Sun Sign Survey: Stupidity For Love

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Naked woman hugging man in red suit

What was the seriously most stupid and/or humiliating thing you did for love or lust?

I am thinking more insane scenes when you are – for some truly insane reason – attempting to keep a an idiot of immense f-wittery in your life. I used to know an actress, now well known so am not saying her name, who pulled out a tampon (from the inside of her, yes) and flung it across the face of the gentleman she had just found out was also dallying with her sister. Or was it the sister’s best friend? It was a shock & way too close to home but her reaction was Defcon 1 and in the foyer at a theatre opening. She’s Scorpio.

I think having an officially bats love affair must be compulsory for growth or something. Obviously a whole string of them is cause for concern. Then again, if you have strong Uranian tendencies (no names) then you’re stultified by normal relationships & you have a very High-Bats threshold. It’s the cosy cruising around Ikea that sends you nuts.

If you have a strong Leonic vibe in your scope, you might also favour dramatic scenes, even when the situation doesn’t warrant them. I knew a Capricorn with Moon-Uranus in Leo who’d tear her hair out and make the most dire threats at the hint of any scenario involving her in-laws. She’d flirt horrendously to try and provoke her Aquarian (!) husband into making a scene but he never would so she would have to. She’d read loads of Anais Nin, Daphne Du Maurier & Sylvia Plath for inspiration.

My stupidest thing – but fairly innocent – was to turn up at my Leo Ex’s soccer matches when he was playing in goal. And sort of stand behind the goal in full regalia that had taken several hours to perfect & try to cop as much male attention to distract him as poss. It was sort of an on-off-0n again thing at the time and i was very young. The aim was to be surrounded by a throng of men/boys by the time his game finished and then stalk off.Β  Ridiculous; my guess is that – in general – the Water signs of Pisces, Kataka & Scorp top the list for most OTT love/lust scenes. Then again, Gemini gals do like to go bats when it suits them or if a whim is thwarted.

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69 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Stupidity For Love

  1. Well I don’t have anything from my own experience to offer. But when you mentioned you thought water signs were the most likely candidates for ott love/lust scenes.. it got me thinking.

    Best friend who is a Pisces, used to be in love with a boyfriend she had a while ago.. It was pretty on and off again. I remember one weekend they got into a fight and I rocked up just as she was pelting empty beer bottles at him as he fled her house. She was in hysterics for the rest of the day. But she’s just bats in general.

  2. Ha, the things we do for love.
    The first episode that comes to mind was leaving lover in Bangladesh
    for Singapore, stopping in Bankok for 2 nights, then returning to Bangladesh
    to try again….stoopid.
    The most recent was buying ex some pink fishnets & frilly lacy g-string….ooops.
    Love can turn the brain to mush, but i don’t know if that’s Real Love, more like crazy lust.

  3. Mid 90’s with long distance Kataka lover, 1 night too much booze he made a shyster out of himself evening before. He snuck off to continue drinking session with barman and who knows who else. Me, woke on daylight noticed the lamp broken and it snoring away on other bed. Eyes narrowed & refrained from wanting to pour hot water over him, stealthily collected my things and drove off in my car. The location was 80kms from Alice Springs. He somehow makes back to town by mid-morning walks in & asks if he can stay until his plane the next day. “(*&&*%&^ you!” I replied. It was a stinking hot day he flops down on the couch and sleeps. I leave the house turn off the air-con at the meter box & the water to the house, open all the doors and windows for optimum 42c heat effect inside and leave for the rest of the day.

    He recently contacted my son of Facebook wondering if I’d like to chat. wtf?! To which I did and tortured him with words & played with his emotions.

