Full Moon Eclipse

Model Full Moon Vogue ItaliaAnd so we are just now ten days away from the exact Full Moon — a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the Sea-Goat. Eclipses are like hyperbolic Full Moons, especially if they are close to a sensitive point in your chart. This one is at 15 Capricorn so affecting whatever you’ve got at or aorund 15 degrees and particularly the Cardinal signs; Aries, Libra, Kataka & obviously, Capricorn.

July 22 – the Solar Eclipse New Moon is the biggie though. An ultra-sonic fresh start. My idea for an Eclipse ritual to do with this one: Given that it is in Capricorn and there is an innovative Mars-Uranus sextile operating at the same time…Whatever comes up with this Moon, you have to sit down and do a totally Capricornian coup of control over it. Whatever emerges, you do an action plan & it’s got deadlines, goals etc. Action-action-action. And you aim to have a ‘review’ of the action plan just before the Solar Eclipse New Moon.

Of course, if nothing comes up &Β  you’re kinda just cruising along feeling fabulous, try and get in some beneficial Moon-bathing. Note also that the two weeks post this Full Moon and before the next New Moon are a stronger Dark Moon than usual. More of an emo undertow but also a powerful time to get rid of stuff.

Image: Steven Klein/Linda Evangelista

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50 thoughts on “Full Moon Eclipse

  1. Actually I crashed (due to having quite severe debilitating flu this weekend, before your remarks were read). All I know is it felt good, the character playing alpha tauri looked more like a prop than a tennis player, very chunky, moustache, bullish..

    • Are you feeling better today? I hope so. So many people with flu now. I hope the peace and beauty of your dream is still with you.

      That sounds more like my late Virgo husband. My offspring called him the Brigadier. He wore a moustache. Alpha Tauri played Wing or Flyhalf.

  2. Had a beautiful dream last night and you starred CC. I was at a planetarium watching a show about eclipses, go figure, it was dark and quite large in there, but I heard on the level below 2 women, one I knew to be CC and the other her friend who had a baby in a pram. I sort of whispered loudly Chesh, Chesh! but couldn’t get your attention, so got up and went downstairs to find you. No luck couldn’t find you. Then the audience went outside to this amazing beach, it was the dead of night and we all stood looking out over the water. I saw you again and ran up to you, flung my arms around your neck and gave you a big hug (you were very cute in my dream state) anyway, you were now with a fellow who was probably Alpha Tauri (he was built in classic taurean style), he sort of stood back and glared a little, we chatted for a while, then as we looked back across the water this huge full moon began to rise over the water…as the moon grew we could see thousands of large silvery fish jumping out of the water, getting closer and closer to shore. Then the most amazing thing happened, people started wading into the water and picking up the fish who seemingly had sacrificied themselves. They were large fish and as people put them on there shoulders to take out of the water they began to change into small children, there was much joy as people seemingly were being given or reunited with these small children……..thats it, it was full colour, felt very real not dream like at all and the incredible feelings of joy when those fish became children filled my heart. best dream Ive had for a long time.

      • davidl I think this is a gorgeous dream and significant too.

        Have been madly busy with kids today – school hols, but have been researching a bit this afternoon. Will get back to you, I love this stuff. Something interesting I found was this quote with a picture of an owl:

        “A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is unread”

        – The Talmud

      • Ok davidl – warning this is 3 A4 pages long and I think Uber and Chesh have it covered in a few paragraphs but this is my new hobby so humour me please, and let me know if this means anything. Plus I missed Spooks for this (but I’m actually annoyed as they killed of Adam, my fav character) so don’t mind, this is much more fun.

        You’re at the Planetarium – like an Auditorium for planetary peeps! An auditorium is where an audience sits. The audience may symbolise your total self, all the aspects or emotions of your psyche – it is your total self. So your total self is watching a show about eclipses. Watching can be neutrality/lack of initiative in some situation – eclipses = your feminine side is being overshadowed. You feel you are in a dark large space. The darkness suggests diminished visibility or could simply mean loss of orientation in your life and there’s lots of it (large space) due to your feminine side being overshadowed.

