Lunar Uranian Eureka Day

Lightbulb installation art

Once again it’s the day of the monthly Moon-Uranus conjunction – signifier of sudden genius & whopping great “aha!” emo insights + stunning random encounters…synchronicity and the art of making odd yet brilliant connections AND apparently poor punctuation, lol. Still, you get my point. It’s kinky too.

Image: Felix Gonzalez Torres

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19 thoughts on “Lunar Uranian Eureka Day

    • I used to have a fortune cookie from a Gonzalez-Torres work. but alas it has gone missing in the many years of moving. One of my lecturers brought it back for me from Germany as he knows how big a fan i am.

  1. Yes! Totally agree with you aquaquaqua.
    Aren’t we lucky that we get one of these special days of eureka moments every month. It could totaly take over the “it’s that time of the month” catch phrase. Sometimes, when you know you’re not going to get a special planet combo again for a while it feels like you have to completely make the most out of every minute of it…instead of just enjoying it.
    (sorry for any poor punctuation)

    • P.S the little auto biography on Mystic’s link to Felix Gonzalez Torres just warmed my heart like a big bonfire on the beach.

      • I too think its amazing, coming onto the computer when its frezzing outside and seeing a serene picture — it was very comferting — OMG RE-READING THIS I REALISE THAT I SOUND LIKE A TWO YR OLD!

  2. I think it is meant to be more like the ding of an inspirational lightbulb moment. Which, if i have any functioning brain cells left following the weekend, will be most grateful for. I already feel the kinky but, just waiting for the brains to kick in.

  3. Oh yes and i love the art, as always. I love the combination of art fashion and the occult. It’s so stylish and original. Matthew you never sound like a two year old. just like a lovely and together teenager.

  4. Did anyone else have a very wierd day yesterday?
    I could not sleep at all last night (which I painfully then had to haul my non-rested arse out of bed at 4.30am to go to work).
    Just trying to stay elegant yesterday was more hard work than anticipated…

    • I too slept lightly on the earth…. waking often before sliding back into a surface sleep. Maybe I jitterbugged my sleeping waves thanks to merc in Gem?
      Or maybe I need to put myself in a slightly surreal mental state for Eureka Moments to hit?
      Am currently vaguing out at my desk due to 3 nurofens in the system to manage my ‘other’ time of the month….. the not so great one……
      I suspect eureka will waft on past and I’ll not even register.

    • v a-g-g, I too did not sleep a wink – not one – and then was dragging myself out for work at 5.30am. Have only just held it together today. I hope you survived the day OK. Isn’t lack of sleep just the crappiest thing?! I’ll think of you tomorrow morning and hope you had a better night.

  5. I’m just glad that whatever astro sludge was going down over the weekend has passed – Moon in Pisces right? No offense to our Fishy friends, but the energy felt like wading through mud. In fact I spent the entire weekend and some of Friday curled up in bed watching the entire season 1 & 2 of Carnivale – FAB HBO SERIES. Loads of drinking, gambling, fornication, demonic priests, armageddon themes … just my thang!

    But anyhoo that’s how I survived it – escapism. Tres Neptunian I imagine. Just wondering though why Martian energy has the opposite effect. Hype, busy, positive and I just love it. I thought being a Crab I would find it irritating since my natal sun squares Aries? I have noticed though that I generally love a good Arian vibe.

  6. Actually it’s the place that you have light bulb moments that interests me. I was thinking earlier (yep in the shower) how all difficult meetings about hard to nut out items could be taken in the shower or people are sent to them to think it out. Either a communal one (lol) or little cubicles with Skype or earpieces hooked up so that it can all be shared instantly. Yeah I know I’m bats.

  7. I was just updating my husband’s yellow pages advertising and am perhaps unable (due to character count, including spaces AND punctuation) to place a comma where there really should be one… lmao.

  8. perfect MM. Had a few aha’s today. mostly phewies and “I wuold have been in deep doo doo moments” Also reconnected with a PL (potential lover- shoudn’t a gal have one or 2 lying around) plus gave the boss a big roll of the eyes- that was stunning!

  9. Hello all fellow poor sleepers! I, too had a shocking night’s sleep last night due to a huge deadline I had to complete today. Combined with a head cold, terrible voice and non-stop interviews, I really didn’t have a light bulb moment. However, something from the past reared it’s head and I think I know what to do first to deal with it. Does this count and can I count on my intuition at this time?

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