9 thoughts on “Astro-Addicted

    • hahahahahahaha, very funny SSs.

      wouldn’t have been any point denying himself for a long and healthy old age anyway!

  1. Ahhh, a man after my own heart..except the dieting. His music helped change the world, for the better. If I need to ‘warm up’ wifey, I just put on some JL or Marvin Gaye, works every time.

  2. Know that you are unwell Mystic, just thought i’ll let you know that the passwords for daily/weekly scopes are not working….
    take your time to fix them and get better soon.

  3. I’m hoping the dieting was a health-conscious thing and not a body-conscious thing. Could you imagine John Lennon being afraid to wear a bathing suit?

  4. Funyy cuz Joni Mitchell said she originally did her gigs so she could pay for her nicotine habit!