Astro-Baby; The Astrology Of Family Dynamics

The Jetsons with their maid taking a pictureAll sorts of fascinating astro-relations show up in families. The ones I notice most often are that children tend to have the same Rising Sign as the Sun or Rising of their parents AND strong synastry (inter-chart aspects) involving the karmic Moon’s Nodes. But the Sun sign relations are fun and useful to observe.  Or even just the Elements.

When I was growing up, one of my first astro-observations were my Water Sign cousins. Five of them – all in one family and with Capricorn parents who did not know WHAT had hit them. The Capricorns worked like maniacs to provide every education, sustenance, comfort & security. They were uber-Earth-signs. The two Pisceans, two Scorps and one Cancerian were all towering blue-eyed tornadoes of drama, seances, romance, intrigue, science fantasy, tears, more drama, passion and apparent inability to live via any known earthly routine what-so-ever. Whether the Water Sign children were refusing to touch money, running away to join the Hare Krishnas, adopting elaborate disguises in which to attend a school they were not enrolled at or breeding ravens in the treehouse, they lived by other-worldly rituals that sent the Capricorns mad.

It helps SO much to know that a Cancerian parent WILL go ape if you dislike the food they cooked for you whilst a Gemini would be more likely to be irritated if you failed to pass on good goss. Or, more elegantly, “useful intelligence.” Try a quick analysis of the Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water signs) in your family of origin – see if it fits.

Image: The Jetsons

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Wish Upon a Star

Well, my Virgo brother and sister are twins, My Aquarian mum and brother were born on the same day. My dad and me are the black sheep born a day apart.

I had more in common with my brother (5 planets in Aquarius) and my dad.

The twins were very earthy.


You know how Caps are supposed to get Cap kids and Scorps get Scorp babies? Well, ALLEGEDLY anyhoo… Well,I have a Cap mum. I am a Scorp. I knew 2 ppl born 1 day either side of my birthday, whose mothers had the same birthday as my mother. My ex’s mum’s birthday was the day after mine- she had a daughter whose birthday was 2 days before my mum’s. My friend’s from uni was 3 days before my mum’s. HER mother’s birthday was the day before mine. I could go on… On another hand, when doing the charts of my… Read more »

little fish

I have an older sibling with same birthday, which is also parents’ anniversary, just all different years. 3 Leos in family, and I am Leo rising. Another sibling is Gemini, … and Cap father (most divine father.) Our family history is fascinating and riddled with coincidences, ..or, are they?


My mom’s a Leo and my father’s a Capricorn…and guess what my Rising and Moon signs are? Leo and Cap! (with a Scorp sun). Quite odd. But it does mean that I have the best connection with my Pisces-Aries cusp sister; my mother’s chart is all Fire and Air and while we are best friends there is at times a fundamental difference in worldview…no idea about my dad’s chart though.

taurean alchemist

my parents are both fire signs (mother a triple scAries and father the original Dastardly Leo – with a libra moon), they basically dominated (with all their CRAP) my childhood and that of my two sibs (Cap bro, scorp rising, Pisces sister, Lib rising) so that we are united in feeling quite disconnected from our family of origin, and regretably so. The drama between our parents was so all-consuming that I don’t remember my grandparents and grew up without cousins – only meeting my mother’s cousins as a young adult (at which point my Scorp Granmother had been in a… Read more »

taurean alchemist

ps. I’ve looked into our family charts and there’s LOADS of Mars-Pluto, even in my own children’s generation. My mother has a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo (if she has Cancer rising then this is in her first house!) and Dad has Sun-Pluto in Leo. My sister and I both have Mars in sadge square Pluto, My bro has something similar (plus that scorpio rising makes him very plutonian).

cheshire cap

My sister had Scorp rising but she was the very fair sort of Scorp, like Princess Grace, but it could have been because Venus was on her asc.


Aqua-Mad mother and I share Aries Asc and Cancer Moon. We both have the fire drive, and the need for creature comforts at home. My dad is a Sag, and I have Merc/Venus/Neptune in Sag, which accounts for my really not-quite-scorpionic mercurialism, and my understanding of his life long dream of living on a chinese junk (which changed a few years ago to living on a viking long boat)….. At least I am dire enough to get his Pisces moon! He has a really rather remarkable ability to wallow in the pathos of the world around him. I’ve never looked… Read more »

Luinae "Kataka"

I am my parent’s eldest child. I have Cancer Sun/Taurus Moon/Pisces Rising. The rest of my chart has lots of water, and some more earth. Mum: Scorp Sun/Sagg Rising Da: Taurus Sun/Cap Rising My mum and I get along pretty well. I feel like I can open up to her and stuff. My da and I? NOT so much. Looking at his chart, I can see that he is way too earth sign with me. Makes sense. Also, my 2 sisters and 1 brother. I get along best with Earth-bro and Air-sis then I do with my CRAZY fire-she devil… Read more »


