Eclipse Eurekas: The One Minute Genius

photo realistic modern artWith an Eclipse like this, there ought to be some Eureka Moments & as we’re talking about an Eclipse in energy conservative Capricorn, they can most likely be expressed in one sentence, sans waffle.

So, please feel free to share any Eureka Moments you have enjoyed over the last few days, if you can put them into one sentence. An explanation may follow the One Sentence, especially if it pertains to how your genius-attack fits the theme of Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn.

Smarty-pants Astro-Fiends: feel free to fling in Lilith so close to the Moon, the trine from Saturn to the Moon & Mars sextile Uranus. It’s the latter that gives this Full Moon Eclipse that extra ZING of an emancipating breakthrough.

My One Sentence Eureka Realisation Du Jour: That it’s completely cool to think some people are idiots and not care if they like me or not.

Explanation: I KNOW this is ravingly obvious to a lot of people but my Libran Moon so wants to be liked by everyone & I can sometimes feel guilty (Saturn is currently opposing my Chiron, thank you) for not being Hay enough.

You know: “I give Joy, Warm Acceptance & Light to the World and it to me…” and my lilac aura swells with holistic hubris. But a certain variety of person has been absolutely weird & beastly to me of late, attempting to take me totally for a lend or whatever t.f. the cliche is AND as the Full Moon shone in my skylight the other night at about 3am, I suddenly thought “fuq it” – it’s fine to tell them to get stuffed…in my mind or otherwise.

Am sure you lot can be more concise in your one minute Eclipse Eurekas than I.

Image: Jessica Hess

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68 thoughts on “Eclipse Eurekas: The One Minute Genius

  1. hmm just knocked out entire biz plan for the rockstar (i.e the real one) + me. like you said Mystic, so sans waffle & SO bang on!!

    next?? 😉

  2. I’m planning for clients and seems to be fairly fluent and comfortable.

    Planning for myself is the issue. Looking at contracting to a control freaky virgo 2 days a week – which goes against my original plan of starting my own business. However as this is all about endings and beginnings, perhaps this is the step I need for 6 months to get to the next one? Will have to wait on the offer and think about it.

  3. everyone has to work to survive

    I’ve been following this “the universe will provide if you’re true to yourself” vibe for a while. I woke up this morning and realised that as much as I feel more like “the real me” when I’m sit around and do nothing much but daydream & watch telly, I better be prepared to eat grass.

  4. My Cap eclipse eureka realisation:
    It is ok to charge what I am worth for my work.

    I am a freelancer with loads of libra so usually am very giving with clients and what I charge – but I realised today I am good at what I do and I am over chasing up clients for unpaid bills and putting the hard word on them (which I am not good at) / and doing really good deals when my kids are wondering why I can’t pay for the stuff they need.

  5. whatever i want my life to be, i need to create it myself.

    i’ve had slight dependencies on others in numerous ways for ages, feeling a bit victimised or hard done by when things dont go my way. now i see its because i was confusing creating nice things with ‘ease’- ie other peoples help. but its time to be a grown up, free myself from needing other people to carry out my dreams, and emancipate myself from useless despair at having to stand on my own two feet *consistently*, not just when things are going well.

    • saggigal, thx, that totally articulates my other realization. i.e. I have to stand on my own two feet, like, all the time

  6. Ha! Mine was totally coincidental. Had traumatic incident with my dog being attacked by pitbull yesterday – was totally intent on killing him. I didn’t even think but sprinted over and started kicking the shit out of the vicious bastard that had my poor wee corgi x jack russell by the throat.

    Not wholly sensible as was only in flimsy leather sandals but adrenaline does funny things. Anyway dog survived and I didn’t get bitten (though took two of us to get him off my pup).

    My realisation as a fellow “have to have people like me” person was that sometimes you have to take a stand, defend yourself to the death and not give a shit if anyone likes you for it. Not advocating kicking dogs – was horrible really – and the owner was extremely pissed off about it (though couldn’t manage to get his own killer dog off killing mine so whatever dude – imagine if it had been a kid – seriously WHY does anyone own dogs that can kill people??).

