The Astrology Of Frenemies

Modern Art Frenemies

By frenemies, I don’t mean that teen-girl kind of friendship where you have a mate but you secretly hate one another and conspire to give her bad hair advice. I mean when a once close-friend becomes a kind of casual enemy or you just simply break up but it’s never addressed. In actual love relationships, it has to be thrashed out. And there’s always sex & maybe children or shared $$$ to ensure some sort of dialogue. But with friends, the calls just get further & further apart and the must-do-lunches more poignantly ludicrous.

Apart from the obvious divisive factors – one person doing smug married shite and the other crazy-bats single nympho shite –  my theory is that you get waves of friends of one particular sign or astro-signature at certain phases in your life. I had a whole lot of Virgo friends who went during my (still ongoing) Uranus-Venus transit & now I have Scorpios. Or they’ve got Scorp Rising. I only just realised: My Life In The Bush of Scorpions.


So, do you agree with the phases of friends & how do you know when a friendship is kaput? Which sign makes the worst ex-friend? ie’ Bitchiest, most judgemental and, weirdly, still sorta stuck in whatever was going on back in the day?

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57 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Frenemies

  1. I’m an Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer rising.

    My first ‘best friend’ in kindergarten was a Pisces, but there was never a wave of Pisces peeps, that I know of…….I did have one long-term Pisces boyfriend during my 20’s.

    Here are my waves of friends:

    First it was Leos, LOTS of Leos, including two Leo boyfriends. During this time there was a sub-wave of Virgos, and Virgos have sub-waved throughout my life, perhaps ’cause my mother is a Virgo..?

    There has been an enduring wave of Scorpios, including one Scorp boyfriend when I was in my early 30’s.

    I knew a lot of Aries women for awhile, including another ‘best friend’, but they have gone..

    I have a few enduring friendships with Cancerian men, but never dated one. I do love Cancerian men!

    Geminis…….oh man! There have been some very special Gemini men who have come into my life at various times. I think they hold the most special place in my heart……really light me up!

    The newest wave is Sagittarians and I’ve rather enjoyed this wave!

    So yeah, each sign seems to carry a different sort of ‘karma’ to the type of relating we do. Like we’re coming together to learn something and then it moves on..

    Another interesting pattern I noticed in my life, once I started looking at people’s charts, was that in a large enduring social network of mine, a significant percentage of us have Sun in the 8th house, although all in different signs.

  2. I went through a huge Virgo phase in my childhood, and then a huge Cancer phase in my teenhood, and currently all of my closest friends seem to be Aries… huh. I truly love the Aries friends, though. They always tell me when I’m being ridiculous and they’re pretty much there with you, most of the time, as long as you’re reasonably interesting and there’s something fun to do.

    Lessee. My bestie bestie bestie from about four onwards is a Virgo sun, Sag moon, which makes things RIDICULOUSLY interesting since I am Pisces sun, Gem moon, Kataka rising. We’re just always there for each other, even when we’re not necessarily nearby. The friend I had the worst falling out with was a Libran who must have a scorpio in there somewhere, because her bite is truly something.

  3. no sign can be as faithful a friend as an aries…as lovers , thats different, but as friends, unless you’ve done something pretty terrible your in the club.

    • arians are pretty good value in my book. they make it easy for you: don’t be a complete dickhead and we’ll all get along just fine. well, that’s how it seems to me mostly!

  4. Hmmm have been pondering this for a while.. the only person I can think of is a Sag, I think she had a cancerian moon. We hated eachother for 11 years during this time shared best friends and lived together for a year and a half (big share house, that’s where I met her) and loved the same men. Then we became close for four years and then for no reason at all she started snubbing me again. I have to still see her occassionally but I don’t give her time, energy or attention. I dont’ talk about her with our mutual friends either.

    I have two other friends who are both sun cancer and venus gemini like me. We had such a nice group going with the three of us playing scrabble and going into to much detail about love affairs and sex. Occassionally we’d go out to Kink clubs too. This was like this for a few years and then the other two fell out. I’m still friends with both but our lovely scrabble group is gone….