  4. bulk hallucinogens + naked outlandish romp + crazy sex ala beach. Pity we did not notice the WEDDING PARTY descending on us from nearby surf club at 2am. I kid you not. yes i am a scorp + sag rising + venus in sag = deadly

  5. i ran into an Aqua ex who was wearing a jacket i gave him. I took umberage that he would still be wearing it (possessive, scorp, of course). SO i picked it up and threw it out the window of the pub we were in, hurling it high into the air and across the room in front of a huge crowd. There was something heavy in the pocket (no doubt his keays, who knows, maybe his phone), and when the jacket hit the light fitting on the way out it shattered it. Over people. Not one of my more HAUTE nights. Weirdly a) i dont’ seem to be banned from this pub, b) aqua stil wants to be my friend c) no-one appears to have been hurt….well, not physically at least

    Oh i could go on and on about exes. but no…. onward and upward

  6. oh alright I’ve opened the sloushes now. Aqua lived in canberra. I lived in Sydney. I was DESPERATE to see him for a little consumation. Driving like a mad woman, just as i got on the freeway, i felt the wheel bearing in my car collapse with an ominous thud. So, rather than call road service, or turn back, or any of those SANE responses, I continued to drive to canberra, fast. I guess i thought if i was quick I might get away with it. By the time i got it to a mechanic at the end of 300 odd kilometres, the wheel had welded itself onto the car. In technical terms, apparently “my car had shit itself”. The mechanic went on to say something wholly appropriate and wholly sexist about the whole thing. And then charged me extortionate rates to fix it.

    oh those were the days.

  7. LOL yes, no names. So that’s what the ikea thing is. I’ve always put it down to the stench of baby poo and fear of mystery meatballs.

    Most stupid thing I can think of: After a procession of mad men and the realisation that the outlaws aren’t keepers just FUN (and never treat an outlaw the way they treat you it makes them fall in love by the way – that’s how you get an outlaw to propose… absurd).

    So I get all logic oriented and decide I have to find the “opposite man”. No more musos, artists, voyeur photographers, crazy philosophy professors or vice oriented peeps. So I’m out one night with my favourite lesbian and stumble upon an accountant – she thinks he’s ideal for my purposes – and I’m in – he’s entirely wrong for me in all the right ways. We discuss at length and then lure him into our booth.

    I embark on a stupid thing with this man who upon contact with me within 1-2 weeks decides he has to throw in his accounting and become involved with the theatre – so I’m there thinking fuq, is it me? or was I sensing your imminent exit stage left from your stable career/routine and so there for that reason? God it was fuqd.

    Weird thing was he hated all my friends who could have helped him in his quest and they were all wtf are you doing with that guy to me. Stupid stupid plan. So I go along with this thing for a few months and the sex is off the hook but god what a dreary plodding man – taurean (no offense meant to any present) there was nothing spontaneous about him and he had to plan everything and he complained about the cost of petrol per kilometre from his place to mine – part of his thing was he also opted out of the real world and went to live in the bush – I am inner urban. It wasn’t even nice bush it was like accountants version of what bush is – scrub – probably cheaper per square foot when you balance it against the rent.

    And then he was impossible to get rid of – wouldn’t go away – on my doorstep crying and refusing to leave until I told him why – gemini ascendant kicks in and I tell him it’s because he’s boring – yes cold but if they don;t get it they need tough love. He moves on to stalking. Obsessed. Very frustrating.

    I even moved house and didn’t tell him where I went but he found me. So the man next door realises I’m being stalked and watches my hallway, he is the keeper of the fire door, he also reads cerberus comix lol. Finally someone is murdered at the bottom of our street and the landlord hooks up better security for us and the bean counter is put off – and I go on to fall madly in love with the keeper of the door and marry him. Strange thing is he is mental – in the best most visionary aqua way but has cap cusp so also the ability to hold down a job for years on end and likes not to move house so much so I kinda got to where I was aiming for via opposite man. Thank opposite man – you know I can’t even remember his name…

    • you know the weird thing tho – I love all the men I’ve hung out with even the accountant – I’m in it 100% when I’m in it – will do most anything for love – in a heartbeat. My idea of love has evolved but you live this life once – I figure embrace it – go for full immersion.