    • And what was it doing off leash or whatever that it could get to your dog? I don’t get that either.

    • Gem le T – I’ve totally sunk mon boot in, as reflex, when altercation about a potato chip was misread by Ex’s normally placid HeWolfdog & my staffyXcattleX, who got knecked by HeWolfdog, but it was her fault . Wolfdog’s minder, Stalker Stalker the Dog Walker, freaked out. Re why both dogs responded swiftly to a well placed pacifying boot. anyways hope yr dog’s fine….our first dog was a corgi. she was 17 & not fat, go figure!

    • I know who’s arse I would have been kicking, these idiots who have no control over their killer dogs should be locked up…one of those dogs came a little too close, growled, at one of my babies once down on the beach, you could say that I went a little over the top (according to my peace loving wife) totally lost it actually I jammed a nice thick stick across the back of its mouth behind its canines so it couldn’t close its jaw. I must have looked totally insane, eyes start rolling around in my head etc. cause the 4 ‘tough’ guys left the beach pretty quick….idiots.

      • Thanks dudes. The dog was on a leash. A four meter one made of rope. Not very effective. The scary thing was that its owner (a big dude) had all his weight trying to pull the dog and I was in there booting away (and I’m not a small lady) and we barely managed to stop it.

        David if that thing had come anywhere near my nephews I would have ripped it apart with my bare hands. The funny thing was that it was at a park with shitloads of young hot athletic men and women and only one (ONE!) came wading it to help with a big stick. Seriously way to go dudes.

        • Gem… that is _horrible_.
          Sticking the boot in is totally justified.

          Just as a brief sideline.. I have a ultra tough Scorp female friend… used to be a courier. Has a massive love of Dogs… we got for walks and pat friendly puppies…

          … except for small dogs. Will run from them because (and I quote) ‘… if they turn they are too small to stick the boot in…’

  7. That must have been horrible gem.

    I got attacked by dingoes on fraser island once and ended up in hospital. They are wild dogs in their own territory so I think if you go there you take that risk, like any wild animal in the bush – snakes, sharks etc.

    The flight or fight mechanism totally kicked in – dominance/submission – when you have sharp teeth trying to drag you down you have to fight with whatever you can.

    I respect dogs so much more since and I’m much more aware when I am around a dog. Many breeds cause damage, but I still love dogs and I’ll always have one.

  8. The word no gets you respect.

    Being liked is overrated.

    Okay, that’s two, and they’re not from this eclipse. I’ve had rather a tranquil one, perhaps because Cap & Cancer trine all my Virgo. Anyway, go Myst – to hell with being liked. Lilith did not give a shit. That’s what made her so powerful and so despised, but better to be despised for holding your own than for being a doormat.

    I learned that one the hard way, running myself ragged to please people who were never, ever pleased. If you have integrity, you’ll be liked by the people that matter. The parasites can go suck the life out of someone else.

    I have Lilith conjunct my moon and north node in Aries. Later I’ll take her outside to howl at the moon.

    • I second that Uber, being liked sucks if you can’t be yourself… which of course means that you’re not liked at all, but rather the other person’s idea of you is what they like. Too easy then to become disliked when you refuse to enter into the social contract their minds have constructed.

      I’m used to not being liked, and have practiced long and hard at bringing love to everything, including being unliked ;0)

    • Uber Virgo
      “Lilith did not give a shit. That’s what made her so powerful and so despised, but better to be despised for holding your own than for being a doormat.”

      powerful words spoken.
      Need that Lilith energy in my life right about now.

  9. BTW, the above pic is AMAZING. I thought it was an unusually brilliant photograph but didn’t realize til I visited artist’s site, it’s actually a painting.

  10. My aha moment was similar to MM. I will take no more shit from my ex/now friend. Just told him he was not being a friend and why and I feel good abt it. Now to extend that to the rest of the world. Leo in Litith all power to me . Stop being a pussycat and roar ( in the nicest possible way). Also to tell aquatiger boy to shove it or go the “benign neglect” path as MM has advised re. Aqua men in past posts. mmm what to do? will ponder and focus on the sagg full moon and cap eclipse. I’m excited!