  5. Absolutely Mystic! Especially with lovers. I did an experimental examination of a group of friends when I was younger (and had a fantastic social life) and of the thirty odd, we were all pisces, leos, sagitarrians and capricorns. The odd other sign here or there but I found the results amazing.

    Ever met someone who was born the same day as you? Amazing cooncidences in personality there – favourite vices, similar virtues and totally understanding each other’s actions and reactions to things happening around us.

  6. I’ve come to the same realisation Constance – I now give my all to my family who deserve it more than my friends. My problem was always giving too much & being there & in this last friendship I had, it was out of control & there were no boundaries etc Friends come & go but my family are always there for me

  7. I am privileged to still have my oldest best friend who has always remembered my birthday since we met when we were ten. We have had very different lives and she lives in the country. We are both Pisces, born 2 wks apart. Throughout our lives she has written letters, cards and met up with me as I was passing through. In the hard times and tragedies (which started earlier for her) we have always supported each other. I think the answer is being true to yourself, and, by being that, one can’t help but be true to all.
    I have just realised how many fine pisces friends I have. Wouldn’t want to lose one of them. My biggest disappointment in life was narcissistic Leo g/f who was eaten up with the green=eyed monster, poor thing. I loved her but finally figured it out and let it go.
    My advice, if I am permitted to be so bold. Don’t ever feel bad about letting someone go. You are making room for new friends, which one needs for a healthy psyche. Making new friends of all ages is a hobby of mine. xx

  8. I don’t make friends easily, and the ones I have, i keep. i did go through a rash of Piscean women a while back, who all seemed to think that i really had it together and that by being near me, they might alos be together. Alas, when it became clear that I am perhaps more bats than most of the population and that I merely possess extraordinarily good acting skills to cover up my relentless inefficiency, they all swam away.
    Closest friend, for years and years without ever a fight – another Gem (and she really is a gem!)

    • I’ve noticed this about myself, that as I grow my friendships undergo this enormous influx, and outgoing…

      I know with my Aries frenemy it’s because I finally stopped being quite so understanding of the chaos that surrounds her. I’m much more honest/aware with boundaries now, as I was previously oblivious of what I really wanted because I was being so flipping understanding just accepting that people all act differently and this is half of the fun…till it started spreading into my space on a constant noise level.

  9. taurus are normally the judgmental types in my life, beloved friends who, at some point, decide Im not perfect enough — or have done stgh unforgvabl which Im nivere sure what is — and decide to “have a good life” me. But alas, as times goes by, even the poor may things get to learn a bit about flexibilty, reality x ideal and the importance of peace, love and understanding. Most of them have come back. Which is good, because I love Taurus.

  10. I had a Taurus childhood friend who was stubborn, funny but insisted her friends fight over her. The other friend was a Cap. We just couldn’t all hang out? no. She liked to keep friends separated. It was unfortunately at times stressful.
    Had another close Taurus friend who did almost the exact same thing.
    But, he was a social climber and would brag about which friend was the most popular or famous at the time. That got old also.
    So no close Taurus friends for me right now. Again I don’t think all Taurus are like that just the two I gravitated towards and that says something about me doesn’t it? 😉

  11. My 2 friends in secondary school were Taurus and Scorp. Both mean and self involved etc. Post that and now in my 20’s my close friend is Taurus but I feel the friendship withering sometimes as she has newer friends (one who is a capricorn, whom I feel like I’m “competing” with now) now and a really great relationship as well. So I don’t know are Taurus, fair weathered friends? Me – a leo, virgo rise, moon aqua.

