The Loop Chair: Which Sign?

Futuristic Design Metal Chair

This Ron Arad chair is a cool $250,000. Pretending that budgetary considerations are irrelevant for the moment, which sign would want it?

And what sort of conversation would they be conducting whilst perched on it?

I am, of course, thinking an Aquarian guy & he’d be drinking vodka mixed with his latest antioxidant rich super-juice not-yet-on-the-market,Β  you understand & he would be talking about Fibonacci Number sequencing and how he uses it to make his investment decisions.

Then he’d get his hand caught down the middle of the chair.

Note: Ron Arad is actually a Taurus.

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66 thoughts on “The Loop Chair: Which Sign?

  1. “Then he’d get his hand caught down the middle of the chair.”


    Let’s hope he does not attempt to try and lay on his stomach Mystic…

    • rofl Sweetpea.. esp not nekkid!

      I concur Mystic – this has Aqua male writ large all over.

      Oh, and also Pisces… I can see a wealthy pisces interior designer I know of (DLE’s sister actually) purchasing this for clients if not for one of her own many abodes in various countries – it is just kooky enough but not jarring to the eye… in her case there would be no conversation, just listening to music while sipping something from the cellar…. and trying not to slide off sideways in her satin lounge suit.

  2. lol SP. I was thinking Pisces – for ultra creative-futuristic / multi-versal thinking and receiving messages from the Unknown

    • however the chair would be out on a slim, cantilevered platform into a rainforest or over a lake or beach.

  3. I’m not much help here really as I have Titanium in my back and that chair looks ghastly regards comfort. Right where you need back support it nearly hangs your ass out to dry… πŸ™‚

    Minimalism of the metal/aluminum kind. I think the going rate for aluminum recycling right now is about a buck fifty a pound… he,he

    But really, in spirit of Mystic query, did look up what is ruled by metal in Chinese astrology…because I was stumped…

    Metal in Chinese astrology is ruled by Venus but this chair does not appeal to my Ven in Taur sensibilities. I would so pass this chair by without nary another glance. So, as Aries, I’m ruling that out…Anyone else?


  4. Immediately thought Aquarian man before reading the post. I knew a gorgeous Aqua man who did indeed have some very expensive & stylish chairs in his abode – older styles but very futuristic/moderne looking. Suited him perfectly.

  5. I think it’s more Capricorn puritanism chic, designed to promote celibacy. Obviously it’s built for one person and the addition of a ‘friend’ plus any kind of vigourous activity on it is discouraged by the rocking action, which with a certain momentum would hurl the occupants backward into a strategically placed chilled swimming pool.

    It can also be plugged into a wall socket and used as a kind of human griller, which appeals to Libran sadists with a grudge against Leo raconteurs. George Hamilton alleges he lounges by the pool for his tan, but his burnt colour resulted from one of Micheal Douglas’ party tricks, coaxing him to the chair with the promise of a pina colada and flinging the switch to full power.

    The gap in the middle contains a removable receptacle for incontinence mishaps.

    • Felt the Cap thing too Ub but totally concur with Aqua as well…

      OMG Ub, you really must become a comedian πŸ™‚

      • And as for conversation? The Capricorn wouldn’t end up buying it, because they’d find the perfect leather recliner instead… and the Gemini would just talk and talk until the seller relinquished the chair.

    • I agree with Capricorn… I’m feeling it. : ) It might be other signs too, but definitely Cap. It’s very cerebral.

      The other sign I think maybe is Gemini – look at the ‘twin’ in the design. And it looks like a piece of stationery.

  6. It would have to be a tall sign. My tiny body on that chair would have my legs sticking forward ala Lilly Tomlin in the huge chair.

    Maybe one could use it as a commode in a very modernistic retirement home with potty in bottom loop and rock while extremely stylish elderly person dumps.

