Astro-Poll: Which Sun Sign Is The Most Louche Of All?

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\LOOSH\ , adjective:
Of questionable taste or morality; disreputable or indecent; dubious; shady.

You’ve got to keep yourself free of any suggestion of louche behavior.
— Anthony West,

A man in a bar, utterly average, though there is something louche about him, something sly.
— Andrew Holleran, In September, the Light Changes

Danny would be sipping a mai tai or a whiskey sour in some louche West End club.
— Will Self, Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys

Louche is from French louche, “shady, suspicious,” from Old French losche, “squint-eyed,” from Latin luscus, “one-eyed.”ย  Word Of the Day


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89 thoughts on “Astro-Poll: Which Sun Sign Is The Most Louche Of All?

  1. I am astonished by the result – knowing some very wonderful charming and fun loving Pisceans. Voting for my own sign was the only gentlemanly thing to do. I tried to hide the delicious secret but its out.

    • yep, the pisceans are fun loving and charming but that doesn’t stop them from also being somewhat louche. I have three close and all are excellent company but almost sociopathic in the nicest possible way

  2. The most louche I have known have been Scops and Pisces. I had one Piscean housemate once who alternated between meditating alot, and drinking copious amounts of Frangelico. She said that Frangelico was energetically pure because it was made by monks.. And ’tis true that Gemini’s are socialisers..

  3. Does that mean your even more of louche if it’s your sun & rising that are in the lead….. lol

  4. I think Gems are just curious about everything, so the louche side is just another aspect of life they want to see about…and pisces just don’t have any judgement about it so there’s not much difference between hanging out at a materialistic fluorescently-lit shopping centre on a Saturday or a seedy bar. They are much of a muchness…well, in my opine, anyways…
    This could be pre eclipse PMT talking though, don’t mind me…

  5. And Scorps, well they just love that kind of thing. My Scorp girlfriend woke up once with a tattoo she didn’t have when she went out the night before and had to ask the guy she was with to un-handcuff her!!!

      • haha! my cap rising keeps me in check now too.

        when i was younger it would only go as far as to give me a good telling off after the damage had been done while my pisces sun would be arguing that i was just a very openminded individual.

        then my sag moon would tell them both to f off and just go for a run on the beach and get over it.

        • hilarious!! My Sag moon is what got me into trouble in the first place – “oh c’mon live a little” it would say…

          Interesting that you say Cap “NOW” keeps you under control. Me too. I’m older and wiser and more sensible since Pluto went into Cap.

          Never a dull moment when all the signs (sun, moon, rising and all in different signs too) all want to play. I think the trick is working out which situation is appropriate for them to come out and play. They should all be heard – or else!

          I love my Sag moon. Makes me a less serious Scorp i reckon. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Have always said that my Cap Moon keeps me out of all kinds of trouble! (Aries Sun..)

    • Funny….(I think? lol) Hopefully she had her clothes on or at least could find them!….

      • Uh, that was in response to the tattooed hand cuffed female a few or so posts above (fishgirl)

      • nope, naked-ski. But she’s now engaged to the guy – and he got a matching tattoo, so it’s all OK. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Im in english and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the poll!
    thanks mystic!

    • There have to be louche Taureans…This is fun to research…Bingo! Louche extraordinaire, Jack Nicholson. And Cher!

      Capricorns seem to have everyone fooled too. Hello Kate Moss. What sign is that vile BF of hers?

    • Wait a minute, I may have mistaken louche for loose. Still count Jack Nicholson. Perhaps there should be a poll for sun sign representation among real estate agents.

      • Uber I was thinking on the Taurus thing too (and earth signs) but esp Taurus due to materialism etc. Big one would have to be Bernie Maddof (even the name fits – made off) born 29/4/38 with Sun/Moon/Uranus/Venus all in Taurus opp SN in Scorp. On day of his arrest 11 Dec 2008, trans Saturn was conj his Neptune in Virgo squ his Chiron in Gemini.