  12. Ditto to aquaCAT & sweetpea, I’ve been thinking about this too!! In the last 24 hours.
    I seem to have a habit of attracting Cancer gfs, one of whom was a toxic crazy bitch who tortured me & poisoned my other friends’ minds against me. And yet I’d still forgive her, until one day enough was enough & I deleted her on facebook. So yes maybe that is a pass-agg vibe (I have MARS in Cancer & Eros, together in the 12th house. Whiny times.) She was TOTALLY bitchy judgemental & thought she could treat me like shit as soon as she learnt I wasn’t her only friend.

    & what I’ve been thinking about lately is all the Scorpio male friends, (there’s a swathe of them right now) who are VERY important to me, all for different reasons. Is there a transit that could bring this on Mystic?

  13. Miss Havisham, being an almost even mix of Scorpio and Libra, I feel I’m able to comment on your Scorpio puzzlement. I have been know to disappear from friends’ lives but that’s what it is: my disappearance not your expulsion from my circle of friends. Sometimes, it’s because our lives have diverged so much that nothing will approximate them again, or because the friendship was too heavy ie to emotionally draining (we soak up stuff like sponges), or I was being used as a therapist too much. So much easier to disappear than to face the painful process of seperation.
    The time I have amputated (ElsaElsa’s excellent descriptor) friends or lovers was the time when I was hurt or mistreated or treated unjustly. It hurts, I feel betrayed so they are cut off.
    However, we are loyal to the fault and will support until we bleed..
    Thankfully, my equally significant emphasis on Libra in my chart means I am also playful and adventurous. Being too much of a Scorp in friendships seems daunting.
    Now, to my friends: loads of Caps (so supportive), loads of Aries (loads of yummy fire and into sport), a pinch of Aquas (love the way they think), some Cancers (great hosts), and Sags (playmates with abundance of optimism)

    • Miss Havisham, i had a falling out with a Gem friend and i actually did give notice that i wanted time out. I cherished our friendship but was exhausted with her lifestyle – the constant partying etc. I never planned on cutting her off and explained very kindly (several times i might add) that coffee on weekends was okay but pub crawls/dance parties were out. But my message failed to sink in and the invites and pleading to go out did not stop, so i was forced to be brutal in an email. Never heard from her again. A year later we have resumed talking/friendship but it’s not quite the same as it was.

      My Gem friend is a twin with moon in Libra, Kataka rising so i guess she hates being alone whereas i’m quite happy spending weeks and even months on my own. I need my solitude like a fish needs water and if i don’t get it then i will take drastic measures. I think i would rather lose friends than lose my alone time, but of course my best friends understand and “get me”. I don’t think my Gem friend “got me”, so i wasn’t particularly concerned when she disappeared.

      I did a tour of the east coast of the US back in ’98 with a group of strangers for 4 weeks and i had the time of my life but towards the end i was suffocating and couldn’t wait to complete the rest of my trip on my own.

      I have venus in Libra too, so i am very loyal but not to bleeding point. I do like to remain friends with all my ex’s though.

  14. Love this MM ” one person doing smug married shite and the other crazy-bats single nympho shite “- This is what I’m up for this weekend with reunion with the smug ones x 4 and me crazy bats no more 3M’s for me Leo gal. How to handle this without getting smug with ” I’ve got more freedom than you showdown”.
    Gonna have to pull out the Libra in me to keep calm. Bitchiest gf? Scop and Gem although I have been frozen out by 2 sagg gf’s who are about to enter my orbit again soon. Lotsa fun coming up with gf’s.

  15. i went through a phase where i was surrounded by picean women and it was like falling into a vat of blamange. syrupy and suffocating. they project all the very best of intentions but they couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it….not the emotional truth. they definately swim both ways….in EVERYTHING it’s a two way bet . When it comes to clever trickery they left this gemini in the starting block.

    • I read a good quote the other day that might help. I can’t remember who said it – Vivien Leigh? along the lines of ..It’s not about lying. It’s about telling people the things that you want to be true.