  7. A capricorn would have it in the corner for investment purposes but never actually sit on it.
    A saggo would have it just for the sake of having a piece of cool furniture around the place – they might ponder using it as a new-age kayak.
    A taurean wouldn’t even know that it IS a piece of furniture and possibly be a tad fearful of sitting on it.
    A gemini thinks all chairs are stupid anyway and prefers to sit on the floor.
    A piscean would put it on its side and turn it into a fishpond.
    A scorpio would snort at both the design and the price.
    A libran might buy it but only because it’s designed by Ron Arad.
    I think an aquarian would think it stupid and frivolous on the surface, but secretly covet it.
    A virgo might admire it from an aesthetic perspective but ultimately consider it a waste of money.
    Cancer would want to age it, or distress it or cover it in multi coloured Himalayan yak hair blankets.
    Aries just doesn’t CARE.

    I believe this chair is a job for Leo. Only a Leo could get away with perching on this effortlessly and elegantly enough to not look like a complete wanker and to appear comfortable and perfectly at ease at the same time – but only if other people are watching.

    • Yeah, notice they never photograph these things with actual human beings draped over them. Would spoil the aesthetic. A Leo could pull it off though. Or Karl Lagerfeld, who might bark ‘ROCK’ and some fashion lackey would come running to nudge it for him.

      • Yeah I was seeing a laguid burmese draped all over it, a human just wouldn’t do … nice colour combo that – chocolate & steel.

    • prowln I agree, I was going with Leo…a la a Space Age Throne. Plus there’s something about the chain mail feel to the seating that just hints that somewhere out there a clutch of trusty Knights have given it up for their liege and are shivering bravely in the cold.

      Not to mention the fact that one would clearly need servants to keep that metal surface in full stun mode.

      I have a feeling that if kitted out correctly this one could actually hover. The little cul de sac is there to hold rolls and rolls of royal edicts ready to be whipped out when the occasion calls for it.

      • Kinda like the Baron Harkonnens suspension thingy from Dune eh? Hmmm … yes I can see that. So how are you anyway esse, long time no read?

    • Prowlers – you be so spot on!! well mostly.

      Having expertise in this field, minor modifications to your almost perfect astro observances:

      CAP WOULD have it for investment purposes BUT WOULD sit on it, indulging self in solo qi time. espec the female variety.
      Yes SAG would have it just for the sake of having a piece of cool furniture & would inadvetantly trash it over time. then replace it. or forget it entirely.
      TAURUS prefers more traditional techniques, & would find this too modernist, tho they appreciate collecting will add trad collectables if SOMEONE ELSE PAYS for it. OR its a total steal. They are the ones who find that Picasso at a garage sale! along with GEM avec good taste below.
      GEMS come in 2 varieties. those that totally get it & those who totally dont. the former have exquisite taste, the latter couldn’t pick a real from a fake. No matter how many times you tell them. both can be identified by clothes / shoes & accessories.
      Spot on re FISH “put it on its side and turn it into a fishpond.” LMAO πŸ˜‰
      Ditto “SCORP would snort at both the design and the price.”
      Ditto “LIBRAN might buy it but only because it’s designed by Ron Arad.” tho having met him numerous times, the first managing a national design tours – he’s a Berkinstock wearing grumpy old man. Who dates supermodels!! So that delete’s this Libran, hence zero ARAD in mon collezione.
      AQUAs are the surprise package – many, all shapes & sizes, totally get it.
      Bingo re “VIRGO might admire it from an aesthetic perspective but ultimately consider it a waste of money.” ROFL.
      Correct re CANCERwould want to age it, or distress it or cover it in multi coloured Himalayan yak hair blankets.
      ARIES really do care. More than you’d think. It’s about impressing people, with knowledge, again they are like Taureans erring on traditional / or cult classic vs Modernism.

      My vote is LEO or AQUA. Living in white minamalist box, with fab art collection & a garage full of collectable cars.

      want a job? πŸ˜‰ x

      • hey RLP … Aries is probably the sign I’m least aquainted with from a personal level, mainly due to me being a Crab and them giving me the fuqing shits more than any other sign … LOL … well except for my Aries client who has Pisces Asc and is almost like an Anti-Aries (very quiet, sensitive and emotional). So no, I don’t get Rambos on the whole, although by god the blokes rival Virgo men in their downright sexypantsness at times …

        Yur right about Aquas … I know 4 of them and they are ALL markedly different personality types – one analytical, one creative/dippy, one down to earth realist, one arty-farty/dramatic. Can’t nail those suckers down.

