Which Slebs Do You Irrationally Loathe?

Nicole Kidman magazine cover 2006

Years ago, a young woman got me to a relationship consult comparing her chart & that of her boyfriend. I kept thinking there was something really familiar about the boyfriend’s chart & birth details. Anyway it was Brad Pitt & she was not Jennifer A. Nor had she met Brad. Relationships with slebs can be tricky. There are the gorgeous teenage crushes that do the marvellous  job of allowing one to experience a variety of yearnings and emotions but leave one lots of space & time to oneself.

There are the delusional identifications with slebs we feel are “like us.” There are the ones whose work and glimpses of their actual life gleaned via media/twitter/whatever we admire. And then there are the madly irrational loathings of some celebrities. So much so that there is an involuntary  shudder at his/her face on a magazine cover, instant credibility afforded to even the most insane rumours (she is a man, he is an undead),  a sense of simpatico upon meeting someone who agrees with your conspiracy theory of X being over-rated and pure rage if a book you like is turned into a movie starting vile X.

Is it astrological? I mean, is a Sleb you loathe actually of a sign you do not get along with? I don’t really believe in Sun Sign compatibility as there are SO many different astro-factors, but for the sake of this question, I think we can go there.What is you Sun Sign, whom is the Sleb you irrationally loathe, what is his/her Sun Sign and why the loathing? Or is it just SOOOOO irrational you could never reveal?

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161 thoughts on “Which Slebs Do You Irrationally Loathe?

  1. Nicolas Cage. Oh god. A man that gave me shivers of repulsion from the first time i posed my eyes on him. I sense sometning nasty in behind the curtains which i cant point my finger at, i see cruelty in his psycho profile and an atomic narcissistic, brrrR . .

    In general loath pushy egomaniacs of all kinds, ergo eaven among celebs, you can be one but with grace and style ihmo. Those who repute themselfs as ‘living gods’ are galaxies far from that category.

    I’m an Aqua, Pisces Moon, Libra rising & Pluto there, Mr. sleazy Cage is a Cappy, Libra Moon, Sagg rising – 1st house Mercury/Sun/Mars in heavy aspect to the MC – the prototype of a man who THINK’S that the fill of his shoes can feed the need of the whole world, and know how to sell it.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows celebrity star signs (I’m a pisces). As for irrational loathing of celebs, Nicole Kidman stands the test of time – haven’t liked her since the “Vietnam” days and even as I get older and more sanguine and try to give her the benefit of the doubt, she still gives me the irrits – something not kosher about her. Kylie Minogue also because there’s something fake about her (even before the botox). Kate Hudson annoys me, too. As for the men, Tony Abbott could inspire violence in this piscean, Chris Rock I can’t stand – very abrasive and is quite sexist. Seth Rogen could earn a place on my list – he’s like a lad’s mag on legs. Ick!

  3. – LOATHING : Nicole, (Grand) Ma-dooona, Penelope Cruz, Posh, Paris, Rachel Zoe, sydney stylist Pip Edwards & all else who ‘try WAY too hard’, deny facial altering & possess faux lips / tits that cast shadows. Mon Ex is funny re Rachel ‘she has face like a dropped pie’, he also pegged her husband as a queen / marriage of convenience…..a fact by being completely obsessed with her droopy dog-like jowls I’d completely over looked!!

    – WISHING Kevin Costner, Keith Suburban, Kevin Rudd would EVAPORATE for being bland. mediocrity IS a crime!!

    – CRINGING at Jim Carrey, Jerry Lewis, Benny Hill etc – for over acting. imagine waking up with one of them?? you’d suffocate yourself!

    – OVER Tom Cruise – for being a control freak.
    why doesnt he marry Posh? Problem solved.

    – TURN CHANNEL at Nigela for cavorting like she’s some sex pot! akin to local Chick Lit author/ journo pal who inapropriately channels SJP’s Carey & pheeewweee thinks she’s H.O.T….Arian Ex reckons she’d scare a dog out of a butcher shop, clothed. nude would could insight breakdown. all pouts & flutters & massive boobs & bum with over emphasis (over-eating??) on food to prop up….an otherwise empty world? anyway – overly strategic women who act sexed up & carefree but perhaps are hollow?