      And the emotional truth? they don’t know themselves half the time. It’s like quantum physics – the electron is wherever the viewer thinks it is at the time (recent theories state that there might be only one electron in the entire universe doing its thing everywhere at once, I LIKE that theory!). Thus are many Piscean emotions: they are wherever / whatever they think they should be at the time, with that person.

      Not trying to say we are all well-meaning angels at pains not to disturb others; some pisceans are as slimy and mendacious as the next cad.. Sometimes i wish I (as a fish) could just get a grip and make a firm decision, or spell out the heart of the matter for someone so we can both move forwards. It’s just really hard to put these things into words sometimes I would say.

      • For me it gets down to taking the risk to vocalise what you are thinking and not striving to create an effect. For this gem vunerability will always trump manipulation.

        • yes doublegem i agree, manipulation is plain ole annoying especially when you realise you are the one who has been manipulated. If someone calls themselves a friend and does that , they are not a friend at all!

          I think it is better to show vulnerability, too, and what I wanted to get across was that sometimes it is just hard to really iedntify the feeling or thought you are trying to express clearly. I have 2 friends who do it perfectly for me – I spend minutes trying to vocalise a feeling or whatever and they just nail it like that.

          Anyway its a shame you got the slimy end of the pisces stick. better luck next time… 🙂

  16. So I came to his and there was 23 posts. I have been stuck in a taurus/scorpio love triangle for two years. Neither are sane and both are loveable. I my self a leo keep running into leo/cancers or taurus as lovers and leos and scorpios as friends at friends that rise and fall throughout respective halves of the year. This is year three of this cycle and it has me against the wall at this point.

  17. aquaCAT – yes I have had the same thought! I am thinking about something and then Mystic does a post….can’t quite wrap my rational brain around it…

    I have an 8th house stellium in libra and have a lot of difficulties with scorpios or Plutonian peeps…mmm.

    My venus, pluto, sun is there…so I draw them towards me? Anyway, I should have an unofficial certificate in mental health care volunteership.

  18. And here I thought it was just me and that most others friended for life -or nearly. When I was young I had a lot of Libra’s around -I only know this really now because they all recently found me on facebook. The next few batches -i can’t remember their birthdays (oops!), but I’ve also had some mixed bags. After that a lot of Taurus’ and that seemed to keep going (plus one Capricorn). I think the Capricorn was the worst ex-friend. We broke up twice, the first time was a slow fade out and then we started talking again and became probably even better friends but after I had a traumatizing love affair she drifted off and then turned really evil and accused me of all the bad behavior that she was exhibiting and tried to drag it on and on. For me: when it’s over with a friend, it’s over and I shut the door tight and that’s it.

  19. I’ve had quite a few significant Aries friendships through my life. Currently none that I would say I’m particularly close to at the moment though. I’d still say of the majority that we’re friendly it’s just that sometimes whatever drew us together frequently does not command the same attendance level. Oh there is one notable exception, and I’d say we’re at frenemy status… with my Aries neighbour that I’ve shared lots of good times and then finally after months of her small dogs barking just had had enough. We’re at polite nod mode now in public.

    I’ve got a fair smattering across the board friendshipwise now though. No particular trend except diversity after about 20 years of Aries.

  20. I grew up with a lot of fellow fire signs (Saggo Sun/Moon/Venus here) as best friends until about age 20… an Aries, a Leo, and then a Sagg… in that chronological order.

    Then suddenly Scorpios started coming into my life! I’m now 40-ish and my best friend of 20 years is a Scorp, plus I’ve had relationships/rendevous/crushes on a few male Scorps too, even a gay one. HA!

    I have Mercury in Scorpio so I figure that must have a lot to do with the connection I have with them.

    I definitely believe *most* friendships have a limited life span, especially ones which originate through work situations. But then there’s the rare and special friends who drift in and out of your life for 20 years like my Scorp bestie… we share a solid history and I’m sure she’s my BFF.