Hi L. Kataka, Babe tell me about your life, LoL. You have the exact same sun,moon,rising as my youngest daughter! In my family, we all have rebel Uranus aspects and lots of Venus and Mars conjs. I’m a cap with moon in aries and libra rising, mars in Taurus. Dad is a cancer with moon in pisces and I think cancer rising, Venus in Gemini, Mars and Merc in Leo. His Jupiter is in Cap . Our oldest son is a Pisces with moon in Cap, Libra rising. Second son is a Gem with Moon and Venus in Taurus, Gem… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

I was the ONLY Fire sign, let alone Leo, in my family and was constantly being told to TONE IT DOWN and that i was not intellectual enough or studious. All I wanted was music and costume and dancing. Oh god it’s the baggage thing in the other post. I see it now.

Pluto Transit Lounge

My 2 brothers and I all have Leo Moons, so we sent our parents broke

They might have done it on their own though: a Pisces + Aquarius pair

lib rising ramzilla

my whole fam all have water moons – mum, dad & sis all pisces, me scorp. ma is scorp sun. can’t see any connections re NN, tho mum & dad’s both cap.

my berloody ma is so so scorpy/watery. sun, merc, venus + saturn in scorp all in the 8th! + pisc moon AND asc. the woman is intense and drives me bats but i can’t help but love her. interesting cos both sis & i understand her (sis & i both have watery moons??) howevs still totally overwhelmed by her emotionality. we’re both fire suns, sis asc is leo.


sooo true!
my mum has a picses rising (SAME AS ME!), my younger bro is a libra with taurean rising my dad an aries with a tauren risingAND the twins are basically in sync with eachother anyway!

unpredictable pisces

this is fascinating, i wish i knew what time my dad was born. i have gem rising and mum is gem sun (and gem stellium). she aqua asc, my dad and sister are aqua. I have mars in aqua. i suspect my dad asc is leo, i have saturn leo

my moon in cap, aquarian sister has cap asc.
will investigate further!


O yeh! Where would my head be without astrology? I have a twin brother & being 8th house Leo suns the whole identity thing is such a trip…parents’ Plutos conjunct our suns was rather INTENSE.


My daughter was born 3 weeks later than medically calculated, while my partner & I fought off well-meaning obstetricians & nervous midwives, trusting she would come when she was ready…& she did!
As a result, her dad, me & her all have Aquarian moons & she was born (Hallelujah the angels sing!)… a Sun conjunct Jupiter Sag with Venus conjunct Saq Asc just in time for Sag Dad’s birthday.
Sag Grandma would expect nothing less…

*When bub & mum share a trine/sextile between a natal mars & a natal jupiter, it facilitates a good birth in a physical sense.

lib rising ramzilla

holy heck. is yr daughter the sag-iest person in the world? wow. there’s a lotta luck with all that jupiter…


She also has Pluto in Sag in the 1st, all other Sag planets are in the 12th. She has Neptune conjunct Moon…living the dream, maybe?! No earth planets might affirm that! She has plenty of Scorpio suss going on too…

one virgo one

This is really interesting… Esp since my Mum is Leo and I have leo rising. You’d think we’d be chalk and cheese but we have a strong bond and almost a sixth sense connection at times. So I checked my kids chart and wow!! My NN at 10′ Gem is exactly the same as my daughter’s sun! I always tell her that I knew it would be her coming long before I was even old enough to have kids – I had her name picked out all ready waiting. Def karmic vibe between us. I see also her brother’s Asc… Read more »


My Cap Saturn on my Mom’s NN. God knows that growing up I felt more the adult at times…

cheshire cap

My sister and I found that it’s not always same signs but can throw to the opposite eg Aries to Libra; Sagg to Gem. Also a strong planet in a parent’s chart can show up in the child’s. Mum was Leo with Cap Moon and Dad was Gem with Virgo Moon. Dad had a strong Venus and both my sister and I have Venus bang on asc but in different signs. Sister Cap/Pisces/Scorp; Me Cap/Sagg/Sagg; brother Aqua/Taurus/Sagg; brother Gem/Scorp/Cap

cheshire cap

and late husb was Virgo/Cancer/Sagg. Kids are Virgo/Pisces/Sagg; Pisces/Cancer/Aqua; Gem/Cap/Leo; Taurus/Gem/Gem; Virgo/Sag/Aries.


Five kids Chesie?

