Timeless Virgoan Lifestyle Tips

Red Nail Varnish on balcony

Mercury is direct, the Moon is in Virgo & Mars has just nipped into Taurus. This is super-productive – enjoy!

For the edification of all of us, please post your Timeless Virgoan Lifestyle Tips; they must be one sentence long & more or less practical/detailed. But they can be about anything.


* Red is the only chic nail varnish hue for toenails.

* Co-Q-10 is a brilliant supplement to strengthen gums & stop them bleeding.

* Your fridge should smell of vanilla and vanilla fridge wipe is also food-friendly, non toxic.

* Crush the fresh herb of rosemary in your palms, cup hands and inhale for an instant upper and mental clarifier.

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87 thoughts on “Timeless Virgoan Lifestyle Tips

  1. Always carry a handkerchief in your handbag. I’ve got a whole collection of designer ones I bought in Japan.

  2. Best body exfoliation is dry bristle brush before showering. I promise your skin goes all silky and it improves results of waxing.

  3. Nat, clove oil on a toothache is a wonder cure as well.
    Rubbing surfaces in tropics with eucalyptus keeps
    mozzies & insects away.

  4. This is for the tropical dwellers – clove oil wiped over surfaces prevents mould growing.

    Bi-carb & vinegar for the bathroom – sparkly, fresh smelling, and grease free.

    Bi-carb (1tsp) in your shampoo removes chlorine build up in your hair (and gives your scalp what for).

    • thanks for the clove oil tip postmodernscorp – had not heard about this use before. Stuff going mouldy is a big problem around here after major flooding… and it is raining again today *sigh*. Just noticed this morning that mould appearing on the heels of a good pair of shoes. Eeep. Love the smell of clove oil. I think it is also used in dentistry as a disinfectant?

      Courtesy of gorgeous generous friends, I once went to a wonderful French restaurant in Aukland. The pastry of the roasted beetroot & goats cheese tart was so lovely but I could not place the flavours. It took me weeks to work out that it was ground cloves (with black pepper and yes, loads of beurre!).

  5. I have Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto all in Virgo in the 11th house. eeks!
    All of the above suggestions sound wonderful to me.
    I am super organized and love to alphabetize CD’s books everything.
    The downside to all this cleaning and organizing is feeling overwhelmed and/or uptight.

  6. best Virgoan rule I’ve heard was from a double Cancerean with Virgo rising……live life like you’re living on a submarine. A place for everything and everything in it’s place

  7. Women looooove my feet. Yes, my feet. Wonder what would happen if I put a touch of gloss on them ?….

    • D – My surfing lawyer gem ex had painted toenails, long before Kurt did his nails. Of course it was me. Leo Dog – red nails. BRFND pale blue toes, which were re done, when worn off!

      • only male I’ve known to paint nails was a guitar player who said he did because he constantly lost plectrums and it was only his right hand

        • spesh – the cool for school cats, guys, wear flannies, & sport un rooly beards with chipped nails. black. it works. this is not a wanky gen y metro sexual…..like I said, it works. chipped NOT being Virgoan at all!!

          I joked a while back the antidote to the METRO SEXUAL is (ala Mon Aries Ex) – the HOBO_SEXUAL. they be style delineated, not categorised by age.

    • There is nothing wrong with a man who spends time on his toe nails! Chances are you’ll be beating them off with a stick.

  8. ‘hate’ doesn’t usually come up with words on this site. how can one ‘hate’ a simple nail varnish?
    count how many negatives are written there, kiddo.
    lighten up, this is fun.
    don’t you stuff your handmade shoes after every wear, and only wear matching lingerie?
    sheesh, you don’t paint your toenails????
    say what you do like not what you don’t.
    see, mars in virgo, me & love good tips especially from our beloved Cheshire Cat, sweets.
    paint your toenails blue instead:)

    • pega you’re a darling. I laughed at the snippy remark about clean kitchens. This is a thread for Virgo hints and I don’t always listen to my Virgo MC, I’m a Cap and can happily march away from my sometimes messy kitchen when fun and frivolity beckon ‘spesially if the beckon comes from the impulsive long-legged-piscean. The restaurant owning Virgo has on occasion looked horrified when I’ve downed tools and said “lets go girls”

      • blue varnish – per comment re ExEx surfing Gem-barrister who had pale blue toes during mon “skate-punk era” (did it ever end?)- toes here are ALWAYS black or dark blue Chanel glitter. More often black.

        hands – french manicure pink.
        remember the NUDE nail polish Mystic did a while back?

        V tips? – cut latte budget if it means allows monthly mani / pedi!! & say no to chipped nails!

        Off to clean the 3 stray dishes in kitchen. really!!

        • MAC used to carry a great blue-black shade of nail polish that looked blue in certain light but black in others. It was my fave shade for toes for a long time.

        • ooh love those Chanel black and blue nail vanishes. The best. Also have the new dark purple one called “vendetta”. yes i am a scorpio. haha.

  9. Oh a few more

    Filing your CDs in some sort of order (I use alphabetical) helps you to find the one you are looking for.