  11. us aries types have these eureka moments aaaallll the time, can’t think of which one on todays list I should mention…? will say though we never have too much trouble telling people who aren’t nice to us where to go, and we never care what others think of poor dears x

    • damn, starting to get a bit worried about why I’m not having any Eureka! moments – I mean, I’m having some major Uranus transits so I should be right?

      I just feel an overwhelming sense of strength and calm, like I’m just watching others’ struggles and feeling quite compassionately detached. Seriously past getting all attached and involved in other peeps crapola.

      • your in the eye of the storm TA, well done, all calm there, the space between the dots, when we know whats ours and whats not… last minute flaying !… could put you back in the mix..

  12. Sometimes what you draw to your life is a mirror of yourself and it is therefore a lesson you must learn to enable your dreams to arrive.

    I returned to an old lover whom i cast from my life months ago after great doubt, and realised that perhaps he was just like me… wounded and scared but in a different way. It’s a giant step within I think.

  13. Realisation: Being on your own is better than a shit sandwich of a relationship

    Ended it today, turned and stood to face my life in the country (moved out of happy city existence to be with him) and took several deep breaths… no mean feat given the tears as I walked out of the mud and drove away. Nothing slight about the teary farewell.

    New beginnings squared, in completely unchartered territory

    • Wow AF thats strong, your so right, a shit relationship should not spoil one more day of your life x

  14. I can’t maintain this state of flux for too much longer.

    Relationship/s stuff that need action but no one wants to make the necessary changes. Enough said.

  15. Do it Savannah. There is a huge sense of relief once its done, even as its painful x

  16. sometimes i make mistakes. it’s ok. pride breeds anger to cover up the mistakes and blame someone else.


  17. My one-sentence eureka realisation: Noisier and bossier people aren’t necessarily better than me.

  18. Full moon in Cap eclipse in my first house after ages of Saturn sitting on my sun Conjunct jup Leo in 8th, and pluto exact over my ascendant
    sag for years and years , and neptune opposing my sun/jup , and pisces approaching my chiron in the 4th ! Whew, do I need to go on, there’s more if you;d like to know!!! Do I need a holiday or what!!

    Well I had one. On a cruise ship with a bunch of geriatrics, with my mother! Typical, I had a marvellous time neverthe less with my moon in Gemini, and all the planets coming up to greet it!

    I have come back to real life, in love with my partner and life , looking forward to the new moon eclipse 22 july exactly conjunct chiron in pisces 4th. At last , at last, a real life for me!l

  19. These are awesome – love how they all in diff ways – channel the good side of Cap…Ability to be independent but realising that it has to be worked for. What is it? The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. And amazingly cool practical realisations too…Honing the inner adult.

  20. My sense of self worth need not depend on what others do/don’t do/think or say – it should come from myself and my own actions.

    Worth has been a massive issue throughout prowln’s house of crap clearance sale. I guess that’s pretty Cap and overall have realised my self worth has been tied up way too much by externals.

  21. Remember why the ‘ex’ is an ‘ex’ and protect thyself.


    I am NOT responsible for my ex-husband, and or needy boyfriends emotional wellbeing.


    People will only take advantage of my time, energy, affection and wonderful life force if I let them. ‘No’ is not a dirty word.

    Enough said.

  22. That stuff about Lilith was great in retrospect. I finally had enough of the privacy invading, creepy and self-entitled jerk sent by a disability service group to ‘help’ our family. Couldn’t wait to phone them Monday and say NO thanks. Now I read about Lilith – she was over my shoulder for sure during that phone convo. Last year there was an eclipse on my Sun/Moon soon after I got the sh*ts with a friend who only ever contrived to be super late for events where she wasn’t the absolute centre of attention – eg my birthday but never hers etc. Of course if I keep going like this it will just be me and the crickets. But Gah would it kill people to show just a modicum of respect, a little dash of courtesy.

