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Mountain Biking in New Zealand

Yes, it’s a fabulous time for a new beginning – any New Moon is good but a strong Solar Eclipse in the fertile sign of Kataka & with Uranus favourably aspecting is awesome.  So, go for it, name your resolution in the comments & experience the joy of a public avowal.

Mine is in the 6th house so i am determined to set aside time for proper meditation & a (most of the time) pre-bed ritual so that I’m  not lying there with my mind abuzz. So will master my circadian and other rhythms to zap my brainwaves into Theta or whatever fast. ie: more serenity & all. And to joyously develop better admin systems.

And yours???

Bridge by Michael Cross

Image: Bridge by Michael Cross

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108 thoughts on “The Solar Eclipse Resolution Club

  1. I’m guessing we look at our natal chart, find where Cancer is at the same late degree and go from there? My Cancer spans the 3rd and 4th houses, so this eclipse falls into the 4th house – Roots and Origins… ironic really as I am currently perched at my mothers house sitting and giving the cat antibiotics, at the same time as I’ve given notice in my current abode de jour due to revolting dynamics. So resolution is – to establish my own safe, serene home, filled with love, joy, and beautiful functional items. A place where people love to come, relax and connect.

    • I too have the eclipse in the 4th house.

      Resolution is to connect with my home & the security of living in a home. I am able to create a beautiful place to feel at home in.

  2. hmmm – pluto transiting, ceres watching, solar eclipsing… whatever it is I’m resolved to put a line under all the defunct romances (or should they be non-romances) in my life. Am even contemplating taking that final step towards divorce papers. Feel weighted down with a determination to de-clutter my life – strange as this description may sound.

  3. 😆 I think everyone who reads my comments knows what mine is. Alpha Tauri is starting his relocation this weekend. Also, because eclipse is bang on Mars in 8th and Mars rules 5th, I’m buying a lotto ticket tomorrow.

    • Would definitely give it a whirl CC. When I won $38,000, trans. Venus, ruling 5th, was just on the cusp of the 8th house.

      As Venus travelled through…..Won 1,500, 1,800, 4,200, 1,200 dollars. I had basically never won anything in my life and had not considered the astrology nor looked beforehand. Interestingly, this was back in Feb. 08 just as Pluto now retro’s back to that place, but aside from my little binge the other night, have no intentions of going back to the casino thing.

      When there was an eclipse on my Draconic Sun, POF and Merc. in Virgo, I found a couple of hundred dollars on the ground…

      Good luck!!

      • Meanwhile, my resolution is to get on with my book as much has to do with Moon in 8th and life affected therein….Eclipse on the Moon…

  4. Oooh, resolutions are hard when you really think about them. Okay, two:

    (1) To employ a Mysticism, I am going to cherchez le grip re finances. Have done a good job of this so far but really need to get on top of it.

    (2) Love myself completely and utterly.

      • Ta!

        But, no, eclipse is in fifth. But the astro-query Mystic sent me seemed quite straightforward and stuff I was either already doing or planning to do. I’m just trying to harness the power of the eclipsey new moon for the stuff I know I SHOULD do.

  5. The eclipse is in my 11th. Which is also where my natal saturn is. Guess I’d better do some work on sorting out my attitudes to my social relations.
    So my ongoing resolution over the last few months has been to re-evalute the way I approach social relations, particularly paying attention to how i use things like my lackadaisical approach to my work (and my general laziness overall) as an excuse not to take social risks.

    I’m viewing Jupiter sitting in my 6th house as a helping hand with this, particularly once next week’s finishing work deadline comes and goes. Because then I can start doing the things I’ve been resolving to do. I’m excited.

    Whilst it might be misinterpretation, the work I am doing is all about social relations, and community stuff – natal saturn in 11th and natal jupiter in the 8th (along with south node). Funnily the community lit review is a hell of a lot harder to write than the social relations bit.

    • hey shell – whenever you figure out what natal saturn in 11th and jupiter in the 8th lemme know, i gots the same!

  6. second house starts towards the end of cancer for me. so time for an evaluation of personal and material values? wow, I move countries in 6 weeks, so that’s pretty amazing timing.

  7. I’m eclipsing in the 11th House. Makes perfect sense! My mantra of late is a very simple one:

    F**k off S**t people.

    • I like that! I’m eclipsing there too Lexi – spot on my natal moon. I feel major changes afoot – slamming doors on worn out or damaged agenda-ridden relationships. Hello to a new social order pour moi…

    • Reminds me of a shirt today (that I almost bought and wore), it read: “Do I look like a f**king people person?”

