A Strong Sort Of Neptunian Weirding?!

Mermaid Surreal ArtStanislav Szukalski

You know, I sort of thought of this a few weeks ago & then promptly forgot about it. Or slithered away from it. Such  is the nature of Neptune. Yes, Neptune…Ruler of Pisces, gold, glamour, oil, lies, the old ways, mystique, film, the craft, acting, spiritual love, ghosts and illusion…amongst other things.  But Neptune is quincunxing (another tricky thing – it’s a strange aspect) this New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Had forgotten all about it until i was at the dentist today with just a teensy bit of of gas & completely wigged – was convinced that i was slipping away into another dimension & then that, even though I could see, that my eyes were not open. Was weird & totally Neptunian. And so then i started thinking how there has been Neptunian Weirding all over the shop, in the run-up to this Eclipse. Even my plumbing is acting up. And I mean totally HAMMING it up – gurgling pipes, loos that overflow one minute and then are mysteriously dry the next sort of thing.

For the last three days all my conversations have been madly Neptunian. Everyone I know is compulsively drinking wine, visiting psychics and/or feeling ultra spooked out but in the very fluid & ethereal Neptune/Pisces way. One minute your agoraphobic, vowing not to visit the mall because you don’t think you can stand the bright lights and coarse Qi. The next you are at the casino drinking martinis and pondering liposuction. Like we are always Liz Taylor – all ages, dimensions and facets.

Magritte Reverse MermaidMagritte: Reverse Mermaid.

And the hypnogogic dreams, yearnings for what cannot be had, spiritual stirrings are all sooo poignant. Even as Saturn – thank you – carps cheerily along toward the September opposition with Uranus in which we are all supposed to totally get our admin & life structure together even whilst we individuate & be fabulous…What to do???

Well, it’s always happy hour somewhere in the world, lol. Seriously, the epsom salts baths are always brill for this sort of intense psychic time (a Solar Eclipse in the already mystical sign of Cancer with Neptune involvement is officially intense + it’s trine Uranus) so stay grounded. It’s a fab time for divination, mucking about with crystals & meditation etc. Just go easy on the dental gas and associated Neptunian substances. Mind you, practically fuqing anything can be a Neptunian substance under such circumstances. My Cancerian/multi-Leo teenage son made himself ill the other night trying to snort salt (i know) on the table to look cool.


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59 thoughts on “A Strong Sort Of Neptunian Weirding?!

  1. Thanks for great post Mystic & interesting pictures. As ruler of Pisces is Neptune also associated with the feet? Love hearing the hilarious antics of your Cancer/Leo son. Snorting salt! There are some excellent nasal sprays around made from just salty water, but not that concentrated!

  2. I’m skating along without a care in the world – am I the only one not feeling affected by anything?!?!? Hopefully I haven’t just jinxed myself!

    • No plumbing issues here either.

      I have been having a very weird day though. Just travelled home from the city, thinking the light / sunset this afternoon is absolutely stunning and making everything look so pretty.

      I feel decidedly weird, like I am on drugs. The whole day seemed to just flow by in a matter of minutes…

      • Not plumbing issues, but the electrical wiring in the house has just gone awol. The downlights aren’t working in the hallway and kitchen area. Great!!! Two weeks away from “open for inspection” commencement. Panic? Moi??

  3. Had no idea Neptune produced plumbing issues. My poor neighbor has been having a terrible plumbing issue, I too, had a much less serious one but it seems to be resolving. Also, explains all my wacky dreams and cravings for weed -which I’ve gave up quite a while ago.
    Would this also imply, though, that this is a good time for hypnotherapy? I’ve recently started.

  4. Last night I went to have a shower & the water was stone cold – checked the hot water tank thingy & it was cold, weird as there was no way I used that much water yesterday! Woke up extra early to go shower at my brother’s place & call a plumber & lo & behold I have hot water again.Neptune, you messin’ with mah head

  5. The half fish/women pix made me sad for a moment when I saw it. Reminded me of my Cancerian daughter for some reason but then this eclipse affects her Sun in 8th….Her Sun opp. my Moon 8th. She is my baby..Oh dear, I’m gushing but she was always my cling on and came to me out of body as a child and said “I have a stomach ache”. How appropriate for a Cancerian…And, I DID protect her from aliens…Remember guys?

    “Snorting salt”…Dear God Mystic…..

