Dancing With Dickheads: What Your Enemies Taught You

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“Wise men learn many things from their enemies.” Aristophanes.

And wise women too, for sure. I think every sage has a variation on this sentiment. Sun Tzu & Katharine Hepburn et al. It’s true. If you think about it, the negative role-modelling of F-wits is often a fabulous example of what-not-to-be and their enmity a major compliment. As in, they’re so nuts, if they loathe you, perhaps you are doing something right after all. Even their criticism, though infuriating or ill-motivated, can contain a seed of insight.

The Astro-Cliche is usually that’s it is our Scorpio who is most capable of retaining emo toward an enemy.

In general, the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are most inclined to cling on to enmity or keep shit-lists in their secret drawer. Aries arc right up at the first sign of dissing. Librans consider all enemies to have deeply sad personal problems that they, the darling Libran, feels awful about but what can they do? Leos assume the neg feelings of enemies spring from extreme envy.

Taurus is – in my opinion- the most likely to be a good hater.

The Mutables (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) tend to forget & airily assume that life/qi/karma/elan vitale will take care of the enemy. Capricorns bear no (official) grudge and certainly nothing that can be tracked back and used against them but they do not forget. Cancerians are surprisingly vengeful and canny when they want to be.

But let’s do it; What have your enemies taught you? And they need not be full on aggressive enemies – lessons learned from dickheads are equally applicable. I learned the hard way that if you attempt to be nice/friendly/polite to low-rent people, they take it as a sign of utter craven weakness on your part & that seeing as they’re going to loathe you ANYWAY, you may as well disengage and get on with individuating, living well et al.

Image: Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter

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182 thoughts on “Dancing With Dickheads: What Your Enemies Taught You

  1. I’m a Libra who disagrees with your posting that we feel awful about our enemies. I loathe my enemies and take great pleasure in hurting them. I’ll wait decades to strike if I have to, and I don’t consider it a win until they are completely destroyed. Don’t underestimate Librans. Remember we often have a helluva lot of Scorpio stelliums in our charts.

  2. I’d have to agree with above sag’s (who as you can see became disinterested in the whole topic after stating their initial opinion, as enemies and their whereabouts don’t take up much of our gray matter) Karma does have a way of taking care…
    Only it’s like a clock or a pot, you can’t watch it, then it never comes.
    Best to forget the whole thing and move on, then be pleasantly surprised when you hear of person X’s misfortune months, years, decades later. 😛