Mega-Dark Mooned

As I have said, this ain’t no ordinary Dark Moon…It is the Dark of the Moon before a New Moon that is a Solar Eclipse & a strong one at that. Because it’s a Cancerian New Moon, think also of Goddess Energy & witchy style insights. It’s near to the old Pagan festival of Minerva & Sulis – goddesses of wisdom & healing, womanly strength et al.

Flash nostalgia that leads to sudden ‘aha’ moments or shifting of perspective is to be expected & super-productive. And yes, good time to unclutter, crap time to charge around acquiring things or starting big ventures…

Solar Eclipse New Moon Exact…

Los Angeles:  Tues 19.36

New York: Tues 22.36

London: Weds 3.36 am

Sydney: Weds 12.36


Image:  Lisa Congdon

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Thanks Sweetpea x


AriesAquaCap, you are the only person I have seen who is able to change their automatically assigned gravatar thingo (they look like tablecloths to me). But I guess that isn’t what you are after as you want your own image. Don’t worry about taking up space here – we all had to do it and there is no other way to know if its working. I guess you have uploaded your picture/pictures after signing up/registering yourself at Robots is right, empty the cache/delete history etc., reboot, then when you re-open your web browser, make sure you log into your… Read more »


Took my 6 year old to the beach today to make sand castles, collect shells and dig holes. It was beautiful down there, the eclipse for me means not too long before the jasmine starts sprouting and spring is just around the corner.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

D – how lush was the beach today? heaven!! and jasmine……….the essential precursor to bday season is simply LUSH!! BTW are there still shells at your beach? ours are well true raided……..but there’s crabs in the rock crevices!


and today ! , yesterday was in Coogee, today Maroubra its perfect..your right though so much of the coast has been washed away the shells are all gone. where are you ?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

dolphin pod off end of street this morn – Tama / Macca’s!
have winter tan lines – love it!!

scorpalicious robot

it just gets better and better. Tomorrow’s forecast is 23 degrees!!! I’m loving this warmth 😎


nice, though i once nearly drowned at Tama, 30 years ago, first and last time I ever got close, a huge set came in and started pushing us all towards the rocks it was heavy…I was super fit and very surf aware but it didn’t help much. Macca’s was always the best place to find topless sea nymphs and mermaids in the 70’s, hehe

Leonine Librarian

ttd how fantastic that you’ve decluttered your body…that takes effort. Think of how much more free you feel with less weight? ( I’m assuming this is positive weight loss…please excuse if I’m sticking my foot in my mouth) Anyway the point I was trying to make was that just as you (hopefully) feel a bit more free in your own body, letting go of clutter gives you a similar lightness of being. It can be hard letting go of things, but you’re making way for new stuff..I’ve got taurus rising I love my stuff. I’m finding that telling myself I’m… Read more »


yay festival of minerva my patriach!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

there’s none of this here today………

tho VERY low-vibe Qi vastly aided by 21/70 degree sunny winter on the beach – Sydney’s superb on days like today – tomorrows 22 whoohoo.

HOT spiritual Fish gfrnd coming round for BBQ.
sitting on the daybed watching the stars listening to the ocean, pre the MEGA cleanse of mon abode tomoz!!

scorpalicious robot

give it a bit of time.. it’s not instant for some stupid reason.

scorpalicious robot

nope, still can’t see it. As long as the email you have registered on gravatar is the same one you use here, you should be fine. And maybe try emptying your Cache.

Leonine Librarian

Well after much text driven whinging I’ve got my voice back…and perversely have felt very little urge to talk to anyone…well except Spazzy Aqua daughter. She had just emailed me apparently with what had been happening over past weekend for her at the time I called.

Am currently taking a break from purging whatever is undesirable from the depths of my bathroom cupboard.Am considering under kitchen sink and laundry next. Still feel trepidation about last remaining junk drawer, may need mace.