        Then you hear two women, one a familiar friend. The friend, CC is a positive aspect of yourself, you have internalised CC’s wisdom and goodness into part of yourself. CC is the wise woman, the woman with the power of transformation of your personality and your life; she is in tune with your true life. She is with another woman (aspect of herself) with the baby in the pram representing innocence, warmth, new beginnings, also the archetypal mother.

        You whisper loudly to CC – whispering could be disturbing gossip surrounding you πŸ˜† referring to all the bitcherell that went down on Sunday – you were a cranky pants! But you couldn’t get her attention. (On one level CC wasn’t giving in, something the Aries in you would love, she forced you down into your unconscious). To not be heard means you feel no one is listening. So you get up and go downstairs (taking initiative) to where you hear CC. The lower parts symbolize unconscious aspects of self, the higher parts (where you started but with lack of initiative in the darkness without the feminine) symbolize the conscious or intellectual potential but this part is in darkness and searching for the wise feminine in the unconscious it can hear but cannot yet find – need for further integration.

        Then the audience goes outside. The audience may symbolise your total self, all the aspects or emotions of your psyche. And it went outside to the beach. The beach represents the meeting place of two worlds, land and sea, which may symbolise the conscious and unconscious realms of the human psyche. Perhaps there is something within your unconsciousness that the conscious mind needs to acknowledge. Dreaming that you are looking toward the beach suggests that you are returning to what is familiar to you, or, alternatively you may be adapting or accepting to the changes and circumstances in your life.

        It’s also the dead of night – you are in your deepest part of your unconscious. All of you (the audience) are looking out over the water (depth of knowledge, the unknown). The ocean represents our deepest unconscious where one finds repressed, forgotten emotions. Also symbolises creative potential.

        Then you see CC who you have been searching for. You have been searching for some unknown part of yourself, but you recognise it in CC. You run into her (this known yet unknown or unintergrated part of yourself) and fling both your arms around her neck. Both left and right arms mean integration of feminine qualities (nurturing/support) and the masculine (daring/outgoing) characteristics. And the fact that it’s CC’s neck – she’s allowing you to wrap your arms around her neck – she’s sticking her neck out for you – you see her as trusting. Internally for you there is a connection between your heart and mind. You are hugging – a symbol of your loving and caring nature. You are holding the wise feminine close to your heart.

        CC’s Alpha Tauri is there but only as a prop – as he is in real life to you. He stood back – no part in this – only a little projection on your behalf as perhaps you’d like to glare at him. Your integration of the feminine is unaffected by props (the unnecessary), this is good.

        The you both look back across the water ( a symbol of growth, creative potential and psychic energy) and see the full moon rise over the water – over the horizon. The horizon symbolises a new beginning or conclusion, regarding goals and future plans. The sky also represents transcendence of the feminine (full moon) to your true spirit. You are in a continual state of growth, rebirth and regeneration. A full moon means completion.

        As the moon rises into the sky (feminine into consciousness) you see thousands of large silvery fish jumping out of the water, getting closer to the shore. The rising moon also represents unexpected wealth and pleasures from this completion – determination and knowledge.

        The colour of the fish – silvery – something of value with regard to your personal development. Silver is also another symbol of the feminine and the moon which all represent intuition and the unconscious. The fact that they are jumping means go for it, you will find progress towards your goals. This is underscored by the fact that there are thousands and they are coming in to shore. Seeing the shore in your dreams indicates that you are satisfying you emotional needs and any inner turmoil has been resolved. It also symbolises a place where the conscious mind meets the unconscious (again). So the unconscious is getting closer and closer to your consciousness.

        Then you are amazed. Everyone is wading into the water (all parts of you). This symbolises your trustful and receptive attitude towards your unconscious and staying on top of your emotions. People are picking up the fish, which seem to be sacrificing themselves – you may have made a sacrifice recently in real life or need to make one – I think the former.

        The fish are a potent symbol. They come from the watery domain of the subconscious, the depth of knowledge. They hold prime symbolic messages: fertility, eternity, creativity, femininity, good luck, happiness, knowledge/wisdom and transformation. The fact that the fish are jumping out and sacrificing themselves lends itself to the Christian symbol of the resurrected – an auspicious sign of the potential of self-renewal. The possibility is that of rising to a new and fuller selfhood, leaving behind all deep internal conflict, anxiety and discontent.