    I did not have a son and can’t imagine lol…but then my Gem Sun, Sagg Moon, Virgo rising daughter said she took acid on grad nite and thought everyone’s face was melting….Oh the things they tell you after safely 18 or so…

    WASN’T going to confess here on the blog, but on the way home from daughter’s b-day last night, passing by one of the casino’s that I had not banned myself from. DID gamble for a bit and had some cigs…Ah, was fun…Had a thrill but today threw cigs out and last night when left after dropping a few hundred thought “so this is why you don’t do this dead end street anymore”…Nope I don’t…But was fun and good reality check…
    No Martini’s tho, not even a diet coke…

    Speaking of Neptune, natal is trine Pisces MC…

    • hey SP – remember I told you the BEST thing I EVER did was divorce my ex boyfriend Peter Stuyvesant??

      you can do it babe.
      as you can also flick the gamble….you’re in transisition.
      strength to you woman!!
      the fact you raised it, even be it here – shows you STRONGLY desire perm divorce from both Casinos & cigs. lots of love xox 😉 xox

      • Thanks RLP,

        Maybe divorcing him was pre my attendance here but will look him up. Is he googleable? he,he..

        Yeah, no biggie now really with cigs and gaming.. Was just fun in the moment, that’s all. But WAS a part of my life for two years (the gambling… and the cigs 14 …I mean we gotta come to a place where we need to ask “do I want to die from this?” At least I did..At my age now I don’t want to fathom walking around with an oxygen tank. Like you told TA that she deserves better, my kids do also…Responsibility is the key to my health at this point)

        And what I put the Pisces down for (gambling), he’s had his dysfunctions and me, mine. So sad. We healing this world, but maybe and hopefully, joyously in the long run. Inspiriation uplifts all…

        Thanks Doll…xo

  6. Oooooh, it all becomes clear now, I’m riding a Neptunian wave and it’s totally tubular dude!!!! Just hope I don’t wipe out.

  7. Apparently even the astronauts in space are having trouble with the plumbing on the space shuttle at the mo.. Neptune?

  8. insert Twighlight Zone music here: just peeked Mystic site while on the phone to the plumber – as I went to do the dishes this morning as my dishwasher is playing up and I’ve run out of hot water!!!!! Bizairre! Also, I discovered a Real Estate Valuation pamphlet on said Pisces non-commital fire fighters kitchen table the other night. Even though he was well marinated with half a cask of red wine he could not look me in the eye when I queried him about it. Was a secret he enjoyed keeping…. I will miss him but he doesn’t have the same allure for me anymore – am feeling very tired of his stuck in the mudness and I want someone my own age to play with… Oh Mystic, I had the most HORRIBLE nightmare last night, dreamt my fav 12 year old blonde headed cousin was abducted from a party and murdered in some cold, lonely bushland. Ohhhh. Time for bright sunshine and warm bubble baths….

  9. hey Mystalicious – is the Neptune weirding include the Uranian resurfacing?

    Snorting salt, LMAO!!
    gfrnd gave me a bag of Magnesium & joked should leave it out for one of my Ex’s Tehehehehehehe…….

  10. Interesting – have had issues with electricals the last day or so: my car battery spontaneously died (and revived itself) last night whilst on the phone to the roadside assist line. And I fried a travel hairdryer by forgetting to turn it to the right voltage before powering up. This after a month of dying blackberries, phones and laptops.

    Looking forward to a salt bath and sleep. And, ok, maybe a little glass of vino too. Deliciousness.

  11. I think electrical stuff always comes back to your personal energy. I have snapped jewellery on fingers – patricularly at the conclusion of relationships, wiped out most electrical devices (once the entire house) and have a knack for shutting down computer systems. Once blew a light out above my boss’s head and had the entire thing come crashing down on his desk after a particularly revolting exchange! He called me a witch, lol, but due to his lack of belief in anything he couldnt see was unable to prove such a scurrilous accustion, tee hee.
    Salt bath is a great idea…

    • Aqua Fey, I think it’s an Aqua energy thing. I have an Aqua friend who has blown out so many light bulbs in her bedroom that she doesn’t even bother replacing them anymore.

      • Oh! This is so true – it;s happened to me lots in the past. Many years ago I used to work at a cafe, and if I had a particularly bad exchange with a snotty customer or colleague I’d find glasses would spontaneously crack or shatter in my hands. Quite scary at the time!

      • hmm. I have Mars Aquarius and can blow light bulbs if in the right mood.

        I have to be reeeeeaaaaaaallly cranky though and be verbalising and projecting it……

    • I have that too, I call it extreme electrical strangeness. Can you hear them talking to you? (I know asking that sounds crazy, but I’m not schitzo, I promise.)

  12. this week I said goodbye (my decision) to penny=pinching, narcissistic fella who broke my new hairdryer!! …and always left taps dripping, and didn’t wipe up after using my bathroom. No regrets. Feeling stronger too. Don’t let me go back, guys.