Ms Motown

I’ve done the under the kitchen sink and the laundry. Did those on Sat. Both cupboards now look a treat. It is most delightful to be able to close the two laundary cupboards with ease now. My two little girls help sort and put away the washing. They had taken to shoving in the towels and face washers and just ramming the door shut. I pulled everything out and got rid of a lot of the towels that were tatty. You know how you keep them for “washing the car”? No more!! Interestingly, there were still ones there that were… Read more »

Leonine Librarian

It’s strange( to me) just what a quiet thrill I’m getting from the clean spaces, still, again. Good on you Ms Motown for the linen analysis.It’s amazing how clearing this space feels so good. I’ve conquered under the bathroom sink and it looks very fresh, under the sink is also looking super clean and only the essentials remain. I think because I’ve previously done the linen closet in my laundry it’s not feeling so compelling to do just yet.Maybe tomorrow morning. I am feeling pretty good about getting the junk drawer sorted though. Considering I was sleeping almost around the… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

cleaned the BBQ (our real oven), & the never used kitchen oven will be done tomoz, & the bit I loathe – the floors. at least clean rugs to dress them when done!

luckily kitchen, laundry, bathroom cupboards are in order from last new moon – you guys make me feel normal – for rejoicing in sorting the tea towels & wiping out the cutlery drawers.

office, yard, fish tank, dog, garden – all done.
amazing considering was desperately fending sleep…for days!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

PS grrr to cleaner for annual trip home to Brazil, am not born for the rub ‘n scrub!!


Does clearing out one’s “to do” list count as decluttering? I’m doing all those horrid little jobs like “file bank statements”, “report library book as lost”, “put oil in car” “clean splashback on stove”,”update CV” that have been hanging around on my to-do list for weeks, gathering dust.

Leonine Librarian

Gold star material aquamaide, you’re clearing admin/functionary debris…very good.

I’m fairly certain that uncleared to do lists weigh our spirits down.


Agree LL. I think its good to write a nice fresh list!
But not put too much on it, otherwise it overwhelms.

Some time management course suggested dividing the page into 4 and making each a diff category eg. Phone calls, Today jobs, This week jobs, Personal matters etc. Apparently it helps to prioritise things and is easier to look at than one huge list. As well as drawing a nice coloured line through each job, I give myself a big tick as well… and mutter ‘Excellent’ a la Mr Burns.


I am emo over everything – am doing one step at a time to get through, and have totally sunk into dark moon stasis – which I hate. But am rolling with it. Having called it quits on my dismal home life, I am finding it extremely hard to be in my house even to purge/pack. I am hoping that the New Moon, and associated eclipse will bring me luck with finding a new space, and with motivating myself to embrace the changes. Eclipse in Cancer, and ahving a Cancer moon, I am hoping it is an Auspicious Event re… Read more »


Poor postmod. You’ll be alright. Just go slowly. Some days we are moving through golden syrup (or worse). Its OK. Accept it and just focus on one thing at a time. If you are a Scorp w Cancer Moon then I guess this particular Dark Moon could really affect you, espec since your all important home base is in state of flux. What is your asc/rising sign? It might offer some ideas for balance under the circumstances?

taurean alchemist

All’s well in my neck of the woods… of course I have had the requisite purge of the CUB (been purging him for more than two years now, maybe it will stick this time!) after he told my children they have a new baby sister, showed them a pic of the Gemini Impregnee’s sprogling, and didn’t consult me first regarding this highly sensitive parenting matter. Idiot man. Said Gemini Impregnee (who shall henceforth be known as GI) has been in touch, and I am relieved has switched the baby’s first and second names around so that the dung bug doesn’t… Read more »


Bunnings? Just joking TA. Glad to hear that GI swapped the names around – some consellation at least. Can’t belive CUB – how insensitive! Its you that will have to console/explain/make sense of it for your kids now. But great to hear that you are enjoying your studies. Keep up the focus on what you want right now and bugger the you-need-more-funsters. I know that annoyed feeling of being told to “have more fun”, espec when I am working so effing hard to keep everything functioning, helping bloody everyone who asks, with little to NO help from anyone… it makes… Read more »


Lovely post Nat…


Sending hugs back to you TA that you had sent to me.. xo

Yes, I’d be totally cross that I was not consulted on such a sensitive matter and glad your kids do not have to be confused on the names.

