Astro-Gaga: What Sign Is Ferris Bueller?

Ferris Bueller in the shower

I was  just reading that the house featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is up for sale & including – obviously – the amazing Ferrari garage overlooking the ravine that featured in the ‘you canned the car’ scene. If you don’t know what I am talking about, apologies but i adored this movie sooo much & weirdly, so do my kids. But sign is Ferris???  I’m thinking total Pisces…

Ferris Bueller garage Ferrari sportscar

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Ferris is a Leo to the T only a Leo or ( some Gemini) could pull off Ferris in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and to have the whole school and City fundraising for his false illness and rallying for him. Leo
Libra are not the great executors or doers. Nor will they manipulae that greatly on such a deep level especially a friend Cameron -Virgo to go against his upbringing home steal his father’s pride and joy car and ultimately destroys car. Libra has scales seek Justice and harmony never perfect they are air and more humanitarian.


clearly a gemini, hes witty and smart, good actor and the social butterfly at school, its screaming gemini

unpredictable pisces

omg! i was thinking pisces too. i mean not cos i’m pisces. but just because. he thinks school is lame and cant take it seriously. in fact any authority is a joke. my vote is that he’s one of the charismatic pisceans with a bit of chutzpah. they do exist somewhere. maybe sagg moon. a libran wouldnt dream of breaking all those rules. an aries wouldnt be so consistently charming. gemini might con his ill mate in to taking the ferrari but again wouldnt lay on the charm as sweetly esp to g/f. aqua is a possibility, as is Leo… Read more »


seriously? a libra wouldnt dream of breaking those rules but a pisces would? :L nah i would say he was gemini sun with some libra and sag in him i dont see any pisces whatsoever

fallen angel

I meant his Mercury would be in Gemini as well…his Mars, probably in Leo.

fallen angel

Oh this does take me back. He has got to be an Aries (the eternal child, derring do, devil may care) with Gem Rising and a Sagg Moon, his Mars would be in Gem as well hence the nicely forked and liquid tongue. His Venus? definitely in Leo.

Mine is too. And I ADORE attention, I am like a plant for it though my Virgo Rising is all very subtle about it. hee hee


Well FA,

That’s me minus the Moon!….. 🙂

Cap Moon….Cautious some say, but did take my sister’s car without asking and load up all my girlfriends…I was only 15 and had no insurance/license. My parents could have been sued…

Skipped school a few times…

Venus in Taurus though come to think of it…

I never saw the movie when it came out. Years and years later. Some things just don’t attract me at the time….Guess that one didn’t…


Maybe that was because in 1986 I had my second child and was 27. Many of you younger than me!! (Our Ms. 39 recent bday girl!!)

fallen angel

Ooh, Venus in Taurus uber sensual and your Cap Moon is probably lightened up considerably by your Aries sun! I may be 39 but Le Scorp is just a year younger than you are baby, so it’s not as if I can’t relate..

To be honest I was more intrigued by the music in Ferris Bueller than anything.. plus the fact that yes, I was 16 at the time and the height of juvenile 🙂

little fish

He’s a gemini with the peter pan rising

venus a-go-go

*applauds little fish*
Gem… with a little bit of cancer to soft the edges a little. I can see the Fish influence because only he is right and therefore argues accordingly (all Fish men I know are like that). I think he is just a little more honest than a fish man. No Fish man I know would look down the barrel of a camera and give his secrets aways to the audience (they would wink at the camera and then explain their plan _after_ it has come into fruition).


Aqua – gotta be insane aqua influences there for creativity…. and Aries to let ’em rip…..


HE’S outgoing enthusiasium and cunning communication techniques just scream (to me) SAGGO & GEMINI!

fluid feline

As my ex-hb was mad about this movie, I’m thinking Libra sun conj Uranus perhaps (he – Scorp sun/Libra moon conj Uranus/Leo asc). Have watched it, though many years ago. Will have to watch it now with kids in holidays which start today for my daughter. Love school hols – no schedule, yaah 😀


My first thought was Aquarius with Gemini rising. I really can’t see Pisces at all.


I agree with the Libra verdict.
He’s such a manipulative lying charmer. And adorable while doing it.


No Libra there’s too much fire in him to do this. Leo has all the charm and magnetism as well as the command and execution to pull this off Leo is the king Farris is a Leo hands down.


Sagittarius with Leo was my first bent, why Pisces?


He seems way too energetic for a male pisces, unles he is on the pisces/aries cusp. I would say aries, aquarius, or sag. Cant go w libra, cause he’s too wacky for that sign.

I see Cameron as more the pisces male…or perhaps a virgo?

year of the fox

cantilevered structures, although pretty, are usually bad feng shui for some reason.

I’m guessing Gemini, Pisces, Aqua, or maybe a fire sign. Libra is usually too goody-goody (or chicken) for this kind of stuff.

virgo cat

And I have seen that movie more than ANY OTHER MOVIE.

Maybe Pisces rising or Moon in Pisces or Cancer or something.
But Aries for sure.


Hm…. Some sort of Sag/Gem/Lib/Aqu combo?

Cameron was the best….def a very heavy Saturn/Cap influence.

libran tiger

Yes but why did he marry sarah jessica parker??? I love that movie too – but I so don’t get that. Maybe she should be on the other thread of selebs I loathe.

His dorky friend whose dad owned the hot ferrari/garage was the funniest. Dorky guy was probably a Virgo with lots of repressed Scorp.

Sagg Sun/ Leo rising I reckon for Ferris – an adventurer, a bit flamboyant/ attention seeking, he doesn’t care for rules & regulations.

scorpalicious robot

i want to live in that garage!!

fallen angel

But how does one go to the loo in it, darling?


Looooove Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Love it Love it Love it. A pivotal influence in my approach towards the balance of work vs play in my ‘younger’ years and cant wait to show the vid to my babes … eventually. Also loved MAtthew Bodderick in ‘War Games’ but then again, I am a child of the 70’s, teenager of the 80’s…. Bueller’s sign?? who knows… who cares! Just enjoy the day! And if you can undermine the system to improve your grades – kudos to you! 🙂

Ãœber Virgo

Why Pisces?

Loved that movie but haven’t seen it in decades. Isn’t he more of the trickster? Gemini? With some Jupiter ruled luck and optimism. Sagg moon?


Oh yea..Gemini with Sag rising and possibly moon in Cancer! I understand the whole hairdo and water singing stint..and yes.. I am female and rolling close to my marvelous 60’


surely ferris is a Libra?? he is such a charmer, batting those big eyelashes at everyone in sight, sweet boyish looks- sounds like every libran male i’ve known! plus great fashion sense=ditto.

Pisces Goat

Not that I’ve seen it for many years…

Pisces Goat

I was thinking Gemini!

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