Astro-Beauty: Hand-Cream

Manicured old hand clutching moneyIt’s me Mars in Virgo & I know it. I thrash my hands. Hot water. Using my fingernails as “tools” to tear things open. Gardening bare-handed so i can feel the earth. Never putting sunblock on them.  If I could grow my nails sufficiently and had cause they’d even be weapons. Manicurists – on the rare occasion we meet – sigh. My points;

* The Clarins Hand Cream has saved me. It is weirdly effective & the only thing of theirs I have bought consistently. I love looking at their body products – their original fame-claim – but always end up thinking something along the lines of ‘get to the god-damned gym already.’ But this cream soaks in,  no greasy residue and somehow works right away. And  I have tried loads. The Aveda one is quite nice and smells like heaven but the name – Hand Relief – put me off, for some reason. The Dr Hauschka one is genius but the packaging cracks up so it oozes out all over the place. Some of them work but leave a white gunky layer or reek so you can smell them a block away.

* Your thoughts on Holy Grail hand creams pls?  Crap ones? And which Sun Sign IS a hand-manicure-nails diva?  It’s too-easy but i nominate Gemini (they like to wave their hands around and gesticulate lots so may as well have reasonable hands/nails) & Libra + Taurus for being Venus ruled beauty addicts. Virgo for the commitment to good grooming it implies & Pisces but sporadically. Pisces is acrylic nails one sek and a frequent-users card at the local nails-spa. The next they are sporting plain, scrubbed little puritan nails & decrying the use of toxic embalming chemicals in nail varnish. They’re letting their nails breathe.

Image: Helmut Newton

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l deVries

5 planet stellium in Pisces–never had a pro mani, but adore the Burt’s Bees or Weleda Skin Food the most.

lib rising ramzilla

Lib risin loves thick rich handcreams. I have two – Neutrogena Norwegian Formula is amazing and like $7 tube (tho once when on a budget i tried their moisturiser, horrible). There is no other really… except Jurlique Rose Hand Cream, which is pricey, and I know Jurlique has been totally uncool for ages, but I can’t let go of that handcream, I first tried it in like 91. That rose scent just takes me to the most self-caring, nurturing place. It has seen me through turbulent times…


I must say I generally recommend Kosmea for everything-
but for sheer nostalgia Complete Care Hand and Nail Cream is Awesome. It reminds me vividly of my mum and is only about 5 bucks.

Ram Tormented by Librans

Ms Mystic – if you are in the garden a lot, have you tried that old favourite Crabtree & Evelyn Gardener’s Cream? It is really very good with lots of shea butter. I type all the time and am always filing my nails to a short lenght with uniform shapes. I can’t stand crappy nails. And the only colours for toenail polish are red, hot pink and orange.

Scorp Scorp

I’m so with you on this one, Mystic! Clarins hand cream is great (I’ve tried some of their other costly body products – they’re neither better nor worse than others, but the design bores me a little). L’Occitane I thought useless and greasy on top of it. I also like a lemon hand cream, but I think it’s only available in my country. It smells sooo refreshing!

Kitty K

The best hand cream on the market is Jurlique Hand Cream in either Rose or Lavender. It has a calendula base which is a nourishing and healing herb and your hands feel instantly soft and repaired. Beautiful and rich.

I’m a Leo and really don’t care about my nails nor my feet for that matter. They are short and tidy and that’s it. Different story when the face and hair are concerned though.


Minimalist Leo here, almond oil rubbed in to damp skin, same as for whole body. My friends say”ooo you have such soft hands” & its true, but the only thing nice about my nails are their little pink moons…


Mars in Virgo here…..

Hands are scarred with minor burns (work incidents), 1 scar running down my left palm (fell off a horse when I was 2) & currently nursing a deep gash to the thumb from Sat night, chopping basil!

Hand cream doesn’t last long on these hands, busy, busy, busy…..

Leonine Librarian

As per usual Mystic this post is as timely as all get out. I’ve totally trashed my hands working with/for my children in their transition move…combination natural products, gumption, sometimes with gloves other times nude, hot hot water, scourers…everything can be a tad harmful if you’re tired and unco…masking tape, cardboard..thank goodness we all survived. I’m grateful for my hands for all they can accomplish…I think I need a vat of something effective to soak them in for recovery. Will analyse people’s suggestions after I have a nap… have had 2 weeks of sleeping on a mattress and am over… Read more »


Great you got your girls settled LL,

Remember when I moved myself, my hands ended up frozen in claws!! Maybe a nice Epsom’s Salt soak, eh?

