Blessed Bee

Bee Symbolism

Bee symbolism is weirder than you think. Long an emblem of industrious prosperity, the Bee is linked to ancient Minoan bee goddesses. 

Their hives hexagonal pattern (like a pentagram) connects them to Aphrodite and honey is a long-time Venusian metaphor.

But there was an actual Bee Goddess in the ancient world and she is also an aspect of Artemis, the Moon Goddess.

Some say bees navigate via tiny crystals embedded (naturally) in their brain. Is this true or did I dream it?

And, a brief scientific fact, the promiscuity of the Queen Bee ensures the safety and health of the whole hive.

The names Melissa and Deborah are linked to ancient bee priestesses. Melissa means Queen Bee. 

If you’re dreaming of bees or feeling the bee vibe, think of them as being alchemists, like spiders.

They’re omens of creative genius and ingenuity.  They’re also ruled by a woman, the Queen Bee so the ultimate bee symbolism is that it is matriarchal power.

If you’re a female, take it as a sign that your ‘hive’ will soon be humming with ideas and wealth, thanks to your wise reign!

Image: The Temple Of Camiros, in Rhodes.

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I just love that they are all female. And that the queen only makes male bees when sh needs them for proceation.

celestial elf

Great post thank you
thought you might enjoy my machinima film on permaculture and the bees
bright blessings
elf ~


ps Melissa was the nymph who 1st taught man the use of honey..I read that years ago and always wondered exactly what did she teach??!! My name is melissa and as a child I felt a special affinity with bees – used to rescue them from pools, ponds, dams, waterways etc and always felt sure they would never sting me….and they never did! Had my 1st bee sting last year when I stood on one – I’d lost the faith by then and thought what foolish thoughts I’d had as a child! – there you go, since then I’m back… Read more »


Freemasonry makes use of the symbology of the bee to represent society and industriousness. Te actions of the individual culminating in the actions of the many or the hive.

It really is an interesting symbol and one I’ve studied for some time.


There is a huge diversity of bees, from the colony colapse type to the solitary temperate aus type. Gives scope to bee symbolism imho, all the way from napoleon to emily dickinson…


Propolis (made from bees wax) is the best stuff ever for me. If I have the start of a sore throat and take some I usually ward off the cold. Also I believe the only natural source of Vitamin P (Bioflavinoids), except for the pith of citrus fruit, a vitamin essential to the metabolism of vitamin C!! Woo-hoo!

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

I just had another thought that made me giggle – a former colleague, the eccentric Aqua, used to claim his seduction technique was to buy a magnum of champers for his table to act as a “honeypot” (not my champagne bearing technique at all!) I’m not so sure how that worked out for him, though I suppose hoeny tends to be more successful a lure than vinegar…


mella is latin for honey, or a liquid that has been sweetened by honey. decline that, you get mellis – ‘of honey’.
soooooo I’m going to say melissa can be read as ‘female of honey’.
(I think melissa as ‘honey bee’ is greek? I always prefered latin. more of an underdog)


Love Latin too nancyx. Isn’t mellifluous (as in a sweetly flowing voice) also derived from the Latin for honey?

taurean alchemist

how sweet 🙂 I was out walking a few weeks back and I literally walked right into a bee just buzzing along on its merry way… we collided bee-to-lips – so that I was literally bee-kissed. It really did taste nice 🙂

scorpalicious robot

that is SO cool. 🙂

cheshire cap


xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Bee-stung lips? LOL xox ::lol:: xox

virgo cat



They’re determined little critters too. Dad closed up all his hives as he was too ill to tend them. This year one has been occupied, even tho it has a sodding great concrete block in the doorway. They walk down the side of it and crawl under the severely reduced hive entrance. They have cleaned it out and made it their home. I just love watching them. They are a nice colony, so I can stand just a foot away to see them. Other swarms have been vicious and attack you half way up the garden. I’ve also had a… Read more »


As promised, a bit of info on how bees communicate by dance. God knows what they would make of our gyrations! From the same conversation mentioned above: Prof MS: They have this dance language, as you probably know, where a bee that has discovered a good food source will come back and represent in a very symbolic way by doing this famous waggle dance where it sort of waggles its abdomen from side to side. And then the duration of this waggle is meant to convey how far away the food source is; the farther away the food source the… Read more »

fluid feline

Nat that’s fantastic, thanks. I’ll try and find that on abc site and listen.