  21. Sweetpea- I had a few pass-aggro friends that also did forward lots of emails and were breathing down my neck about social events.
    I felt overwhelmed.
    Those friendships dissolved because of it.
    I also do better by having meaningful friendships and the ability to give each other space also.
    I can’t remember the sign of one of the female friends but one was a Sag also, another a late Virgo/Libra cusp.
    Had a few extremely bossy/pushy Virgo friends on the cusp of Leo.
    Is Leo a bossy sign or just heighten with the Virgo energy I wonder?
    This have me paying alot more attention to others signs now to look for repeating patterns.

    • Leo can be a bossy sign…depends on the Leo. I’ve found bossy people in just about every sign at some stage or other. I would say that bossy Leos really are much more dramatically bossy than almost any other sign. It’s all a bit force of nature …lots of sound, fury and absolute droit de signeurish.I think a lot of Leos honestly don’t understand ‘space’, if they like you they really want to be around you…a lot, till they don’t. At best with a bossy Leo you can hope for a benevolent ruler.

      Based on the behaviour of Virgos in my life they’re just really sure that if you followed their suggestions (sometimes gently folded within a criticism) your life really would be so much easier. I’ve found with my Virgo Dad that it’s just his way of showing he loves me.

      • ok- this makes sense. the combine of intense dramatic Leo-ness with a bit of hypercritical Virgo-ness=overbearing bossiness. 😉
        i have Virgo sun and Leo MC- lol1 So, I have to watch out for tose tendencies in myself also.

  22. For me it was Gemini’s that were my friends when convenient and would turn on me on a dime. Very effective at pretending to be my friend.
    But, not lately so maybe it was just a few bad Geminis?

    • Thats probably it Scorpy T..At least one hopes so.

      And I do take into account that my friend might be feeling rejected. So, we’ll see how this comes out…

  23. Twas just talking to Mum today (“Mom” here in U.S). Was telling her how my bestie from grade school seems to cut off the emails when I seemingly don’t “perform to her liking”.

    She’s a Sagg but I don’t think it’s her Sagg Sun sign. Think I need to check her Moon.

    What I’ve gotten from her (and I had not requested to begin with), are the forwarded jokes and such with a gazillion other addresses attached of peeps I’ve never heard of. Most are cute or funny but I really don’t spend a lot of time opening them.

    One of my pet peeves and I don’t have but a few, is forwarded email crap but not PERSONALLY addressing one’s friends. My sister used to do that alot and we don’t even speak anymore. I mean, what, are people afraid to have an actual relationships nowadays? I remember letter writing and actually looking forward to seeing if I had a message on my voicemail machine when I got home….

    What I’ve notice with my girlfriend is that she stops the forwards if I don’t respond in some (God knows what) time frame. Lately, it was her son’s graduation. I just got his card and money in the mail today. He graduated the third of June and yes it is a little late but meanwhile, my daughter graduated college Saturday and I gave her much more money than him. Maybe my paycheck could only spread so thin…Ya know?

    So that got my Cappy Moon goat this a.m. My Mom said she feels maybe this freindship might be done. And that’s fine and I agree because I just don’t appreciate this pass-agg crapola. Ridiculous…

    Meanwhile, hope her son enjoys the money I sent him.

    I appreciated my Aqua Sun/ Pisces Moon friend as when she needed distance she simply told me she needed to break up for awhile.

    At least I knew where I stood and thought that was cute…

    • I agree sweetpea, fwds without attached personal messages or punctuated with the odd proper email are making a statement if you ask me. At least she aknowledged the need for space, I think its fine to shed rather than cling on via cheesy fwds!
      I noticed a big turnover in frequently contacted pals after my uranus opposition, stands to reason as priorities/interests change or develop. Most of my old friends are still hovering around on the periphery somewhere and all seem to know each other. That’s pretty cool tho, we catch up, celebrate our differences, keep up with the ever unfolding stories, then go back to our other lives. Freaky psycho ‘friends’ can be enjoyed this way in small doses with the help of the gang!!