      My resolution is to stop helping people. I am always (have been for ages) going around helping people and I’m done. I am helping myself from now on.

      • as i said above, it’s in my 11th house too. A little while ago i did the ‘do i look like a people person thing’ too. But have of late realised you can take it too far (i’m a gemini after all).
        Just gotta pick the right people.

      • Lioness- I love that shirt! I need it for some days i am forced to be a people person.
        “Do I look like a f**king people person?” LOVE IT!

  8. I need to be purring instead of growling…this eclipse is on my 8th house Mars at 2 degrees Leo…merde!

  9. the eclipse is one degree into my 3rd house – does this make it extra charged re: my third house?

    i have saturn in my third house – so it is a big area of personal fear and growth – struggled my way through sooooo much learning before my saturn return (7 years!) – overcame blushing, shy ways and had a small nervous breakdown at the end of my law degree – but, as i start writing a PhD I definitely like the idea of a public avowal – so here goes….

    I will not be afraid of developing my mind, of working hard to communicate what is important to me. I will not be afraid of writing this thesis. I will not be afraid to read, to study, to carry out interviews. I let go of my old saturn fears.

    • starting thesis type research is one of the best things I’ve ever done for affirming my intelligence, ability to achieve things, recognising I have something important to say and so on. As per above, still working on the whole systematic approach to hard work thing, (really if i was meant to work systematically I’d have a 9 to 5 job). But such an amazing means of learning things about the world and how you can contribute to it – so best of luck with your research!
      It is also worthwhile reminding yourself every now and again that they don’t let just anyone embark on a phd – so clearly you’ve (and I’ve) got something going on! though from your posts about jupiter you seem to already know this.

      • thank you – sorry if i sounded pompous or up myself when i was ranting up jupiter…….caffeine or something

  10. is it just me?
    all I want to do is go back to bed!
    seriously HEAVY / vague & no work ethos.
    heeding Daily Mystic advice re indulge self rest – but extreme rest is ridiculous!!

    gonna walk back down to ocean for dolphin / whale spotting.
    inspiration to move me hopes.
    then turbo clean mia casa,
    brain switch on please?!!

    • xox rlp xox. How I wish I could join you. *sigh* I’m in the midst of rearranging the entire house, taking play breaks here. I so need reconnect with the ocean. Two of my homes were in sight of the sea. I love living in the mountains but feel the pull of the ocean sometimes.

      another resolution….get rid of ALL MY SODDING KIDS LEFTOVER CRAP!!

      • Spesh – hence imagining your domestic rearrangement brings MUCH fresh energy, heralding the entree of the next fabulous phase of your life!! I love it when it’s like that……go girl!! Twasnt that long ago you we’re still honouring past love lost. How swiftly life can move forward yeah?

        BTW my sister & I pledged yesterday to empty under mother’s house. we’re doing it for her as she be SUCH hoarder it’s difficult to comprehend.

        am still useless at desk, brain refuses to engage, heading back whale watch avec 4 legs. dolhpin pod this morn divine!! sun & ocean are essential ingredients. it’s 23 degree winter – the dog’s shedding like crazy, garden has bloomed & my snowboard’s sadly dormant!! xox

        • enjoy the winter sun sweetie. My dog thinks I’ve lost the plot. He’s watching my every move and frowning.

          • that’s because there’s boxes & movement – the canine suspicion that change is afoot & they’ll somehow be left behind. mon mutt gets INSIDE snowboard bag &^ goes to sleep…….preparing for the Smudgathon tonight??

            ps mine’s pure bred pound mutt – replete with Staffy frown!!

          • I doubt that I’ll be ready for smudging. I’m moving furniture, not just boxes

    • Oh no, I know *exactly* what you mean. Fell asleep just after 8 last night and woke up at 8:30 AM. Hopefully this will improve as of tomorrow/ Thursday?

  11. Solar eclipse is in my third house and comes hot on the heels of breaking up with contender for Love Of My Life last eclipse…. endings and now beginnings
    Resolve to recreate and honour those parts of my life I lost in relationship – writing, painting, dressing like a mung bean
    Rebuild my reiki practice in this gorgeous community
    Honour myself

    Blessings one and all for the eclipse x

    • Cancer is in my third house too. As is my moon and Jupiter.
      Yikes! 3rd is siblings and community yeah?