  23. Stop waiting for your real life to start.It already has.

    Which is to say, stop walking around with your head in the sky (or up your own backside), be thankful for what you have; let people know how much you love them and do what you were put here to do – no more holding back.

  24. What you are doing RIGHT now is important, so know you have your place in the Universe doing it

    Explanation: I need to stop waiting for something great or important to happen, and create those opputoonities for myself. I also realized that what I am doing is important, weather I think it is or not

  25. When you do extraordinary things, never expect validation from ordinary people.

  26. The moon last night was gorgeous. As I was admiring it was the eureka moment:

    Life is too short to waste it worrying or on crap.

    Cut the Crap as MM said in her post is right.
    My health has been shaky for the past two years and a short bout of recovery and now took another turn.
    But, I am thinking positive.

  27. The only way to write a thesis is to choose a topic and get started!

    I am churning, trying to choose a topic for a PhD – I have to do a doctorate for my work (you can’t teach at university without a doctorate) my taurean self is resisting the hard work – but I do have capricorn in the 9th house – this should be good for getting into hard slog on the study front…… it is time to take the challenge – I have been trying to choose the ‘right topic’ but it is HARD – it has to be interesting, saleable to a possible, potential future employer (as my flighty saggo academic husband is soooo unlikely to stay in the one place for too long) and also has to fit around the baby dream…..currently topics involve India or East Timor – neither of which would work with a little sprog….

    • hey dreaming cow, i have Cap in the 9th too and recently completed a Phd- its a perfect placement! (get an astro query from mystic if you want more encouragement, esp. re: Pluto in our 9th house now…) I remember being quite stuck at the beginning, trying to figure out topics etc, and hoe to juggle a life with it. my strongest encouragement would be that more can change re: your topic as you go along than they ever tell you at the start. Obviously, the country area needs to be decided, but beyond that, you will have alot of scope for development of ideas etc. the other thing i learned was how much of your life it takes up, and esp. towards the end, and to realise that any given life plans will probably be adjusted too. be flexible- it has been an amazing experience for me. And all worth it at the end when you get the Dr in front of your name and you can do forward with your academic dreams.

        • thanks saggigal – that is just the positive advice I need! And yes, capricorn 9th house seems like a good placement for getting on with the hard slog of it all……but I also have uranus in the 6th house – so sometimes I have some bats ideas about just how much freedom I should have at work……what is your area? I teach law…..

          • ha! i think academic life (esp. as a phd student) is pretty good for being bats re: work- you live by your own timetable, which can be hard for some, but i loved it. once you get into your groove, the phd lifestyle is good. though ridiculously tough in other (non timetable-esque ways). my area is cultural theory and politics- and what was really satisfying was getting to take my ideas and argument and thought to its furthermost point- being creative with it (something that usually isn’t associated with linear academic work.)

            its an interesting psychological process as well, embarking on this mammoth endeavor that even afterwards not many people really understand (i still get people wondering ‘why’ i put myself through it, what use is it, etc etc. you get used to it but requires what mystic would term ‘radiant self reliance’- a cornerstone of Pluto!) i think, like with any huge task you set out to complete, it brings up all kinds of inner stuff- any lurking fears about inadequacy etc all emerge. but if you can deal with those, you’ll thrive. and THAT in a way is what you really come way with at the end- not only this massive achievement, but a new found respect for having dealt with all that crapola along the way.

            ahh, i’ve written too much! but my heartiest blessings to you! with Cap/Pluto in your 9th you’ll succeed brilliantly!!

  28. Well, mine is not so much a realisation but a little mantra for a new phase…
    I know it doesn’t sound that inspiring, but very empowering. My 15 degree Capricorn Sun meant I was expecting some kind of radical change moving in yesterday – and it did! Out of the blue my Optometrist called to say he’d got some new contact lenses for me to trial… So in I go and pop them in and they fit and work perfectly!! I am specs free!!
    May sound vain, but the truth is I have worn glasses for past three years as the result of an assault (gay bashing) and nasty damage done to the eyes… Its taken three years and much medical drama to finally get contacts I can wear and have my old face back. Was HUGELY empowering to look in the mirror and be able to see my fresh, unadulterated face again!
    Perfect new beginning and release of that crap occurrence on the lovely Cap Eclipse.

