Happy Birthday; George Sand!

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George Sand beautiful portrait

Cross-dresser, author, Bohemian, proto-feminist, runaway Baroness & divorcee – happy birthday George Sand a.k.a.  Amandine Aurora Lucile Dupin…Chopin – amongst many others  – loved her. Baudelaire loathed her:

“She is stupid, heavy and garrulous. Her ideas on morals have the same depth of judgment and delicacy of feeling as those of janitresses and kept women…. The fact that there are men who could become enamoured of this slut is indeed a proof of the abasement of the men of this generation.”

Astro-Fiends can see her chart on Astrodienst here:  Her Cancerian Sun is trine Pluto in Pisces Rising (that’s a social change avatar, for a start) and Uranus in Libra squares the Sun/quincunxes Pluto and trines her Mercury in Gemini.

She has Moon in Aries opposite Jupiter – a protective influence, despite the fact she was totally challenging the values of her society – eg; getting custody of her kids when it was not common, particularly if rushing off from an aristocrat to have a lesbian affair et al, supporting herself via novel-writing – AND she had a Neptune-Lilith conjunction in Scorpio. Nice.

She was definitely chanelling some darker version of the eternal feminine & note that Neptune the ruler of her chart. Also that Pluto (rising) is the ruler of Scorp.


“…Chapter One…

On a certain cool, rainy evening in autumn, in a small château in Brie, three pensive individuals were gravely occupied in watching the wood burn on the hearth and the hands of the clock move slowly around the dial. Two of these silent guests seemed to give way unreservedly to the vague ennui that weighed upon them; but the third gave signs of open rebellion: he fidgeted about on his seat, stifled half audibly divers melancholy yawns, and tapped the snapping sticks with tongs, with a manifest intention of resisting the common enemy.


This person, who was much older than the other two, was the master of the house, Colonel Delmare, an old warrior on half-pay, once a very handsome man, now over-corpulent, with a bald head, gray moustache and awe-inspiring eye; an excellent master before whom everybody trembled, wife, servants, horses and dogs.


At last he left his chair, evidently vexed because he did not know how to break the silence, and began to walk heavily up and down the whole length of the salon, without laying aside for an instant the rigidity which characterizes all the movements of an ex-soldier, resting his weight on his loins and turning the whole body at once, with the unfailing self-satisfaction peculiar to the man of show and the model officer….”

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14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday; George Sand!

  1. She was amazing. I read somewhere that Johnny Depp has all her novels, the first editions. And someone else said about her that she was very FIRST truly modern person. Having said that if i were named Amandine i certainly would not change it to George. I love these little inspirational mini-bios and astrology of our muses Mystic.

  2. I like her looks, reminds me of my kataka wife, with a given name like she had, which sounds like the desert for a gala wedding, George was a great choice. I love kataka women..

  3. There was a film about George Sand, called ‘Impromptu’, named after Chopin’s compositions of the same name. It starred Judy Davis and Hugh Grant (!) as Chopin. Worth a look if you can get hold of it and Chopin’s music is amazing. She also had an affair with Franz Liszt.

    Baudelaire had to be jealous.

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