus trine venus transit jst gettin going… I have met someone online recently (how Uranus) and its blowing my sox off… glad its the trine and not the square hehe.. also I am trying sooo hard not to be clingy/needy and to act cool and distant and let him chase me- and its working! Hope it lasts!!

  30. I was always informed that the transit was only felt if you had the aspect inyour natal chart aswell?

    • Noooo, if Uranus whizzes across your Venus, you will feel it. If you have a natal Uranus -Venus aspect, then you are already familiar with that energy so may not even “need” to experience it as much.
      I think maybe the idea you are referring to is that if – say – you are experiencing a Uranus-Venus transit as in Uranus squares natal Venus – if Uranus does ANYTHING to Venus generally in the skies, it intensifies your longer term and more profound transit to the natal???

  31. I’m in with venus at 27 degrees capricorn and numerous uranian tales to share.

    It all began 12 years ago with my ex uranian over protective husband we sepearted 2 years ago. May 2008 I met an amazing gorgeous sexy guy who mislead me on his intentions being an on off thingy for 6 months, who has now just gotten back in touch?? I dont even ask why. January 2009 came along a very interesting and kind of quirky farmer he then disappeared as quickly as he arrived. March then saw the arrival of an old family friend who apparently had more interest then me but he really grew on me and just when I was showing interest he went back to his ex.

    Given the history with these intersting ones I should have a fairly good insight as to how they tick but quite the contrary each and everyone of them seem to suprise me. Like you MM I have resulting to just taking them for what they are and have no expectations for them and it seems to work that way.

  32. Sagg Girl! Babe, you are JUST starting your Uranian-Venusian transit. It will not be exact for a few months yet…And you had an “over protective” Uranian husband? That is RARE! The rest of the dudes sound super-Uranian – to put this in perspective, i have to admit that my Aqua girlfriend – as in female friend- disappears and reappears with equal casual intensity.
    Your stance is SO right though! Keep updating pls!

    • Just starting OMG..all I can hope is that its the same dudes anymore and my head will explode! The gorgeous one from May 08 has been back in touch and after 2 hour call (yes he actually spoke not just texting) he committed to “We should catch up and have a drink”. Got to luv them what is this “we should catch up” whatever happened to “Do you want to go out?”. A different time.
      Anyway to side track have had business meetings with a Scorp since Jan every fortnight…he finally asked me out over the net of course. But having a real challenge accepting his commitment and words as they seem to be foreign to me. Words like “I really like you and want to get to know you but respect your decision”. Kind of keep thinking a candid camera is going to pop up and say “Got You”. LOL!

  33. ok ive got natal venus in Scorpio at 4 degrees so i AM in the club???
    um ok natal uranus is in capricorn (23 degrees)…. when is my transit??
    sorry im pretty clueless at this part. :S

  34. Lol – you ain’t got no Uranus-Venus transit going on…Soz but u can’t be in our club babe and soz if this brings up High School issues!
    But guess wot?
    I am soon to re-post this post – when Venus Quincunxes Uranus in a few weeks…as it’s kind of lively and Venus-Quincunx-Uranus will set off ALL our
    Uranus-Venus transits. AS will Uranus going Retro.
    it is gonna back right back over my Venus from Oct to Dec and it is NOT gonna be the Uranian, the Aqua Rugger Stud or the other Aqua.

    • its just that im a bit confussed bout how you wrote and i quote “Also considered Venus in those degrees of Scorpio or Cancer and Capricorn-Taurus.” sorry but what do you mean :S i think i’m missing something! My venus is in scorpio…

  35. I have venus 26 in gemini & is that why a certain thought keeps popping into my mind?… re love?.. uh-oh!

  36. Mine’s an aqua too! And HE is also in the club I think with Uranus sextile his natal venus at 28″ capricorn… lol – but anyway it’s still going strong! I have definetly found a different way of relating than in my past, and Im enjoying it a lot! Last night things reached a whole new level, not sure it will last forever but we definetly have some fun and sexy links in our synastry.. I think this transit has done me a world of good! I like it!

