Astro-Baby: Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children

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New Age Child Guide Doreen Virtue

The other day I was meandering around & decided to go in to see a psychic. It feels a bit silly as i can do my own divination but it’s fab to have someone ELSE doing it for one. In fact, I saw three psychics in three days. I blame the Eclipse and the Scorpio Sex Academic. Actually, it was fascinating. Although, i was disturbed to hear that the Uranian has apparently had his soul snatched.

For one of them, my Gemini daughter and i wound up in front of this lovely lady who said – unprompted, this was excellent, that i was bringing the “old ways” to a new audience via a new medium. That’s what raving on about mugwort & Venus will get you. People can smell it. But this Glebe psychic was staring at my daughter and saying “she’s a crystal child…” I used to get this all the time with my son – “he’s an indigo” and i sort of see it as de rigeur in New Age circles.

So as we’re leaving the shop, i turn to my Gemini and ask how she feels re being a “crystal child” et al. She glared at me with all the scorn a nine year old can muster and said “You paid her money, she wasn’t exactly going to say I am a cockroach child, was she?” I thought that was quite amusing.

But, parents, do you think the Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow child New Agie stuff is genius or a load of drivel?  I don’t know enough about it to totally diss it, though the theories re autism seem a bit suss. The idea of a new master race of highly evolved spirits IS quite appealing, I suppose…But still…

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46 thoughts on “Astro-Baby: Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children

  1. I have been called an Indigo Child 3 times in my life – each of them by a psycic or medium. Saying how i am naturally drawn to the paranormal and how i have a strong spirit and strong connections to teh spiritual world. But i dont know…. I think that every child has the power to change the world, humanity and even themselves which afetr all is the greatest power of them all – so are we ALL indigo/crystal/rainbow children??!?!

  2. hmmm whilst I’m no fan of fluffy duffy new agey philosophy on the whole, I have to say that I think there is something to the indigo idea, mainly because when I first came across it a few years back I could identify completely with the description of indigo children. That was me to a tee and I don’t say that in an attempt to glamourise myself either, since I found the experiences that resulted very difficult to handle as a child and thus, like many I suspect, just shut down and denied it.

    These gifts, if you want to call ’em that, don’t come with an instruction book, are erratic and do require training and honing just like anything else in order to become useful. For me that’s required getting humble enough to admit I don’t have all the answers and no idea how to use them properly either. I have no explanation as to their purpose tho’ I very much doubt it has anything to do with master races and more to do with being helpful to others.

  3. Objectifying the little beasts into colors and gems is just a way to market children to narcissistic parents. It’s an excellent marketing ploy.

  4. The whole indigo thing makes me roll my eyes very hard. It sounds like people are trying to make their kids just toooooo speshul.

    As for Doreen Virtue, she is SO not my kind of person at all, but darn it if those darn angel decks of hers don’t work really well. Wouldn’t have tried one had I not gone to a psychic and she used them, but now I get why: they are very blunt about what to do compared to say, tarot.

  5. I’ve read about this some years back, and it seemed absolutely idiotic.

    and then i met a child that would fit that “crystal” category, and it was amazing. Communication was easy without words, tho she started talking to me a bit, which made me feel more comfortable. It was a child like any other in many respects, of course, but there was such a loveliness and care and openness, and the eyes were literally conveying more than could be said.

    So now I think that maybe there is something to it…

  6. Interesting topic! It seems to link in with the 2012 shift in consciousness.. Some of the young children I work with are incredible – not precocious either, have often suspected a few in particular to be Crystals. Spoke to someone from Essential Energies who knows the ins and outs of Starchildren, etc. Fascinating.. When it comes to ADD (most cases) and Starkids, personally I think it’s just society blocking their potential. Think I told him he had a purple aura once too!

  7. yeah with you all on this indigo shite. Tried to read a book abt it but yep perfect for over protective, over compensating parents. Let kids be themselves and stop over analyzing everything. I go by the Montessori idea that we are just their guides and thats it.

  8. UP, settle down & don’t throw the baby with the bath water!
    Pack it all up, say thank you,put away & save for say 6 months.
    You will have found you have learnt much (by Osmosis maybe)?

