Friday Night Kitchy Hoodoo

Voodoo Surreal Art

La Luna in Scorpio, Venus Void and a Saturn squared Full Moon situation…It’s all sooo insight inducing but wow will Friday Night Work Drinks and/or dating sure be weirding in and out. There’s an element of wanting to be out there, poncing it about & a waxing Moon in Scorp will always flush out desires but the Saturn square keeps the awareness of limitations high. This could be really cool; fun tempered by sanity. Or it may manifest as something manic (skittish mutable squares) that warps into an over-pragmatic freak out and then back again. Unstable, nympho & spooky yet fantastic for divination & hi-Qi established love/lust.

Image: Tom Bagshaw

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30 thoughts on “Friday Night Kitchy Hoodoo

  1. Just did the Tea-reading -yes scorp moons i find are the best to do so, and a beautiful reading might i add! i meet a young aries before embarking on a wise career choice.
    ps. thanks Mystic

  2. Well…how is this for weirdsville, i have my High School reunion in an obscure little country town on Saturday night = people have flown over fom overseas to be there, 3000 people have RSVPed (its for the entiure school), we are all in our thirties now ….its going to be spookysville galore and all under a full moon! ANd i wonder if the little town will run out of snax and alcohol?

    • full moon in my beloved Saggo though – you’ll have fun! relax! let things sort themselves out lol!
      Saggo Astrologer in Training
      Ps. I’d bring a spare bottle of liquior in ur bag if i were you – JUST IN CASE! lol

  3. hehe good tip MM! A bunch had planned to meet for breakfast as well but I reckon they will be out of eggs too

    • Just be careful with your eggs on the night fishgirl ! you dont want to be clucking by dawn..

      • That was my vibe too! Knocked up to the school spunk & behind the bike sheds too boot. Venus is also forming a trine to Pluto…It would actually be really good fodder for a column or novel even…My feeling is that many readers are BORED with these too-perfect sounding peeps writing maudlin ‘think peices’ in newspapers and mags about sex, childrearing and money etc…They all sound like bots! The baby would have Jupiter in Pisces near URanus!!! Wow and conceived at a High School Reunion with the school spunk behind the bikesheds as the Full Moon shines down upon you – awesome….

        • Oh i should have read that first…bloody hell why do i always have these ‘unions’ with venus pluto aspects…let’s just say he’s flown all the way from the US and we haven’t seen eachother in 17 years…and i have no way of getting back to Melbourne on Sunday so i may have to hitch…

      • OMG you are so outrageous Davidl! In the best way:)
        There is a bit of another kind of …reunion planned but it would take this whole page to explain…will let you know how i go…

  4. Anyone mind if I add a completely unrelated post?
    I feel like sharing this one (comments appreciated!). I am reading up on North and South Node placements and aspects, and it’s like a light has switched on inside my head. I have South Node conjunct Venus (also close to Chiron) in Aries, in the 10th (sextile Mars in Aqua, 8th). Therefore North node is in Libra, 4th house (Trined by Mars, and my gem ascendant). Moon in cap forms a T square to both (hmm).

    Researching the Node info is useful as it kind of helps explain my pathological fear of what I see as day to day home life and family business. It might also explain why as much as I try, I am still trying to understand the Cancer and Libra MO.

    As Saturn is zooming into – er, approaching steadily – Libra (4th house) it’s going to clunk into Pluto and then smoosh into my North Node. I am trying to figure out if this means that I buy a house / find perfect partner / start a family (AAARRGH) or if it means nicer things, like other libran-y stuff e.g I open a sick designer homeware shop that makes $zillions and fulfils other dreams (and maybe resolve south node / Aries recognition and leadership karma).

    anyway i’ll leave it there. thanks. just wanted to put it out there. πŸ™‚ i could go on…

    • crap, Ceres in 4th house/Libra too. So Saturn does a meet and greet with Ceres – Pluto – North Node then after a coupla years hits Uranus in Scorp. in case anyone’s , like, fascinated by this…not. lol

  5. Hey UP I have almost identical stuff: south node in aries in 10th, ceres, chiron and venus too, gemini rising. I am feeling much more inclined towards setting up some nice kind of home after a harrowing few years of fun + adventurous but somewhat scary travel/fly-by-pants stuff. Dunno. But i think it’s a balance thing with the north node in libra, doesn’t necessarily have to mean ste pfordhousewife type relationship… ie. i know i’m a better person when home (4th) is harmonious and 4th house stuff is in ‘balance’…does that help? I’m still trying to figure it out too…interesting that we are so identical (I have virgo not cap moon though – still earthy)