  8. fascinating stories!
    uranian reality slip ‘n’ slide – check..taurean lack of spontanaeity – check..challenging…yep.
    relationships with straights kills me but i somehow find myself involved with them. usually substance dependent (nothing too drastic but v life-limiting).

    both times yes guilty of keeping idiot of immense f-wittery in my life e.g. he is absolutely no match for me…the problem is when they tick some very important relationship boxes but not others. it’s a downer. the lessons seem to be learning how to be not available, how not to care too much. doesn’t seem right does it. this pisces feels like she’s engaged in spiritual devolution – caring less and judging more as time goes on. since childhood it has seemed to me that people don’t seem to get it the other way round. i know its not universal but as far as relationships go…

  9. Peeps, aren’t we supposed to be discussing what we’ve done to GET a lover – not to GET RID OF one??


    (don’t get me started on all the horrid things I did to DLE when I discovered his affair!)

        • Looked out from a second story window one time and saw a girl changing her tampy in the front seat of the car while her bf stepped away.

          That was bad enough. At least she didn’t slap him with it…But dang, whatta Scorp!….Very in your face feminine revenge thing to do….He will never forget that one no doubt!

        • Was it Prince Charles who supposedly said to Camilla, the future Queen of England – “I wish I was your tampon?”

          • Yes. That is quite right. Although she will never be Queen of England, for one because the public HATES her, as does the rest of the Royal family.

          • Prince Charles is a scorp. My uncle the one of the multiple monogamous relationships shares his birthday with Prince Chuck.

            Oh as an aside on my Scorp uncle (who has dressed all in black to pick up since his twenties…now close to 60 but still has amazing pulling power)…

            The last big relationship he had (that I know of) was with an Aries woman about 25 years his junior…it ended up with private detectives involved, shunnings and other mad mad things…she cheated on him with another Scorp. The latter day Scorp is now in his own version of recovery.

      • In that case, a delayed exit strategy I guess…Not sure if he would have known it was me but pleased the damage was done just the same..

        One year into having broken up with the Pisces I’d had too much wine one evening and drove an hour to his place. Stole his large phallac shaped cactus off of his patio and was happily walking away with my loot when the neighbors said “hey, you just stole that”..

        In my drunken lie, I told them, “no I didn’t”. They persisted and began to call the police. Quickly, I sat the cactus down, got in the car and backed out over it thus presumeably squashing it to bits.

        I could only image his sorrow the next day as phallac cacti his pride and joy…Had had it for years….te,he…

        Meanwhile, back at my hide out and not knowing if my picture had been caught on someone’s phone, I kept a look out of the blinds for the cops for a few days.

        I only ever admitted this story to my Mom… She thinks I’m nuts but totally understood… πŸ™‚

    • TA – “What was the seriously most stupid and/or humiliating thing you did for love or lust?”

      bet this thread ends up a ‘fuq-fessional’ tehehehe…..

      LOVE Mystics behind the goal posts BTW!!

  10. God I’m boring. The ‘craziest’ thing I’ve done to hook a man was to drive an hour from beach holiday digs to home to rummage for his phone number. He was on the coast at the same time and had offered to teach me to surf. I still can’t surf.

    Delia Antwerp-Aaaars, however, was arrested after abseiling down the side of Stamford Plaza at Double Bay (in Prada) to visit, ok stalk, the Italian count, who suspecting she might not handle rejection well, had hired armed henchmen to guard the door to his room. She got the room wrong though, and ended up in a suite with Derryn Hinch, who was very excited to see her. Diving back out the window, she tried to abseil back up, and that’s when the cops got her.

  11. I don’t think that I’ve ever done anything nutty to get a lover. They always just fall into my lap out of nowhere. The one time in my life that I actively pursued someone I was told I was too ‘intense’ and it was a miserable failure. Possibly why I’m still single HA HA HA. My nutty behaviour is limited to getting rid of lovers unfortunately.

  12. Like a psychic once told me “you’ve stayed at the party too long”.

    Another words, stayed in the relationship when I should have gotten out.