    LOVING (for opposite reasons)
    Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Clint, Brad, Audrey (both of them), Cate & all others who effortlessly tend their craft yet have a life!!

    • Keith Richards is my hero! a god among mortals. Johnny Depp is way cool. Audrey Hpeburn is THE style icon. Even her toes were elegant…

      • Keith is a god – how good was the LV campaign?? JD is too cool – seen the early release images of tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland- genius. My fave Audrey H film is ‘Two for the road’ I think Givenchy did the wardrobe – all time. May even go watch it now!!

  4. Lost my heart to Viggo in History of Violence … thoughtful, beautiful, smart and a divine poet.

    Saw George Clooney in an interview with Parky. Dawn French was in the chair next to him and she completely undid the Pretty Boy with her wit and self deprecation….He just couldn’t cope..he was hostile, rude and reactionary. She made him look like a woman loating oaf….never liked him since.

    • woops – below I forgot Vigo!!
      imagine being Robert De Niro, answering own knowck at door & there stands a barefoot Vigo carrying a 6 pack & an invite to his latest petry book launch / photographic expo…..does it matter which??

    • Love Viggo too…even more so when I first found was a poet too etc. Am gem also, so maybe it’s a love of words thing…

      • A few lines from Viggo….

        All that is gold does not glitter,
        Not all those that wander are lost;
        The old that is strong does not wither,
        Deep roots are not reached by frost.
        From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
        A light from the shadow shall spring;
        Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
        The crownless again shall be king.

  5. This is such a laugh – I agree with those who detest Gwynneth (soooo smug), don’t give a shit about Nicole either way, can’t stand bloody Cameron Diaz (total bimbo), and Angelina was way more attractive back in her crazy days when she actually smiled occasionally (and looked like she meant it). Tom Cruise freaks me out…

    Absolutely detest John Howard – although not a celeb, just seeing him makes me quite mad – totally arrogant and ignorant man – I studied politics so have read much on his dodgy ideas of democracy (this is my country, etc…).

    Cap Sun, Pisces Rising

  6. oh my gosh! That is too hilarious, MY celeb irrational hatred is directed soley to Nicole Kidman. Made me giggle, how appropriate!
    Im a virgo, wouldn’t know her astro

  7. Someone listed Vince Vaughn! I LOVE Vince Vaughn! Although I actually CAN see how someone would find him annoying.

    Nicole Kidman used to annoy the f… out of me, until I saw ‘Australia’…yes, yes, I know the film is a complete fantasy, but it still got me…

    I am like a lot of people where the loathing of celebritries feels like a waste of time, but celebs who irk me are:

    Steve Martin
    Scarlet Johanssen
    Colin Farrel
    Most Australian comedians on Rove and Thank God You’re Here except for Hamish and Andy

  8. I seriously cannot stand TomKat or Jennifer Aniston. Just looking at TomKat makes me feel like fingernails are running up and down the chalkboard. And Jennifer Aniston makes me want to throw up.

    now angry Saggo Astrologer in Training

  10. Renee Zellweger inspires such rage in me. I truly irrationally despise her.
    I’m a Cap, she’s an Aries. Sooo not a fan.

    • with you there, my god Im feeling judgemental, and so enjoying it ! Kate Winslet gives me the heebie geebies, that feels better, thanks Plum for reminding me.

  11. Oh, and this is prob. just me, but I’ve never been able to understand Daniel Day Lewis. i remember seeing him in The unbearable lightness of Being which is one of my fav books, and he was just so badly cast, and so outdone by a young and unbelievably georgeous Juliette Binoche. I would turn for Mme. Binoche, for sure. I kinda like scarlett Johannsen.. But David Kock – ugghhhh. onto local slebs, just about anybody who does anything regular on channel 7,9 and 10. Ray Martin – somebody should electrocute him. That would make my day!

