Have You Ever Been Scorped?

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1940s woman with Egyptian God

Seethingly intense, vengeful, inscrutable and sexed  up to the max, Scorpios are hard-to-ignore.

The sign of Sex, the Occult & Other People’s Money (to name but a few of the associations) is signified by the mental Scorpion (all those kinky stinging rituals as part of mating) AND the noble, metaphysical Phoenix…

The ruler of the sign was once Mars (giving our Scorp the vibe of an emo Aries) but is now considered Pluto,  the Lord of Hell & part-time husband of Persephone.

Scorps are singular people.

Whatever their archetype, they’ll manifest it flagrantly.

I met a stunning Scorp Ski Champion  – female- when i was 19 and she was not much older. She was passionately promiscious – she had a BOOK in which she kept note of her conquests & their foibles; obsessed with investing in the stockmarket & adept at quadrupling small amounts of money via intensive studying of the business news etc…obsessively groomed, like a cat & even if she had been up until 3am the previous evening, would arise every morning to watch the sunrise and do her stretchings.

Seduced by, employed by, befriended by, loved by,  hated by a Scorpio – have you ever been Scorped?

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66 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been Scorped?

  1. You never forget the seductive scorpio…. (it’s quite an art)

    I was nearly seduced by a scorpio. The only reason I didn’t get caught up in as it was SOOOO completely inappropriate, there was no way I was getting involved & I wouldn’t never admit it to them just how close they got. We are friends now.
    Gem/Pisces rising

  2. careful, MM, or some little emo scorp p*ssant will run off and top themselves. cheer up emo scorp! it’s only a sun-sign based jab!

    what makes you say they’re singular? they’re more like a single piece of a meccano set when they’re without their cronies. get them alone and ask them what they think about something, and giggle while they absolutely freak out over what they ought to be thinking, and the ensuing confusion over how they think they ought to be saying it. when not infuriating, just tedious. not like the fire signs – how’d we ever share mars with them? off to the underworld i say!!

    but seriously, i think we’ve seen that if a scorp sits long enough by a river, they’ll see my body wash by, or some such pithy saying

    • sheesh sorry guys – don’t do anything drastic, folks! – like, don’t put up posts as mean as my first line! i’m still pretty pissed at youse. but hey i went walking where i shouldn’t have and my beekeeper uniform has some loose threads. i seem a bit angry again today, hey? the day before yesterday i felt like a blissed zombie. i actually had to be told that it was the eclipse as i usually just blame saturn when i lose the plot (in leo, 32 years old, virgo rising – will i be twice the wiser at the end of this sh*te?)

      anyway, some scorpios are heaps waterier than the one who stung me in my life. (i miss her like mad, the b*tch!) i’ve never been close enough to one of the waterier scorps but even they still seem to have the ‘edge’ that peeps have mentioned below. and it was indeed a scorpio who taught me a wee bit about strategy – more than i thought! some people seem to like scorpios. they beguile with mystery. don’t we wish they were that interesting.

  3. I’ve been on the receiving end of a Scorp’s wrath and would never want to go there again. I was in love with her husband (a Leo, like me), and although we never, ahem, consummated our affair, she felt threatened enough by me to phone me at work and scream abuse and threats at me. She was so scary (and he was too scared of her to leave), that I ended up leaving town! Over four years later, I hear that she’s still monitoring hubby’s emails… I wouldn’t have thought a Scorp would be so insecure and neurotic, actually.

  4. Burned and survived! My mother is a Scorp. I’ve seen her in all her fantastic glory and emotional pits. Two things ring particularly true. No matter how ill she is, always puts on best bib and tucker and goes out beaming. You have to know her to know how much it is hurting. She has also become obsessed with making money from the family property. It used to be completely open, but is now a blossoming oasis surrounded by new housing. She wants every penny that will come from the inevitable development of the site, if not for her, then for us.

  5. I don’t know what it is, but Scorpio’s bring out the best in me. I adore them and their complexity. I find them incredibly loyal. Never been on the receiving end in a negative way, they tend to like me just as much as I like them, and I’m a seriously over-the-top loud and obnoxious Leo. Maybe it’s because I have Jupiter in Scorp.

    • No it’s not that. I am a scorpio and all the men I have been attracted to have been confident, every single one. That’s what it is. What other people think of as arrogant, I don’t have a problem with. Essentially, wimps need not apply.