      • Well wise-cracking Scorp best friend did say to me – “why you so keen to get rid of those glasses? Look at you… You’re a walking OPSM commercial”
        Bless her.

        • You probably look like Clark Kent, but understandably prefer to be Superman. I always thought Clark Kent was hotter.

          • he he he. well its nice to be able to choose between the two depending on mood / occasion, etc. And in terms of CK – there is always that very sexy moment when a man ‘removes the glasses’.

          • It’s like the male version of the sexy librarian theme. Garrrgh….drool.

    • lexicorn, bravo and all power to you. what a horrible experience, but you’ll thrive now. the removal of the glasses is very symbolic i think. x

  29. I was chatting to a sweet friend and just telling her to “let go”. For so long we hang onto stuff working so hard to hang onto everything. I have let go and declared, “It is what it is”. If people want to fuq off, they can. If people want to think rubbish of my good intentions, so be it. If I am horrid because for once I refuse to be taken advantage of, so be it. I am not going to kill myself to keep the mortgage, even though people think me stupid not to cling on tight.

    So my gal pal shared this lovely saying, don’t know from who.

    “Those who die with the best toys are still dead”

    Fab no? Life is short, live, revel in the sheer joy and let the crap swill away!

    Huggles galore xxx : >

  30. Stop desiring to be looked after by a cute/successful guy – drop that and instead make your own goals and strive for them first. Hard but doable

    No explanation really – except waiting for calls from people which never come etc

  31. Yesterday morning woke up & felt something niggling, then of a sudden there it was……

    Realisation- “I didn’t actually do anything wrong for those people to treat me like that, I don’t have to feel responsible for other people’s actions towards me”.

    Explanation- I know I’ve said this to myself a thousand times, Sometimes people treat you poorly, doesn’t mean you deserve it! Just because they are behaving in that manner doesn’t make them right.

    I know it wasn’t my fault. Yesterday it really hit me square between the eyes…..

  32. You don’t have to tolerate people you instinctively don’t trust. Run away!

    You don’t have to wait for the whole thing to play out – sometimes you have a pretty strong feeling that someone’s dodgy, but you guilt yourself into building a friendship with them because you can’t logically name why you don’t trust them. Instead, you think there’s something mean and unfriendly about yourself and you want to ‘resolve’ it and love every chump on the street. Then they go and do something completely SH*T and you go “Ugh! Why didn’t I just stay clear of them like I felt I should? Why didn’t I trust my gut?”

  33. my work just sacked a whole pile of people also known as “restructuring?. we all found monday. my flash is that further culling will take place by the end of year and it will have nothing to do with behaviour, attitude and who u know or who your friends. blah blah blah. it will be about numbers. how much can u sell will determine whether u stay or not. so v black realism around this. said it in a meeting too !
    was anyone happy. no. however there it is.
    lexicorn i totally understand how u feel re symbolism. how good it must feel – total restoration of what was lost ?

  34. I shall behave like a responsible adult in romance.

    The lunar eclipse was about 3 degrees away from my Cancerian Saturn and I am humbly grateful to the Gods that there’ll be no manifestation of the 5th house on the mater(i/n)al plane of my life just yet. I have soooo learnt my lesson.

  35. If you call people names all the time, they are going to forget that you love them…

  36. I have been reading this all day trying to work out the main theme and it is bascially Be Yourself and if that means other people call you a bitch than so what? And grow up and admit that not everyone likes you but so what? It is all SO adult.
    My thing is to stop trying to placate people who obviously don’t like me and learning how to handle the envy of others graciously. And this eclipse season has sent me some really full on “examples” and “material” to work with. Women – in this case – who have made me feel like at school again. Not in a good way.