    Is that dumb enough?

  13. I spent every lunch time at work stoned, for at least 12 months, at the house of the boy I was in love with. I would tragically potter around to the area he worked, on the pretext of getting anything, about twice a day. When it all fizzed out horribly I tried to make him jealous by pashing his brother out one night (yeah, worked a treat.. not… how that seemed reasonable at the time is beyond me now) and then would drive by his house on random drive bys to see if the light was on… I know, classic stalker..
    The only thing I never did was tell him how I felt. Stoopid Gem.

  14. craziest thing for love would be
    collecting Ariean-Ex from a Brothel.
    he telephoned, pickled, encircled by potential attackers, spluttering he’d lost keys to afore mentioned American Muscle car & requried rescuing.
    Am not sure why I went, the sitch too ridiculous to apply logic – but potential attackers fled as I drove my (then) posh German thing at them, pulling up neatly alongisde nearby Hilton Hotel security dude, asking sweetly if he watch over Ex’s wheels. Spirited back to Ariean’s compound, scored spare keys, miraculously found available cab in a VERY industrial locale, & cabbed back to retrieve muscle car. Hitting the highway home, light rain started, turned up AC DC on radio, indicating to Ex to remain quiet, & pushed the pedal to the metal. I pushed Caroline (the car) thru the Tonne!! (100+ MPH). It was oddly satisfying moment. Then sun started to rise, I pulled over at our local pub, open to service neighbouring wharfies, walzed in & ordered my first beer for the night. At dawn.

    for lust – years ago had l.t fling with an under cover cop, who in my probably never to be published memoirs, is called ‘Tony Studbottom’, Betty Love’s current boyfriend. He’d finish survaliance & collect me from whatever disco I was dancing in. it was exciting never knowing when he’d turn up or in what vehicle. One night it was a Mazda Rx7 (sports car) & we had sex on the hood under a street light outside my house at 5am. its very busy in those parts at 5 am. even decades ago!!

    Libran Sun, Venus in Leo

  15. I am not sure… I think I might just be a complete chump.
    I seem to be doing a whole lot of nice stff for my ex… some of which, I feel he his thorugh back in my face… but I have gotten the ball rolling and don’t know how to stop it.
    So now I told him he has behaved badly, appear ot be rewarding him for behaving badly… and becoming some sort of unstoppable ball of rage.

  16. Oh no! I think I was a stalker (I’m reformed now) all through my teens and twenties. I would just get infatuated and they’d get really weirded out. Do remember one memorable encounter with Aqua lover, years ago – trying to make love in my dad’s hippie house (no partitions, no walls – ‘walls are barriers, man’) he eventually grabbed me and pulled me outside in the rain into a nearby paddock where we went at it for ages completely soaked with a thunderous accompaniment. Great! Still remember it!

    Whatever, love the comment above – the accountant’s idea of bush! – that’s my laugh for the day

  17. bought a red Love Kylie bra and matching knickers because red was his fav colour…….hey I’m a Cap

  18. I suppose I should include my doing the wild thing in a dingy but I’ve told that story here before….same protagonist and on the beach in broad daylight on the northern tip of Bribie Island with chicken and Moet lunch. He still says that chicken, champers and sand is his favourite way to lunch and it was 35 years ago.

    • same bloke and I co-managed a music store in seventies and at that time any slightly risque album was promptly banned. Two footy song type albums were released called AO1 and AO2 and because of tracks like “On The Good Ship Venus” etc were banned. We knew we’d sell hundreds and the record company was still pressing so ordered all we could get our hands on. Police raided music stores whenever they got a wiff of any and the fines were steep. Our problem was storage because if you were raided, they confiscated the lot. (probably to pass on to their mates) We would have 5 of each in stock so if raided, the loss was minimal. So 20 boxes, each containing 50 albums, were hidden in my garage because his wife supposedly hated him and wouldn’t have them at their house. He was married but had assured me the marriage was over, staying together for the boys, all the usual. Invited to an album release and thought I couldn’t go but at last minute, I could. Arrived to find him with wife and obviously not at war. Enjoyed the night with other music industry types, then went home before he left, loaded all in car, drove to his place and left them on his front verandah blocking the front door. Funny, it was never mentioned and he’d meekly go home to collect new supply. We worked together for 4 years and still friends but no more nooky. Scorpio. He’d get all sad-eyed sometimes but I’d tell him to fuq off, I don’t share…