  37. actually thinking about it don’t want to be in a club that would have me
    as member thats for definitely sure

  38. No Venus-Uranus transit- venus in leo…but uranus is on its way out of my 7th house. So major bizarro relationship adventures, especially over past year or so.

    Guys popping in and out of my life with massive intensity, positively uranian types. All a lesson in letting go and just seeing someone for who they are, i think. And all tend to be really strong mirrors for whatever I’m going through. Ie Not living very creatively, in comes crazy libran rockstar, and before him even crazier saggo actor.

    Just yesterday a long forgotten libran from the end of last year asked me to come away for the weekend. Crazy.

    Enjoy the club :)

  39. im having a super nuts time of it with this gear. its hard actually, the taurean with libra rising is back but completey in a wig out way so i dont know if im coming or going, the scorpio buggered off suddenly and brutally, and im looking at a new connection with a sagittarius, moon in aqua, leo rising, who is really really interesting and lovely but has never owned a passport. plus had a psychic dream about an old flame’s (libran)wedding plans which turned out to be bang on and made me really sad, re the person hes marrying…she is LITERALLY THE LAST PERSON I COULD HAVE IMAGINED, i know her and it makes such sickening sense, so i have a rictus grin on that one….but if im really honest and take a step back and survey the landscape, it really has been a lot of fun so far. just too CRAZY. its all too fleetwood mac rumours album for my liking. mind you, i love that album so much i actually bought it on ebay so i could have a soundtrack. and i havent listened to that since i was thirteen. new sagg has the same birthday as solzenhitsyn. cool! plus i randomly read martin amis book, house of meetings set in the gulag, which was magnificent to read in current straits.

  40. i’ve got venus at 23 taurus, so i guess that makes me in your club with widened membership parameters.
    funny reading over all these posts makes me ‘frame’ the current bizarre interaction with interesting man, met in feb, disappeared till may, kind of back with lots of negotiation and reading between emailed lines (on my behalf anyway), but so little of anything else, in a different light. No idea if it fits into the category of uranian. No idea what he is.
    Lots of laborious negoitation regarding mutually agreeable meeting times that is completely doing my don’t plan in advance and act spontaneously gemini nature in. But i’ve been trying to hide it, embrace the uncertainty, see it as a saturn in virgo in 12th house, venus mars stuff in taurus in 8th lesson to be more willing to commit to other people. and sighing alot.
    But finally had to throw my hands up at the circling antics and insist on my need to turn my attention elsewhere. Men are bloody distracting, and I’ve got work to do (and thus lurking about here…)
    that makes me sound like i’m in your club mystic, i think…

  41. thank god you reprised this as i thought my uranus opposite venus was OVER – a divorce, thank you very much – but now i see that it is NOT. So i DO feel more ME and more FREE but with the occasional panic attack that will never have an actual relationship again!

  42. Reading about all your Uranian relationships……its hard to keep up! Not much happening on the sexual front (apart from the dreamy piscean who is completly aloof. If only we could actually talk to each other! I’m well within the club with jupiter 23 venus 25 pisces in the 3rd. Definately finding my individuality within my community. I’m a freak! lol

    • No ur not! ur as normal as any other aqua! – i’m not really saying much then am i…
      no no UR AWESOME!

  43. Nada until April next year when I have Saturn and Uranus squaring Venus. Oh joy. Will get back to you when things go bats then Mystic.

  44. Here i am.
    it was Groucho Marx that said ‘i wouldn’t want to be in a club that would want me for a member’!

    My Venus is only 14* in Cap.
    ‘If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your’e with’….Stephen Stills.

  45. WOW! Don’t know why I didn’t look this up before: my own precious AquaGirl (with FIVE planets in Aquarius) was conceived as Uranus was hitting my own Venus in Aquarius!!

    Yes, you might say the transit brought an ultra-individuated and attractive peep into my live.

