Celtic Astrology

Sexy Druid Warriors always aid one’s interest in ye olde Celtic practices.

Celtic Astrology is fascinating, of course, but like Geomancy (the Celtic version of Feng Shui) not nearly enough is known about it, thanks to the persecution and genocide of the Pagans.

It has it’s own Zodiac & we’re all trees! I think it’s beautiful, though sadly incomplete…We are soon in the time of the Hazel Tree:

“20 July – 16 August

The Hazel was the tree of wisdom and it was a crime punishable by death to fell one. It was thought magical skills and knowledge could be gained from eating Hazel nuts. Hazel people are artistic. They have lively, analytical minds and make inspiring teachers. Imaginative, they are radical and idealistic thinkers.

The Ruling Deity – The Sea God Manannan Mac Lir, a master of disguise, rules this sign.

The Druic Animal – Salmon – To the Celts, the Salmon is the oldest and wisest animal, symbolizing inspiration – Hazels need to express their creativity or they can become morbid and introspective

Planetary Ruler – Mercury

Ogham Word – Coll”

YOU can go read the rest at the above Celtic Astro link.

Or just Google but be aware that peeps bicker a LOT over Celtic Astrology.

And if you click on the witch-burning link, that damned book (Malleus Malificarum) was like a best-seller. Can you believe it?

I read the whole thing one go on a day long ago in a sterile but comforting university library & found it so scary. It’s so dry and legal.

But imagine your local council using it as their handbook.

I had to keep looking up to remind myself that i was surrounded by trees, freedom, laws and relaxed students of all races & sexual identity, religion et al.

And what Tree are U? Does it FIT?

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Stumbled in to visit the Amazing Viggo from a much later post, and how interesting…had a conversation only yesterday with a friend about ‘what tree are you?’ without hesitation, she is’maple’, I, ‘willow’. Will have to re-read all Matthews tree info above, which is fascinating, btw, thanks. Certain I am willow, simply because I am drawn to them because of my highly aspected Neptune. I also have frequent headaches with Saturn Rx in Aries, so the asprin connection, I feel. In closing, what provoked our tree convo was the movie Ondine with Colin Farrell. He is ahhh long lanky beautifully… Read more »


Have thee MOST gorgeous willow tree right outside my front door Rox! It was pruned back about two months ago (sadly) but it will grow back. We have so much green here/flowers and I know the nature devas are happy cuz they get so much attention and grooming!!


I put out faerie plates for good harvest, and the toads round here love me !


Saw a froggie on the walkway last night…Such a precious little critter…. Was in the jacuzzi last night and heard a big ‘bang”. Who shot the gun? Had to get to my car and so started the whole… “Yea though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me. … No shit…lol Saw a sliding glass door open where I heard voices….I called out “excuse me sir, excuse me”..Wanted to know if he had heard what I’d heard… Man in a bathrobe came out… Read more »


OY !
…so much for a relaxing soak, eh ? Glad all is well…


Yes, will take a flashlight and my back scratcher 😯 if with the gdaughter out after dark. I’m not into living in fear but that did get my attention. Just the other day saw a lady taking a walk with a baseball bat. Good cripes I’d thought…and then there I was!!

More armed robberies out here. Peeps are hungry, as are the animals. My heart breaks… 🙁


is sad. be careful. gotta noisemaker, like a rattler..?


My Chinese is Snake rising…..hisssssss 🙂

But really, was told many, many years ago that I need never fear nature or it’s critters. I’m going to have faith in that but for my gdaughter’s sake, will carry the flashlight and back scratcher…

If anything happened, my daughter would kill me!!

That’s the scariest shite of all…. 😆


As am off for another installment of grapefruit pickin’ today thought I might as well see where I could correlate them to astro.

Read under Stellar Diet that grapefruits are good for Aries…yay! And Gemini….yay!


grapefruit good for losing weight, I know that. Will be having a fruit smoothie later, myself. I will google stellar diet. Wot it is ? I had two willows in my yard when we moved in (live by a lake) and storms took them both. I am wanting to plant another tree and must do my research. I am not big on leaf raking since I already have a huge oak in front yard, willows are so beautiful and the twigs are useful, my Virgo digs that ! Will read all the druid stuff and be all up to snuff… Read more »