  19. With Cancer Sun & Venus a more appropriate question would be – what stupid things haven’t I done for love/lust! Marrying someone I met off the internet when I was 25 was one of my tamer little escapades …

  20. What fun & gorgeous stories…we all are fools for love.
    Would German car be a Karmann Ghia? Had a ’64 Mark 11, silver & white.
    Adore cars just luv ’em, it’s the motion & movement that turns me on.
    Or a VW/Golf. Love Golfs..Mercedes but manuals not auto.
    Ah, 100 ways to lose your Lover. Who really leaves who. It’s said the Leavee wanted the Leaver
    to go & created the situation necessary.
    Since 80’s & the HIV thingo, i have not been able to separate love & sex & used to envy those
    that could have a ‘one nite stand’ just because they could.

    Good story , Whatevs, accountants live so in their head, that if you capture tham physically
    theyr’e YOURS.
    It’s always been the naughty boys that turn me on, to the point where if I was attracted to them warning bells struck…..Wrong wrong wrong.
    Love’s a roller coaster ride & sometims like the Tower of Terror if you really want your moneys’ worth.
    So often it’s powers struggles, who has it & who hasn’t. Sad as it’s meant to be ‘Power with’ not ‘Power against’.
    It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock & roll. Together 24/7 or meet once a week in bed.
    A famous couple once said ‘we have our business meeting in bed once a week’.
    I liked that.
    My fantasy was a Lover that would come in at Midnight (key under mat), then leave at dawn.
    The it comes true & all you want to do i LIVE with them & spoil it!

    • Pegs – German car was Audi. New. At the time a ’75 911 at Arieans compound. stupidly I didnt buy it, it went for a song! Oh well…..

      Love Ghia’s as well, but never had one.
      Will only drive manuals. We laughed cos we only have 2 door cars.

      made world peace inroads with Ex today.
      my well placed serve got thru to the keeper – resulting in a humbled apology for him being such a prick. his SMS tonight hoping I feel better is as out of charactor as him uttering the “S” word. Now I cant work out who was Leaver / Leavee….

      Sealed world peace by waving front of stage ACDC tix via email.
      Back IN Black was only Vinyl of mine I left him. Now I miss his stereo more than him!! πŸ˜‰

  21. Need I really say more after the whole fleeing to Asia to get stuck in a Palace coup sort of thing. But personally, I dislike doing scenes. Venus in Leo, loves the attention and the worship, yet cannot stand initiating undignified scenes.

    Which does NOT mean I don’t land in them…having my house boob invaded by the Gemini Tit Monster with whom Le Scorp dallied with. However, I must confess I am an excellent spy. Skills I developed with my current employment.

    So I have cyber-baited, spoof called, tracked relatives, and had I the opportunity probably would have GPS’d any one of my lovers.

    It’s a kingdom thing, you know… πŸ™‚

  22. LOVE & SEX is a bighuge subject, something that i have explored for now 15 years.
    With Workshops starting ‘All you ever need to know about men’. It’s 5 minutes duration
    with 55 minutes of question time. LOL!
    Why? Because i wanted to know my time of conception & what they, The Lovers, were thinkin’ about.
    Wanted to know if you could ‘die from love, what was it? Homeopathically..cure like with like.
    If sex could kill so could it cure. THAT was what HIV+ was telling us globally.
    My Mother ‘died for Love’, total unrequited love for my Father. It took her 45 years, being a Scorpo, to finally poison herself to death, with the Pheonix rising decade by decade, reinventing herself, until there were just ashes.
    hence my question…what is love?