    • loyal? you haven’t annoyed them yet. they’re very composed, a good well-meaning person could go a lifetime without offending a scorp. but ‘wrong’ them, it’s over & no correspondence will be entered into. as an aries forgiveness enters relationships early on, because of my temper! pretty quickly i’ll have to forgive, or accept, whatever it was that set me off. aries is loyal to fault. hard to get rid of, even 😉

  6. It only works if you have some Scorpio yourself.

    Had an amazing affair with a Scorpio – a la Mickey Rourke in 9.5 Weeks – then was stalked for months after I ended it.

    My son is Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct his ascendant: deep, dark, willful, intense, passionate, born with a gift to instantly x-ray other people’s hearts. Mothering him is about cultivating authenticity vs. manipulation, with that x-ray gift. My Ceres/Jupiter is conjunct his ascendant/Pluto.

    • that’s a cool conjunction with your son, LSCM, he seems lucky to have a mum like you, understanding / brave / aware / strong enough for a kid like that.

  7. There’s a song by the NZ band Supergroove called “scorpio girls” which totally nails the scorp gal thing. Myself, i have some weird scorp magnet – got two scorp sisters, oldest friend is a scorp, ended up weirdly and inappropriately obssessed with 2 scorp guys, for like, AGES, best friend born a few days after me also has a scorp sister so maybe it’s something us aqua girls need to learn from

    feature i most covet: these girls are always immaculately dressed / turned out, even when they’re wearing a pair of old pyjamas, they look like they’re wearing a queens robe.

    and they’re loyal!

  8. I’m a scorpio earth horse unsure of of my other astro details. But I think the seethingly intense, vengeful, inscrutible and over sexed aspects are all the things that scorps deal with themselves. Attempting to keep things in perspective, remain appropriate in their desires and not verbally carve some innocent person up when they cross some imaginary line drawn by a scorpio. The authenticity versus manipulation is a great way to frame the struggle. But in the end, often scorpios think they know what is going on but in actual fact, they have vividly imagined the situation according to their own intuition. I often find out that my intuition about certain pieces of a situation are correct, but the way they piece together is different to what I had thought. The challenge seems to be learning when to trust your intuition and when to accept that you need to change or let certain things go. You might find that scorps can end up being too nice most of the time, then losing it when extremely tired.

    • I so agree – first with the imaginary scenario situation and second with the “I’m the nicest person on earth” suddenly switching to “I can’t tolerate this anymore from this very second”… 😉

  9. After ending a 7 year relationship with a virgo I threw myself into three consecutive scorp affairs (I have Jupiter in scorp also Leonie!) two of which still seem to never quite end but cant quite begin. Mystics words ‘all those kinky stinging mating rituals’ ring very true. I love the depth and passion of them though, relationships with other sun signs (generally) dont seem to have that sexed up edgy grit to them which I do so enjoy.

  10. My first husband was a scorpio. My father is a scorpio. Strangely I have had a few scorpio bosses, and allegedly I have scorpio rising. So YES I have been scorpioed in so many ways!!!! But wouldn’t change it for the world. According to my sun sign I am a shallow shiny glittery sparkly bubbly things obsessed Leo.

  11. Oh yes, I have been Scorped.

    Most intense grudge-keeper I’ve ever seen was a Scorp. We were besties (which meant me listening to endless de-briefs re numerous relationship dramas, workplace intrigues etc)… but it emerged that my problems were ‘too stressful’ for her to listen to. Also had a top-secret score sheet of imagined slights & insults going back 10 years, that could resurface in *any* conversation or context. She finally admitted she didn’t believe in ‘agreeing to disagree’ where I was concerned. I moved on!

    • Woo Hoo taurean Love Epert – you go Girl! I so admire your gumption to say , “See ya”. : >

  12. yes, by a two double scorps and a Leo/Scorp Rising.
    I keep attracting them must have karmic or unfinished business with scorps.
    I have several planets in scorp and can be just as intense and a biting tongue (hence the name if provoked).
    I don’t think it’s wise for two Scorp Rising to date each other, at least for me.
    However, I have several female scorp female friends are fiercely protective and loyal friends- just love them.

  13. I’ve been scorped…..but he wasn’t reticent EVER. He has an opinion on everything and can bang on till his audience falls off their chairs exhausted, but he’s normally very well informed. I’ve had several scorp connections and have found that under their flamboyance they can be so naive, a sort of innocence.