I’ve always wondered about the astro diet and health related stuff. I have a book that tells what nutrients each sign needs to function at their best, which foods they should incorporate into their diet and what health concerns they should pay close attention to, besides the obvious things related to the part of the body that that sign rules. I hadn’t seen this post before, but I have that Celtic Astrology Handbook by Helena Patterson. I think the info in that book is what is posted on the Novareinna site. According to Mystic’s link above I’m a Reed, but… Read more »


Interesting that this link was featured as a sub link to your “House Tenants” Mystic. Am getting ready to call Libran brother today (his b-day was the 20th)… “Celtic Astrology….and we’re all trees!” Growing up there used to be a family bible and the names and dates of those born to the family were there. Too bad I threw my bible away in a fit of rebellion…”I will find God myself!” (typically Arien, Cap Moon? But in the bible Christ spoke to my Neptunian MC with Neptune trine from 5th).. Appropriate tho, I think, when we are searching and have… Read more »


“Heavenly Tenants”…

Luinae "Kataka"

I am in love with the idea of being a tree.
Even better, I am a hazelnut tree, and the description fits me.
Am off to go sing in Elvish to the hills…….


Well according to two celtic sites im an Alder, mysts link says Im a Willow, one is male one is female ?


I don’t have time now to read the Matty posts – but am putting aside a couple of hours over the weekend!

In the first I was a cusp Reed or Elder, but the Reed (the irony in being a Reed is almost too much for me….) fits better – and in the second lot of info, I’m a dead set Reed, with Walnut influences – as Walnut is my fave cooking nut, I’m a happy girl!


Totally addictive 🙂 The time difference irks me as I only get to comment way down the line on some posts.

And about Viggo. I saw him in Eastern Promises the other day – he BECAME the character. Not just a pretty face but such a deep actoir.

double crabbyness

According to this I’m holly, but the best thing about that is having a unicorn as my power animal.. *punches air*

cheshire cap

Matthew, you’re a darling.

I’m a Birch. I think I like being the Lady of the Woods and I white stag. I completely fit my family heritage. My family’s crest has a white hart. In Chinese Astro I’m a rooster and our coat of arms has a snake torque d’or encircling three cocks. Probably why we’re all a bit odd. Whoever was granted the arms had three to play with 🙄


aww everyones soo nice! thanks chesh!


Matty, thanx a mill for all that info, delightful:)


thats ok!
😉 matt xx


Shit, it’s all true. Am a Hawthorn, according to the Novareinna link, also fall in the new moon half & then also under the influence of the Chestnut tree – each polarity seems to get closer & closer to how I act as a Gemini with Venus in Taurus, being sensual but also very impatient & ambitious (moon in Aries). It’s all so true of me as an individual that I wonder about cold reading – & yet looking at the other types I don’t feel that they even scratch the surface of me as an individual. Once again, I’m… Read more »


That last post was from me.

Ãœber Virgo

Warning LG: this blog is addictive.

Ms Motown

Totally addictive. LOL. I feel as if you guys are all my mates. Tis wunnerful


You guys are amazing with your interpretations of just about everything from pooncy furniture to celtic trees astrology and everything in between. I’m always amazed when I visit and I always get a laugh. Mystic you should do a book on the best of MM blogs. Some are hilarious and many insightful. Just wanted to have a rave here- hand me a tissue sniff sniff – I wuv u guys.


HOLLY: In the Ogham, it was stated that the Holly was “best in the fight,” since it helped balance both the positive and negative aspects of the self, thus revealing a new direction. It was believed to restore lost energy, bestowing the strength needed to continue toward a resolution. Despite its prickly leaves (which afford protection to the tree during Winter), the Holly offered empathy and understanding within its branches and was often associated with goodwill and love…virtues of certain Gods and Godesses. For this reason, it was frequently planted near homes for protection and to ward off evil, psychic… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

What a Herculean typing effort, Matt. My arthritis aches at the thought of it.


I think he cut and post….Matty did you cut and paste? Now I REALY need to get to bed…yes this is addictive which is why I never get to bed on time!! 🙂


Thnx Matt for posting all this and doesn’t matter if you cut and paste or typed yourself but dang if you did, you faster than me and I’m fast!! x 😉


hahahah! well i typed my first two posts – i had just finished an english essay and my hand-keyboard-coordination skills were at their peak! the last one i found on the charts website. so im like ;O ur telling me that i wasted all that time typing like a maniac when i couldve just done that! omg frustrated but the first to are mine – the 2nd are from (the chart i have website) the net!
😉 matt
saggo astrologer in training!