    Reverse the Energy or find out about it, the why’s, the reasons, the emotions, the science.
    Where is it coming from, what energy centre.
    It IS REALLY a Venus & Mars lesson to learn.
    As we came from a sexual action, we are a sex planet. Sheesh, KInsley studied insects (& bees),
    they undulate with rythmn. Keys to Ecstasy are: Breathe Rythmn & Sound.
    Chakras need to be aligned before lovemaking, cleared, acknowledged, identified, as in ‘the body electric’
    before you can reach the heavens in lovemaking…aka Sky Dancing from the Buddhist Nun called Sky Dancer’ prob because she sex with the universe & being celibate, she belonged to herself & the universe,
    rather than one man. Because of the need to entrain the energy centres betweeen potential lovers, ie: he’s wanting sex & you are wanting power, or you are wanting to talk & he needs empowering,hence the idea of a Sacred Space to remove yourselves from the Status Quo & into another dimension of energy exchange. Awareness is simply Holism. How many energies has it/he/she come from, energy being time-space equalling how you earn your money.
    Do what you love to do & do it with love.
    Did you know that when you & your Lover have an Orgasm together(or close), the universe goes ‘whoopee do’ & gives all the good energy currents back into you.
    Unromantically called the “endorphin effect’ aka ‘streaming’ & a better painkiller than morphine, same highways & byways

    ALCHEMIST!……prepare for the Future Man by forgetting about it NOW & prepare.
    The Man for You will not happen overnight,, but it WILL Happen! It may take a while celibate
    In the meantime make an arrangement or a negotiation with CUB. You need to lay down terms of engagement.
    And Darling Women on this site: what i say for you is what i say for myself also…wink wink.
    We are all Mirrors…xxx

    • Wife and I try and keep up our tantric practice, sacred space, meditation, coming together..yes all that, but unfortunately we sometimes don’t give it the time it deserves or the priority it should have (are you reading this honey). Trying to schedule it in just doesn’t work.
      I blame her..;)

  23. Pisces sun…of course.

    I once threw my shoes across a room (that were on my feet) with perfect aim and deftness at boyfriend who just told me ‘kissed another girl’.

    And when one guy told me on the phone that when he kissed me felt like he was ‘kissing his sister’, I left his jacket at his front door in a plastic bag…that has a few scrappy bits of broccoli in it that I didn’t bother cleaning out.

    All fairly tame I know…not much of a scene maker!!

  24. I made a bonfire in my backyard once with my ex-boyfriends clothes when I found out he was cheating on me. That was fun.

    • nice transmutation of veil / superficial cladding energy. Were the colours superb? I’m hoping you didn’t inhale lol

  25. The Moon (and Venus) in Aries might possibly give one an overly high bats threshold in love. Has me. The Fool comes to mind.

    • Link I agree – venus in aries here too… plus leo on third house cusp – cannot STAND it when a guy ignores me… have been known to go a bit overboard with letters when young and then emails and now text messages. I long to be a cool detached person who does radio silence for weeks on end and then when the errant lover shows up says ‘oh, you, I forgot about you I was soooo busy writing my book/creating beautiful art/hanging with the kids/living it up or whatever’…. *sigh*

      • Yes I have a bit of an issue with being ignored or having communication cut off … I go overboard with the text msgs too. I’m working on the cool, detached thing while I’m single but it’ll probably all just go out the window if I ever start dating again. Lol.

        The stupidest over the top thing that I have ever done is smash a teacup set. When I broke up with my ex he sent me a text msg saying that every time I looked at the antique teacup set he gave me I’d have to think of him so I’d be thinking of him forever. Aargh. I took the teacup set, knocked on his door, screamed some rubbish at him about never wanting to think of him ever again and stomped on the teacup set. My ex just stood there with his mouth hanging open while I jumped up and down on smashed antique china. Hmm. I have a Scorpio rising so I’ll blame that.

