Your Parents…Showing Up In YOUR Chart.

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O.m.g. whom truly WERE your parents before there was you?? And how the hell do they show up in your chart?  I am so not an expert at Jungian Astro – though i love all things Jung. But my Jungian astro-shrink friend Michael McLay IS and this little rave is from one of his articles…When i first e-mailed with him years ago, I got the fright of my astro-life as i KNEW my chart et al but what he wrote me made me wonder if he’d actually been HIDING in the house that i grew up in & taking notes. Which makes one wonder – yet again – how weird is world we’re in…If our parents can be seen so clearly in our birth chart…

Michael’s rave is here but for a short-cut, think of the Sun-Mars-Saturn as being Dad & Moon-Venus as Mum. Then look at all the aspects they make, houses they rule & make up a little story about them. Oh all right, it’s sooo complex but for astro-fiends, fun. So you start with the relationship between Sun & Moon – what is the aspect between them? That is the relationship between your Mother & Father…

Alright, here is Mr McLay…

“If you are familiar with Arnold Mindell’s work, I think of the chart initially as a representation of the dreambody of the parental relationship.  The chart shows us the psychological disposition of the mother and father, individually and collectively as a couple, at the time of the client’s birth. The masculine planets offer us some insight into the father’s experience, and the feminine planets offer us some insight into the mother’s experience. The flowing aspects to the masculine planets represent those aspects of the father’s personality that he was comfortable with, that were well integrated. The stressful aspects represent those areas of his life that were in conflict, that were not integrated. The same is true for the feminine planets and the mother. (I’m sure this is not new to most of you.)

When you look at many charts in this way, you begin to see that the chart represents the parents’ psychological legacy. Whatever they have actualized, individually and together, is passed down to us as a gift, something that works easily for us. Whatever they haven’t actualized is passed down as our life’s work. I like Jung’s statement about parental influence in Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

He said, ‘I feel very strongly that I am under the influence of things or questions which were left incomplete and unanswered by my parents and grandparents and more distant ancestors. It often seems as if there were an impersonal karma within a family which is passed on from parents to children. It has always seemed to me that I had to answer questions which fate had posed to my forefathers, and which had not yet been answered, or as if I had to complete, or perhaps continue, things which previous ages had left unfinished’.

While it is true that our parents create us biologically and psychologically, it is also not true. There are a number of esoteric traditions (Plato, Plotinus, etc.) that suggest that we choose the time, place, and circumstances of our birth. We choose our parents to reflect, to act out for us, to imprint upon us, the complexities of our individual destiny.

I like this idea. Whether we believe in past lives as literal events in time or not, it allows us to place our family experience in the realm of the archetypes, in the realm of divine play. We can imagine our parents as messengers, conveying the character and flavor of the gods, in the form of a complex drama, acted out for our benefit.”

“…looking at the actual parents via the symbols of the birth chart provides us with an objective, living, familiar model for reflecting upon the subtle and complex archetypal world that lies within us. This approach sees through the prevailing attitude that suggests that we grow despite our parental influence; that if we could only overcome our poor parenting, we may possibly become whole again. We become whole not despite our parent’s wounds, but because of them, through them. Archetypal psychologists tell us that we meet the gods through our own wounds, but our wounds are part of an inheritance. We stand on the shoulders of (wounded) giants.”


Image: Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton – Wedding Day

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17 thoughts on “Your Parents…Showing Up In YOUR Chart.

  1. That’s quite a lot of role models aac (for better or for worse). Seems as though necessity has meant the life you lead is the one of your own making — the best kind.

    The trick with parents is to take the good and leave the bad behind, and I think sometimes it helps to do that if it was all a bit estranged. People who worship the ground their parents walk on are all very well and good and admirable and seem to get on in life . . . but. It’s always good to have the choice to take responsibility for oneself and what one’s inherited and be able to say the family psycho dramas stop me with me folks.

  2. I have my family ‘filed’ in astrodienst and the other night I did the partner thing mixing up the whole family. It was very interesting looking at the composite for Mum and Dad and quite revealing in ways I have never considered. It felt a bit weird doing it for Dad and me but I could see where we clashed/and where we got on. I also did it for my sister and myself and you wouldn’t need to be an astrologer to see that it was one bloody severely clashing composite chart. Cest la vie. The child’s chart is also interesting to peruse.