You’re doing good luv….hang in there!! (As I know you are and will 😉 )

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

TA – CUB’s a nob! steer clear my dear, you are worth far more than that. GI sounds like she deserves him!


taurean alchemist

thanks Nat, Sweetpea and Rockstar 🙂

Leonine Librarian

So good to hear all is well with you and yours TA. Gawd that CUB has balls doesn’t he…and seems to not take too much time to engage his larger head in any thinking activity…sheez…idiot man indeed. While it’s not often pleasant to be angry at someone leastways not the slow burn anger (least in my experience) it can be a great motivator to change something, or let go of something…or accept etc etc etc (just had Yul Brenner make and appearance) anyways… Are you peeved with the kinesiologist for their inner child fun alert because you are still able… Read more »


I spent yesterday ruthlessly slashing my wardrobe contents as well. Can’t believe the crap I was hanging onto. Cleaned & smudged quite a productive weekend. Back on track with eating yay! Just the relationship stuff that’s been emo, wish I could be allowed to chuck out the old in with the new with such ease as the clothes lol.


Interesting signed my lease at exact moment of an eclipse last year and tomorrow at time of eclipse am having final inspection and moving out – it was the only time the agent could come. The weirdest thing is we are leaving before lease officially ends so it’s not that they lined up due to 12 mths passing or anything. Another weird thing the woman who was meant to come clean the place before we moved in a year ago didn’t arrive till 3 weeks later when we had already cleaned and last week called to tell me she was… Read more »


O that’s agent on wednesday not tomorrow funny – been looking at friends chart and she’s in USA not AUS so my days are addled. Synastry is an amazing thing isn’t it? first time we have ever hooked our charts up and the way we met all those years ago is exactly what our combined chart says will be the way we will zig and zag together. Could never work out why I loved her more than family and that was revealed today- am loving these pre eclipse awakenings. Bring it on I say…

Aqua Fey

Your thoughts wise ones…. Am planning a moonmentous ritual for New Moon Eclipse, this has been a biggie for me and not quite through it yet. Dark mooning over everything. Have decluttered. Have rearranged furniture to create new energy in the house. Have cleaned and smudged. Am pulling together the elements required for the spell… beautifully Wondering when the ritual is best performed…. Tuesday night (technically still the dark moon which totally puts me off the idea) Wednesday night (still in the eclipse zone non?) Sitting at my desk in front of a computer at the exact moment of eclipse… Read more »

Curious Cancerian

I have been pondering the exact same thing, as I will be at the office when the eclipse is ON. Still undecided, but leaning towards spellwork on Wednesday evening at home, with decluttering, etc, all taking place by Tuesday.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Mystic is sending New Moon rituals in tomorrows Daily Mystic xox

Leonine Librarian

and they’re bloody good too I say from recently having read them this somewhat early morn.

unpredictable pisces

yeah – i am trying work work up courage to delete more clothes from wardrobe….but i am such as dress-up / costume girl…hard to know what to ditch and i think that “if you haven’t worn it in 12 months get rid of it” is a silly rule, what if you’ve been too fat for 11 months and there’s $1000 worth of almost-new work clothes you can’t fit way am i chucking those out…get moving fatty UP!


Do what I do UP – have skinny & voluptous wardrobe! I’ve been utterly ruthless & culled & still have way too much. Have so many gorgeous ‘goth’ outfits that I don’t get the opportunity to wear anymore but just cannot part with. I want them to go to a good home where they will be adored & twirled about in…

I say kick the rules to the kerb & start exercising 🙂


That was me above


It’s Monday…i don’t mind Mondays! 4 more sleeps before my deep & meaningful one night stand. We as devoted ADD Saggo’s & having slept alone for far to long, accept 6 weekly anticipated few hours together. He wants it to last & our track records tell us we are high risk departures….know when to leave but don’t know when to come, STS (so to speak). Should never have told him my past relationships only ever lasted 2 years apiece…sigh. In meantime love has me losing weight or it’s the Kundalini Yoga, i avoid because of it’s dramatic results in weight… Read more »


I love when I read these and find I’ve been doing the exact right thing for the moment.





Sending you moist wishes luv and reviving energies….

Think “cool water” (not necessarily the cologne)..but just floating on your back and looking at the clouds…….


No energy


Wow I love this woman’s art – in fact, I want her life including the 9 pound chihuahua and two cats!

~ eclipse transmogrification in progress ~


…and its moonday Monday; I’m staying home as my hearth needs tending to (in tho many wayth!)

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