    • good on you little fish. New Moon’s not too far away, no turning back now… swim upstream.

      Oooh yeah, what is the tap-dripping, penny-pinching, narcissistic fella’s astro?

    • So funny that a narcissist broke your hair-dryer. Says it all really. And as for not celaning up after using ys bathroom, GRRRR. Lifes too short, I don’t care how fab the bedworkwas.

      Swim upstream, l’il fish. Better hunting there

  13. Hey! Great meeting you on the wkend, such a cool mum! Is Aquarpio right about the hypnosis? Am doing a regression hopefully within the month.
    Salt ay…

  14. My computer has been slow & wirelessness is dropping out and it’s rarely been like this. Mobiles have been haywire today as well.

    After mid-morning today I’ve felt a strange sense of calmness (no stimulants involved). I don’t understand this especially after all that’s been going on of late.

  15. Well I have been feeling stoned all day – and i am not. And I had the most profound feeling that it was okay, desirable even, for me to let go and let a higher power guide me. This is NOT how i usually think.

  16. Oh and mystic did you choose that picture because of the Easter Island heads around the base of it? You mentioned the immortality elixir or something being found on easter island the other day?

  17. thank god i read this- didnt know what was going on, assumed it was the eclipse but the neptune vibe is so strong…feel a bit flakey and out of it, but the lead up to the eclipse is getting good for me now, im trying to stay pretty non resistant because i feel like im just being sucked into my new life. sounds passive, but its like ive already done all the work, all the intention, all the direction and action. now i just need to ride the wave in… tres apt for the neptune aspect that mystic has so perfectly described…

    hope the dark moon’s not dragging peeps into the undertow…

    • hey good work saggigal. a time for paddling and a time for surfing ! 🙂 and a time for sitting out the back flicking water at your mates and talking crap.

  18. Hehe love this.

    My uber-Cancerian mum just told me she has lined up appointments with THREE psychics for the coming weeks and is being kicked out of her home by her landlord (well asked to leave since the landlord wants to move back in).

    Interestingly her sun and moon are at the EXACT same degree, so she was born inside the belly of the heart of the new moon.


    I have just finished reading ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ all about hyno-regression therapy and have been hankering after being regressed myself, googling regression therapists but know I can’t do it due to lack of funds. Blerch.

    Love how spot on Mystic is, and also love the fact that I am tapped into the energies and can share it all with you peeps. Sorry Neptunian weirding out on you all.

    • HI Lark, are you in Sydney or Canberra? I know of a woman who trains people & is based in Canberra but often comes to Sydney & asks for ‘guinea pigs” for the trainees. I did it once, was quite effective.

  19. I’ve had a lot of repressed memories coming out of the woodwork and explaining themselves to me in the past few days. I’ve definitely found a deeper understanding of a lot of the destructive tics I’ve had, why they were destructive, why they’re there. I’ve been doing a lot of self-therapy because of it, just accepting things and understanding that they were a part of my life, but they don’t have to control my life. I also had an intense several hours long cry last night re my chronic illness and I feel much better for it. It had been a long time coming and I finally just let loose and broke down on my floor for some time, then I channeled it all into some creative endeavors. I’ve always wondered if chronic illnesses/diseases play into astrology in any way. I know my ibs/acid reflux definitely goes with being a virgo, my poor intestines/stomach! Haha.

  20. Also, my mom’s car’s air conditioner has been on the fritz the past few days! Hopefully it’ll be fixed for goodsies now that we finally have some hot weather in my neck of the woods!

  21. jusy woke up.
    the penny pincher is a saggi/saggi/saggi.
    won’t ever go there again.
    thanks for the support everyone.x

    • Very interesting little fish. Triple Saggo… eeeek! The LOW END Saggo can be all largess & expansion… but only when it pertains to them. I have found some of them to be MIGHTILY inconsiderate (or interested) in the needs of those around them, selfish & greedy. Its all about them. This is a LOW end trait of course; many lovely HIGH end traits of Saggo as we all know. Good luck to you little fish.

      • yes, very interesting indeed. I just caught up with my Gemini friend on the weekend who’s having problems with her 50 year old Capricorn boyfriend, moon in Pisces, Merc, Venus and Mars in Sagg!!

        They’ve been dating for a year and she still doesn’t feel secure. I suggested it could be HER issues (she has Cancer rising and moon in Libra) and she’s aware of that but still can’t handle the fact that he’s always surrounded by women and has to be out every night.

        My advice was for her to chill out and see if anything improves post eclipse. You can’t change anybody and if he’s 50 and hasn’t settled down by now, he’s hardly likely to change his spots now.