  3. Me a triple Sagg & Mother an archetype Scorpio. Absent Aquarian Father, as they do.
    Only Scorp in chart is the node that indicates karma. That’s quite enough.
    We adored each other but i never understood her, a complete mystery, boggled my mind as i did hers:)
    but hey, she gave me ultimate freedom and money to travel the world or maybe paid to be away from her:)
    Cancer nana & Capricorn pop. She wanted to live by the sea, he the mountains, so compromised
    for mountainous beach to live near.

  4. oh I love family synastry/astro patterns. it is fascinating!

    ok my parents are a Scorp and a Taurus…. and yes, they are very FIXED.
    Sun and Moon in my chart are not that obvious, as semisextiling from Virgo to Leo. But Neptune Squares Sun (absent father, non?) and trines Moon. So Neptune links the energies? Resolves them? Virgo Venus sits in between Sun and Moon, and Mars Squares Moon, sextiles Sun.

    My brother shows it perfectly: his Taurus Sun sextiles his Kataka Moon.
    This tender moon is opposed by a Cap Mars. aha. His Gemini Venus semisextiles Sun and Moon.

    The most interesting to me is the synastric stuff. Example: my Mothers Moon is conjunct my Venus, we both have a Scorpio Mars, conjunct exactly. My fathers Leo Moon is conjunct mine. My brothers Moon is conjunct Mother’s Rising, his Sun conjunct our father’s Sun. His Venus trines our Mother’s Venus. it goes on forever…

    The most amazing point is in early Kataka, as there we meet: Mother’s Rising, Father’s Venus-Mars Conj., Brother’s Moon, my NN + IC. This is also conjunct my grandfather’s Sun, who is some sort of patriarch, tending the family hearth.

  5. Quite a time ago noticed my parent’s Venus-Mars conj. on my IC. Need to read this thread and check charts.

    Oh TA, remember Mom tossing a sauce pan of mashed potatos across the dining room and them splattering all over the wall. Such was the delightful and often wonderful moments of dinnertime with Leo Mom and Aries Dad…

    Think the Venus-Mars at my IC shows the sex part….And one time, DID catch them in the act!

  6. Both my sun and moon are in the 8th House, and I know this refers to soul mates etc, and I am pretty certain that in the early part of their marriage they were, and there was a huge intensity and initimacy between them. But then fell apart.
    I have Moon Sextile Venus (Aries and Aquarius)- can anyone shed any light on the meaning of this for my (Gemini) mum’s influence on (Pisces) me.
    The awful thing is that I looked at my son’s chart and he has sun and moon directly opposite each other- and I would say this pretty much sums up my marriage.
    Interesting also, looking at my husband’s chart, his sun and moon are virtually on top of each other and his parents are very co-dependent.

  7. scary! I can see it… Saturn at O taurus loosely opposing Moon (24 Lib) – I can see in that aspect my mother always telling me how she was so unsupported by family when she met my father… HER father was absent and her mother remarried and had more children (and moved interstate) when my mother was getting married and having her babies, leaving her to be tormented by her inlaws (who apparently never liked her). (thus, I grew up not knowing any extended family at all, in spite of there having been SKADS of aunts, uncles, cousins etc). Saturn/Moon is said to be very isolating… but its such a wide orb that I can see that it was really just an illusion.

    funnily enough my ‘masculine’ planets all make very nice aspects, its the male-female ones that grate…Alas, I don’t know my Dad very well, except that I do know he was VERY ambitious (Saturn in Taurus), money-mad (ditto) , extremely intelligent (Merc trine Uranus), and somewhat shifty (Jupiter sextile Neptune)

    and that makes sense BUT I have Mars (sag) trine Venus (aries) and my parents spent my entire childhood separated, HATING each other and having massive dramatic fights (some involving hot food, others involving sharp objects) whenever we all had the misfortune of being together.

    now I know I’m not going to get much work done as I mull all this over…

  8. Blood hell that’s rough Baristagem. I hope you had loving people around after their passing.

    Thanks so much for putting this up Mystic. I’m a novice and I don’t even know what an aspect is but the Jungian astro stuff is definately something
    I will follow up on. I have just understood reading Kim Falconer and Stacey DeMarco re Oracles and other symbolic systems that they work in part because there is a random quality that allows hidden parts of your subconcious to float to the surface. Of course it is also fun to think that the cosmos meets you halfway. Sun in scorpio and moon in aries if that means anything to anyone?