  12. Nicole Kidman…ugh!

    So fake and up her own ass! Wooden and narcissistic…more than other schlebs.

    Too afraid to watch ‘Australia’ yet.

      sorry to oppose your opinion but i love her
      a gemini by heart – and gem’s work fabulously with Saggos
      yay for nicole


  13. My god how fake is Nicole’s smile! She looks constipated.
    She’s on the top of my irrationally loathe list along with:
    Gwenyth Paltrow, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Elle McPherson, Kiera knightly, Scarlett Johansen, Sandra Bullock. Baz Luhrman.

    I actually love geminis but the top 2 on my list – Kylie and Nicole are both Geminis and the thing that irritates me most about them is their vapidity. They don’t exhibit any of the qualities that i love about Gems – rapier wit, charm and humour.
    And Kylie comes across so DUMB in interviews. One can almost see the cogs of her brain turning ever so slowly. The long pauses between every single word she utters is excrutiating. 🙄

    moon in Sagg, Capricorn rising

  14. I really dislike…
    Adam Sandler
    David Koch
    Scarlett Johansen

    I am irked by…
    Lilly Allen
    Perez Hilton
    Vince Vaughn
    Sarah Jessica Parker

    I’m an aquarian.

  15. My pet hate-
    Billy Ray Cyrus destroyed country music and it’s credibilty in the early 90’s, dumbing down the style/quality to gain a much broader red-neck audience. Now we have his teenage daughter actress/singer/slapper Milley, who is slowing but surely sexing up her image to sell to our tweens. Bring on the leaked sex video Milley!

    • Sweet Jebus yours caught me off guard Aqua Tiger – the words Billy Ray Cyrus leapt off the page at me, my interest was immediately piqued… I know nothing about the realms you speak of but I totally get that you too feel jaded by the predictability of the whole mass media modern age paradigm. It’s outta control. The world’s gone mad. Tweens – is that an age group? A selling opportunity. Is he that achy breaky guy? Suddenly it dawns on me – I do know who you’re talking about – I’m not familiar with the country genre but he seems like the kind who would dumb it down. Yup I see how you could irrationally loathe him.

      • That’s him .. the Achy Breaky dude. His daughter is also known as ‘Hannah Montana’ from a movie of that name . Ask most 10 year girls old and they will tell you. She did a provocative photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz that made front page news last year. It is just SO pedictable how these girls turn out. The machine behind them are as happy as larry to make a trillion bucks flogging this stuff to ‘tweens’… movies/cd’s/merchandise, you name it ! ( I think tweens is the about the 8-13ish year olds) but there seems to be very little thought about the damage being done to young girls minds when their idol slowly starts behaving like a slut. It drives me mad. OK maybe Im being a little OTT here, but the writing is on the wall … Im predicting a sex video from this girl in the next 3 years… followed by a stint in a celebrity rehab reality show in 10.

        • Aqua- I see the writing on the wall too. Have you seen the South Park Episode about Brittany Spears and they say Hannah Montana is next to be sacrificed?
          It’s funny but am afraid poss. accurate.

          • scorpion tongue, yesterday aqua daughter asked what I was doing whilst I was blogging here. Let her read the post/comments and she said “can you add Britney Spears for me 😆 She’s Aqua sun/Toro moon/Scorp asc. She’s never been into Hannah Montana or any pre-teeny thang such as High School Musical. And I’m proud – Leo sun/Kataka moon/Fish asc. Although she’s very into the Twilight series of books. Has read all four twice, but hey, so have I 🙄

            I give thanks daily for my aqua-girl.

          • Feline- I don’t dislike Miley or Brittany (I am not into their style of music) but I feel as children they were sold-out by parents- “stage moms and dads.
            I don’t think it’s healthy to raise children in the spotlight.
            High school Musical is disturbing to me! I caught one song of HSM and had to turn it off- reeked of cheesiness and inauthenticity.