My oldest, Virgo risiging, Gemini Sun, has her latex gloves for many, many things, therefore unsure if she even needs moisturizer. And she is very fine boned and petite and so her hands lovely basically.

The day I plunged my hand down into the back of the loo to set it straight, thought she was going to freak….her arms and hands were shaking violently…lol!!

But Moms’ do what Moms’ gotta do, right?

cheshire cap

I have sensitive dry skin and only wear gloves for really rough gardening and firewood. Hairdressers and bar staff have to be really careful with their hands because constantly wet hands causes dermatitis and most wear barrier cream. I use Faulding barrier cream before I do anything like gardening or cleaning. I rarely buy hand cream as peeps always give me hand cream as gifts possibly because I have fine-boned hands with naturally strong nails and have been told that I have hands like a ‘lady’ which cracks me up because I treat them more like a scullery maids. I’ve… Read more »

cheshire cap

forgot Cap/sagg/sagg with venus in Cap 2* from Sagg asc

cheshire cap

and I’ve never been to a manicurist even though I have two friends with nail salons. I have a thing about anyone touching my hands unless I like them lots. I receive too many impressions from hand contact

Stress Princess

I’m a dirty hand girl. The one time, ONE time I went to a manicurist, I absolutely LOATHED it. I hated the smells, the yuck chemicals, etc etc. I only ever wear clear varnish if any at all. I’m a nail biter too BUT I always wash my hands thoroughly and clean my nails. Promise. I’m starting to sound gross. Unfortunately, fair skin and lots of hand washing isn’t good. Hello, crepe paper. I’m such a pragmatic masochist, I actually scrub my entire hand region with the nail brush/ scrubber thing. It hurts like hell but really smooths them out.… Read more »

upbeat scorpleus

Paw paw is the only thing I ever use too. A friend gave me a lovely tube of Aesop hand cream for my last birthday, and I did use it for a little while, but it was all scent and novelty. The paw paw actually gives results..


I’m exactly like you Mystic in my treatment of my hands, criminal. I work with mine and should wear gloves more often especially when touching concrete. This stuff splits your skin when you’ve only fleetingly touched it & it tends to ‘burn’ them as well. I have thyroid mayhem as well which adds the general dryness of skin all over. Two products I use (but usually wait till there’s pain) are Ellen Jay – The Invisible Glove. 100% all natural ingredients so pure you can smother it on your baby’s bum. It’s can feel like ages for it to soak… Read more »


I’m like you Meowmix, Must have hand cream and lip balm within arms reach at all times esp. here where it gets very hot we have fans on all the time, the A/C unit and it can be windy/sandy. I’ve brought home Biotone massage products from the office so use that as a general moisturizer for the body and hands. Chamomile and Lavender is nice. Just a dab will do ya’ but like Leo Socialite, I use a bit of face cream on the backs of my hands when I do my face just for that little extra. Same as… Read more »


Only Biotone was supposed to be “bolded”……Oh well, learning… 🙂

And, Gemini rising…(the hand thing..)


I have Gemini rising too 🙂

cancerian annie

Neutrogena is the only one that is truly rich & non greasy for me. The anti aging one has a horrible smell and the butter version feels lovely but not nearly as effective as the original.

Cancer sun & moon. I love to cook so wash hands a lot = needing lots of moisturiser!

Leo X too

My poor hands are also my tools of my trade & constsntly thrashed…….
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream give instant results & isn’t greasy…………..& well, if norwegian fisherman use it , it must be good !!!

The Leo Socialite

I think the hands are meant to be imelda marcos? I have that pic in one of my photography books (Leo) and they are meant to symbolise fat and grasping. Revolting nails. The horrid combination of obviously cared for and yet still grasping. I use Nivea face cream on my hands as it is actually more reasonably priced than most hand creams but effective. Before divorce/husband having siphoned half our money into brothel/global financial crisis etc i used Christian Dior hand cream and it is sensational. My friend with gorgeous hands gets restylane injected into them. Effective but costs even… Read more »


Why does your friend get restylane injected into them?

scorpalicious robot

too fill out the wrinkles i would imagine.