    • It is a quincunx – so whatever emo there is there, they totally misunderstood one another. Or such was the sensation of them YOU experienced.

      • Put a t on the end of quincunx and it sounds like a REALLY scorpionic word. Ha ha. My parents have the same shitty sense of humour and appreciation for Rogers and Hammerstein and other such painful kitsch! They love that new Austrian fool. They still love each other deeply and hold hands after 39 years, but I do think there was and is constant frustration due to an emotional disconnect. So there is some form of compatibility which I always saw but yes emotional misunderstanding as well. Plus a massive cultural divide, mum came from good Irish Catholic farming stock and dad came on a boat, so maybe there’s the big misunderstanding.

  9. This is really complexed & have been trying to figure it out so it makes sense to me but I don’t know if I have achieved that, so here goes….

    Sun & Moon both in Gemini sharing 3rd house

    the sun is conjunct venus 3rd & moon 3rd, opposition mid 10th & neptune 9th, square ascendant, saturn & mars Virg 6th, trine pluto 7th

    the moon is exact as above except midheaven

    Mum & Dad meet at a bar engage in some wicked conversation about how hilarious & exciting they both are. Dad is a cowboy who rides in rodeos for a living & mum a model & enjoys hard work, huh?. They decide they can’t possibly find another mate as exciting as each other so they decide to get married. Mum falls pregnant with first spawn & reality sets in, dad loathes the city life & wants to move back to the country. Mum talks him out of it until a few years later 2nd spawn arrives. Dad wins argument & we all move to the country, a few years into country-cold-freezing-winter-life Mum announces she has a specialist appointment in city & leaves the following morning…. She does not return. Dad continues raising spawns into tough little country kids & gives them all the nutrients they need to be happy, healthy & successful. Mum visits are rare. Dad’s heart is full of love but functions poorly & dies suddenly while spawns are still young. Mum unaware of any of this, until spawns receive news of her tragic passing within the following months.

    Spawns were born & bred tough little country kids & still are, although much taller now. 🙂

    • awww Bgem that’s sad! But I’m glad you had ingredients for happy healthy and successful upbringing.

    • Yes I was really lucky to have a good childhood before that happened. No the spawns haven’t become parents as yet, not quite ready for that adventure! 😉

  10. hahahaaaa! Oh Mystic, this is something I’m going to investigate. On the surface, the Sun/Moon thing is enough said. I’m a Cap Sun, Kataka Moon – and didn’t my parents oppose each other every moment of my childhood.

    Dad a Taurus (MAD hoarder, expert at everthing – ask him, he’ll tell you) and Mum a Scorp (ooh, that sting. She loved exposing secrets of mine at really public gatherings. Me, a Cap, HATING public exposure of any kind. She also loved boasting about MY achievements yet never acknowledged me personally. Sigh)

    I was such a miserable kid, walking around on eggshells and just escaping into my room with my animals and imagination… Amazing how health scares (and separating) made both parents kinder and more appreciative to my brother and I. Or maybe it was their second Saturn returns that finally did the trick…

  11. I don’t know that this matches up precisely for me, but I’m taking just a quick, superficial look at it. If look to just moon/Venus from my mom (a cap), that’s a whole lot of Aquarius, which seems not quite right — she usually took a “do your own thing” approach with me, but frankly that was more because I was otherwise kind of impossible. She definitely gravitates towards people who more outwardly “need” her.

    My dad (sag) would be more Aquarian of the two; usually traveling, and Vulcan-like practicality when he was around. I’ve got a Pisces sun and Scorpio Mars & Saturn, but we definitely get along best when I’m embracing the Aqua influence.

    My natal Saturn is retrograde, by the way… someone once told me that meant my dad would be distant in some way (true for me). And I know my little summary is missing all the aspects, etc, which I’ll have to look into sometime.

  12. Bizarro…here’s my rave- with love from Sun/Leo opp Moon/Aqua square Neptune/Scorp & chuck in 5th house Saturn for good measure…& 4th house Chiron for ouch!
    Always felt painfully dissed by parents cos they were so in my face & yet emotionally distant & completely didn’t get me…
    Dealing with old hurts, my strategy has been a mirroring of that very same dynamic!
    I accept that I don’t get them, I need to distance myself from them emotionally & yet remain in their face enough for them to have a relationship with their grandchild.
    Its the best I can do

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