    Fresh flowers always exude a sense of simple luxury.

    Treating yourself to a fountain pen and ink is the only way to write.

    • I’ve adopted a little bit of designer wank…by arranging my books by colour.

      It’s amazing how much easier it is to look for that hot pink thai cookbook that lives next to bright watermelon coloured criminological theory book. Plus the odd shelf mates make me smile.

  10. Virgo moon here

    Burning/wearing geranium oils helps to create a sense of balance (have burnt/worn bucket loads in the last few years)

    Neat wardrobes and linen presses always make you feel good when you open them to take something out.

    Simples pleasures are the best and writing a list of your ten favourites and sticking it to your fridge will ensure easy access when you have five minutes to indulge.

    A diary/journal will always be your best friend.

    I have virgo moon in the 6th house.

  11. I have nothing in Virgo, nothing in the 6th house and Mercury is the only planet in my chart not aspecting anything.
    Could this be why all these ‘tips’ sound incredibly anal?!?

    “always clean the kitchen before retiring, you’ll feel happier in the morning”
    I’m happy every morning and I have yet to clean the kitchen before bed. An imperfect kitchen is way down the list of things that would ruin my morning.

    I hate red nail varnish too. I think it looks tacky.

    • i with you — the only think i have is my decendant — and you know what I DONT MIND — i dont like being highly strung! i prefer the layed back yet HYPER sagg!

  12. I am a wardrobe neurotic. I really like the button thing, thanks! I care for my clothes more than I care for myself. i have no idea where i have Virgo though…. but i can’t sleep unless the kitchen is clean and yes, i do make my bed every morning. The nailpolish thing though….i have my dad’s mechanic hands and feet – perhaps best not to draw attention to them!

  13. i am nowhere near virgoan but a virgo might admire my nitpicky wardrobe habits.

    hang a small, tough bag in your wardrobe to store all the spare buttons and threads that come attached with new clothes. Make sure you keep the cardboard tag with them so can find the necessary button if/when you need it.

    • i keep the buttons in a big glass jar. I don’t keep the cardboard tag. I prefer to tip all the buttons onto the carpet and run my hands over them… a bit like Amelie does in the movie when she dips her hand into a bag of dried beans. It’s a wonderful sensation.

      The only time i’ve ever had to actually replace a button was on an expensive woollen cardigan. The jar came in very handy.

    • I was just looking at one of those button/tag things today before I threw it out thinking I have never actually used one of those so may as well chuck it now….usually kept them in random places all over the house …maybe that is why I never used one of them… I might try that trick next time.

      I have no virgo planets in my chart and not many virgo habits… and never wear nail polish/never had a manicure.

      I always find it slightly creepy those manicure places in shopping centres with the girls in face masks giving people manicures/pedicures.

    • If I am in ubervirgo mode and yes sometimes this unleashes…I will re-sew buttons (properly) onto a sweater or favourite shirt and then sew the spare into a side seam.

  14. Even in the depths of winter, on Australia’s little southern isle……..with 3 layers covering my toes……….I must have beautiful hued toenails…….though my colour range is rather broad………..from deep purple to tangerine………
    I have a rather domineering moon in virgo………………………………………………

    Old toothbrushes are great for getting grime outta small spots……ie. round the knobs and fittings on the stove………….

    not a pleasant suggestion like those before mentioned…….sorry

    • haha… i use an old toothbrush for cleaning the grime around the bottom of taps. Can’t stand dirty bathroom basins.

  15. Gosh just realised i have been heeding that red nail varnish advice for years…i thought i got it from The Seven Year Itch (you know when Marilyn is horrified that she gets her toes stuck in the plughole and has to paint them before she lets the plumbers help her?), but even when i was wearing a tracksuit and singlet in the desert of Australia I still kept that OPI “I’m Not Really A Waitress” red unchipped peeping out from my flip-flops…it just cheers you to look at…

      • Had pedi and mani yesterday. And a hair cut…Two inches! Layering…Getting grooming in order for daughter’s graduation and dinner afterwards..

          • With my work cannot have longish nails even the slightest so do very sheer natural/neutral tones. Toes I’ll do like a light wine (of course….loyal to my cab! 😉 ) type color.

            Have same MC and rising TA and told I have nice feet. Your hands probably more lovely though although mine strong. One day, a male patient said “I bet you could choke me to death”.

            I told him yep, think I could…

          • ow wow Sweetpea – I worry about you having patients that imagine you choking them 🙂

            my hands aren’t strong at all – kept getting cramps today using my keyboard short cuts (ctrl C, ctrl V) to cut and paste over and over (was making a table for my blog – lunar ephemeris – but in the end ditched it as the astro symbols I so meticulously cut and paste were lost in translation from word to wordpress).

            chesh do you spend hours cleaning and shaping them? I LIKE mine unadorned. They feel right to me. Nail varnish distracts me.

          • no TA, am blessed with really strong nails so I shape them once a week while watching Spooks, as in tonight and use barrier cream when I’m doing anything messy. For years I was the varnish Queen but I really like them natural now.