I love this post! Bees are magnificent and fascinating, and you are right davidl, very importantly connected to the continuation of plants as they are essential for the pollination of many plant species. The collective mind of bees and their communication behaviour was discussed by Natasha Mitchell this week on the excellent ABC Radio National program ‘All in the Mind’. It was a live broadcast the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. Here is a little bit of the conversation that might be of interest: NM: Mandyam Srinivasan or Srini is professor of visual neuroscience at the Queensland Brain Institute where his… Read more »


There was a bee very conspicuously hovering over my friend and I’s heads yesterday while we were having a witchy conversation. Hmmmmmmmmm.


Without bees Im pretty sure we would all starve. Right now the authorities are trying to work out why all the northern hemisphere bees are sick and are importing aussie bees to pollinate crops. Its apparently a very serious situation. There work basically provides us with food.

cheshire cap

Our own bee industry was in poor shape after prolonged drought and bushfires. I try to keep bee friendly plants in the garden but haven’t had as many visiting but I’m hoping they’ll build up again. My family has always been on the land and a hive was an essential and still is. My brothers both have a hive in their orchards.

fluid feline

Yes that’s true CC, I’ve just realised I can’t remember the last time I saw a bee! I live in same city as you and there’s lots of parks, trees and gardens around here. Usually they’re all over the clover patches.

cheshire cap

I don’t live in the city FF, just visit often. I have lived there several times for long periods. It’s a fun place to play

cheshire cap

Two of my offspring do though 🙂

fluid feline

That’s funny CC, for ages I thought you lived in Ascot, don’t know why


Didn’t Rachel Carson write about this very thing happening in her book “The Silent Spring” in the early 60’s?? And another writer?.. That when the bees disappear we have really stuffed up our planet and we are doomed??!

The Leo Socialite

GO t he Queen Bee. That Buzzed article is also SO funny…I know several melissas and they are all queen bee types…


“And, a brief scientific fact, the promiscuity of the Queen Bee ensures the safety and health of the whole hive.”

I like this, a lot! My sagg sun is showing. Lovely post.


How strange that you write on this. Just the other morning i was woken up by a bee stinging my hand…It was very odd, my windows were only slightly open and a very strange way to be woken up. There was no big reaction physically but I found it strangely disturbing. Somehow like the universe was telling me to wake up! I am indeed a Virgo sun, perhaps it is indeed a new totem animal (insect) for me 🙂 The bee then died on my pillow, so i also had some half asleep thought that it was communicating to me… Read more »

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

OK, am aware that sounds slightly bats. Maybe I just have a bee in my bonnet?!

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

This is too spooky. Spent lunch break yesterday researching bee symbolism after a one hitched a ride on my windscreen en route to work. (Causing all sorts of consternation behind as I paid more attention to her than the traffic.) Truly, it was so out of the blue, but it felt like an omen.


female eunichs & drones. seems like that would only suit the Queen Bee!!

virgo cat

I could definately adopt the bee as a Virgo symbol.
Yay bees! Thanks for all the links to bee reading!!


trivia: the word for “bee” in the estonian language is “mesilane” which literally means “from the land of honey”, when most other languages figure it the other way around…

libran tiger

I have a great book called ‘The life of the bee’ – it is a beautifully written book from 1901 by maurice maeterlinck – out of print now. This guy had this amazing love of bees and could write like an angel.

Has awesome chapter titles like:
On the Threshold of the Hive, The Nuptial Flight + The Massacre of the Males

Apparently only those that could fly as fast as the queen got to pass on their genes.

cheshire cap

There’s no Egyptian masculine hieroglyphic symbol for bee, only female and it’s the same symbol as for queen. I love that worker bees are female and the males are drones.



cheshire cap


venus a-go-go

Keeping bees is/was a family tradition. My grandfather gave my dad his first hive as a wedding present. Unfortunately, my dad put he back out and could handle them anymore… … I have never seen my dad so upset about anything (my Virgoan father really likes anything about bees. They are precise and clean. Very Precise and Clean. And smart. And have order… and… and…) We went on a family camping trip shortly after and I found him forlornly rescuing bees from rock pools. The person who he sold his bees too makes mead with the honey and allows dad… Read more »


My sister and her husband had a honey farm in British Columbia, Canada….

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

there’s a fantastically charismatic beekeeper / honey officianado at Balmain markets (Sydney) who’s got IVF honey on display…along with his other magnificent manifestations of honey making…. Taura sis explained it perfectly to her 2 leo kids….

if yr in Syds check him out – markets are at Darling st round about / church opp the London pub!!


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