    Transiting Venus on my fourth house north node and Moon in Capricorn, too. (If I have the conception date spread right). Interesting if true.

    Salient point: yes, I have experienced the Uranus Venus transit.

    • Hi weathergirl, interesting, thanks for the new angle. My precious aqua girl child has four planets in Aqua with her Sun conj Uranus. I just looked up what was happening around the time she was conceived. No Uranus/Venus transit but trans Uranus in Aqua was opp my natal Sun in Leo and trans Jupiter in Aqua had just passed the opp with my Sun. Also trans Pluto was on my MC (massive change in career status impending!)

      Can’t wait to see how her astro plays out :-)

  46. Nothing in my natal chart, but exact Uranus/Venus square in my progressed chart… Venus in Aquarius in the 9th, Uranus in Scorpio in the 5th – both 24 degrees.

    Also have progressed Pluto/Sun square going on… Pluto (in Libra) in the 5th, Sun (in Cap) in the 7th.

    Think this is all about individuation… Not having fun times at the moment though!

  47. Am I going to spontaneously combust?
    I have natal venus 27degrees virgo (conjunct natal pluto 3 degrees libra) in the 5th house (and also natal mars conjunct natal uranus in the same house 19 degrees libra exact) – with transiting pluto in effect from eighth house (as well as hovering there on natal jupiter 3 degrees capricorn) – and what’s more – natal moon 27 degrees cancer, natal north node 20 degrees capricorn which MM says are about to be eclipsed to infinity and beyond.
    So. I’d just like to be prepared for it. Am I about to explode?

    PS I am keeping mostly indoors out of harm’s way, and generally lead a (deliberately, I insist) very dull life. Thus far, all that’s happened is my contracting a sudden v improbable (and entirely hopeless, as I am a straight woman) crush on Cristos Tsiolkas, the (gay male) author. I havent actually read any of his books.

  48. as you brought it up, i thought about it again and found something else to contribute-

    commented before, had uranus opposing venus a few years ago. my venus is trine my cap MC, which is conjunct SN. Virgo Venus in 6th.

    what happened, beyond tres Uranian love weirding is, what I just realized, a total individuation and great gift re WORK.

    During that phase I had the chance and the guts to actually apply for a creative job (ie filmstuff). never had the self-esteem before and was surrounded by peeps doubting my ability or at least being not very supportive. when Uranus started to closely oppose my Venus I dared to do, what actually was the best decision workwise I have made so far. I am now fulfilled, as I found out working in a creative field is something I am capable of and even destined to (this sounds a bit OTT, but this is how I feel).

    Thus, restrospectively a BIG thanks to Uranus.

  49. My venus is Kataka. 20.23 degrees, so I just missed it. However, I have never experienced Uranus-Venus. Probally because my Venus isn’t in the right spot

  50. Venus in 28 degrees Virgo (I’m also a virgo sun) in my natal chart. I’m part of a club, hooray!
    I can definitely say I’ve gone work-crazy this past year. I’m so studious and responsible it’s almost absurd in comparison to who I used to be when it came to school work. Uranus-venus definitely wants me to be ready for college, I guess. Eep! I’ve also had some love-weirding going on. One person was terrible (self-destructive pisces) and I learned to lose everything toxic in my life (turned a whole new leaf! No drinking, no drugs, no crazy parties no bad friends no self-hate, now it’s study-study-study-concert-poetry-reading-walk-in-the-woods-I-am-so-thankful-to-be-alive-in-this-great-Universe for me!) and another is a bit difficult to explain. It’s not a love-thing, it’s more of a respect and fondness, I suppose. Really, it’s a young teacher who believed in me from the second we were introduced and was my main support system to get through the school year via. working-super-hard and getting help, as well as dealing with my condition (fibromyalgia) and surviving the world with that. He also happened to invite me to take one of his classes that GASP! has become my desired field of work now! I’m a deacon one virgo and he’s a cap-aquarian so we’re compatible friends-wise etc despite our not-too-bad age difference, but it’s still too much to blossom into romance any time soon. Maybe I’ll swoop by after I graduate LOL, oh girlish dreaming. But yes! This transit is A+ in my book. It’s bringing me happy times, for sure. Well, first it brought Hell in 2008 until I wisened up and took it as a blessing for this year. Let’s hope that blessing continues!