  24. What is a hose beast? It sounds really phallic? With Scorpios like this you do not want to trigger an actual confrontation…just sort of slither away, say you joining a cult.

    • hehe…’psycho hose beast’…Mystic i have no idea but it comes from a movie with mike myers…what’s it’s name…1990’s…Wayne’s World! some girl was stalking him, they’re the words he used to describe her! It just stuck for some reason (prob cos was so odd).

      Yes i think gradual disappearance would be simplest. I’ve always wondered if ignoring the odd message or email would provoke anything , although I doubt it..

  25. plagued by how to manage a scorpio ex-friend (acts like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but is a thieving pass-agg psycho hose beast, only a few people on the planet realise this) but i can’t work out how to delete her. Atm am keeping friendship in holding pattern. I wouldn’t trust her alone in my room near my wardrobe. etc. would love to understand the astro interactions there…

    • Nothing scarier than a pass-aggro Scorpio or Scorp Rising ex or ex-friend- been there…
      Two times…and haven’t figured out how to get rid of them.
      They like to stalk so if you act like prey they continue to stalk.
      Best advice I know is to live your life happily.
      If they pick up that they bother you they won’t stop. Maybe others have better advice for you.
      If so, please pass it on to me. 🙂

  26. Wow, I absolutely agree, Mystic. Phases of friends. I used to utterly believe in friendship for life, soul mates, best friend/sister/alternative family, etc. And yet I have lost all my best best galpals. It’s like the intense loyalty and comradery just ran out of steam – either that or the concept of best girlfriend is just a very very rigid construct that doesn’t take change well.

    I’m a Cap sun, Cancer moon – my besty from ages 6-24 was a Cancer (unsure of rising) but a very extroverted type – so much so, she would get the praise for all my work. I guess it was bound to end in tears when i just had enough. She had a new boyfriend and just lost all consideration for me. Hurt like crazy 🙁

    Other besties (or is that beasties) have included a Gemini (more of an intense, intellectual friendship. But since it started with co-habitation – and that Gem couldn’t handle my Cap financial-savvy rules – it ended when I decided to move in with boyfriend).

    Then there was a Taurus. Brilliant friend – but then one day, hello psycho. She embarrassed, nay, humiliated me at a Judith Lucy concert. Judith invited me on stage (for answering a bizarre question correctly) and Taurean drama-queen blurted out “NO! I’m the bigger fan!!” and jumped up on stage instead. Judith was freaked out, auditorium erupted in laughter and hoots. Public humiliation does not sit well with me – especially when I bought the tix. She also decided that my boyfriend should’ve been her boyfriend because they were of a similar age (much older than me) so I kinda walked away from that one.

    And my latest galpal to walk was a Libra. She didn’t like my mcuh older boyfriend and therefore didn’t invite him to her wedding. I was the only single girl there. I voiced a very calm disappointment at the fact – and she promptly cut me from her very extensive social network. Sigh.

    I hate it that romantic relationships seem to break-up something so seemingly unconditional and strong as friendship. But then again, it fits the whole “phase” thing. Am much more flexible/ less intense now with dubbing anyone my “best friend.”

      • No No Nooo! P-femme, it was terrible!! Judith started saying “my god, it’s Melrose Place right here in row C.” My “friend” just turned into a rabid Judith groupie. Then she came back to her seat after her moment in the (my would-be) spotlight and gloated – GLOATED – about how fabulous it was and how we simply MUST meet Judith after the show. I just kept telling myself over and over: “The auditorium is dark. No one knows it’s me…”


          we have to appreciate friends for who they are, psychosis and all. I prefer the crazy narcissists to the boring ones. Seriously, you could be dining out on that story for ever. isn’t it joyous that she (i presume) had no idea that this behaviour could be construed as, say, a little embarrassing?

