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Lately, due to the loss of certain “generational icons” & this article re the so-called Jones Generation (apparently sandwiched between the Boomers and the Xers) there has been a bit of chat re generations.

Astrologically, there is really no such thing as the Jones Generation – one tends to think in terms of Pluto generations & you could break those up into sub-groupings of their Uranus sign. The outer planets – Uranus, Neptune & Pluto – linger in one sign long enough to add their style to whole generations.

For instance, you have the Pluto in Leo generation (see pic above for one of their icons – still doing fabulously well), born between 1939 & 1957. The start & end years are blurry as Pluto  hops back and forth between Leo & Virgo. But that is essentially Pluto in Leo. Then there is the Pluto in Virgo generation from 1957 to 1970 & Pluto in Libra from then till 1984…When we got Pluto in Scorpio until 1995.

I always think of the Boomers as classically Pluto-Leonic, right down to their rebellion involving sex, hair & music. Thoughts? And do you identify with your generation?

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18 thoughts on “Generation Leo

  1. I was born in 1961 so I never identified with the affluent boomers nor the me, me Gen Xers. and being pluto in virgo the turbulent times of my childhood were a bit much and I and many of my friends just did the right thing and kept low to the ground. yeah we missed out on the heady 60’s and am too old to feel as hip as a gen Xer but we plodded on. I can now reap the benefits of making boring life decisions as I look at a comfy retirement not too far away and I can go crazy then. Plus thanks to advanced healthcare I’ll be dancing to MJ long into my 70’s.

    • Hmm me too– I’m a 1964-er. I read an article that described us as the ‘Lost’ generation. Lost i.e, to the marketer’s demographics. I would not in a million years call myself a Jonser. Pfft.

  2. i have to say i agree with this leogroover there does seem to be a couple of years where u arent really a boomer not an x-er – some sort of gap ? mystic would this be right ?

  3. Im a 1959 er, too young to really get into the hippy thing but quite affected by Vietnam, they were not times of peace and mung beans these were violent irrational times the 60’s and although people like to look back at the 60’s and say, wow, summer of love etc… vietnam was being bombed to hell, Kennedy was playing with nuclear brinkmanship and just the general level of violence was higher. Somehow I think the Pluto in Virgo crew slowly said no to all of it and by the time they had any power were more interested in taking over companies than countries, and expanding the communication industry. Generally boomers shit me big time.

  4. I have Pluto in Virgo but don’t consider myself to be a Gen Xer because I don;t remember where i was when Kurt Cobain died. But a true baby boomer remembers where he/she was when JFK was shot but i wasn’t born then. Is this helpful or more confusing?
    I actually think the generations thing is a big annoying and that what really counts is fabulousity. People who are fabulous of no matter what age or generation ARE actually a generation all unto themselves. And if you identity too much with your generation, as many baby boomers do, it stagnates you. Is that the word i mean? petrifies?
    Liek a while ago i was at a thing where there were a lot of baby boomer plutoin leo types and they seemingly could not fathom that there was good music put out after about 1980 or something and why people liked it. bitching about the crap young people listened to and the outlandish clothes they wore with no idea about how old it made THEM sound.

  5. not all of the boomers were about drugs sex and rock and roll. At least half of them followed the lifestyles of their parents and considered the other half counter-culture. They were grateful for the extremists because these were responsible for the loosening up of the hide bound attitudes long held. My memories of the 60/70s are about exploring everything from philosophy, history, cultural attitudes, literature, religion etc. The availability of all sorts of information expanded hugely and we drank it in, read ee cummings and pretended to understand TS Elliot and watched the rhinoceroses ala Ionesco and thanked the goddess for the PILL, the pope’s Vietnam

    • and it was about freedom, the freedom to think for oneself and have original opinions, something so taken for granted now. I loath generalisations! I have friends in all so called generations and some born to later gens are as bitchy about new trends as any. Some peeps don’t like change. The friends I still have from the 60/70 aren’t about accumulating wealth but experience and knowledge and most enjoy the evolution not necessarily the revolution….number nine included….the sorts you’re talking about TLS I didn’t like then and still don’t…..they don’t love life

  6. There is also a gap between x & y…… I figure that at the tail end of generations, before the new one emerges, there are those of us betwixt & between.
    I’m not a Gen Y’er, and as I figure I was forged in the Gen X era of the 80’s/90’s, without really participating in it (like a Jones’er) I might just be a betwixter – of the Pluto in Libra variety.
    A defining element of one such as us? I don’t know…… Is it the fact that we so easily have merged differing ways into a daily life? Western medicine in conjunction with eastern medicine, yoga and cardio at the gym? Higher learning AND travel for experience? A little bit of everything all mixed intogether? Sounds a bit Libran to me…..