        You put the fish onto your shoulders and they transform into small children. The shoulders are the strength to carry the inner child, to support and nurture others (and the creative child within). The child may be a symbol of your true self, that which is essentially you and which you are capable of unfolding. The child represents a new beginning, a new development in your psyche – a new attitude to life, a new set of values, a new balance in your psychic forces, and a new reconciliation of previously conflicting forces.

        The overwhelming joyfulness and colour of this dream is powerful. Your joy filled your heart – you have achieved harmony of inner aspects of truth, courage and love.

        Maybe CC’s comments on love resonated deeply with you and brought you back in touch with you inner child and somehow is enabling you to break away from the negative side of your cultural inheritance. Possibly only a part of it, a trigger. Also I believe bad colds or flu are related to deep confusion, so you are resolving that now.

        Great dream.

        • Thank you so much FF, I felt your heart and understanding in those words. Thank you for caring and taking the time to work it out and I think you did, much love to you xxx (there is a business here for you!)

          PS also wishing for you to find that missing ingredient in your current situation honey, I go crazy if i haven’t had it in a week let alone any longer

          • Ooh thanks davidl, *glowing*.

            I think that I may have found a new creative outlet with this most recent new moon on my north node in kataka in the 5th (also conj venus and mars and vertex) opposite Pluto in Cap. I am finding the magic of the symbols and psyche synthesis stuff so rewarding. I think Mystic said to me in a Skype consult that with transiting Pluto sextile my Asc/Saturn (which is trine the new moon kataka stuff), Pluto is transforming my strong Saturn rising – showing me how I can let the magic in! And she said I’d need an artistic outlet for it too. Also fits with my strong water need to merge with and help others. Thanks to you to for the encouragement and Uber as well (11th house Pluto transit?) xx

    • Beautiful david, Someone else might go into more detail. Full moon is a culmination of something. CC is the dignified older woman, the accomplished Venus – unity of your conscious mind with her archetype – a depth realization. The ocean as soul and heart depths. Fish changing into children – rebirth – joy. Wow.

    • davidl, You’ve made my morning. What a wonderful Utopian dream! Were you by any chance mentally mulling over the thread comments as you drifted off to sleep? I did feel sad for you and your emotional reaction to MJ’s demise and sent you peace and healing mixed with a little pixie dust to chase the demons.

      Your dream sounds like you would rather like my “world of love” and because I had commented on the love in your children’s eyes, your subconscious changed the fish (something so symbolic) into children. Had you read my comment about the sunset before you went to bed? I think somehow my comment triggered the beauty in your soul. I feel all the dream is tied in with some of the comments and your reaction to them. Planetarium, eclipses, women talking ‘on another level’ and I think the hug is probably something to do with being happy that I had triggered and released your memories of pure joy.

      *I’m laughing at the Alpha Tauri stuff. Happily he’s not the jealous sort but is extremely competitive. Played rugby and won every tennis comp he played till he banged-up his leg in a motor cycle accident. He told me he was in shock when he lost his first tennis game because it hadn’t happened before. He said he likes the ex-motm in the background because it makes him feel smug because he’s won.

    • Davidl, new moons are always in the same sign as the sun so it’s in Cancer……29 degrees cancer by my ephemeris….on 22nd July

  3. Full moon
    Right on my 8th/2nd line
    Hubby – conjunct MC/IC, square AC/DC, wow. He’s been waiting (very impatiently, well he’s an Aries after all) for permanancy in his job and has been asked to go for a promotion. This should bring it all to a head, hopefully.
    New Moon Eclipse
    In my 2nd, trine my MC.
    Hubby – 4th, the promotion would bring huge change to our home live as he’ll go from working weekends to 9 to 5 Mon to Fri and we’ll actually get to spend some family time together, so really “home”
    Looks to be more about my career, but I’ve just got a new job, started last week, maybe that was an early sign of this. I started last Monday so in the eclipse season.

  4. Somebody help me, because I can’t even DARE to look. Honestly, I’ve been administrating in Pluto Inc. and this feels like one of those memos coming down from the Board Meeting. Sigh…

    Surrender, surrender, surrender.

      • prowln wot sucks is that after being Plutonized one is simply too bored to tolerate wot constitutes “normal” to other folks and yet too rebellious to take shite. Ergo it does not a placid nature make.