    Doreen Virtue is very fluffy. I like my Occult that is Kind & Kick’s Ass.
    Caroline Myss would ‘slice her like a muffin’ for ‘channelling & charging’.
    Best two Healers i met were Native Shamans, more impressive than the New Agie
    Blondes with blue contact lenses, wearing white.
    We have a White Lady Funeral Parlour here. The women wear white, have blue eyes &
    wear white hats & suits. Doreen started a trend with that manufactured look.
    Just found my Lillith is on Aquarius.
    And Chiron is in Scorps….knew i have a Scorpie SOMETHING somewhere:)

    Keep your crystals, go wash them in clear spring water or cover them in salt for a day or so.
    They need clearing, Hun.

  9. I have really only started to read some of doreen Virtue books in the last couple of years, and i find some of her stuff resonates and others seems to be reaching a bit, I like her new oracle deck, it was given to me, don’t know if i would have bought it, that said I really do enjoy it and its quite simple as a focus for shifting stuff~ The Indigo crystal thing i’m not too sure about as well, i was told i was ‘Indigo before its time’ and my children, both Indigo and crystal, but I feel chinese year and astrology more accurate, perhaps thats just a frame of reference more familiar to me?

  10. I realised this morning that I am becoming a bit of a cynic about the whole new age thing including tarot, crystals, clairvoyants, and the rest, to the pint where I have just decided to give away all my books about higher self thingies, crystals, everything. it’s just mental and physical clutter. (big call for a pisces!)

    It’s massive money and time eater (for me to date), and I have decided that nothing is ever revealed to me that I really couldn’t figure out for myself with a quiet evening and some introspection / daydreaming – or didn’t already know in my heart of hearts.

    so that’s my slightly brutal assessment, altho knowing me i might change my mind next week. might. xx

    • I think there is a time in your life when you learn to totally trust yourself.
      A part of activating your inner power centres and radiating ‘all that is you’ entails dropping pretty much all other modalities and finding your own. Once you do that you can pick things up again, later. The right ones come back to you eventually and you deal with them in a totally different way.

      of course this doesn’t include MM astrology 😕

      • yeah that’s it D, it’s like i’ve been relying on external stuff over internal guidance. or at least as much as. Like UV said below (and pegasus) other things that suit will come back later on, but right now it’s just more stuff to have to pack up and carry around… time i move house etc…right now i want to listen to myself more and not other people/things.

        and of course MM astro is much more than astro …it’s food for the mind 🙂

        • I reckon you’re on the right track too UP. The map is not the territory. Tarot and crystals et al are tools, not the source. The same information can come from within if you are prepared to humble yourself, ask and sit quietly to listen … ie meditation and prayer. I have gone through phases of giving up the accoutrements as well, particularly when I’ve noticed myself getting overly obsessive or attached to them, or when I’ve noticed an underlying motivation to extert control creep into my usage of them.

    • I can relate UP. I went through a kind of Buddhist phase where I shunned any kind of magic. It didn’t hurt, I suppose. But during my Pluto square in my mid thirties, after I’d been through some rough crap, I was totally drawn to things that would hone my insight and intuition, 2 things you can never have too much of.

      First, I developed this major crystal obsession and began to compulsively collect stones. I don’t believe for a minute that they do the stuff the new age books say they do eg. balance your hormones, cleanse your kidneys etc, but they have beautiful qi and I can’t keep my hands off them. Stones and plants – fab qi.

      Then slowly back into tarot and a weird, cathartic owl experience threw me into astro.

      And this week, with the eclipse in my 8th, I discovered I have Circe conjunct my Lilith, moon and n node in naughty Aries, which basically confirms I’m a witch.

      There’s a ton of New Age balderdash out there, so I don’t blame you. Best to be selective.

        • I so knew you were a witch, CC. And I like the way you’re ears point to the moon.

          All that Aries moon action trines my Sagg rising and my early Virgo Sun and Merc.