  16. oh forgot Rachael Zoe, celebrity ‘stylist’. puh-lease. more style in my little toe. i dont know her astro deets tho…

  17. Lindsay Lohan . she is so common looking! and boring! can’t see any star quality in her . fashion icon my ass

  18. As soon as i saw the picture of Nicole I instantly thought ‘and Gwyneth paltrow’. I can’t stand gwyneth paltrow. if she’s in a film, i won’t watch it. I think somehow that she really really loves herself and she’s really, really smug about it. I’m trying to think of male slebs i can’t stand. iused to dislike Brad Pitt but then i saw him in that jesse james movie (beautiful, wonderful movie with beautiful filming and soundtrack by Nick cave BTW), likewise Kevin Costner but he has done some good things. Kyle Sandlilands makes me ashamed of being a Gemini, and that Mark guy on American idol. Oh, oh, i know, Nicholas Cage. Don’t know his star sign

    • Yes it’s the smugness…really oozes like a banal chimera of ‘I’m so fuging Gwynnie.’ I know this is crazy…this is someone that I don’t know except through the media perception…yet still finding the reek of SMUG

  19. I think the one I hate more than anyone else is Katy beeping Perry.
    I just hate that she’s marked as “quirky” and “individual” when she is just marketed to look that way, and she’s one of the most commercial “artists” out there. Because seriously, how many years has the retro vibe been in before her?
    I’m an AriesS/LibraM/Capasc. Maybe it’s the fact that Uranus and Neptune sit almost exactly on my ascendant that make her annoy me so much.

    Celebs I irrationally love? Robert Pattinson….. so beautiful to look at… (Libra Moon, perhaps?)

    • Jenny, he makes me weak at the knees, shamefully so – in fact I’ll probably cringe later for admitting it here. For fuq’s sake he’s young enough to be my sun. Love his musical side and I think he will be a great actor, but extremely beautiful to look at. He’s a Taurus sun/mercury = musical talent, Kataka moon = intuitive, loves his family etc, Gemini venus = playful/curious/versatile, Capricorn Neptune, Sappho/Erato conj his Cap Mars – exulted placement?, Jupiter in Pisces = acting success, Saturn and Uranus in Sagg? Don’t know birth time but guessing possibly Leo asc because of his hair or Gemini with venus there because of his beauty and genuine charm and lightheartedness. Irrational crazy I know, just can’t help it. I blame my daughter for getting me into the Twilight craze, then I did the research on him 🙄

      • Yes I’m with you both – adore Rob Pattinson!!! As does my 15 yo daughter…hmmm.. And LOVE the fact he plays piano and composes music etc, makes him even more gorgeous. Am quite besotted, and usually never do that about slebs..yes Twilight books/movie did it for me and can’t wait for the next movie! I researched him too, tho almost embarrassed to admit it! Know it’s completely irrational, but for once just don’t care and am happy to just enjoy his gorgeousness..

  20. Cannot stand Jack Black. (I think I have his name right, the stocky, loud actor?) Totally loathe him for no reason at all.
    I’m a scorp, and don’t really do that kind of ‘stupid’ humor. I have been known to love the absurd but not what passes for funny in american blockbusters, and he just seems to be in so many of them. But I don’t watch TV/read tabloids/watch blockbuster films if at all possible, so manage to avoid most celeb hating.

    • Oh god, I’ll join you on the one! Can’t stand JB. Ugh. Another thing that REALLY riles me – movies were some fat ugly guy gets the gorgeous girl but there are NO movies of fat ugly girl getting hot guy. Humph.

      • wasn’t gwyneth in one of those films? I have a vague memory lurking on the periphery of her being fat and ugly but movie ugly so not really – was it in a film with jack black? Am I imagining this? Is that a real film?

        • Oh that’s right, there WAS such a film. Shallow Hal?? I think the story was that she was obese but in his eyes she was skinny & beautiful?? Not sure, never saw it (as I detest JB!)

        • Jack rocks – he’s hilarious!!
          he’s in there with Seth Rogan.
          this has nothing to do with herbal additatives when watching them…..they’re funny & represent the humour of a genre / generation. maybe similar to how my father Laughed HIs Arse Off to Benny Hill while I cringed at sexist ‘old people’s’ sad humour or something……..