Uber Virgo

Hey Matt, perhaps you could put up the link to that site.


thank you matt!! amazing effort!


ALDER: The Alder was believed by the Druids to link both male and female principles, thus helping to create a balance between the two within each individual. It is also associated with courage and represents the evolving spirit. Considered to be a tree of death and resurrection, it may have been used (along with the Poplar) in the fe rod which was kept in pre-Christian cemeteries for the measuring of graves and corpses. The fe rod was handled only by an appointed official and was believed to have been carved with an Ogham inscription. Resistant to the rotting element of… Read more »

fluid feline

Brilliant Matt 🙂 If your up to it, can you post the Hazel Tree one please? xx



fluid feline

soz, i should have guessed you’d get around to it 😉 THANKS!!


Ive got a chart on Celtic astrology in my room! Guys…. this one isnt correct well date wise anyway!… um ok heres my version The Birch Tree: 24th Dec – 20 Jan Animal: White Stag The Rowan Tree: 21st Jan – 17th Feb Animal: Dragon The Ash Tree: 18Feb – 17th March Animal: Snake The Alder Tree: 18th March – 14th April Animal: Fox The Willow Tree: 15 April – 12th May Animal: Rabbit The Hawthorn Tree: 13th May – 9Th June Animal: Owl The Oak Tree: 10th June – 7th July Animal: Sparrow The Holly Tree: 8th July –… Read more »


like hell no one’s interested (um, oops)

fluid feline

Hi Matt, how was the latest Harry Potter flick? My daughter was so annoyed that she has school camp this week and will have to wait til Sat to see it.

btw i’m still a Hazel tree by your chart as well. thanks 🙂


And I’m an Alder tree still with this chart as well…AND a fox 😉 …Post a paragraph if you like Matty. My maiden name is Potter and there IS magic in these here bones…


The HARRY POTTER FLIC FF WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG BUT ANYWAY I ALSO FOUND THIS IN ONE OF MY BOOKS The tops of the beech tree have sprouted of late, Are changed and renewed from their withered state. When the beech prospers, though spells and litanies The oak tops entangle, there is hope for trees. I have plundered the fern, through all secrets I spy, Old Math ap Mathonwy knew no more than I. For with nine sorts of faculty God has gifted me, I am fruit of fruits gathered from nine sorts of tree– Plum, quince, whortle, mulberry,… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

Good lord! You HAVE been busy! Thanks for that Matt.

Ãœber Virgo

Those dates make more sense to me, matt. They would make moi a hazel, which I find more fitting than vine. I still think adjusting for southern hemisphere climate makes sense though.

unpredictable pisces

ooh look! it’s viggo mortensen. how do i love thee? let me count the ways…


funny that iranian astrology also claim’s the ‘tree’ system… I’m a Lime tree, and it couldn’t be more accurate. Checked out some of the other trees of peeps i know, and pretty dead on also…

Triple Cancer Chick

The descriptions are relevant to the northern hemisphere..I think this is like Wiccan Sabbats and maybe should be reversed for us? What do you think? IT makes more sense to me. For the 21st of June:- The Mid-summer Solstice and the beginning of the New year, when the Oak King’s power passes to the young Holly King. For the 22nd of June to the 19th July (My birthday is the 23rd of June) When Celtic Chieftains chose a successor, he was crowned with a Holly wreath. SO… for Southern Hemisphere it would be about power returning to the Oak King… Read more »


That is SO COOL xxxChix…

venus a-go-go

I am not so sure. The willow is pretty spot on for me…
… I figure that the tree are relevant to their seasons… and the seasons (as well as the trees) would be completely different down south.


My tree is the Alder and in reading sounded very Plutoish…

Sure enough…”Deity: The Alder deity is Bran the Blessed, God of the Spirit World, Celtic Raven God and Welsh God of the Underworld. He is also the God of Prophecy”

Corresponds with Mars as well and being Aries that suits.. (Daveyl you’re and Alder too if you don’t mind me saying so!!) Trees of the world (Like in Lord of the Rings) unite!


Hey, FA…

Your Mata Hari was an Alder tree 😉


Oh wow, I did a different Celtic tree link than the one you have above Mystic and was a different tree (the Alder, not the Willow).

In any case, had a dream a long time ago about my brother. In the dream was reading in the family bible (before I threw it away I guess) and there were names of family members listed there (as there were in true life)….noted my brother was a tree, but what kind of tree my dream did not convey.