    • Yes, I’m Pluto in Libra, too, and was thinking along the same lines. I don’t think I’m X or Y. X seemed to be for people a little older than me and I’m not even sure what Y was about or when they started talking about it. Perhaps the world has actually outgrown being generational but is slow to give up on it?

  7. I can get sociologically, that there is some relevance is considering how social contexts shape how people act. But as many of the points above, I do believe that within every ‘generation’ there is a range of people and behaviour types going on. Generations really are just generalisations about how people react to history.
    I sit in that gap between x and y, when you see the varying start/end dates, and though don’t carry all the symbolic shoulder chips of gen x – i hope – certainly have no desire to carry all the chips of gen y. So I would say I identify with xers more – in that I can see that circumstances of 80’s 90’s, such as recessions and shoulder pads, have shaped my attitudes and behaviours.
    Generations are like social classes – useful categorical tools until you actually try to interrogate them in any way.

  8. I love this line from the article – “forged in the fires of social upheaval [in the 1960s] while too young to play a part”

    I’ve never felt part of the Boomer Generation. When JFK died I was probably at kindergarten, and I was still in primary school when “It’s Time” was the political war cry. If I had to try to remember where I was when Kurt Cobain died I’d probably take a bet that I was doing tuck-shop duty.

    But seriously – Generation Jones? What a naff name.

    I read a similar article a while ago that identified my generation as that which came of age in the Summer of Punk rather than in the Summer of Love – now that’s more like it.

    Let’s, as a generation, put on our thinking caps and come up with something a with a bit more snap than Generation Jones.

  9. One of the reasons for the excesses in the 60/70s was that the boomer’s parents had survived the deprivations of WW2 and encouraged their offspring to go for it. They’d gone through propaganda, censorship, rationing, loss of many family members and the nightly wireless horrors. As small children we lived the fall-out. Even years after the end of the war family occasions noted the empty chairs. Not as badly as Davidl’s people but deeply sad. I can’t sign my name without thinking of the joy my parents felt when it ended.

  10. I’m not sure I get the astro generational thing. Perhaps it manifests more as the issues our generations come up against in our time. Pluto in Virgo generation are going to have to deal with healthcare issues in a big way (as in advancements versus harm versus economics) and possibly food/nutrition issues. ??? Pluto in Leo about revolutions in self expression – feminism, pop culture, new age ???

  11. Pluto in Virgo.
    I can relate to the unorthodox approach to medicine/healthcare and some aspects of Gen X. The late 80’s/early 90’s rock scene. Kurt Cobain had a bigger impact on me personally than MJ passing. Knowing Kurt and seeing his early shows and how hard he struggled with addictions made his lyrics all the more painful and real to me.
    MJ made dance music and I didn’t pay attention to him except for Thriller because John Landis directed it and Vincent Price narrated it. I love zombies but would have been good video regardless of MJ or not.
    Could be a slight Gen gap? Or I lean towards rock vs. disco/dance?
    Also, the branching off of corporate big business to smaller self sustaining businesses esp with the big eco, green and organic movement right now.
    But, I’ve always been a bit of a loner and follow the beat of my own drum. But unlike the hippies turned yuppies that started the boom for expensive health food I see a new movement with Plutions in Virgo to have affordable organic food in general for the masses. I also see more punk-rock freegans and vegans emerging. An angsty hippie-punk-noir movement.

  12. Pluto in Scorpio…I think this placement has a lot to do with my generation’s hookup-culture shite. Don’t know enough about the placement to hypothesize astrologically, but looking at the dates it seems like my generation were/are the main consumers of the mainstreamification (new word?) of punk/goth/metal, etc; and also of books like Harry Potter, Twilight etc, both of which deal with sort of Scorpionic, to me, elements of rage and supernatural phenomena respectively.

  13. 1956. Pluto in Leo. I’ve certainly felt the effect of Pluto in Leo during my mid 40s but I generally don’t identify with boomers and have few boomer friends. Most friends are Gen X and Gen Y. I loved the whole hippy thing but never felt a part of it (too young). I clearly remember being referred to as ‘teeny-bopper’ by older boomers at that time. However I loved the whole punk then new wave movement and did my own thing in bands. The soundtrack of my past comes from that era.

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  15. I was born in 1983. I associate Pluto in Libra with sex positivity and wearing lingerie as outerwear. I know these were common in the 70’s and 80’s and again in the mid 90’s when Pluto in Libra people were adolescents.