    • Recently on the Movie Show, whatever, David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz panned his latest movie (which I shall avoid) and totally dissed JB. I can’t help but like the guy, not sure why but so what if he’s fat and what about Dawn French, fat, fabulous and gets the guy.

    • Agreed. Have an alergic response to him as soon as his idiot face appears on the screen.

      Thanks for the reminders about Mark Ruffalo in In the Cut. Hot!!!

      And also Alex Dimitriadis in Head On. Think that movie was indirectly responsible for the death of my marriage. Suddenly realised that what was on offer in the marital bed was totally lack-lustre!

  21. most celebs are just seriously boring, yawn, yawn, a construct of the seriously boring media, round and round in circles, hype, hype, i’ve got heaps better things to do!

    • ditto. Don’t watch tv, news, ads or read trashy mags so avoid all the hype and bother around basically dull and uninteresting people. I watch movies, but very picky about who’s in it, who directed it and what the story is all about. I’d rather not spend my precious energy on pointless loathing of stupid people although John Howard’s smugshot always used to raise my ire a bit.

  22. Jerry Lewis has made me cringe all my life. Very small when I first saw him on screen and the feeling has never changed.


    None now, don’t take much notice……

    • Spesh – you just reminded me of my dream lst nihgt. jerry Lewis & his often loathsome post script Jim Carrey. Subconsciously I was observing Jim pay Jerry for all those charactors he’d plagiarised………why am not sure, am fan of neither!!

  23. Paris Hilton… gah, I cannot stand her! *insert vomit emoticon here* Famous only because of her surname. And I just heard she is releasing a second album! UGH!

    She’s an Aquarian. I normally love Aquarians but not this one!

    Me = Saggo Sun/Moon/Venusg

  24. On one level I just don’t care but still irrationally Gwynnie does it for me if someone askes. Yes to the gag reflex with GOOP. I mean really get the scoop from goop? Gwynnie is a libran as mentioned above somewhere. I quite like librans…in some cases to distraction…

    For the Taurean coffee bloke it’s Madonna, he can rant for a long time about her. Got to the stage that I said something about how it was lucky there is minimal chance of crossing paths and yet…as above could pull much negativity ala Ms Paltrow at a nanoseconds notice. Madonna I feel is her own brand of Leo.

  25. there a plenty of slebs i couldn’t give a toss about but few inspire loathing. kiera knightly does tho, she really gives me the snits. i guess it’s irrational cos i have no reason for it. i get really pooped if she is in a movie i would otherwise see. don’t think it’s astrological cos she is an aries and i LOVE LOVE aries women.

    i will not see a fillum with tom hanks innit but i don’t loathe him.

    re sleb crushes – i love love mark ruffalo. i saw in the cut at the movies by myself one night. might have had to put my hand down my pants. went straight to the vid shop and rented you can count on me and fell in love. oh boy he was hot in in the cut. cannot remember the film at all, just mark and his dirty swarthy hotness… oh dreamy dreamy mark. he’s a scorp, leo moon.

    p.s., slightly off topic, but interested in anyone’s thoughts on the sun-sign specific turn on lists in that sextrology book?? i find the book itself a bit supercilious and annoying but the turn on list quite interesting… (and somewhat accurate in my aries case)

    • yup i’ve read that book… i find the ‘turn on list’ even more freakily accurate when you factor in the sign your mars sits in into the equation…
      Although i agree with you on the superciliousness, but it’s just on pure sun signs afterall i guess.

      • now i wanna know yr sun & mars! 🙂 it’s not the sun sign-ness of the book that annoys me, it’s the tone & writing style. tis a bugger.

    • oooh yeah I like a bit of the Ruff meself … he’s a Sagg I think? … but I betcha has some earth in there … Taurus is my bet.

      • Mmmmmark Ruffruffruffalo. Yes Ladies! I believe he may have some body hair too, prowln. I may join your ‘in pursuit of hirsute’ movement.