        • that teapot story is gold! i mean, its the perfect reply to someone saying something as stupid as you HAVE to think of them forever…

          • seems totally sensible to me, very restrained. Am scorpio (sun & moon) so this is not the only sort of thing I have smashed. Actually it’s not usually me smashing things, it’s usually the man, having driven them to distraction. I should probably be nicer …

  26. Leo rising = lots of drama. I can’t help it, it’s totally unconscious. So many scenes in first love relationship, which always stemmed from the genuine misery of being venus in taurus steadily, deeply in love with changeable venus in pisces.

    Also Mars in Cancer, thus makes me super-clingy & possessive – again my Gem sun hates this feeling, but what can you do?? Also I am insanely Uranian. Began an affair with a fellow Uranian Gem, about three weeks from finishing my degree – how did it begin? On an acid trip. I kid you not.

    The couple I know who have the most separation anxiety drama was a Cancer & Pisces, convinced they are each other’s soulmates, girl has Venus in Leo so I guess the agony & the ecstasy appeals.

  27. Thankyou Libran rockstar for finding my bit of broccoli in the bag funny! I went to Catarina the relationship exorcist to ‘heal myself’, told her this story and she couldn’t concentrate on the healing as she was laughing so much…that healed it in itself.

  28. I was 16 and madly in lurve with sexiest bad boy in the whole darn town who had told me that my long golden locks “got in the way”… so I got a spiked up short croppy 80’s hairdo copied from the pages of CLEO 1985. He dumped me after deflowering and my Mother said I had lost my only asset.
    She meant my hair not my virginity but sniggered loudly when she saw me dancing round to Madonna on Countdown singing “like a virgin” then yelled out in front of my father ‘like virgin MY ARSE”!! so I think she was pissed off about THAT too.

    I am Cap with Libra rising

      • My Mother is Cancer with Aquarius rising and still taking no crap, though she says she will never live down saying I’d lost my only asset,……….. she tried to recoup by saying that she meant my BEST asset!! HA HA

  29. I don’t think anything I’ve done for love or lust I would term humiliating…as I rapidly spin it internally into a learning curve.

    One of the more wtf things I’ve done was years ago, also first love relationship, in the early stages where I was still thinking I had a chance to play it a little cool…but very much wanted to spend time alone with my new love interest(now the long exited leo ex)..

    Anyway we’re standing at the front door and for some reason it just wouldn’t open. It was drizzling rain I was a little tipsy. So I asked if he could just wait for me I’d check if I could get in the back way. The back of the apartment was up steep stairs with pipework external on the wall. So somehow in my desire to share coffee, I somehow scaled the wall from the stair rail and across to enter the tiny window above the toilet…and then after rearranging myself sauntered out to welcome in via the front door.

    The next day I tried to replicate my scale the wall spider style and got nowhere fast…so I think that mix of thwarted desire, lusty drive and a little booze did encourage stupidity for love.

      • Thanks Chesh. Our courtship days were fairly mad…lot’s a absurd little dramas which I imagine is fairly apt for two Leos getting together. I used to like hearing tales of my Leo Nan and Scorp Pop’s early days too… At least I’ve got plenty of story material for whenever granchildren occur.

        • I used to hold my sweeties dinner in the car at the curb before I’d gotten the key. Pouring down rain but I didn’t care. Did not scale any walls though!

          Go LL!! Spidey Woman!!

  30. well. among other things which aren’t as interesting, i once had my ex committed and decided to get back together with him because he had les mis tickets. turned out not to be worth it, but oh well. if you can’t guess, i’m a scorpio. he was, too.

  31. my other half, being a taurus, is always easy to go with the flow, so as a strange turn-about way i told him “fine. we’re not doing anything if you can’t decide” and hung up the phone. got dresssed and appaeared at his front door to surprise him. i started kissing him and then i seen this old man stand up and walk to the door behind him, and his grandpa was standing there as his grandson turned around with a massive hard-on :/

    not really stupid but MAN it amused me :L

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