        Though a nice sunny break would still be welcome.

  5. Its pretty much were my third and fourth house meet up… right near the opp of my MC.

    What does this mean?

    • Well its powerful as it’s on your IC opposite your MC and squaring your AC/DC axis too. IC/4th house – what you are (home, family, genetic inheritance) versus MC/10th house – who you are seen to be out there (public standing/career/social identity.

      Also any natal planets on those four points will be involved so have a look.

  6. The eclipse point will square my sun within 2 degrees and slap bam, thank you ma’am exactly opposite my vertex….researching the meaning of vertex…

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out for everyone!

  7. how insulting, that should read scorpalicious!! Anyway am aware you detest woosy water so am able to handle rejection πŸ˜‰

    • HAHAHA…. why thanks FF. I’m flattered. Was it something i said? or just my good looks πŸ˜†
      I didn’t say i detested water did i? I may have said i wasn’t a fan of Cancer guys but the woman are lovely and i ADORE pisces!!!

      • It’s that scorpy way of saying little yet saying a lot – that’s what I’m seeing. My scorp rising daughter has as does the scorp ex hb. I have a grand water trine with the heaviest emphasis on kataka (5th) and pisces (1st). Always been attracted to the scorps. Although through this stage of my evolution am doing aries and saggi gf’s (platonic!).

        sigh, am actually missing the scorp ex atm πŸ™ Been dreaming of sex with him a lot, running away together (from the kids) off the tracks in noosa national park to find secluded space for satisfying sex. weird

        Last night dreamt I was a prostitute with all these friendly gals and was loving all the sex with male strangers. Not even gonna go there, am meant to be wagonista this eclipse season but had one too many reds last night so dont count dreams infected with alcohol.

        • Now, now FF…dream or a fantasy??? hee hee… good on yah! I hope you woke up completely blissed out, flushed and glowing.

          Gawd, that whole national park bit sounds so Scorp… I ought to know.:)

          • Woke up realizing I had to mow the lawn and do housework today while kids with their father for day. But all I wanted to do was have more sex πŸ˜†

            Only getting it in my dreams.

            Realised today that Sun just went into my 5th house of Kataka a few days ago and is nearing my natal Mars then Moon then Pan (he’s into earthy sensual pleasure, libido; he’s not shy, loves music, reverie and sex!). Would love to run into Pan tonight.

          • Hey FF. I liked your Pan description so I looked up where he is in my chart. I already knew I had Uranus, Venus and Eros conjunct in Libra and it turns out Pan is right there too. Surely I should be having lots of ‘earthy sensual pleasure’ as you put it! It’s not happening. I too have a day of housework to look forward to.

          • FF, at least you’re getting it in your dreams. Better than nothing… hehe. A frolick with Pan in the woods sounds nice πŸ™‚

          • Ladies, ladies… now we KNOW that Pan being half beast is well… endowed. With the gift of music… hee hee

            Honey, I think I’ve met Pan at least a dozen times over usually after a concert, haha. In fact, I’m pretty sure I may have even sat next to him on a plane to Chicago as he reeked of alcohol, had gorgeous Gerald Butler goobly eyes, and tatts that just said, I don’t give a fuq but when I do…

            I think FF darling, you should at least get a massage. If we cannot get Pan at least that will do yes?

  8. Yikes. By the looks of my chart, my sun IS 15 DEGREES CAPRICORN!!
    eeek. Should I batten down the hatches?
    You know, I m sooo up for a total life shake up right now, maybe I’ll just surrender to the onslaught…
    Consider me a guinea pig, I’ll get back to you with the damage report…

      • Spoken like True Scorp… hey that would be a great perfume, line of products no?

        True Scorpion. Surrender is the Only Way.


        • nice one FA!. It would indeed make a great perfume/line of products/TVC.
          I am the muse.. you can be Pluto’s creative director! πŸ˜‰

          • Hotsolutely ScorpBeaut!

            Yes, theme of the Opening Gala… True Scorpion, where Heaven is Hell. And Surrender is the Only Way.

            We shall haughtily escort guests to a darkened shute where they shall quiveringly yet not daring to protest, submit themselves into a stomach heaving drop. Any inkling to even complain shall be met with an intense Scorpionic stare that quells them into submission.