      This week is a mega slog of massive deadlines, from my freelance work. Tres selfy- although it is curating a government building with the art work of others. (self punishing?)

      This eclipse has been rocky for me – very hard work. Not sure of cures – rearranged lounge room last night, watched darling buds of may, worked on computer and read ‘breakfast at Tiffanys’. That was my relaxing .

      Things will get better Aqua Fey, dressing like a mung bean is pretty appropriate for kataka!

      • Realised that since I have been up here in the country, I have had jobs requiring me to dress in black. Blech. Back to my rainbow wardrobe, puts a spring back in my step

  12. 2nd house eclipsed:

    yeah, taking whatever spiritual ‘upgrade’ i download and having it manifest in the physical/material. that’d be cool!

  13. after years of hard work and being incredibly sensible but also a bit limited in some areas i am declaring this eclipse a time of Authentic Self Expression- a true rebirth in terms of communication, being myself and the way i move through this world.

    this eclipse is a beauty- 3rd/4th house- smack bang on my IC.

  14. Oh dear. What a heavy time for you! Sending hugs. Re the shag-factor- dont be too afraid of internet dating. Its the only way to meet people outside your normal social circle. Its just more frogs than princes. But occasionally a prince will appear.

    • “dont be too afraid of internet dating” are you kidding me!! Be VERY, VERY afraid…. unless of course you want a shag, then it’s okay i suppose. 😉

      • lol Robots, I did the internet dating thing for a while post divorce… very good for my confidence, didn’t shag anyone, but went on lots of nice dates with interesting guys (some of whom are still friends) and so glad I did. A bit of careful selection (which is easier online because you have time to think things through, and no beer goggles on, hopefully) and screening, and it all went smoothly.

        Pubs, on the other hand, are great for a shag 😉

        • hey TA, I had good and bad experiences with internet dating but the bad was just really, really creepy and it put me off.
          I DID get a shag out of the good one though (the others weren’t up to my standards) – we “dated” for 8 months. He was a Taurus, moon in Sag, merc Gem, venus Aries, mars in libra. We still keep in touch online occasionally. I’ve been lusting after Taureans ever since. 🙂

      • aac, give yourself time. I lost my hubbo nearly five years ago and it takes time to adjust and heal even though you weren’t living together. I was living with mine. I’d nursed him for years. When the “Oh My God, I’m completely free” hits you and you feel liberated, then it’s time to start playing with the boys again. I found my now partner completely out of the blue because I really wasn’t looking. I socialised with my gal-pals, dinners, drinks etc and liked my life. Be kind to yourself, indulge yourself and your little one. xox

      • Scorpalicious, I am with you on this one… unfortunately, the net has become a cesspool for deceptors. So I would say be afraid, be prepared, don’t expect but have fun (though I realize how contradictory that can be).

        AAC, get yourself an email finder or sharpen your sleuthing capabilities… not to say that anyone who uses the net is horrid…however in my experience, the anonymity which used to be a positive for honesty has been a boon for masquerading as something one is not.

        Perhaps a balance of just going out getting involved in stuff whilst doing some internet dating would be ok? Am also open to looking at proper matchmaking services where you have to go in and suss them out… when peeps are willing to pay $$$ to be matched is usually a good indicator of seriousness.

        • When I first got my computer I did three on line dates. All were coffee shop setting.

          Iced tea at one, a salad at another….Kept it simple but one guy whom I met for lunch at IHOP (pancake house) ended up having a fit because I told him my ex bf had come back and I was going to give that a go. Wow, glad I saw that side of him but he had set his hopes up too high, had pursued me on line for quite awhile and then when we did connect called my ‘baby’, etc,etc a bit too soon.

          Anyway, my psychic said I should have dated both and she was right as I didn’t have to make a choice at that time and the ex deserved to have gotten in line…Dammit!… 🙂

        • Sweetpea, one guy I met just adored me..until I said no to a second date at which point he turned stalker, started leaving me evil voice messages, and confessed that he er.. couldn’t stand up when he met me as he was erm..compromised.

          He also went on a massive rant about how his ex was Asian and he had sworn never ever to fall for an Asian of any variety ever again, but I had broken that for him yada yada yada… he hardly knew me seriously.