    • I used to believe in the same thing Stress Princess ie soulmates, best friend/sisters etc My best friend from high school was a fellow Taurean, born 1 week apart, & for over a decade I dealt with the break ups, me having to ‘woo’ her back to let her know how much she meant to me etc I realised that at 1 stage that she thought that by being like me, she would have what I had. I was her only friend & I had many friends. We would go out dressed the same, she would literally say things that I had said & made out they were her words, so I would withdraw & be more silent as I didn’t want people to think I was being HER. It came out that she hit on my ex gf & then I was seeing a guy & she did the same to him … I tried to talk to her about it & she went BALLISTIC & that was it. After a decade I finally walked away & have never seen her since….

      Last amazing best friend I had, an Aries, we WERE like sisters. I walked away early this year. Have not looked back. I saw her in April & was quite surprised & hurt that she turned & walked away. I thought that we would at least be able to smile & say hi to each other but not so. Am disillusioned now as to the whole concept of such friendships. I can’t help but look back & think that it all meant nothing. I really miss having that close female best friend/sister r’ship. I would love to have it again but with boundaries this time!! Have learnt all my lessons through this last aries f’ship so hopefully if someone comes along … I can do it better next time round.

  27. My go-to folk atm are all LEOS. I am a pisces sun, taurus ascendant and sag moon. Unexplicably drawn to Virgos who treat me like shite – curiously enough, the last one was actually called leo.

  28. Oh and succession of Aries men last year appeared out of nowhere. One of whom was and still is a good mate. The other two were lovers, now nowhere to be seen.

  29. Same here STbyL with the Leo factor, it was Leo land everywhere in my 20s but now in my 30s am a bit more balanced. Love the Leo’s dearly but don’t smother them in attention anymore!

  30. Have been thinking about this off and on sometimes. Does anyone else have that happen, when you think of a certain topic and then Mystic does a post on it??

    Just learning to read my chart proper – like and see that there’s no planets in Cancer but i do have 8th house there. But my three close girlfriends in my adult life have been Kataka. However all three are so different that we don’t all spend time together, they are not friends with each other, its just me and one of them at a time. One of the girls i no longer spend time with, we’ve grown apart and she’s not in a great space so its just email/phone occassionally. The other two live in my hood so I see them often but also liek to have time away from them too, must be my aqua space thingy.

    My most loyal (and I feel, life long friends) are aquas. It’s more quality vs quanitity with them. See them only occassionally but very special times when we do catch up. They are also my most fun party pals.

    In my 20s I had almost all my mates as Leos, boys and girls.

    • Yes! I do often think of a certain topic and then voila MM has done it. I wasn’t game to ask anyone else for fear of being labelled an Aqua Bats mobeel.

      I dunno but I’ve got a Pisces g/f that’s giving the the sh*ts a lot lately. Her level of pedantry and bitchiness towards others is amazing, I can imagine what she’s like behind my back.

      Since working with and along side men I’ve found that I can understand why men are frustrated by females. AND strangely find myself low on tolerance for them as well at times. I might shut up right now I think.

  31. I went thru a mass stage of leos. Throughout my 20s there were leos as far as the eye can see (thru the manes). My fahter was Uber leo, I wonder if i was reconciling his energy, seeking his Love. This, i think, coincided pretty well with pluto in Sag for me. Not sure really how/why, but the timing just adds up. Now i have a full range of friends, actually, and a few of the Leos are still out there but not with the same primacy…. not at all. I’ve never noticed a friendhsip end. Isn’t that shocking? I must be the one who just doesn’t return the calls! i have never given my past friends a thought… oppppps

  32. I totally agree, Ms Mystic! I have had waves of Capricorn girlfriends (what a quaint term these days) who invariably wanted to suck the life out of me as they saw me as some sort of moral compass. Invariably, they were merely seeking approval of their amoral behaviour and ended up leaving their partners, cheating me in business and then being amazed that I was not keen to keep up the pretence of a relationship.

    I know as an Aries that Pisces people are not meant to be my thing, however, my closest girlfried is a Pisces and our friendship is 25+ years strong. I also added another Piscean last year and she is just a hoot.

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