            They fall in utter panic only to have land in a sea of stars, manufactured of course by the new zero gravity machine we will employ to recreate our reverse heaven into hell atmosphere.

            And as they lay there, fallen, gasping and supremely alive, we shall have you descend amidst a super nova of pomegranate flowers (the official flower of Pluto) from the darkness, unfurling from a pupa of blood red silk that both holds you aloft and is technically your gown.

            Weakly they shall muster up the strength to put their hands together to clap. And anyone who dare lay there limply gets a loving slap from yours truly.

            Like the ones they give newly born babies to get them to cry and realize, YOU’RE ALIVE.


          • sounds good except, I don’t like being the centre of attention. Maybe you, with your venus in Leo would be better suited to being centre stage.

            The super nova of pomegranate flowers sounds delightful though.

          • OH NO… my Venus in Leo means I love PERSONAL attention with intimates and arranging soirees as thus. Though I have been on stage quite a number of times over the years, I always feel “unseen” or “transparent” when I have to discourse with the public.

            My solution? Let’s encase the descent in a circular screen, so it is a mysterious shadow. This way it wouldn’t have to be you… hee hee

    • July 22 one is bang on my natal Mars in 8th. I’ll either join you with damage report or wish it away. I’m hoping the trine to transiting Uranus will help. Full moon is conjunct my Sun, Vesta and Eros with a wide opposition to Saturn.

  9. Hits my cancer sun in the 2nd house and fuqed if I know what that means. If too lazy to try Mystic’s approach I find hibernation an excellent strategy for dealing with eclipses. Season 2 & 3 of The 4400 here I come!

  10. I think we need a Moon Bathing Party! Picture semi-diaphanous togs at the edge of a lake clearing framed by wonderfully arched trees, and the goddesses laying about like cats soaking in the moonlight. And fluorescent bacteria sparkling in the water winking back at the starry sky.

    Then as the night draws deep, we summon our sacrificial hot lovers who must satisfy us till dawn, and we leave them there, tired young Adonis’ splayed on the banks bewildered in the morning as to who or what had hit them.

    Oh the longing!

    • I was just finishing chuckling at your last post FA on Fuqed Products and now this…

      Ah, Friday nite at Mystic’s…Amusing as always…. πŸ™‚

    • FA sounds great for the northern hemisphere but here, I’d freeze my arse off not to mention what it’d do to collective Adonises.

      • OH dear, I forgot about the switch of seasons… but would be good no? I’m particularly loving the love ’em and leave ’em vibe.

        I think this should be taken up as a generational ritual i.e. older women educating younger men, it would be like a gift we give to future generations of women. Didn’t they have pederasts in Greece? Same idea perhaps hee hee

        I’ve been hanging out in WEHO way too much…

  11. I love this picture. I like to think that is somewhat like what the neighbours see when they gaze upon me full moon gardening.

  12. Excellent good advice re plan – this fits perfectly with plans made after skype consult – VERY exciting. And re what Sweetpea said – what’s the deal with arabic parts? How do they alter things?

  13. Could be a doozie..

    Full Moon eclipse sq. natal nodes (but POF is in there too!)

    Solar New Moon Eclipse opp. Moon…

    Like that action thing Mystic…

    • hey sweetpea, this lunar eclipse is square my natal nodes too- north in libra in the 6th and south in aries in the 12th. natal pluto is in there too, as it’s conjunct my north node. have no clue really how this translates, can only suspect that it’s going to be double the intensity re: getting on my right track, than it would’ve already been. am slightly wary…but also ..excited (?)..

      • Oh, lots of transformations this life with Pluto conj. the NN?

        6th house day to day stuff….habits and rituals. Work too. Service to others. Just throwin’ a few out there that I’ve picked up.

        I think transformations are ALWAYS exciting….Amidst one myself….I mean that is life always….and ever….To me, change is our biggest blessing…We are never stuck! Thank God. Death comes with resistance to that and I don’t mean just physical although that usually follows..

        Yeah, haven’t given the eclipse much thought yet in regards to my chart but with the nodes I often think “direction”. Something about a next step in Soul purpose and direction, eh?

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