      • prowln – in a moment of daggy mark love i put him in my astrodienst. dunno birth time, it would be interesting to know his asc… but sun 29 degrees of scorp, moon leo. mars in cap, pluto virgo… eros leo. i was actually disappointed to find out he was a scorp cos have recently sworn off em after very painful experience. it makes perf sense tho, hot bastard. now i know he’s a scorp i wanna look at his crotch!

      • Right girls … since we are all members of the Ruffmeister fanclub let’s send him a set of knives and a photo which includes all of us staring at a picture of his crotch!

  26. Kidman, tick….kyle s, tick, G.paltrow, tick….can’t stand them , loathe them, for all sorts of reasons,
    aries sun, gem moon, gem rising

  27. ha ha with the picture but not saying a word about her. She does push a lot of buttons including mine. i think she is very talented and a brilliant actress in certain roles but there is something monumentally offputting about her. I don’t know a single woman who can stand her and it is not as she is gemini because geminis rule my world. I worship geminis. We conspire together. I think they are magic, even Delia Antwerp Aaars. So it is something else that is going on with the creature depicted above.
    Hey i think Jim Carey is over-rated as well. Hasn’t he started some sort of new religion now? Or was that a dream i had? I think he is a Capricorn.

    • he is a Cap… wouldn’t have guessed, thought he was an air sign, not an earth. Maybe that’s why I loathe him, him acting like an air sign, or so it seems to me!

  28. Loathing is such a waste of qi. Funny how it comes so naturally though.

    The sight of Wes Carr launches me into paroxysms of swearing and the urge to throw myself from the nearest window. He’s a Virgo!

    Ditto for anyone else associated with Australian Idol. Does Kyle Sandilands count as a sleb? He’s a gemini. Poor geminis.

  29. HOW MANY comments will this post attract. I laughed when I saw the picture because I used to have this insanely irrational loathing of Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow. Found them both maddening. Still think they’re both totally overrated as actors and as supposedly beauty-AND-brains types – but without the loathing or anything like that. Just can’t be bothered and it’s part of my new-found philosophy of live-and-let-live. Also, haven’t watched TV or read trashy mags in many many months and the lack of exposure to celebrity culture really reduces your emotional involvement in it. It’s good.

    No idea of their star signs and couldn’t be arsed checking.

    Sagg sun.

    • Also can’t stand Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s seriously loopy. Check her “gloop” website for deets. And I don’t think she’s beautiful at all. She just looks pale and anaemic to me. And Nicole was gorgeous when she was a freckly redhead. Can’t stand the new fake, botoxed blond version. Blurk!

      But, OTOH, I think Angeline Jolie is gorgeous. I loved her when she was edgy (her Billy-Bob Thornton stage) when she carried knives and wore vials of his blood. Loved the gothic, dangerous edge to her. That seems to have disappeared since she shacked up with golden-boy Brad. Still think she is stunning. Just hot!!

      And, on the subject of celebrities, my eldest has developed her first pre-teen crush. It’s David Tennant who is the latest Dr Who. My l’il girl is growing up. When I was her age it was David Cassidy. *CRINGE*

      • Oh I think Angelina is fab – yeah, especially pre-Brad and pre-super-skininess.

        I can’t think of any early crushes. I do remember being obsessed with Suzi Quatro, but that was like a role-model crush.

      • Take heart Ms M you’re not alone with the david cassidy thing :o)

        Your comments made me remember something – when I was 6-7 I stayed at a relatives house, she was mid teens and had a picture of David Cassidy on her wall – purple socks is all I remember about him – but the poster was revelatory for me at that age. I wanted to know who he was and then why she would have a picture of someone she didn’t know on her wall – it was unfathomable to me. Conceptually I really struggled to grasp the relevance of him in her world. At her age I had posters of salvador dali paintings on my walls – never went down that teen crush of a singer road – I’ve never “got” the whole sleb thing.

        • So davidl, here’s me speculating that you are away with the political animal bloodsports and you turn up on Celeb Fluffery 😕

          • Oh, yes, thats what they call me ‘the delivery man’, when all others have failed who ya gunna call ! thats right, ‘the delivery man’. *takes pointer finger and wipes the sides of the lips*

          • In the past have worked for 2 Davids whom I adored and named my son unconsciously the biblical friend of David, but he has a nickname.