        And another one Machiavelli was a Taurus Sun (Cap rising) opp Neptune in Scorp!

        I’ve already voted (Pisces) but want to change it to Taurus.

          • Hitler was plain evil. Madoff I can buy, but not in the classic louche sense, which I reckon is a bit depraved, like Pete Doherty – a Piscean!

          • yeah, but he wasn’t louche. Always extremely well dressed and frequented all the best places. He was just psychotic.

          • Louche: Of questionable taste or morality; disreputable or indecent; dubious; shady. I think it applies to all three Toros.

            CC were you referring to Hitler or Pete Doherty as psychotic. Hitler bathed infrequently and was noted for his “aroma”. Definitely psychotic and evil as well.

          • I didn’t mean it that all Aries-Taurus Cusp people are bad! Sorry.
            I think it does explain why he had one hell of a temper, though.

            I think Jack Nicholson is also an Aries/Taurus cuspy and he is pretty awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

          • fuq just read some of that link (I was only looking at his chart initially) – sadism in the extreme – anyone game enough to look, what is the astro signature of that. I’m a pussy, nearly vomited re meat-hook torture of enemies.

          • FF from what I’ve read Hitler was obsessively clean and bathed and changed his clothes twice daily because he was afraid he might smell……but on the nose in every other way….

        • Chesh you are probably right. I have no idea where my thoughts on Hitler’s personal hygiene came from but there has been much written about him obviously and not all of it true.

          I have to say I have nothing against Taureans, my gorgeous sister and her hubby are both Taureans and they are in my top 5 favourite people. I also have an inappropriate celebrity crush on a Taurean ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • hang on, taurus? louche? oh sorry i thought you said lounge….

  7. Mars in Pisces can be pretty dubious don’t you think…I’m voting Leo tho cos Uber Virgo called it with David Duchovny…too funny.

  8. I can definitely see the Duchovny/Jagger thing – they are a bit louche-y from the easy-sleasey p.o.v. But I think true louche also implies something furtive and kind of deceptive which I only really get from the Gemini’s I’ve known. Just checked celeb-wise that would include Johnny Depp, Prince, Kanye West and Bob Dylan! Hmmmmm….

    • I agree ovo…sleazy leos generally don’t hide their sleaze…they tend to glory in their own sleaze…much more overt than covert

  9. Gemini gets a crap wrap, huh? I’m Gem rising and like the pix, HAVE smoked, drank and gambled all at the same time but didn’t hurt anyone or take from anyone.

    One time saw a Pisces take a tip off of someone’s table in a restaurant. Down right stealing…That was the epitome of low and he was my boyfriend but that particular Pisces…not for long…

      • I know!! For Sure….

        Terrible crappy karma. Hey, did I ever mention I’m going to market a new snack….”Karma Korn”…he,he

          • Thanks for the advert brainstorm CC!

            “Boy’s Korn”….

            “An exclusive blend of korns in a khameleon like kaleidoscope of kolors kourtesy of…..well, quite simply…..”


            As all must do their time….er, karma.

            Comes in x-tra crunchy too!

          • Sweetpea, i liked your other joke about Maddoff – “made off” with other everyone’s money… ๐Ÿ˜†

      • calling S Warne dubious is like saying the marquis de sade is a little into pain…

      • me too scorpbots … interesting how many footballers in particular are rather louche.

        • yes and what infuriates me is that they’re revered and idolised more than other people who actually deserve it.

          What about the footballer who defecated in the hotel corridor?! And he was suspended. Pfffft. Surely, that would be grounds for instant dismissal in any other industry.

          • outrageous behaviour seems to barely turn heads these days, it’s a wonder his agent hasn’t negotiated a contract with depends.

          • Ha,ha LL…

            Would be interesting while giving a massage…

            “Pardon me, do you mind if I poo-poo?”

            I don’t even know who they heck ya’ll talkin’ about!! But sports figures are over paid in my book….(and not MY check book either… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

          • Sweetpea, Shane Warne is an Aussie cricketer (famous bowler) and revered in cricketing nations, but his, err, behaviour off field is louche to say the least.