    • Yay! Uranus-Venus is often big age gap relationships – not saying this is – and peeps from different classes falling in love etc. But there is also a really cerebral and joyously straight-edge vibe to Uranus and it sounds like you channelling this SO well! You will be happy when Saturn gets to your Sun in oct. Or even by Sept when the Saturn-Uranus opp kicks in again

  51. ok, so my natal venus is 27 gemini. and my uranus is conjunct my midheaven. what now please?

    • Fun times in March 2010!
      Is Uranus conjunct your Midheaven now? Or you mean natally? Uranus Midheaven HAS to be honoured with whacko (in-a-good-way) individuated career…

  52. I can’t seem to work out how many degrees Venus is in relation to each other, but apparently my venus is in Virgo:

    Venus in the Tenth House 10th hs
    Venus in Virgo
    Venus Conjunct Midheaven
    Venus Conjunct Mars
    Moon Opposition Venus
    Venus Square Ascendant
    Venus Square Uranus
    Venus Trine Neptune
    Venus Sextile Pluto

    I’m bats anyway, my nickname is “divabat” 😛

    • Well if Venus in Virgo is between 22 and 29 Virgo, you’re up for a lovely Uranian awakening-lovequake shortly and prob via your career as well…Plus it will trigger your innate Venus-URanian self. Space vs intimacy concerns. Venus trine Neptune yearns for soulmating. Venus Uranus has a v.low boredom threshold. Venus with mars midheaven wants hot & official love affair – trophy partner.

      • hahah! Aside from the “trophy partner” the rest is spot on! I’ve noticed a lot of signs from other places pointing to some sort of career shakeup…hmmm…. *ponders*

  53. 28 Gemini

    … been dealing with an Aqua stellium (sun,venus,mercury,jupiter) chick for almost a year now!

  54. I’m a Sagg with my Venus at 15 degress Sagg – does this mean I’ve had my Uranus thing? When? Let me think back… No. Wait. It’s all too difficult.

  55. Life time club member – Venus in Pisces 27°37! Sun also in Pisces. Fishy in general.

      • well, I am a few months in to a relationship with a Virgo who’s driving me mad (not necessarily in a bad way)…will get back to you on that one!

  56. I am 25 degree in cancer 2nd house, and uranus 10 saggi in 7th house.. Will this uranus venus transit bring me my freedom loving, eccentric and weird maybe soulmate? Hmm is this starting now?? I am excited…

    • Nice! Trine means you get all the energy of URanus Venus but likely to be in a really easy and flowing way for you to assimilate.

  57. my venus is 12 Sagg, so not in the club (though wouldve been a few years ago???) But something interesting IS going on now and not sure what to make of it…am reconecting with an ex who i first got together with when uranus went over my moon around 1999. he’s popped up again now, exactly 10 years later, though cant see how it relates to the original uranus-moon transit i had… perhaps just the uranus mood flaring up??

    • Well if Uranus was on your Moon in 1999, would not the Eclipse in August (13 Aqua) and the last of a series in Leo-Aqua be stirring that up AND on your Moon + Jupiter Moon amplifies things, yes?

  58. Yikes. Natal Venus in Sag 23 degress in 12th house..

    Is it overly challenging that Venus is also in opposition with Saturn? (Although I should be used to challenges being a Cap.)
    Also venus sextile with uranus.

    Could this explain why things have been so nuts lately and that the only guys I seem to like are on some other planet/dimension but yet so damn compelling and that we end up having in-depth discussions on metaphysics, philospophy and the occult?

    Sure shakes up the boredom of the day job.