  6. hi fishgirl, yes you’re right, was thinking about it more and it is also about balance too. It’s very handy having someone around with such a similar chart πŸ™‚ ! I think it’s not like an immediate turnaround to a new lifestyle one day but more of a gradual change? I love the idea of fun and seat of the pants adventure , it would make the choice to calm down on the home front a bit easier – I’m at the point where i’ve been keeping quiet out there in the wider world and need to bust out before i go crazy. so, haha yes its a balance.

    the other thing I started to pick up is self-acceptance and adequacy of all things – for someone who’s grown up fairly driven and always having to be the best, win things, do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, and goals for world domination in..something…and also at the same time full of uncertainty and self-doubt about everything esp. my ‘place’. Maybe part of the thinking around the 4th/10th s&n nodes is that by getting the foundations right (various articles talk about finding your tribe) and making a place for yourself in your own world, then you help yourself find a place in the outer world? hmm.

    • you’re right about feeling better when home life is normal/balanced too. thanks FG

  7. Yayyyy! Bring it on. Fishgirl I think you are going to have the best crazy time ever. I am feeling very intense focus with this and have decided NOT to go out to what would most certainly end up with the kitchy voodoo thing. I love the Tiki image and thank you for the warning. The drinks thing i could have gone to but am nixing to be at home rejuvenating instead will be choc a bloc with people who know my ex husband AND the lover of the person i have impossible crush on. I was thinking i could drift in and be sort of a cool, enigmatic presence but this has reminded me…Moon in Scorpio…nearly Full…WOAH. I am going with the Saturn end of things as suggested in nightly. But fishgirl and matt minerva – you guys have not got any rocks to lift up or secrets to betray so ENJOY!

  8. Unstable, nympho & spooky yet fantastic for divination & hi-Qi established love/lust…
    Unstable – not really, yesterday yes, today, bit more mellow
    nympho – heck yes, I am ready and raring to go, and noone to play with
    Spooky – Always…
    But as for – divination & hi-Qi established love/lust… humph, going to Byron for the first, and see above for the second.

  9. hello im matthew’s friend… i think that this site is really helpful!!
    thanks alot… u’ll hear more from me soon…


    • IM SOOO SORRY EVERYONE! i cant believe he did that!!
      It was a Leo btw — leo with gemini acc –

      • I was waiting for him to edify us with some sort of asto/archetypal/mythico/hoodoo contribution. How disappointing.

        • hahahah – know him he’ll probably go on again tonight Uber, if he’s gonna make a comment he’ll make one then lol

  10. That pix is of a Tahitian Goddess, Hina Tia in Her hibiscus pareo.
    What’s that Voodoo that you do. Maybe it’s Hiedi Lamarr.
    It’s hot & tres mysteriouse.

  11. Hello……helpful for what exact?
    Give your Astro info in detail, kiddo, before you get your
    Thus spake Zarathustra……

    Give him heaps UV:)

  12. Venus, she’s a Moon Goddess & is also featured on the label of Hinano
    Beer which is the best i have ever had. With a waterfall in the background,
    not a volcano.
    Hope someone is escorting you home tonight at midnight.

    • love this painting! This weekend sounds exciting! can’t wait to hear stories on Monday.

    • I am finding this Hina a bit interesting (I do like a good moon goddess)

      I have my noble steed (car) to carry me home. No knightly being to escort me to my car… but if anyone singles me out for a fight at the moment, they will get more than they bargained for.

  13. I’m noticing an intense focus on paying what is sufficient for my needs in a comprehensive self organisation bonanza. Well ever since merc went retro with a sharp increase today. I’ve capped some things, letting extra cover go on some others in favour of saving that money. Basically I’m weeding out false savings in favour of true value. A monetary example would be having blue ribbon cover on my medical insurance just in case. I can save a hell of lot by cancelling this and be more active in my health by focussing on what I need, not fitting it around some purported benefit.

    Actually this attitude, the weeding out of what I’ve thought I’ve needed and keeping the kernel of what is true to my particular preference is running riot through my life at the moment. Yay.