        • Oh davidl, I just realised your reticence is probably due to your ruler – Mars being in Taurus with Venus … where Venus is more comfy. Although you are Gemini rising so Mercury now in Gemini should have you out there?? Now I’m confused. Maybe it hasn’t reached your first house.

          I’d better go and watch the Game with my son who is desperate to stay up and watch the State of Origin (go maroons). Yes I lack enthusiasm but kids rule.

      • Ms Motown, a girl I nannied for ADORED David Tennant as well. He must have a sweet, non-threatening sex appeal to teenage girls. I must say I approve. He’s terribly talented and charming… and somewhat geeky.

        I have a thing for Justin Long. The Mac guy, recently in “He’s just not that into you…” Don’t know why. Just like him.

        And RE the Cassidy boys – I actually worked with Shaun Cassidy. He was a producer on a thing I was working on – he was nice but oddly got a little sulky when his big important chair with his name on the back wasn’t positioned at the exact angle he liked in the morning sun. Groan. He’s an asthmatic and actually had to borrow my Ventolin puffer. I should’ve held onto it and sold it on ebay 😀

        • WOW!!! I’m tragically impressed! I LOVED David AND Shaun when I was a young lass. I even had a bop the other week to 1 of Shaun’s records….I loved the Hardy Boys…..oooh..Parker Stevenson! I loved him too……..such a great name

          You totally lost me at Justin Long. Ugh. He irks me

      • HATE Gwenyth Paltry. Just, so, MUCH! She is a Libra. I am a Scorpio, same birthday as Sylvia Plath and SHE played SYLVIA!!! If you want to have a fair representation of a woman being sucked into the depths of hell by her own seductive mind-demons you DO NOT pick a fembot-Libra-zombie like ‘Gwenyff.’
        Yar, hate Kyle Sandilands. There is no starsign just for douchebags, but.
        Don’t like Justin Timberlake much. Minger, asexual, pansy-arsed wannabe Man.

    • hazelblackberry Gwenyth Paltrow is a Libran. Must be something there, to her credit she married Chris Martin.

      There is something slightly “off” about Nicole, can’t quite put my finger on it. I refuse to watch “Australia” cause I don’t like her acting, she disturbs me, not sure why but seems I’m not alone. Think Sal Sagg described it below as a “certain ache”. I don’t despise her though. Then there was that whole odd relationship with Tom Cruise (Cancerian) who is another weirdo/control freak.

      Leo sun/Kataka moon/Fish rising

  30. I don’t loathe her per se but I do find Angelina Jolie (an Aquarian?)- physically repulsive.

    When I admitted this to my Scorpio neighbour she agreed and proferred that we must be the only two people on the planet who felt this way.

    pisces sun
    scorpio moon

    • No, add one more to that paltry list!! I CANNOT stand her. She makes me ill. I remember YEARS ago (even before the whole ‘stealing Brad Pitt and children from around the world’ thing) I was with a group of people, who were all agreeing confidently and emphatically that she was the one woman even the most straight woman would turn gay for. I felt so affronted, and the worst thing was, they thought I was just disagreeing to be contrary.

      • Angelina is a Gemini – June 4 I think. I thought she was sublime in The Changling. I’m liking her more and more. Impossibly gorgeous.

        • I first loved Angelina in Hackers – circa ’96 I think? I was more into Johnny Lee Miller (from Trainspotting) but really dug Angelina. She lost me when she went commercial grade, and too be honset the whole Brad/Jen/Ange thing missed me, I only liked Brad after Fight Club… and still don’t get Jen. But Ange is brilliant in Changeling – but its the Clint effect – he’s the bomb. As for loathing – NW staples such as the Simpleton sisters, the Hiltons, and the ‘stars’ of shows I’ve never heard of… What is the hills? Gossip girl? Who are these people??????