Leonine Librarian

I’d say the Hazel tree is pretty spot on for me when I’m at my best. The salmon makes sense too in terms of how I feel I keep adjusting and searching for a way to get forward sometimes against the flow.There are times where I try to go with the flow, but frankly it’s not as stimulating as looking for the gaps, the little moments when creativity and opportunity combine and you can just dance through. Actually the imagery of a Salmon leaping against the odds is pretty apt. I like the feeling of achieving things with a bit… Read more »

fluid feline

The Reed is eeriely apt for my scorp-ex. My son and I are both Hazel trees which i like the sound of – ruled by Mercury – yep we both never shut up. Aqua-girl is an Ash tree. The Ash description sounds more Uranian/Mercurial than Neptunian (although there is a ? on Neptune).

Ãœber Virgo

I wonder if the Nthn hemi season or climate makes a difference. The Celtic for my birth date is Vine which is okaaay, but I reckon shifting it six months so it corresponds with Sthn hemi late winter produced a more accurate result for me – The Ash – which is more flighty, neurotic and ruled by the trickster. I suppose the purists might not like some upstart messing with the dates though.

fluid feline

Viggo is so totally HOT HOT HOT. Sighhh …..

fluid feline

I could so go with getting down an into Viggo right now as Aragon. Cold shower and bed for me though. In my dreams ….


ummm… looks like you’re kinda screwed if you’re born on June 21. What’s with that? The solstice doesn’t get along well with trees??

fluid feline

maybe a combo of Oak and Holly making it extra-spesh??


According to an el-cheapo cardboard-wheel ‘what’s your druidic astro’ thingy that is lying round the office (why??) I am a birch tree / white stag – which reads exactly like Capricorn – so I kinda gave it some credit.
However your link there offers a tree not on this little cardboard wheel – the ROWAN TREE – which according to them, is what I am, and a much more arty / inspired / free-thinking version of the Capricorn qualities, blended with a little Aqua perhaps… and a Dragon totem animal too… so I think I’ll stick with that one instead.


I read about this & Geomancy just the other day it was fascinating!

I am an Oak Tree & I think it fits. Determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic, responsible, natural leaders, calm in a crisis, not easily swayed by opposition, serious minded, optimistic, cheerful & never gives up easily….. ever 😉


i like the idea of being a tree.
except i am a hawthorn according to that – with spikiness that is useful as a protective shield. Come to think of it many of my friends would probably agree that description is apt. The rest of the hawthorn description sounds pretty gemini, and seems to fit.

venus a-go-go

I am Hawthorn too (but am Taurus… my venus is gemini tho… not sure whether that is interesting or not): “Hawthorn people are mercurial, innovative, creative and confident. Easily bored, they crave mental stimulation and challenge. They are eloquent and gifted performers, exuding natural charm.” I am pretty much into the mental stimulation and challenge… and I would like to think I exude natural charm… but it might be piffle… Was interested in the planetary ruler being Vulcan tho… and the deity Olwen (although I can’t find out much about her. Just that she was a daughter of a giant.… Read more »


I’m still a hawthorn – and i reckon that description has more taurean things in it – like being sympathetic – not a gemini trait as far as I’ve noticed.
The bit i like the best on that one va-g-g is its association with a class – and hawthorns are peasants. might explain my farm girl fantasies.

venus a-go-go

I too am a peasant… salt of the earth type:) Down the bottom they break the weeks up inot secondary trees… that part is _really_ interesting. Apparently I am some sort of willow walnut… or is that walnut willow?

fluid feline

venus-a-g-g where exactly do you find the weeks info eg walnut willow??

venus a-go-go

Scroll down… all the way down.

I know this act gets a little tiring… its almost like there is too much info on the page…

fluid feline

Thanx, I’ll go look. xx

fluid feline

Thanks so much venus-a-go-go!! Fascinating with the added layer of lesser influence, seems to really fit. I be of Celtic origins an all, love the magic stuff.

Ãœber Virgo

Heck, that site is very detailed. Thanks V a-go go. You rescued an owl?! Do tell.

venus a-go-go

It was lying stunned on the road… It was a giant owl… so I managed to talk 2 drunk young men into helping me get it off the road. A pajero kept on beep ing me (toolbag). got it safely into someones front yard and then called wildlife rescue.
Felt virtuous for a while after that:)
The site is really detailed… but I agree with FF… the extra layer makes it pretty fascinating.


OMG….Hunk alert!! And I haven’t even read what you put up Mysitc

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