  8. This Cap would turn it upside down to use it as a slippery-slide for the grandkids

  9. Where did you find that thing?!
    This Cap/Virgo says – it’ll date quickly and badly.
    Absolutely agree with the Aquarius verdict for all the reasons given above. Funny thing is – as soon as I saw it my Aqua Venus thought – I’m not a fan of the chair but I could quite fancy sitting on the guy who would own it… πŸ˜‰

    • cheeky girl…maybe thats why guys like that, buy chairs like that, huh.

  10. For some reason i thought this would belong to a Libran gentleman. A narcissistic Libran gentleman, who would never sit on it except when showing off his pad to a girl for the first time, when he would dismiss it with a wave of his hand as ‘that old thing’, before exhorting her to try it….

    • Lib is a good call as let’s face it, you’d need to balance yourself on it like riding some scales… And then there’s the ‘need to be tall’ factor too…

  11. Aqua man!!

    Soon as I saw it I thought of the Marc Newson’s Lockheed Chair, which if filthy rich I’d have in a second.

    • Savannah – now that’s a good investment. the first one was made by panel beaters in the Sydney suburb Marrackville. At the time, the only guys who could make it. Madonna writhed on one in the “RAIN” video, another graces the foyer of a Philippe Starck designed Ian Schrager NY hotel & another recentl sold for $2squillion dollars at Christies. Really. Starck incidentally is a CAP.

      If you really want one – head to an online store that sells the VITRA miniature series, the perfect solution for aspiring design-junkies!

      • Speaking of writhing….. Delia Antwerp Aaaars would be writhing all over this

  12. Without reading above comments (later) would say Aqua or Pisces.
    Aqua’s may mix it with shabby chic & Pisceans placing next to a sea view.

  13. Oh I can NEVER imagine a Virgo man owning this… I mean, could he leave the house if one thumbprint got on that thing??

    I suggest thusly as a Virgo Rising and yes, I do have Maguire’s Metal Polish in my arsenal…which I occasionally use to buff gleaming electronics. So sad, but so true.

    • i like gleaming electronics. shiny stuff, i’m like a bower bird. plus all the dust in the place where i live eventually eats into stuff and wrecks it. so yes, gleaming /

  14. if someone really heavy sat on The Chair, would it open up and main them?

  15. i’m deffinetly going with a picses or aqua — as if they can resist this unique peice of – well would you call it furniture or should we call it a unique piece of Crapea — (pronouced Crapaaaaaayyyy — Kath & Kim Stlye lol)

    • It definitely solves the sexual paradox that most cancerian women have. You know what Im talking about. πŸ˜‰

      • nooo? I have cancerian women friends – what is their sexual paradox? do tell

        • financial security makes them horny, when really they would never pick a man because of his wealth.

  16. I’m not a man, but I am an Aquarius, and I have to say that this does describe me (I’ve had to ban myself from selecting sofas for my home because I seem incapable of considering comfort). Of course, I wouldn’t want this exact chair, but only because it doesn’t go with anything else in my living room…yet πŸ˜‰

  17. I can just see a taurean putting a few cushions on top, maybe a pashmina thrown over it….

  18. Leos like throne style chairs. IF this were in my bedroom i would have thrown my shit all over it. I know someone who got a thing like this – not so expensive but up there. And he got it on the advice of some druggie banker who said it would be a tax deduction for the depreciation but yet somehow accumulate in valuue, you know.
    And it wound up in the back allie after a fight about one of the OTHer apparently genius art/furniture acquisitions. These things are gods way of saying you;ve got way too much money or you’re on drugs. Sorry. But i just don’t get it and i accept that leos all really crave versailles. But still. 250,000!!?! someone is having a lend.

