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Well, I love that the Ancient Mayans aced the Venus cycles absolutely yonks ago – without telescopes et al, they figured that the Morning Star & the Evening Star – Venus a.k.a. Xolotl – were the same planet, even though appearing on different sides of the sky.

But so far as the future goes, I’m  backing Ray Kurzweil,  a futurist, entrepeneur & mathmatician who says we are about to experience a fabulous & mind-boggling event known as The Singularity.  I was reading a profile of the gent this morning & I knew within nanoseks that he is an Aquarius.  Even apart from The Singularity, all the Aqua indicators were there…

* He invented a program called FatKat – Financial Accelerating Transactions from Kurzweil Adaptive Technologies – that plays the stockmarket for him so that he has more time for other projects. He also invented an automatic poetry generator called the Cybernetic Poet. He has a part-time employee purely to manage his vitamins and nutritional supplements. He is currently working on nanobots that will be injected inside the body to extend human lifespan. Has not consumed sugar for decades but drinks red wine daily, for the reservaterol.

And yah! He is Aquarius – Feb 12 1948 so also with Saturn-Pluto in Leo & Uranus trining his Aqua Sun.

I can’t quite grok what The Singularity is all about…only that amazing technology will be harnessed for the good of ALL – ie; feed the whole world & revolutionise all that ails us now. This would, of course, be a wonderful manifestation of innovative Uranus in gung-ho, pioneering Aries, Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces….All of which is upon us soon.

So, next time someone grizzles to me about the Mayans, 2012 movie et al – I shall say ‘but what about The Singularity?’ and be done with it.

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16 thoughts on “Go The Singularity!

  1. The only problem with Ray is that he doesn’t have the faintest idea how cognition functions. Can we program computers to think in image, metaphor and in the way that our human minds (in the Tibetan- “emptiness-luminosity-awareness”) actually work? We are, in actuality, dreamers and co-creators, continually making our world through our images and our stories.

    Computers/ AI cannot do this, so this is Ray’s fatal flaw. The rest of his work is okay- if off the wall and seeming somewhat irrelevant to what we have happening today. Can we make a nourishing and vibrant future for all beings with happiness all round and self respect and human dignity- the acid test.

  2. I do think Kurzweil is interesting though and maybe even a whackjob genius. I love technology, am utterly addicted to it, and advances in medical technology are truly amazing, but it’s more than a big leap to the exponential extrapolations that science will one day guarantee immortality. Eternity is a long time. Like anything, science has its limits, and medical science has some very stark limitations, which I could go on and on about.

    What is interesting though, is Kurzweil’s cult or religion. He’s created a modern, high tech mythology, an immortality dogma and his singularity concept has parallels with Eastern philosophical concepts like the Tao or the Indian ‘atman’. So it’s no wonder it gets people in. As metaphor or material for speculative fiction, his stuff is pretty interesting. But while Eastern spiritualities are metaphysical systems, connecting consciousness/soul with the universe, and have been examined and reexamined as part of a spiritual tradition, Kurzweil’s mythology is materialist and literal, and will inevitably be subjected to scientific proof, where it will fail miserably.

  3. LOL LOL i’m back you, Mystic and Ray…… then maybe my job will be made redudent and the poverty and misery i see people in each day will be a thing of the past…. and we can have a star trek future and meet the rest of the universe

  4. I’m with Myst, Ray Kurzweil seems to be an accurate futurist and i’m backing his theories. They give me some hope for the future. Soon to be released is a movie about his ideas called Transendant Man. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOR261hkGoI
    It would be really neat if Moores Law could also apply to our cosmic consciousness. Imagine if nano technology allowed us more time, better tools and good health to explore our spirituality… at the same time working for “the good of all”?
    Ray Kurzweil invented a technology that enables blind people to use computers. He also built a synthesiser that created its own compositions when he was a teenager in the 60’s.
    I’m not surprised that he is an Aquarian. Perhaps the singularity IS near.

  5. I would say ‘word’ davidl. But suspect I would be quoting some tv show I have never seen, which wouldn’t make a lot of sense would it. ( Plus just saying ‘word’ seems sort of ominous.) So, I’ll say: I agree with you. (without even having read the blurb on Raymond).

    It is just not possible for the every person on the planet to suddenly wake up with some greater degree of cosmic consciousness. Nobody gets a free pass and few want to pay the cost of admission anyway.

    I’m actually fairly sure that red wine has a pretty high sugar content too.

  6. Ive just read some info on the above and in my view his future vision is horrific, machine based , unnecessary and purely ego driven. The best thing for the planet will be the passing of his generation, who are the most self centred creatures to ever inhabit this place. People like Ray are totally obsessed with the 3D world and can’t see further, even though mathematics has proven that the universe probably has at least 24 dimensions and counting. The future of earth is for earthlings to come to terms with their mortality, something that Ray with all his smarts has failed to do, deathfear is the most powerful disease we have, he just has it worse than others, poor Ray.
    One really funny aspect is that in all his ‘calculations’ he has attempted to make sure that he will still be alive to see it. Ray thinks he is the singularity, hilarious.

  7. All scientific discoveries and advances come from what is pulled out of the ethers because of those who are more enlightened than they. Another words, higher consciousness, energy, ideas, advancement is made available by those who can bring that higher consciousness onto the planet. We will witness more and more of what seems miraculous through science because there will be those who will display it but without individual enlightenment there will be no immortality.

  8. Who wants to live for so long? Don’t these people ever think that the majority of us will be looking forward to a good long lay down when we’re 85? Why fuq with the natural order of things?

  9. Ray Kurzweil is precisely the kind of whackjob I love to hate, especially when I’m sleep deprived and cranky. Tellingly, he has no earth in his chart. I have no air in mine, so little tolerance for pie in the sky scientism. Scientism being a religious belief that science is some mystical omnipotent power that will one day make us immortal. Very few scientists subscribe to that belief and most humbly admit that the more that is scientifically ‘discovered’, the more they realize they don’t know, won’t know and can’t know, as the world is infinitely more complex than our tiny brains can imagine, let alone comprehend.

    The physicist Freeman Dyson, also extrapolates that human beings will ‘evolve’ (whatever that means) to a point where we will be immortal, no longer requiring our physical bodies, or needing to live on earth and will waft about in space as some sort of disembodied gaseous entities. That might be a physics professor’s idea of a fun way to spend eternity, but it sure as hell isn’t mine. Even if it were possible.

    The singularity, I imagine (without bothering to read it) is some speculative utopian endpoint of human progress that conveniently disregards all the destruction associated with scientific advancement.

    And Kurzweil apparently takes 130 supplements a day, which I suspect could severely damage his liver and kidneys. I’d love to send him a copy of ‘In Defense of Food’ by Micheal Pollan, which among other things, says that no supplement on earth can reproduce the bioavailability of nutrients within decent food.

    • Just heard about reservaterol this a.m. on a morning show. With my cabernet history I am already immortal…


  10. Love the sound of The Singularity Mystic!! It’s so Aqua – technology harnessed for the good of ALL. Much more positive than the stupid doomsayers vision of the future.

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