    • that’s wierd, cheshire. i thought scorps are the master of shut-the-f-up. scorps think they have a monopoly on secrets. my problem-past-scorp lied a lot over the years, deceived a lot over the years and it always went over. but she found out a secret i had not told her and we fell out. i have found scorpios to have double standards and they won’t tell you their thoughts but they’re control freaks about yours. how wierd.

      • the scorp I’m talking about could be controlling but it’s difficult to try to control a Cap. He was the one who sent me an e-mail saying he was jealous when he found out about Alpha Tauri when it’s over 30 yrs since we were involved. I think he imagined that as I am now a widow he might stand a chance even though he’s married.

    • Hihi! Nice to hear, especially as there were so few positive scorpings on this thread… Maybe we should do something about our reputation. Then again, we wouldn’t be quite as controversial…

  14. I’ve been Scorped too – gentleman in question wanted sex, but wouldn’t leave his girlfriend/fiancee of two years for me, despite claiming to be miserable. After a year of on/off, we shouldn’t be doing this backwards and forwards, I moved to another state. He keeps popping up randomly on internet chat, has suggested he may come and visit. I’ll believe he really wants to see me, when/if I actually see him. Last time I saw him I mentioned that I’d met someone else (again it didn’t work out). He responded “Oooh” but then disappeared off chat, and didn’t respond to my text msg asking if he’d had connection problems.

  15. last two releationships were with scorpios (2 years and 5 years respectively). both ended INTENSELY on the emotional front and now I find myself in the significantly-less-openly-emotional arms of a virgo and I am a little bewildered about what he sees in me (an unorganised and messy pisces).
    funnily, 29th and 30th oct = two close family members (one is my dad), 31st oct is one of my best friends, 1st and 2nd nov are my two exes, my south node is in scorpio…

    • some of the most successful relationships I’ve seen have been Pisces/Virgo

        • yep. My mum (pisces) and dad (Virgo) have been married for 47 years.

          • Not meant to make this a Virgo thread, but I do think they have healing powers for the hurt – even when they seem detached. Virgos, once they’ve decided on you, will do the best they can to restore you to what they think you deserve. My Virgo hubby certainly did so after Crab Crash.

  16. Have I been Scorped? My Scorp girl friends are great fun and just wonderful to be with. However my Scorp partner and daughter are have Scorped me so much that I feel practically impaled by their sting to the corkboard!

    My Scorp is a moon in Gemini, Ascendant in Aquarius,Venus in Sagg, Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Virgo. I am a sun in Sagg, Ascendant in Scorpio, Venus in scorpio, Mars in Sagg, Pluto in Virgo and Jupiter inAcquarius. Though we have much in common, particularly interests in the outdoors, travel, family, loyalty and can talk for hours; there is also much discord.
    My Scorp is intense and not as ” sexed up” as I like. I am wondering if its the Aquarius and Virgo in him that does this? He is more interested in conspiracy theories, being intense and being suspicious, seeing intrigue in the simplest of actions. He has a diabolical temper and can say the meanest things. I basically live with Jekyl and Hyde and his daughter – also a Scorp is the same. However, they both can be very kind and caring and it is their charm that keeps people by their side. I see huge potential but this keeps getting eroded with self destructive behaviour. Like Bella mentioned, its a continuous cycle of fantastic glory and emotional pits that is slowly but surely eroding the bounce and sunshine nature of this Sagg. I feel I have aged a 100 years since meeting my Scorp! 🙂 This is a chagrined smile!

    • from experience Sagges don’t seem to be able to “get” scorpions and react like deer in headlights. Scorpios are all bluster and loud bluff but I’m seeing them from my Cap angle. If my Sagg is leading they can hurt me but the Cap soon gets a grip. Linda Goodman wrote that Cap is the only sign who can instinctively best a Scorp with a few well chosen words and leave Scorps feeling deflated.

      • Yes ah sure am a befuddled bug eyed deer in headlights! I can parry with words too but its the machinisations that get me in the gut.

        Imagine the audacity of your ex Scorp to even think you would consider him again, married and all!

      • My Dad is a sadge, and absolutely adores scorpy Mum after 56 years together. They can still teach young ‘uns about flirting. Maybe it has lasted because they both have cap moons? They self regulate their wilder impulses? But they are capable of deflating each other. They know exactly which buttons to press to wind each other up. What amazes me is, that after all this time, they both still rise to the bait!!