  59. Yay! I’ve got Venus at 28 Gem so I’m just in the club. I’m still trying to sort it out in my head however so I haven’t really got any other comments other than that I’ve had my fair share of loonies so I’m not keen on anymore. The big positive from all the loonies is that I can now spot them a mile away, so it gives me time to run run run. Lol.

  60. Uranus-Venus need not be loonies. It’s just a hard influence under which to have a trad relationship. Both my recent Aquarians were handsome – the cosmic “hook” and bats but sort of fascinating. But the whole point is that i would not be able to rely upon them for normal ‘boyfriend’ kinda stuff so it makes you fiercely independent…There is a lot of growth potential there. So interesting, now that URanus is gonna BACK over the same ground it’s been covering since Feb 2008, to see what happens. The third go of a transit from an outer planet is usually when you reap any rewards.

    • does that go for pluto and saturn as well? what kind of things are to be expected if saturn transits mix it up with uranus-venus?

    • I have Venus 14 Taurus sq Leo Uranus 12 natally. I’ll keep outta this transit discussion but one thing I’ve learned is that we can’t have it both ways….Independent to the extent we don’t need anyone. “I can do it all myself” type stuff but that is/may be a stage of growth perhaps esp. for a woman where traditional roles are involved.

      Lesson for me has been about individuation and yet being able to be in a relationship. Does take growth to do that. Currently single though because at this point just not sure if I’m interested…lol

  61. Venus 21 Gem 24’43”
    If my recent love life is indicative I’m not so sure I wanna be in this club!!

  62. Venus in Scorpio
    Venus Conjunct Jupiter
    Venus Scorpio transit 27 degrees.

  63. fluid feline: yeahr… can’t put this experience, this superaquagirl, in any box i know of.

    mystic: oh, no! it’s gonna get weirder?

  64. medusa: oop. that’s a rhetorical question. i somehow overlook that after that venus at 28gem comes my asc. at 1cancer, node at 1cancer, and then mars at 2 “kataka”( which is already gettin’ blasted by pluto in cappy.)

    fun times!

    love your blog.

  65. I have natal Venus in Gemini 27 in 11th house, Sun in Taurus, Moon and Mars in Aquarius, Mercury in Gemini, Jupiter and Pluto in Leo, Saturn in Sagg, Uranus in Cancer and Neptune in Libra.

    Everything – family relationships (weird mother – really!), love (only married men have shown interest), career, home and finances (yikes!!) – has been fairly fuqued for quite a while.

    New to all this so can I look forward to some good times???

  66. Venus in Cancer at 10.31 degrees in 2nd House


    Uranus in Scorpio at 7 degrees in 6th House

    any major changes that mite come to my love life due to this ??? I am having a straneous relationship with someone and things are not working out as i desire…

  67. funny bout the independance, the last loonie i spent some time with made me so bats i left town…this i never do

  68. I have Venus at 23 degrees pisces, in my 7th house. Saturn is also in opposition right now. I haven’t felt much going on yet but there’s a long way to go.

  69. I have natal Venus in Pisces in the 7th, natSun Aqua21 in 6th, Sq. nat Jup (Sag.23)in 4th, Sq. nat Uranus (Gem.22) in the 10th. The current transiting Uranus will hit in the next few years. What the heck can I expect. I’m married. Will I be splitting?

  70. OK So I have finally sussed out that it addition to this uranus trining my n venus, the neptune/jupiter/chiron conj of this year is squaring it.. and that n/j/c conj is also trining my sun! Wow its all goin on and Im scared now that its all a stupid illusion and that I should RUN! (But don’t think i can either..) HELP! What to do ?!!?!