          • toenails get the treatment when I look down and think “you need attention my little friends” and I DO them 🙂 I’ve got small boned thin hands and feet so I can get away with some ignoring

          • wow Sweetpea – I worry about you having patients that imagine you choking them…

            ha,ha and I’m alone with them in a darkened room.

            Reminds me of the detective who comes in and sets his wallet, phone, badge and GUN on my sheet hamper and lays face down…

            Trusting soul…

  16. always clean the kitchen before retiring, you’ll feel happier in the morning

    never go shopping hungry and the food outlets won’t tempt you

    clean the bottom of handbags, most of the places we sit them aren’t clean

    red nail varnish looks hideous with pastel coloured sandles

  17. My darling Virgo friend recommends base and top coat (Mecca or Seche Vite, plus 2 thin coats of polish for toes & fingernails. Could never be bothered with that – but after trying it I swear by it! Makes the polish set hard, super shiny and lasts twice as long. Thanks Fi!

  18. –If you get a sore throat you are sure will turn into a cold/flu, before you go to bed down a shot glass containing:

    -raw garlic clove
    -a tbsp raw honey
    -juice squeezed from a 1/2 fresh lemon
    -a tbsp or 2 of jack daniels/wildturkey/high proof non-sugary tasting liquor

    –Store shoes with sachets of lavender in them! If the are super stinky, a sachet of baking soda or activated charcoal (stuff for fish tanks is fine) will also work.

    • foxy thanks. Have wondered for years if Turkey “neat” be the only way to – erhum – punch thru a head cold. am key speaker at major industry event this week – aside from everything else – no time for sickness!! thanks. 😉

      • my pleasure! Good luck with your event!

        Wild Turkey cures a lot of stuff! lol! But the other stuff is you know…like suspenders with a belt.

        • you mean the same one’s that miraculously seem to drop? Or so I’ve heard………allegedly one small girl made the Red Eye from Vegas to SF VERY late…..The Turkey was involved somehow. Libran smiles to waiting relatives DO work wonders at the other end.

  19. If you feel a sore throat coming on, your feet are probably freezing, so rub your feet with Vicks Vaporub, especially the inside of the ankles, or soak them in a hot footbath with grated ginger in it, then sock up, slipper up and stay warm. The sore throat should disappear if you get to it early enough.

  20. List-writing and stationary shopping are my favourite forms of anxiety-release (I have virgo moon).
    Also making the bed is the quickest way to set the day off on a good start:)

      • i must chime in and say you need the right red for you. i look terrible in a blu-ish red but orange-ish red is hot hot hawt!

        • apols, to elaborate. ramzilla says everyone has their right red (for lippies, polishes, jumpers, scarves). ya just gots to find it.

  21. Sweet almond oil is the best eye makeup remover.

    A glass of water with lemon is lovely and good for balancing pH (lemon actually become alkaline)

    A glass of water with a dash of Angostura bitters is great for soothing the stomach.

    One stretch (arms above head waaaay up and then touch toes) before bed is a charm.

    There is nothing nicer than having a hot bath and then sleeping in clean sheets.

    Home from work and famished? One apple (Pink Ladies are the best) consumed in slices takes the edge off and you eat less supper.

    • Thank you! I need a new getting-home-famished thing to do that is NOT half a kilo of fuqing cheese, a hunk of bred and bird bath sized wine glass of wanky wine. Am ordering a box of pink ladies in a second. Sweet almond oil is the best thing for lots of things; moisturising calves, hair conditioner etc.

      • hmm. Leo Socialite – I am the Master Dieter lol… more Virgo in my chart than I like to admit.

        best policy for that getting-home-famished thing is to have a small bag of almonds and sunflower seeds in your handbag at all times. Sunflower seeds most excellent for stunting cravings’ growth and like almonds are rich in zinc and full of fibre and GOOD fats so they fill you up, boost your metabolism and immune system.

      • I do find a slice of cheese and maybe a pickle or two (for sour, apparently quite important) rounds out the mini-meal quite nicely.
        Yes. I too am prone to 4-5 slices of cheddar and a piece of toast.

        • Dried apricots are low in calories, high in nutrition (vit A, C, fibre,potassium and lypocene) and they have a satisfying ‘mouth feel’ as you really have to give them a good chew.

    • almonds, i would eat a pound of them if they were there. so crunchy and delicious. healthy buit not so good for waistline. apples best bet 🙂

      • anonymous – they ARE delish and very more-ish… that’s why I say keep a SMALL bag handy – and mixed in with sunflower seeds or pepitas they are less addictive and more filling and contain no sugars to zap around in the bloodstream wreaking havoc with moods etc.

        although I have to say, sometimes I eat nothing but apples for several hours a day because they’re so cleansing and the enzymes in the seeds/core are very good for the digestive juices (yes, I eat the core)

  22. The morning after a night of indulgence – the best hangover pick me up I know of is peppermint oil on a tissue – inhale at regular intervals – truly takes away the nausea and clears the head. Plus lots of cold water.

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