  17. “Seduced by, employed by, befriended by, loved by, hated by a Scorpio – have you ever been Scorped?”

    Yep Scorped to the max – all of the above. I have been attracted to Scorps all my life – many gf’s beginning in primary school all the way to now were/are Scorps. They are loyal and trustworthy. Best ever boss was a female Scorp. Worst frenemy was an Aries with Scorp rising (underhanded devious bitch). Ex-hb of 17 years Scorp. I still like some things about him (just not everything and can’t possibly live together). My Aqua daughter has Scorp rising.

    Secretive, bossy, deeply loyal, stubborn, obsessive, vengeful yes but when you’re in with a Scorp you know it’s authentic at least.

    Put it down to perhaps ruling planet Neptune conj Pallas and Juno in Scorp plus my grand water trine??

    • Just had an ahaa moment – I’ve got Pluto in the Seventh House ❗ It sits conj Merc and Uranus. Ex-scorp had Moon conj Uranus in Libra. Of course I married a Scorp :roll:

  18. I’ve had wonderful friends that are scorps. Sometimes supportive to the point of being present for very pivotal times in my life. Also accepting of being friends but not needing to be joined at the hip. Which I like. I like knowing that we can be honest and loyal, and not blab…and take off where we were if we don’t see each other for years…maybe my Scorp moon helps here.

    I’ve had only one negative scorp reaction that I can remember…where the scorp sister of a close friend within 15 minutes of introduction, told me she could sort out my life for me in 5 minutes. I was royally pissed. Don’t usually bother but it was just so bloody annoying.

    I’ve been cyber stalked by a mormon scorp father of five…messy.

    My younger brother is the sweetest bit of scorp dark mischief you’ve ever met.

    I watched my scorp uncle last night out at a CD launch charm women (genuinely) half his age. Had to laugh as I waited for some hot young thing to stop talking with him for a moment, and there was just a moment where you could see him wondering …hmm niece watching work my magic…and I just couldn’t help but say, ‘you’ve still got it.’ His reply after a brilliant smile…’tell your father.’

    So in ways my life has had a healthy serving of scorptasticness.

    • Your uncle sounds fun but the Mormon dad of 5? Scary! 🙁 Glad you got away!

      Its funny you know, I see more and more guys attract girls half their age. It must be that women are seeking a certain maturity and stability.

      • oh the mormon father of five was in himself a learning experience…mad stuff.

        My uncle was always my favourite uncle…possibly influenced by the christmas he gave me two dolls a blonde and a brunette, with pigtails.

        My Dad the Virgo makes the odd comment about how the Scorp uncle is the most generous man he knows because he keeps giving away houses to women…(tis about as bitchy as Dad yets)

        Scorp uncle throughout life has had these intensely thorough relationships that are stable till they’re not….and he keeps on going.

        • Crikey LL,

          Had a next door neighbor….he ended up my boss at a trucking firm in L.A., but he was a Mormon….five girls…finally had a boy…

          Wife had “hay stacks” of laundry about the house and there she was ironing her arse off…He told me he was going to hire help for her, I said “yes, I’m sure she’d appreciate that” Duh!!

  19. Yuh well I’ve oft commented on me and scorp dynamics. Encounters are rarely casual. We seem to make a strong impression on each other very quickly and there does seem to be a chemical zing component to it. However it depends on the type of scorp as to whether or not, or how quickly, the whole thing goes pear shaped!

    Too many low scorp traits – bitchy, controlling, manipulative, vindictive – and I’m out of there. I either do something that really pisses the scorp off – like be really honest and upfront about my opinion of them – to which I get that intense eyeballing that seems to suggest the only reason I’m not dead right now is that homocide is illegal. Or I just find myself doing a variety of disappearing acts until they get the message.

    But high scorps are great to have around. The penetrating insight always makes for fascinating conversations. Once they quit fuqing around being inscrutable you have a very loyal and steadfast companion. Psychic and healing ability is the rule rather than the exception. Plus if you are stuck and want really honest, penetrating insight into your predicament ask a high scorp – they will unfailingly get to the crux of your issue where others are clueless (because they aren’t paying attention). I guess that’s the ultimate compliment a positive scorp can pay you – when they focus their laser beams on you they are REALLY giving you all of their attention – some really love that intensity and appreciate the scorps ability to be fully present whilst others get freaked by it and feel invaded.

