Josephine Baker; Ultra-Gemini

Josephine Baker with elephant

Josephine Baker was an amazingly talented and spectacular singer/dancer, known as the Bronze Venus & she adopted a dozen children – all from different races & countries.  I always think of her as that girl in the banana skirt.

But there is so much more to her!

From a  horribly hard childhood, she became celebrated and was the first African-American woman (her parents had been slaves) to star in a major motion picture. She was offered the leadership of the American Civil Rights movement after Martin Luther King was killed. She received the French Croix De Guerre for her work with the French Resistance. She volunteered to be a spy the day that World War II broke out. There is loads more…

She’s TOTALLY a Gemini; Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter & Pluto all together in Gemini & squared by Saturn in Pisces; Busting through personal demons to display pyrotechnic guts, charisma and wits.

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9 thoughts on “Josephine Baker; Ultra-Gemini

  1. She’s a perfect example of a Gem. Multi-faceted and fascinating. She inspired so many fantastic black artists including Shirley Bassey, Dianna Ross and Whitney Houston. Not only was she a dancer but had a wonderful singing voice. I love how Princess Grace and her friend left a night club with her to support her when she was asked to leave because she was black and they stayed friends for life. Her heroism was incredible during WW2 and she was also vilified in the McCarthy era.

  2. I’ve always loved this woman, for being truly her own person and for standing up continually for what she believed in, with total style and flair. Happy Birthday!

  3. I always found her very modern, and way ahead of her time. I completely relate to her affection for a country that welcomed her as well as how determined she was to raise all her children. When one thinks about it, there was no mold for her to follow, she was it!

    So fierce.

  4. She is gorgeous, brave and wild…and her dancing style is STILL modern!!

  5. Don’t we get ‘Baker’s Dozen’ from her?
    So true, David, a true Goddess…………….DIVINE.

    • She is beautiful & courageous

      Bakers dozen would have been a great reference to her marriages pegasus! 😉

      The term has been around since the 13th century & whilst it is a reference to the measurements it is also represented as auspicious & lucky. Which I would like to agree with as 13 is my birth date & yes I was born on Friday! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much Mystic!! What a beautiful gift to make this day fabulous!! How could anyone not be in AWE of both you and Josephine Baker. x x x