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Nux Vomica Homeopathic Remedy

The fabulously named Nux Vomica is the homeopathic hangover remedy. It is actually (heavily diluted)  strychnine which sounds slightly bats unless you grok homeopathy. I mean my constitutional remedy is diluted snake venom; Lachesis. Which always perks me up real fast.

Okay, I am NOT a homeopath & only use the Nux for really grotty morning-afters but the Nux Vomica personality type – as you will see from the links –  is a shocker. Still, short of never doing anything over-indulgent again, Nux Vom is an essential bathroom cupboard standby. A classically trained English homeopath once told me it was stockpiled by the Royal Family.

The above link is way more thorough & scary to read, as the full-on homeopathic materia medicias tend to be. Also, I don’t know how exactly it does it but it seems to alleviate the psych0-mental symptoms of a hangover as well.

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9 thoughts on “Astro-Housewitchery: Nux Vomica

  1. Nux vomica is excellent as a constitutional rememdy particularly for men who are drawn to neptunian substances. Especially if they have the irritable, restless nature that goes with it and oily hair/skin. They also prefer hot sour foods.

    I lurve homeopathics.

  2. And they are also bad-tempered pricks, non? Prob is Nux Vom men (and it IS a predominantly male constituitional remedy) tend not to want to take it lol. They prefer to self medicate with some vile liver tonic washed down with a litre or so of wine…

  3. Nux vom has also saved me on the rare occasion when I get a sudden hot sort of headache – very sensitive to light, warmth, nauseous, need cold air and silence. I guess like the beginning of a migrane. Nux vom clears this up super fast.

  4. I need some of this…..

    I suffer so badly from hangovers & it doesn’t have to be from a huge night. I think I’m allergic to alcohol……

    • hey bgem, me too, what do you normally drink? if anything you drink that makes you sick maybe you are allergic (or something) otherwise ty switching to different – if i drink decent european wine i dont get (As) sick. also good spirits – nice whisky etc. light beer, altho light, keeps the pain away. of course it alwats depends nhow much you drink – but i dont throw up after 4 drinks if i stick to hte good stuff compared to awful drinks like VB or cheap bourbon (gag)
      sorry bout typos in a rush. good luck

  5. Goodness me I love Finn Andrews & the Veils, what a sexy talented man. I had no idea it was a hangover remedy, thought it was some old Latin tag. I should pick some up!

  6. Vomicaing can happen when males are kicked in the nux. Sorry but thats what it makes me think of !

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