      • yup. in my experience low sagg behaviour does include being a tight-arse but at the same time telling everybody how generous they are!! LOL

      • thanx Nat, there were lots of low-end traits staring me in the face. I was flattered initially. He was too good to be true. (he told me how good he was all the time)

    • Little fish, the penny pincher must have a very afflicted Jupiter. Sagges aren’t normally mean, often live beyond their income and have full credit cards.

  22. Had a really weird incident last night.
    I was thinking about my first boyfriend (who I was friends with and we recently had a falling out). I was ponderign whether I was being ridiculous and should contact him for his birthday… its the first time that I haven’t called him for his birthday in a decade.
    Without warning, I threw up. Into the garden.
    So I guess I wont be calling him.
    I also hadn’t swum in almost a month cos I had injured my roter cuff (shoulder). Got back in the pool and it felt goooooood.

    • OMG, that’s amazing. Something similar happened to me last night too. I was eating my dinner and had an overwhelming feeling that i was about to throw up.
      I was eating smoked trout. I sat there for a few seconds thinking “surely this fish can’t be off… it’s smoked, cooked and vacuum packed?” made a vege salad after that and i was fine. Weird.

      • That’s making me feel _slightly_ better about the incident.
        I was completely weirded out byit and went straight to bed.
        Wierd dream happened… but that is nothing new at this point…
        Was it the fish?
        Where you thinking about something in particular?

        • Damn, i wish I had paid more attention to what I was thinking but I was more concerned about losing my precious dinner and having to make something else. I just realised I’ve been quite prone to nausea lately. Last time it was a turkey sandwich which never came up either but I stopped going to that sandwich place just in case.

          Recently when I was on hols in Noosa during the full moon eclipse I felt a huge wave of emotion and burst into tears for no reason but I did get a sense that my life was about to change in a big way. I got the astro query from mystic and the New moon eclipse is in my house of love. I am so due in that dept.!! Tomorrow night I’m going to an industry award night and I was planning on celebrating the eclipse with a few drinks but nots so sure it’s such a good idea considering how ultra sensitive I am right now.

          • oh that would be so wonderful Chesh. How cool would it be to say you met on a new moon solar eclipse!
            Maybe you’re right to go the celebration. I have the following day off anyway. So i’ll be able to sleep off any adverse reactions to alcohol beverages.

        • I’ve had lots of nausea since Sunday. No actual throwing up. This morning, chugged down multivitamins, fish oil, iron tab and two glucoseamine (for bones and joints) and went off on my morning walk. The Melb sky looked very ominous before some lovely shades on pink appeared to tinge the clouds.

          20 mins later the cocktail of pills was not sitting well. Managed to distract myself with becoming horrendously busy getting me and 2 kids ready for school n work whilst chatting to the handyman about my need for a qualified electrician to fix up the downlights. Life is mad. But, weirdly, I’m really enjoying it. Mystic’s blog and her “Daily Mystic” have really helped me get a grip throughout a time when I would have otherwise wigged out.

          Also, I had a weird out-of-body experience on gas at the dentist when I was in my early teens. It has never left me, but years later, it is mainly just an impression of “entering another dimension”. It changed me. Made me aware that there is much, much more about than this physical reality.

          • Ms Motown, a cocktail of pills or the really massive multi-vitamin capsules always makes me hurl. I don’t do it anymore. One at a time now.

            Your out-of-body experience sounds like a gas… hehe

  23. Thank you Mystic – now I know why I’ve been feeling so out of it over the past few days! I spent Saturday in a complete state of disconnection – so many crazy things happened, with flashes of insight, and then almost total removal from reality – I thankfully sussed and went straight onto rosehip tea during a boozy lunch…
    Saturday I also felt ill after gorgeous lunch, and my friend threw it all up – we know it wasn’t the food, we’d had a huge shock as a friend of ours had a massive accident, so we figure it was reaction. I also have noticed my appetite is greatly reduced, feel full after only a few bites of food, and I can see wight dropping off me! I am also less and less inclined to eat meat, even tho I love it! AND I am also nauseous frequently throughout the day – I was attributing it to stress…. but Neptune can also be roped into getting some blame now!
    I hate feeling flaky, weepy and disconnected, so roll on whatever is next, and me coming back to earth, feeling strong, and moving forward!

  24. look after yourself postmodernscorp. try to have lots of light snacks every 3-4hrs, even if it’s just a bite. almonds, apple, slivers of parmesan on vita weets.
    I lost my appetite due to stress and that did the trick, (as well as removing the object of my stress!!)take care.

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