    I really like creatively collaborating with scorps. It’s the area where I can match their passion and intensity which works for both of us. Have never dated one – got close, but piked out in the end. I could imagine being involved with the “right” scorp bloke but he would have to be highly evolved. And I don’t plan on kissing a lot of scorps to find the right one since I value not getting my face eaten off. :mrgreen:

    I find that scorpio works really well with aries, taurus and leo – those signs that have a really strong sense of personal identity and won’t just flake at the slightest hint of scorpio control freakery. What stops me being overly judgemental about some of their less savoury traits is that I imagine the scorp energy must be incredibly intense to have to live with let alone manage effectively. Just thinking about pluto does my head in.

    • Yeah prowln it’s hard to scare a Scorp in the intensity stakes….I’ve had positive experiences there too.

    • Hey prowlncat, Scorps would admire your gutsy personality and at the same time be irritated that you escaped. I wish I had, had your wisdom when I first met my Scorp. Funnily enough my Aries daughter is not at all fazed by Scorp temper tantrums, just calls him a tool and walks off haughtily!
      Scorps are great friends and are straight shooters, so long as it does not involve them of course! I never have a problem with female Scorps, it is the male Scorp that drives me nuts as they are such high maintenance.

    • LOL SS … they might admire my personality (they say so) but I think it’s more at the same time I just irritate them! hehe

  20. My only girl crush shares my scorpio rising and scorpio in mars positions, I think she seeths sexuality – whereas I know she leaves others cold.

    My colleague is a sun scorp and her very presence seems to throw our entire workforce into doubt and suspicion. She claims our colleagues are the epitomy of evil and will lie to my face by constructing examples of their alleged malice. I like her though! I’m scared not to!

    My 17 year old self had a psychic clinch with a much older brooding, Scorpio astrologist. No physical contact, but much weirding. Spent the rest of that evening releasing lots of strange energy.

    Now with a gemini with nowt but Saturn in Scorp.

    Always fascinated with Scorpio – but I’m finding that Caricorn depths has darkness too…

  21. Darlings, YES I have been Scorped. Need I say more???

    I do love them and yes despite of the lower Scorp traits from Le Scorp stinging me down, up and sideways. I think they have incredible vulnerability they hide behind being inscrutable, but they also have an amazing understanding of darkness and light. They are the one friend/lover I feel will not judge you for having made a complete mess of your life, and they are incredibly loyal. They won’t stand for anyone hurting or maligning those they love and care for.

    I’m not saying I’ve had the benefit of all those good traits from Le Scorp, but I’ve seen many sons and daughters of the signs display exemplary behavior. I’m fairly intense myself and I love how you know where you stand with them PRONTO, they either like you or they don’t. Extremely.

    Once they understand that you’re not there to hurt them, they do let you in to their inner world – which isn’t saying they’ll be sharing all their secrets! Just that for me, I’ve definitely found a warm sense of belonging with them pretty consistently through my life..

    Perhaps having Pluto in my first house has something to do with it.. I avoided dating Scorpios because deep inside I somehow knew loving one would bring about cataclysmic change, and well, I was not wrong…

  22. Mystic, i was passionately promiscious in my 20’s and 30’s and i have a notebook with the names and sun signs of all my conquests. I thought it was a Mars in Virgo astrological statistics, note-keeping thing.
    I’m not so adept at stockmarket. Absolutely hopeless with numbers!

  23. Yes I get scorped by my 10 yr old daughter every day. She has sun/venus/chiron in scorp in 12th house and a pluto/mercury conjunction in sagg in 12th too.

    She perfected the darth vader death stare/heavy breathing act when she was about 2 yrs old but luckily that sagg ascendent creates such a lift the scorping doesn’t last too long.

    Although I’m slightly nervous about when she turns 16. (Probably due to my own teenage years – I have a notebook too.)

    • a two year old darth vader… tee hee. She’ll be right with the sagg ascendent. I have moon in Sag to lift the scorping.

  24. yes the sag and scorp are a nice combo – the water and fire.

    I actually really like scorpionic intensity – that focus and drive can move mountains and create change. No fear!

      • hey scorpalicious -i’m libra sun/taurus/taurus rising with venus/sun/mars/pluto conjunct+uranus in libra in 5th. My only scorp action is from mercury in the 6th.

        How about you? I think we chatted once ages back about your venus libra on another thread. Enjoy your posts too!