  71. I guess I’m not a member but maybe a guest? Venus at 26.25 Libra, so Uranus is quincunxing Venus in my 4th/nadir right now. Uranus is the ruler of my 7th and 8th. It’s also going over my husband’s descendant at the same time. Marital crisis, yes, but not clear which way it’s going. When the Jup-Nep-Chiron stellium was trining my Venus, June 5, 11am , I was looking for big things to happen, maybe an important Metting; but… nothing. With the Aug 5th eclipse in my 7th house, 3rd of 3 in my 1st/7th, I was kind of looking for big things to happen, but again… nothing. Also right now with this eclipse, Venus is conjuncting my moon, while Mercury is sextiling it. Maybe that’s why things are actually going well maritally, making me think, after three years of desperately trying to escape, that maybe this can work. The only thing the eclipse is transiting for me is … natal Uranus – semisextile from Sun and quincunx from Moon.

    If anybody has any insight or notes to compare, I’d love to hear it. I don’t know what to make of all this. It’s obvious what the issues ARE, but which way things are going, … I don’t know. It seems more notable for NOTHING rather than SOMETHING happening. Vital stats if you want to take a look: 11/21/64 9:18pm Memphis TN. Hubby 5/10/52, 3:24pm Glendale, CA.

    I’ve been looking for people to compare notes to as well, or to see who this transit might be connecting me with. Only one other person in my database has anything going on at that degree, and he has Nep CJ my Ven, and his Sun at 25 Can, so that’s where this stuff is hitting him; doesn’t seem to suggest a love connection. He’s 7/18/55 EST, no time.

  72. Pisces, taurus rising – bang on the dot 22 degrees for VENUS.

    Boldly marching through, with my ‘take no hostages’ attitude in my pursuit to find the perfect partner/job/stepping stone/whatever.

    troubled Virgo love interest ten years my senior has been left on the wayside after trying to emotionally blackmail me, and he is still sending messages (which of course i still dont respond to) which asks for both tender care /wish me a sorry and kind goodbye.

    Chucked a sh*t at boss who has stacked all my wrong doings against me – sent in an EMAIL, not said to my FACE. the clouds are clearing on this one.

    Trying to kickstart my fashion design/jewelry/whatevs career, and am still walking thru merde river with espadrilles on to try and figure what, how and when to make happen.

    Hopefully end of uran-sat cycle will herald new beginnings. fresh startz, directions, whatevs!

  73. Taurus Venus 22deg semisquare sun/merc, square MC the only thing going on is my phone locked and is unusable (carrier and phone manufacturer unable to assist) since I hung up on an obsessive dude I accidentally hypnotised while drunk at a Tamworth pub a few weeks ago (and stoopidly gave my number to). Dude won’t get the message and insists on calling. I have launched into a new sooper-strong non-drinking era.

    Have also hit a distinctly anti-relationship/it’s all bullshit-attachment phase.

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  75. I am a early Libra. When Uranus first hit my Mercury/Venus/Saturn conjuncting between 18-24 deegre Virgo in february 2009 I fell badly and unexpected in Love. It totally suprised me. But it ended abruptly..and Now again in September???

  76. hello fellow hopeless romantics!

    im boiling and cooking inside!

    +uranus conjunct natal venus at 26 pisces, house 8
    +saturn opposite natal venus
    +pluto square natal pluto in libra, house 3
    +pluto conjunct natal jupiter in capricorn, house 5
    +jupiter conjunct natal sun in aquarius, house 7
    +jupiter square natal moon in scorpio, house 4
    +jupiter trine natal neptune in libra, house 3

    does anyone have some insights about these slow and longlasting transits? i’ve read a lot of times that uranus-conjunct-venus is all about the tranformation of the way we love. does it mean that we have to give up our romanticism? if we do have to change the way we love, isnt that tantamount to denying our astrological nature and uniqueness as individuals?

    i can compare the uranus-venus experience to the tragic legendary tale of the little mermaid (venus in pisces) who fell in love (unrequitedly uranian!) and was consumed by the sadness and turned into a sea foam. however, disney twisted the story and ariel ended up in the loving arms of her prince charming and lived happily ever after…my question is: what lesson is the universe teaching me (and the rest of us with uranus-conjunct-venus in pisces transit) before i turn into a sea foam?