  15. The house belongs to the sign on its cusp. Eg, your Aquarius ASC is the cusp of the first house.

  16. I have had pyjamas on the brain too. keep wandering into shops and looking at them. I only own two pairs but have major cravings to buy more… how odd! I like the idea of red silk… Have just bought a very fancy bra and nickers set in red silk satin. 🙂

  17. Well, I am at the same point as Aqua Fey. Had to do awful legal duty today and tomorrow, but I’ve started the super-cull of all things useless and reminding of painful past. I so want my abode to be minimalist, clean and sparkling. Then , my present will be to invite all loyal girlfriends over for spesh dinner. I am not pining for narcissist saggi-poop. I really must have prepared myself before I did it. Self-esteem must be building there, somewhere, huh? I think the MM team are very uplifting and supportive.

    • Almost done with the new set-up, going to smudge at dawn. Have also organised super Aqua girl dinner (by coincidence) for spellcasting, yummy feast & undoubtedly wine.
      Had a lovely giant teary when I uncovered journals and musings of almost all relationships past since school, gulp. Good Lord, it was quite a ride! Nothing like keeping ALL ye olde r’ship crapola in one large box.
      Starting to feel clearer, time to light a fire & burn the List of Letting Go…

  18. eclipse is in my second house and sextiles my Nodes (tenth and fourth houses)… resolution: let nothing stand between me and my Destiny (side note: cocreate said destiny). Eg. earn more money so I can do all the fun stuff I want to do with my kids (that so far only the dad’s can do).

  19. It sounds as though you’ve been through the wringer. Am sending hugs and good thoughts to you and hope that the renewed creativity and time with your little one is healing. x

  20. Eclipe is conjunct natal jupiter in the first! Would love to lose some winter flab, and boost all round efficiency & fabulousness – particularly in terms of my energy levels & self-care.

  21. Eclipse in the third – yes, it is all about the communication.

    But for now, it is all about going home and having a bloody big glass of vino!

    • maybe sudden changes in your finances and/or the way you feel about your comfort zones? Think anything Taurus connected as it’s the natural ruler of 2nd house, then add these to your natal cusp. Cancer?? I seem to remember Gem rising? A new plan for finances or how you nurture yourself?

  22. Mines in love & art.

    I’ve had a few resolutions of late but the big one today was when I was watching my partner working the concrete normally I would become enamored to him even though he’s been a right prick and I’ve been trying to disentangle myself from him. Watching his muscles and strength would insanely make me forget all the shite but today there was nothing. It was SOOOO good! I felt nothing but appreciation for skills, none of that love stuff.

    I’ve finally broken the ‘hold’ I allowed him to have over me. I wish I could drink some wine to celebrate.

  23. Solar Eclipse in the 1st house.

    I resolve to be courageous. To find my own adobe with my beautiful puppies & do whatever it takes to be happy.

    Happy solar eclipse everyone!


    • Ist house for me too. If I understand the house thing correctly it seems that’s the personal/ oneself. Interesting as I had already decided that my resolution is to actually believe in myself and my abilities (instead of doubting myself all the time). Bring it on!

      • I am completely new at this. I am Pisces sun sign, Moon in Aries, Cancer ascendant and Cancer in 1st and 12th Houses at 26 .30 degrees.
        What does this mean?????????????

        • This eclipse is 29 degrees cancer, so its in your first house….. So your individuality….

  24. Ah, now, the degrees are important too. So tomorrow’s eclipse will occur at 29 degrees of Cancer, so you look on your chart or at the tables to see which house that degree of Cancer occurs in. For you perhaps the fifth or sixth house, so that’s the area of your life that will be affected. K?

  25. am totally confused (topped by afore mentioned zombie energy) – help please?

    if natal Cancer falls across 4 / 5th house – is this where this eclipse is?
    if so – any tips with interps??

    resolutions came in odd ways – tonight whilst reuniting my great grandmother’s piano with long lost piano stool – made by great grandfather with an axe – was struck with overwhelming emotion. for the love of my existing family & the desire for my own…in whatever form that may take. you know – partner, build bridges (houses!!), life etcs.
    then whilst polishing the office was uplifted / inspired sensing new opps & a concrete plan that will be revealed. soon. like really really soon.
    then canceling (yet another) holiday, to tend essential admin / biz etc deeets felt overwhelming self admiration at how former crap biz admin practice is now thing of the past.
    Mystic told me I’d avoid mega bats of this eclipse system – which if not counting mega-valve blow by Arian Ex is correct. phew. but the weight of this particular dark moon has sapped totally Qi tho not affected pos vibes / attitude.

    does this make sense with Cancer on 4 / 5th or am I off point?