        • hey tiger 😉 feel like i have to wink as i say that. hehe

          Well i’ve got moon in Sag, merc in scorp, venus in Libra, mars in Virgo, Capricorn rising, Neptune conjunct Sun in 10th house – creative profession but feel like i’m still looking for the perfect medium. A psychic told me recently that i would be really good at watercolor – how neptune in Scorp is that! I will definitely explore that.

          Your astro is very venusian. I reckon you’d be quite easy on the eye.

          • Neptune conjunct sun in 10th that must be great for your work – bringing in that higher dimensions in your career. I always wanted to be a good painter but never have been. I’m more into writing and design.

            Neptune is bliss. I’ve got an air grand trine with a neptune kite so I yearn for that neptune feeling – can be good + bad sometimes!

            I am only just learning about kites and yods and things – so much to learn with astro. I’ve been thinking lately how some of the planets meaning kind of orbit out of my awareness of understanding until they transit me hard or I get a bit older or something. Like Uranus I don’t think I ‘ve really got a handle on that energy yet at all and Neptune is only subtle so far I think but growing.

          • kites and yods? Gee, there is indeed so much to learn. It’s a life long journey.

            I don’t think anyone will ever get a handle on trickster Uranus. Expect the unexpected with that one.

  25. hmmm…
    The other day one of my co-workers said “you are such a Scorpio”, which I am clearly not, but just began my progressed Scorpio phase, which might be coming out (my scathing remarks and new secretive side).

    Also North node in Scorpio.

    Have I been Scorped? Yep. Of course.

    Some of my very best and most loyal friends have been Scorpios. But I’ve suffered some lashings from them.

    My childhood crush was (and still is) a Scorpio. I still think he is just lovely. And have a real soft spot for him.

    My first serious boyfriend also a Scorpio (but with Moon in Gemini, so more chatty, less intense moodiness).

    My most recent boyfriend is a Gemini with MOON IN SCORPIO. And $%& me, getting used to that WAS BRUTAL! Life changing Scorping it has been.

  26. Just had coffee in sun with two friends. Aries off duty barista and Tauran coffee fiend. Aries man told me that his Scorp mum gave him a tshirt to wear to work as an very innocent 15 year old apprentice that said ‘I choked Linda Lovelace’ and claimed she didn’t know the reaction it would cause.

    • what!!! as if she didn’t know! How tacky and cruel to give that to a 15 year old

      • Yeah I thought the same, poor guy still looked a bit wounded around the eyes at least 30 years later, when telling me so I didn’t really press the issue.

  27. I met a very beguiling Scorp. once in a restaurant and we chatted and then later just happened to see him a few more times at the same place. I initiated a get together which he did call me to inquire about but found out he had a live in girlfriend whom he was not happy with (sure :roll: …poor trapped baby!!).Where I met him, he was basically working out of town so he could have had me in one town, her the other…

    So I decined the offer but he really had thought it was in the bag since I initiated it first. Had gotten his birth info. in one of our conversations and found he a Scorp plus Venus sq. Pluto. That could have been lethal in a good but probably not so good way! 😯

    Really would have loved to hook up, but it’s those kinds of situations that just enable a person to get away with being unfaithful to partner or spouse and not making a decision. The Pisces break up was also still fresh so did not want to involve myself in anything that had the potential for disaster and him, having been honest about the partner could have said “I told you so. You went into this with eyes wide open”.

    So no, I have not been Scorped….

    • Oh, take it back. My eigth house Sun Cancer daughter has Scorpio rising. There was a time you did not dare speak to her in the morning!!

      • Memories come flooding back…..A Leo, Scorp Moon. Stood me up on an important occassion. Left all his stuff and a “doing you dirty laundry letter” on his fence. Later, he wanted to talk but I said no…Good Bye…

  28. my brothers are both scorpio’s, born the day after each other ( My family seems to have a thing for clustering birthdays).
    I hardly ever see them, but have done with both recently, and realised how the same they are (I was never really sure). And so emotionally expressive toward me, of course being a gem I can’t muster up the appropriate response without feeling like I’ve have to think about it and thus it is manufactured.
    I’ve certainly learnt not to annoy them though. When we were kids they put me between two bean bags and sat on me (I’m the youngest). I hope they weren’t practicing for future autoasphyixiation activities….
    (My north node is in scorpio – shall I learn to be vengeful, intense, or highly sexed? hmmmmm)

  29. Im a Virgo whore, I never lay my heart to anyone.
    But if I have a chance to choose my soul mate…he is my Scorp class mate back in 2002.