Yeah but it’s weird!

scorpalicious robot

yes, well so are some celebrity botoxed faces… hehe


I am obsessive about applying moisturiser and lip balm! I have a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. I love Jurlique’s rose hand cream, but it makes me sneeze! So mostly I use Palmers unsented cocoa butter hand cream. I have eczema and it can be tough finding products that don’t irritate my skin. I have been thinking about trying a Clarins face cream, I want something with SPF that I can wear everyday and I’ve heard they have great ‘sun’ stuff. Most SFP creams sting my face or make me break out. The Body Shop Vitamin E cream with SPF 15… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

Meowmix, the best sunblock/moisturiser in my opinion is Mecca Cosmetica’s own brand “About Face 30+. It’s absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave a greasy film and contains heaps of anti-oxidants.
I used Ultraceuticals for years but since trying Mecca’s i haven’t turned back.
I have fair and sensitive skin too, prone to blemishes but this sunblock is a dream. My skin’s fairly dry too so i wear the sunblock on top of my moisturiser but you can wear it on its own. You can get samples at Mecca too. I never buy anything without trying it first.


Nico, you said ‘our’, so do you work for Aesop? Is it a New Zealand brand? I like the packaging, really appeals to me. My choice is Palmers for body & hands. As my hands are my tools, i take care of them. White pencil under the nail for white tips & french pink varnish, but cannot wear gloves for dishes & garden work also. A good long hand massage is heaven. This i need to do as a warm up before touching a bod & include a hand & foot massage as a bonus for peeps. Start at bottom… Read more »


I use Repechage cause of the seaweed factor in the cremes. But being Leo, I am prone to my toes looking stellar and supreme and bright. I can’t do long fingernails they irritate me, and I keep them short and neat.


Mars & Venus in Gemini here and I thrash my hands too. I just love hands as I have gone on about here before (I find the one above grabbing the dollars a bit weird and unattractive!). I never wear gloves when gardending or cleaning and I’m always doing manual things about the place. Love getting my hands dirty & often get to work, like today, and quickly clean my nails & put some hand cream on. I only use gloves for firewood and putting branches on the burning pile – too many splinters otherwise. I have found the Alchemy… Read more »


anything to not have hands like those in the photo….hands are one of those body parts that my eyes are always drawn to when meeting someone new.


Gathering up the cash from her girls Daveyl…. 😉


that is such a great photo..
and reminded me of the ‘man hands’ episode in Seinfeld..

scorpalicious robot

hehe… great episode. They ALL were!
I have to agree with you though. My eyes are always drawn to hands. Nice hands are incredibly sexy!


I love the Dr. Hauschka rose hand cream — pricey but the fragrance is delicious, in my humble Taurus-ascendant-Scorpio-sun-Capricorn-moon-Venus-in-Sag opinion. You’re right about the tube breakage, though.


I’ve also tried so many! I get really dry hands in the winter and I love the Aesop Hand Balm, gorgeous smell and also really seems to work. I put it on before sleep. I also love the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream for extra-heavy duty going.. I hope this doesn’t sound like an ad! But they are the two products that really work for me..


hey dont you mean Aesop hand cream? I like that new zealand brand… i think its called Linden Leaves


Linden Leaves gets my vote too – my favourite of their hand creams is the hand and nail treatment – it smells great nice and fresh, and it sinks in really quickly. I hate sticky or smeary. Best of all I really like the small sized tubes for the car because I always notice I have dry hands when I am driving.


I definitely agree with you anna.
Linden Leaves is my favourite bodycare brand.
I love the smell of the products and good-looking packaging.
Especially the herbalist hand and nail treatment because my skin is really dry and sensitive and I can’t just use any product because of their ingredients.
I don’t like the sticky feeling either after using some other brands, but that’s not the case with the herbalist hand and nail treatment.
I just love it and you should give it a try!


For deep nut-oil nourishment, and an invigorating aromatherapeutic experience you can’t go past our ‘ressurrection’ hand cream.
so next time you are in that fancy restaurant, or winery and spy that clinically dull packaging….go ahead..give it a go… you will be pleasantly surprised. its my hand balm of choice

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