    • rlp, look for 29 degrees of Cancer. It’s the last degree of Cancer just before Leo, so I reckon it’s in your 5th. Eclipse in 5th would be a new beginning in the house of fun ie. romance and creativity and things to do with kids.

      There’s a whole lot of other astro happening, so look for any transits occurring in the 4th house to do with family of origin and private life, or in the seventh of partnerships/long term relationships. And don’t take my word for it. I’m still learning.

      CC may have something to add.

      • seesh Ubers – apols for mush brain reply.
        think I got the transit chart right with Astrodienst – & sun is 28 deg cancer in 5th, moon 12 deg cancer in 4th.

        does this help? 24.9.64 4.55pm Melbs.

        • Set the date of chart for July 22. Eclipse will be when sun and moon conjunct at 29 Cancer, so smack in the middle of your 5th house. It doesn’t look to form any aspects with your natal planets, so as Mystic sez, won’t be as intense for you as other people who have it conjunct or squaring their planets.

          You have Pluto transitting your career/public house square to your sun, exact at the moment, plus Pluto trining your moon. Intense, transformative times for your identity and emotions and a great time to get a consult with the divine MM.

          • Ubers thanks!! really.
            brain mush aside, actually managed to learn something here.
            had recent career based consult w MM & your explanation helps further understanding Myts’ wisdoms. funny how intuitively office feng / clear / polished within inch of life took pride of purge. & yes was due for break from eclipse madness given darn Pluto transit am almost done with. Phew. so close to being out the other side. no looking back now. bring on the fresh of the new~~!!
            xox 😉 xox

  26. damn my eclipse being bang on the cusp btw two houses! (10 & 11). despite having genius mystic astro query on eclipso, i’m still confused. and not feeling much resolve yet. hopefully it will come tomorra!

  27. Ladies and gentlemen the last 2 weeks browsing and commenting in this wonderful blog/forum whatever you want to call it has been so great , so stimulating, hilarious, witty and fun . I have learnt so much about astrology in this short time and plan to take my learning to a higher level when i find wherever it is destiny is taking me and i settle for a while. Between the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse my life has done a complete180 and im now off on a new adventure, first stop the wilderness of west australian coastline and desert, who knows where i will end up? Thankyou Ms Mystic Medusa for focusing your intellect and time into something as worthwhile as astrology and this website. Thankyou, God bless you all. Love , Damon.

    • Hey Damon, Bon voyage and SHINE that light!!!

      While in WA, look for Red Bluff, north of Carnarvon. No one there, desert meets ocean meets whales. You have to drive 70 km on sand to get there but we managed in a Kombi. Take water. It’s the bomb! WA wilderness is the bomb! Say hi to the emus and black cockatoos from me. Now I feel envious.

      • Über, i just googled Red Bluff. WOW!! I will definitely have to explore that place some day.

        • There are two Red Bluffs. One near Kalbarri and one north of Carnarvon. The latter is full on wilderness. I was there a long time ago, but it won’t have changed. Too remote.

          Do you think if we hired a 4wd and invited Brendan Fraser (he can bring the fig leaf, I won’t object) he would come with us?

          • 😆 i’m sure Brendan would love to come along. I’ll wander off into the wildnerness on my own and leave you two to play with the fig leaf, he’s not really my type.

            Red Bluff, Carnarvon… noted in my little notebook.

    • It’s been a pleasure Damo. You must visit Broome and Cape Leveque, getting teary just thinking about those places. Red rocks, white sand and turquoise sea… *sigh*

      Wish you all the best! 🙂

  28. i’m feeling much too lazy to work out wot planets in wot house or whatever but my resolution is: can i have the guy on the bike plz, LOL? awesome combination, guys in lycra on bicycles.

  29. Fresh from an Ariean pep talk.

    I shall reclaim the missing factor via (1) ease (2) playing and (3) enjoying!


  30. My son named after lance armstrong ended up having emergency surgery after a bike accident the other week. His dad was riding the camino in spain when i was pregnant with him.

    I just don’t trust bikes and lycra.

  31. 1. become an early riser
    2. express myself more often and more clearly
    3. get my finances in order

    • Shooting for your #1 B.O.D. as even though up at six usually, not early enough if I want to hit the gym before work on some days.