  77. I’ve got venus in Virgo square Uranus – The square is supposedly pretty strong.
    Dunno If I have the appropriate degrees in virgo however for this club…

    Venus Square Uranus 0°33

    Venus Virgo 0°24’19

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  79. hmmmm – trawling the archives is SO useful isn’t it??

    this isn’t my transit (not that I’d know anyways LOL) but MANY of lessons learned – advice here applied – has TRANSFORMED my relationship with myself / relationship boundaries. ALSO this time frame when Saturn Smashed the Aries Ex (AKA Le Turd) outta the ball park. On the first full moon eclipse to be exact!! not before fugging time either!!

    BTW natal Venus / Leo 17 degree – confirmation am correct interp am NOT in the club (the notion of being left out of any club be so obviously LOATHSOME!!) = much appreciated!!

  80. Looking at your comments earlier was going to reply with…no action since August. Would u believe just got a message from uranus that left for his ex, had seen him at party on sat night with the ex. Ok so maybe transit is right not that i doubted it, haha
    Funny just reading “He’s just not that into you” and book says never go back after they disappear…but have they ever met an aquarian???? Food for thought. xxx

  81. Virgo Venus 23.54 degrees.
    I’ve in my birth chart Venus in 5th house square Uranus in 8th house with 1 degree orb.
    I have also Mars in 5th house in Virgo with the Sun (5th house lord itself).
    In January/February of this year I met someone living in another country on the internet (big long-distance) and at the same time Saturn (my natal 9th and 10th house lord) was in transit on my Virgo planets in the 5th house. I knew he was in love with me more and more the days were passing. He would like to meet me but after 8 months it wasn’t be possible and now for more than 10 days he seems to be aloof, insensitive, he seems to do not care about me because I couldn’t come and now he’s hurted. I think now it’s over. His love for me has been lasted for 6 months I think. And now maybe I’m only a “friend” or nothing at all for him.
    He is not Aquarius (he is Sag with his Sun on my natal Uranus in 8th and also conjunct my natal Saturn – His moon on my natal Venus and conjunct my Sun in Virgo in 5th) but he has Aquarius Venus square Uranus in his birth chart (natal Venus/Uranus square like me). Unfortunately I never meet him. I couldn’t. I’m very sad but there were big challenges here : he was 10 years and 9 months older than me (Saturn transit in my 5th house..) and his “past” life was pretty difficult to bear it.

    Uranus transits can be good, but distance was the problem (almost for him, not for me).

  82. I have moon, mars , venus and rising all in aquarius 1st house . This has been a very challenging year, but also rewarding.

  83. Venus Pisces here 29 degree in the 8th house. My partner, ( we both fel SUDDENDLY and madly in love) he is a scorpio with his sun in the 11th house venus in vrigo in the tenth house…my sun in aquarius in the 6th house…but progressed into pisces into 7th house in our synastry chart we have a Venus & mars opposed uranus….eek does that mean we won’t be around for the long term? i can see myself giving it my all, but im worried he will be the one who loses interest in me abruptly….im scared…we do have 2 trine aspects and sextile to our uranus..theres a jupiter trine uranus…i seem to note that one as lucky? so will this counter the oppsostion effect? also his sun conjuncts my pluto….serious passion here, and alot of depth. Also venus trine mars helps as well as venus sextile moon. Throw a venus opposed Sun….and what is we get? a long term ? we feel like were SOULMATES….is it to last?

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  85. FEb 2008 was HIGHLY significant and I definitely had a major Uranian/Venus something or other happening. My natal Venus is Conjunct Uranus (plus Sun and Pluto) in Virgo, but in the first 10 degrees, not the last.

    However, That timeframe is way too relevant. Major turning point in my life.

  86. Uranus is conjuncting my Venus(3 Deg 51 Min) and Sun(7 Deg 09 Min) right now in Aries and will be exact within a week or two. It’s also opposing my Ascendant(Libra) and Pluto(conjunct Ascendant)