You one busy gal…. 😉


My family of origin was 2x Earth, 2x Air & 1 Water

My parents were Mum (sun) Earth + (Rising) Water & Dad Water + Earth

I have Air+ Water, brother has Earth + Earth & sister has Air+ Water.

fluid feline

My Asc is the exact degree my father’s Sun in Pisces and my daughter’s Asc is the exact degree her father’s Sun in Scorp. Both my kids have NN in the 11th house (mine in 5th) and my son’s is in Kataka, same as mine. Daughter’s NN in Virgo opp her father’s NN in Pisces. Daughter’s Moon conjunct my Jupiter in Taurus. Her Jupiter in Pisces conj my Asc. Son’s Venus conj my Sun in Leo. Son’s Mercury conj my Moon in Kataka. Ex-hb (and father of children) Asc exact degree of my Sun in Leo (and our son’s Venus).… Read more »


My daughter’s Sagg Moons conj. my Jupiter (and Ceres) in Sagg, ff. Think that’s lovely and like to think I have just tons and tons of huge Jupiterian love to give them…Do you feel that way about you and your daughter as well?

fluid feline

Absolutely Sweetpea! At first glance you would think our charts very different cause she has 4 planets together in Aqua, and I only have one air planet, Venus in Gem, but no, ours is an easy relationship and am totally blessed to have her (both of them actually).


Both my parents are Leo’s and my south node is Leo, plus I have Merc in Leo so can rave on like one when necessary – useful as a child when needing to be heard by parents who are astrologically predisposed to not listen all that well. Mum and daughter both have Gemini moons and I have the Gem rising. Daughter and I have amazingly strong synastry – both water signs, Saturn conjunct Asc, Pluto opp Asc and Sun in 1st House. Actually Sun in 1st house composites appear often in my relationship. Astro is incredibly detailed and accurate information,… Read more »


“double Bull ex has north node”…..

My Piscean/Leo Moon Iranian past life love had his SN and Venus on my Moon in 8th. Don’t get me started Prowlin’ …. 🙂


yeah it’s amazing isn’t it? It’s not like I sat around plotting my daughter’s exact birthdate or manufacturing the chemistry that was there between me and the ex before we got together due to knowledge of his natal chart!


“The ones I notice most often are that children tend to have the same Rising Sign as the Sun or Rising of their parents AND strong synastry (inter-chart aspects) involving the karmic Moon’s Nodes”…. Totally yes Mystic! My grandaughter’s Gemini rising is the same degree as mine….26… Her LIbra Sun is exactly conjunct my NN… Her Mom, my daughter’s Sun, conj. our Ascendants as is my youngest daughter’s Draconic Gemini Sun! Feels just crzy/wndrfull that I saw my grandaughter being born and that when she popped out it was exactly on my Asc and conj. my NN. Just can’t get… Read more »

year of the fox


i’m Libra w/ saggo rising. Sis is Fish w/ Aqua rising. Both of us scorp moons.
That’s gotta be karmic right there.

Dad was Cancer w/ Aries rising & mom Cap w/ Taurus rising.

dreaming cow

My dad was a taurus (I am taurus, taurus rising)

but we clashed! he wanted a pretty, homey girly girl who married the ‘right’ (that is a rich farm boy) boy – he was not really interested in intellectual/career achievements but liked a woman in a skirt – we did not get each other for a long time – but i nursed him for the last three months of his life and we both discovered that i was much more like his ideal than either of us realised – was special, very healing – i love my dad xxxx

unpredictable pisces

i am so happy to hear that there was healing DC, xo

Cap in transit

My daughter and I have each other’s sun and rising signs – she’s cancer sun and cap rising and I’m cap sun and cancer rising. Being 11 now, we’re just figuring out the dramas and delights of this intense, but pretty great, connection we have together. In my family of origin it was Gemini mum, Pisces dad, Saggitarian brother and me – I always felt like the moral highground and was the only one who cooked, budgeted, did the washing, etc. In MY family it is me Cap, husband Aries, daughter, Cancer and son, Aquarius (but he well holds his… Read more »


wierd, i was just looking up reincarnation books and there are books about the moons nodes and relationship to it!


I don’t know the exacts of my family’s charts, or most of their signs actually (we’re not very close, except for me and my mom), but I do know that my dad is a Gemini-Cancer and that I have a Gemini moon. My mom is a saggo (through and through despite our chronic condition!) but I have nothing in sag as far as I know. However, I am a virgo and so my mother and I really open each other’s worlds up when we speak and we’re insanely close. I have no cancerian in my chart either, if that’s what… Read more »

fluid feline

Lesly you can get them for free on Astrodeinst – see link on left. You can still get charts for birthtime unknown if you don’t have their time of birth.


Ooh, I forgot I could do it anyway! Good idea, thanks! I’ll have to report back.


Okay, so I am a Virgo with a virgo moon, and my mom is a sag with a sag moon. Huh. She also has mars in virgo, so that’s pretty interesting. I can never remember the year my dad was born (we’re not close), unfortunately.


yep – my rising is the same as my father and brother’s sun.

cheshire cap

It was family dynamics that got me into astro years ago. My sister and I were skeptical about astrology so decided to do research because we figured that if astro was accurate, it had to run parallel to genetics. We were amazed at the results.

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