      Used to be up at 4:30 for the gym which is why I have to get to bed and not play on this blog till all hours…..Eclipse on my Cap Moon you see. We very serious/studious suddenly and meaning business… 🙂

  32. Wow, I’m so looking forward to this eclipse. As the start of my 7th house is smack dab at 29.01 in Cancer. Not really certain what that means as I guess it’s on the cusp (and I’m just barely learning about astro stuff).

    But I am planning on going to see the movie Moon and then call up the new guy I’ve been flirting with to chat over the phone for the first time.


  33. This eclipse is in my 12th, and with the Neptune quincunx like you reported earlier, dreams have been WACKO lately and even more surreal/difficult to decipher/ridiculous. I resolve to be more faithful in recording my dreams, trusting the signs gleaned from them, and listening more than ever to my intuition and feelings…need it right now!

  34. hell. i have saturn smack bang on 29 degrees of cancer, in the 11th house. i’ve been taking a vacation and right now is the time to get back to work. also, having just moved overseas, my social circle has been radically reconfigured. it’s a great time to start being more proactive about telling my friends i love them. both the old friends i miss at home and the new friends i have made in my new location who i think are lovely but probably don’t know it, because (i have come to realise) i’m not terribly communicative like that. loads to work on.

  35. Eclipse is in my third house, conjunct Juno. Not sure what that means (the conjunct Juno bit). Going to work on my creative writing.

    Next eclipse is exactly conjunct my midheaven… not sure what might be coming up! Hmm… Would be nice if some sort of dream job popped up…

  36. …..third house

    a new home with beautiful space
    a new relationship with my son
    let go and let god

  37. The best things that happened on the New Moon Eclipse today, was that I got on a better eating plan feeling it very important to be attentive to what I put in my mouth….Did the treadmill for fourty five minutes and the Dr.’s Office (Chiro) got a roller table!! He’d had a hydro table but it was never strong enough for me but the back rolling table is heaven. Was on it fourty five mins after work. Feeling very much into my health. And have alloted myself some cab but just two of those little luncheon size ones.

    As Janet sings “Control”…

  38. Hmm, in my second house and opposite natal Moon in Cap. Also, trining uranus/sun conjunction in 9th:

    I would LOVE some advice on this one. my thoughts:

    1. Take The Money

    2. Embodiment of worth – take ownership of my inner & outer value (has various sub-implications)

    • Same as you UP,

      Eclipse on my 28 deg. Cancer Vesta in 2nd, opp. Cappy Moon/Psyche/Achilles.

      I’m liking this eclipse as have done #1 some time ago, now all about #2..

      I think you summed it up pretty good as even though not seeking any windfalls, work is busier than ever and income very supportive…Thank you universe… x

  39. Right. So if I’m not mistaken the Solar Eclipse hits my 10th and 2nd house, someone correct me if I’m looking at this cross eyed? Manila, June 22 1970 1045am?

    Still my resolutions for the solar eclipse/new moon thus far:
    1) To remember that I am worth my weight in gold and to live in love.
    2) Create!

    I think that’s about it…

    • I see the eclipse falling across your Cancer in 11th, Cap in 5th FA.

      Your Aq. Moon at 5 Aq. and the node of the eclipse at 0 Aq… A bit wide but you never know.

      Eclipse makes a sextile to Pluto in your 3rd? I’m out of the screen now but you have something at 28 Scorpio in 3rd. Look for hard aspects too as the friction creates change..

      • Lovely sweetpea, thanks for that! … hmm, the 11th house of friends, hopes and dreams, cap in 5th signifying stability??? There’s a lot of change Sweetpea, truly a lot – I don’t know exactly what it all is but I can feel it coming.

  40. Major breakthroughs, breakups, breakdowns and venting of all kinds in our own uniquely astro ways, Wow!! The energy in this blog could power a small country town. Do you know how to catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it. Ha Ha be cool hunny bunny’s and healing vibes to you all as you pass through this eclipse. My res is give to up aqua men right now without the aid of white wine or whinging to friends or my best of breakup songs music folder. So far i’ve failed 2 out of 3 on nite 1. But I’ve found the best cure for everything is giving in anyway you can and dancing round my loungeroom like a teenager is a big help.

  41. Mine’s in the 12th, where Eros & Mars also reside. I’m hoping to get more in touch with my subconscious to release old love/ emotional wounds & promote a calm, accepting attitude. Make friends with the prisoner/sufferer within, & bring them into the light of health & happiness.

  42. I have Cancer in my 5th house! 0°35’34″ – 23°26’12″ N
    soo pleasure and creativity are roaming!
    and sooo true — the theatre production!