          • My Circe is conj Alpha Tauri’s Venus….maybe I bewitched him….I have been known to transform him into an animal, in the nicest possible way 😆

      • oops forgot to mention astrology in me comment above regarding method in the madness… haha sorry. the sun was hiding at the time! guess i think of astro as hard data more than as ‘wierd’ hocus-pocus

        my old work was a finance place & my boss was a capricorn. i told him at the start of the year that his finances would experience an upturn after march. you guys will know why, i merely read it in the astro in the paper. now, the area of my chart that was sposed to be affected was friends and playing well with others, so i can understand his cynicism, but The Market did turn round in march, just nowhere near as fast as my boss would’ve liked. a talking head on tv at the time said ‘the financial situation is so unpredictable that the astrologers seem almost as reliable as the analysts!!’ hehe sigh, what can you do?

  11. Yeah, I was born with those sort of cockeyed so-called gifts and if it doesn’t freak me out it’s freaking someone else. I’m not crystal, indigo or fuqing rainbow. These gifts flash in and out when a person is least expecting it and are never there when they’d be really helpful. As a kid I’d sort of watch people, receiving data and be told it was rude to stare. I thought everyone did it, felt it, so it came as I shock when I realised they didn’t. I still unconsciously do it sometimes and am asked why I’m looking at whoever like that. Consciously I can tune it out. It’s not a gift!

    • and one can never talk about it except for places this because people either think you’re pretending to be special or that you’re just wacko….rant over

    • thanks cheshire cap

      drats, though, that’s so not what i wanted to hear! i was hoping to one day maybe recover whatever i might’ve lost from childhood? if anything? i was also hoping the things you describe don’t have to be chaotic like you describe. but maybe my current state is the extent of my possible indigo-ness?

      if that’s true i’m f*ed lol

  12. lol lexicorn – sensing anything now?

    i don’t have kids so i should get off this thread but i have heard psychic people say that they could see stuff when they were little and they somehow ‘learned not to’ or what have you. they learned it was unusual and stopped letting themselves do it, or something.

    i’d like to think all kids come straight from the source!

  13. As previously posted – I am having a day of TOTAL intolerance for stupid people, so… I apologise… But.. Can Doreen Virtue just SHUT THE FUQ UP. I mean honestly – does anyone really buy her insane ramblings?
    And, you know, maybe I am one of those late 70s slew of Indigo Children, or maybe I’m just a Capricorn with Virgo rising but, come on:
    “Indigo Children can sense dishonesty, like a dog can sense fear. Indigos know when they’re being lied to, patronized, or manipulated.”
    Yeah Doreen – I’m sensing it right now as I folk out $30 bucks for another pack of yr made-in-korea-in-a-sweat-shop Angel Cards dripping with the wet, saccharine prose of a teen mushroom muncher.

  14. Oh, apparently, if your kid has a big forehead & doesn’t like their veges, they MUST be an indigo- yeah right!
    I could garble about this for yonks, having tried to find SOMETHING in the whole indigo trip that didn’t seem …off colour (lol)
    The positive stuff is that information pertaining to it shines light on learning/teaching methods- visual-spatial learning is more effective than auditory learning etc etc…
    It also encourages awareness of how to not jam up our offsprings’ innate psychic openness etc/ basically recognising that raising consciousness is healthier than lowering or stifling it-common sense.
    “Beyond the Indigo Children” by P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. for if you need a book on it.

  15. any excuse for a parent to think their child is ‘special’, don’t like the indigo child concept, they can be aholes as much as we were, I think your daughter was probably spot on with her assessment of the reading.

    • I’m with you David, I believe the whole thing is more to do with parents wanting their kids to be special in ways they’re not… part of this ‘hothouse parenting’ trend and the socio-cultural ideology of ‘childhood as sacred’ that has been growing out of proportions in the past two decades (perhaps as an extension of the cult of youth/beauty/eros).

  16. I swear your daughter is like a mini Dorothy Parker.

    As for Indigo, Crystal etc palaver, it’s likely wishful thinking. The current and coming generations of littlies are going to HAVE to be special to clean up the unholy mess the world is in and get us back to the garden.

    I will say though, my nieces and nephews are a vast improvement on my generation, who if born in the sixties were what? the psychedelic children/ the pucci purple children. Seventies? the poo brown children. Eighties? the fluoro children etc etc

    • surely the 80s kids would be Hypercolour children.
      I’d love to see the book on the 70s
      ‘mustard, khaki and poo-brown children. A guide to the remarkably apathetic and highly socially awkward generation of young people’

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