    • TLS it must be my first house Sun but I’d love my dining chairs to be like small thrones instead of silky oak relics of the past

    • TLS – Newson’s Lockheed lounge, described above really DID fetch millions USD at Christies not long ago. The market for limited edition design icons is the only part of the art market that hasnt totally bombed. Art collectors cross over to design. Personally, I dont like it, but I get it. I havent looked it up but it looks like the Edition series for Vitra, shown at the Milan Triennale (design museum) last year…….for those who adhere to its aesthic its sculpture. Modernists would have this in the living room & a Henry Moore Scultpure garden. All organised by their interior design.

      • thought it was Carpenters….think what Lalique be to glass collectors, to Carpenters is to art & design to collectors…..but its not on their books!! will find it amid deadline city………sometime…… you dont sit on the hood of a Ferrari (but you can have several diff types of Xclnt times inside!!) – this also be object that maybe the scene of an unforgetable shag. known as “the situational”. AKA cant be passed up because…….well because!!

  19. I don’t mean shit literally. I mean things such as jackets and stylish lingerie. Scarves.

  20. i wonder how it would look if left in a forest for a few months, to get a little blackened and tarnished, sink into the soil a little. Then it would look like part of a spaceship. just let the odd vine grow over it and voila, one v wierd seat out in nature.

    • oooh, LOVE the sound of that UP! I love images of nature taking over with glimpses of what was once there. There’s an artist who did that. Can’t remember his name. He did computer generated renderings (or was it a movie?) of what earth would look like 100’s or 1000s of years from now… sans humans of course.

    • Now yr talking my language UP. Over here we have some CRATES designed by Jasper Morrison, simple pine box. derivative of a wine crate, stamped ESTABLISHED & SONS, the new Hottest mob run by Stella McCartney’s Hub Alistair – who prior, was a founding publisher of Wallpaper magazine. Nice bloke. Anyway, crate sits in corner of bathroom, containing toilet paper. Soon it might be bunged on the wall displaying an AstroBoy collection. or wind-up tin animals from a Vietnam street market. who knows. that’s the point.

      • I’ve changed my mind. I no longer want to grow up to be Katherine Hepburn, I want to grow up to be YOU.

        • Spesh – we bonded during yr wake, remember. both of playing ACCA DACCA & well, whoops, plastered. it was love at first type, or something. flattery, in your case get you everywhere!!

          Having spent DECADES attempting to educate those who allegedly “know” there IS a style known as “Maximalism”. REAL STYLE is NOT a perfect white box, with a fuq-off view, visible beyond 4 head-up-yr-bum ‘must-have’ objects on a shelf in a room that’s as clinical as a furniture store! “THEY” are only now starting to get it. The best interior style is akin to fab wardrobe/accessories. Merging designer, with thrift shop, with AWESOME vintage, literally thrown together with yr own twist. that’s the personalised touch…..a film director mate of AriesEx used to give me the shits, always describing something as being “overly considered” – now image why he drove me spare (mirror mirror on the wal d-head!) πŸ˜‰

          • RLP, it’s what I call the Lares Look as in worshipping the household gods.

          • Want to be like *RLP* I mean…

            I saw those boxes in a design mag article and started lusting…..

  21. I think I could almost like it with lots of foliage but not at that price tag.

  22. no, if you have to spend that amount of money to get some style in your life, you’ve missed the point

    • I love it…. I can see it on one of those small wooden platform verandahs on a cliff overlooking the sea…. or a platform at the end of a path through the rainforest, with a weathered stump for a table to hold the journal and wine glass next to it.

  23. Agree with someone up there who said you must go on the comedy circuit. I laughed and laughed at this one knowing my brother Aquarian and recently met, potential lover, aqua man would love this chair. Should I send him the link or would he think I was T.T.P?

  24. I must defend all Leo’s here who wouldn’t have a bar of that chair. We are not all wankers. it looks far to uncomfy and pretentious for me although if you cover it in velvet quilt and put a mini bar of Moet next to it with a tasty young waiter I might be tempted.