  10. I voted Gem although it was close with Taurus…I don’t mind louche behaviour at all usually, as long as its in louche places where its expected.

    • You have a point there davilove. I mean where’s the harm in a bit of casual loucheness between consenting water signs. (Cancerians, I see, are underperforming in the poll) And you can expect loucheness from a car dealer or bartender or actor, but you don’t expect your financial advisor to get louche with your life savings. Louche priests are the worst.

  11. I hesitated… I hovered… I chose Scorpio as when they shade they are soooooooo shady! They really mean it.

    But the other two I could not pass without hovering and hesitating over were Pisces and Gemini. Maybe those two encapsulate more closely the meaning of louche than a Scorpio does with their mutable shiftiness.

    I laughed and laughed at the results!

  12. The not quite sure on morality part made me vote for Pisces – my Pisces friends are mostly great, charming socialisers but you’re never sure what they’re up to… Love them anyway. I have my share of dubiousness to hide. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Yes, I voted Pisces too, they are so slippery, you never know what they’re up to. My Mum’s a Pisces and she was always the wild one, much wilder than me even in my teenage years. I remember once I confiscated an illegal substance in her undies drawer which she was “holding for a friend”, LOL! I always had a soft spot for the poor daughter (name Saffy?) in Absolutely Fabulous.

    • OMG SS, that is hilarious as when I found a cigarette in my (then) teen daughter’s purse, she said she was holding it for a friend. So Mom’s use that excuse too, huh? Hilarious!! Go MOm!!

  14. as a gem, with a pisces moon – and brothers who are scorpios (and much more normal than me). I’m not too sure what to think about those results. I don’t think that my morality is questionable – and I don’t think my brother’s are either.
    i’ve got some pretty dodging taurean friends though… (although my dad is a taurean and certainly not louche)
    i have to abstain i think.

  15. To me louche has the connotation of sneaky and decadent on top of questionable taste/morality so yeah: I was swayed by Scorp, Fishy, & Gem. So hard to define.

      • Ha yes, me too. Virgo sun/Cap moon. Am clearly the opposite of louche/loose, whatever that may be. Uptight, I hear you say? Surely not.

    • yeah virgos are mach 10 louche……. sneaky bastards, they’re probably the worst of all, but get away with it by being well spoken and never late, with neat hair and a cute smile…bah

  16. Now let me tell you there are some very louche Saggo Men out there
    Their breezy easy attitude disguises it. Sanctamonius Saggo’s? NO WAY.

    We just fool you:)

    Virgo’s too, can be very decadent.
    Well disguised:)

    • I agree peg, I think riding the breeze with charm and humour disguises most Sagg loucheness…too much laughter to dwell on the crass.

  17. Pisceans are prone to alcoholism….I cant see a pisces hanging in a bar and being ‘louche’ though. we are most likely ‘party louche’; that dude giving you betty davis eyes across the room, ‘apparently’ full of inner turmoil…but only at a friends place, of course!
    and if any of you were ever WONDERING what we actually think, when we have that pained expression on our faces, its either we are stressing ourselves out over a totally mundane situation, or attempting to get our heads around some totally mind blowing concept to do with philosophy/spirituality and how its working for us in our everyday lives…
    believe me, I know – cos’ I am one! ;-D

  18. Gemini.

    Although, I wonder if the results are the result of people voting on a particular interpretation of ‘louche’ – i.e. shady resulted in them voting for Scorps. And I do think that Sag’s are guilty of actually appearing ‘louche’. It’s a shortcoming, because I don’t think in general they actually are.

  19. geminis are the epitome of louche. My sun sign is gemini. Pisces are also quite louche. my moon sign is pisces. :)) so yeah..both are equally louche, scorpio can be very louche..but it depends on what type of scorpio because some that I know are quite ‘above the radar’ but the otherr type…hmm..:))