          • I LOVED her in Hackers, I was absolutely mesmerised, captivated by her pixie haircut & pouting lips, sans make up. Not really into her now – she looks the goods but it somehow I’m left thinking “knock knock, is anyone home??”

    • I cannot stand Angelina either. Hard to pinpoint but there’s something about her makes my skin crawl.

      But if I was to switch teams for a female sleb it would be Scarlett Johansson. *swoon*

      • see i cant *stand* scarlett johansssen…completely irrational, but i dont get what the hoopla is about her. dont think shes the most stunning celeb around- my money is on the gorgeous femmes such as Audrey Tatou and juliette Binoche. And yes, i too am not a fan of angelina. was pretty indifferent to her pre-brad pitt, but after that developed strong dislike, and got into conversations with people about if they had ever been the Angelina, Jen or Brad of a situation.

        ps i laughed out loud when i saw 44 comments had been posted since this morning. celebs can arouse such anger (in a funny way).

          • I frequently get told I look like Amelie…. I take it as the highest compliment as I find Audrey utterly stunning, and wish I was able to do the whole gamine look – sigh – but no – its a little hard when I hit 6′ in bare feet….

          • Totally agree with the Audrey and Juliette adoration. I also adore – ADORE – La Vie en Rose goddess, Marion Cotillard. She looks delicious in the upcoming “Nine” musical. Sigh.

            My boyfriend and I argue about this kinda stuff all the time – what’s the fuss about Nic or Scarlett, why do so many women think “slutty” equals attractive, why doesn’t Angie smile more, why do French actresses just seem sweeter/ prettier/ more feminine and self-possessed than their US counterparts, etc??

            I think seleb stuff will fade more and more. People just aren’t falling for the crap anymore and I honestly believe it’ll take more to really become a star in future. I guess that means more UN spokespeople, more protest marches for the stray dogs, etc etc. But I don’t mind selebs being charity-obsessed if they genuinely help the cause. I just hate it when they only do it for photo ops, new film releases, blah blah…

            Whine whine, let’s face it, they’re all pretty people. I don’t care about them particularly but hey, I like to look at their hair and dresses and shoes. That’s it. Now go do some work, people. And Jennifer Anniston – make a decent movie without the same haircut!!!

    • Angelina Jolie is just awful, and yes I am a scorpio. Just an unappealing character. I did feel the same way about Penelope Cruz, but she doesn’t seem to elicit the same reaction anymore. Julia Roberts, completely utterly over rated, ugh.

      But I’m trying to think of a bloke who I loathe and I am having a lot of trouble, oh that’s right I forgot about Malcolm Turnbull. But he isn’t really a celebrity, is he? Can anyone throw up some blokes’ names. It’s not really fair that it is only the female gender that bears the brunt of this bitch-fest, sometimes we need to swallow our negativity and show a bit of sisterly solidarity.

      Just scrolled down and saw Kyle Sandilands name, loathsome…

    • I agree! Totally irrational but just really don’t like her either. Have friends who adore and swoon over her (m & f), but I just think she is a big fake and it makes her less attractive to me…and yes although I know she is supposed to be beautiful, I just don’t really get it. She’s a gemini like me..but I don’t have this against other gem’s…

    • Count me in also.
      Don’t care for either.
      Didn’t like her attitude in Hackers way before her international infamy.

  31. LOL Thanks for the visual aid – if I were able to be irrational about people I’ve never met (altho strangely enough I have met Nic) whose work I feel is lack lustre / mediocre at best she would be the one. But there’s too much real talent out there to be sitting round feeling toxic about the ones who missed that boat so I seldom indulge irrational loathing of strangers. Famous people don’t rock my world. Infamy on the other hand is far more evocative of a response from me. Libra Sun Scorp Moon & I have no idea and no desire to research nics astro.

    • I agree with every sentence including thanking for the visual aid. Yes, strangely, I have met her too. I don’t feel warmth emanating. i never feel moved.(Jennifer Lawrence is warm and moving to me) When Nicole won the award for Virginia Woolf, I felt it was the wearing of the ‘nose’ that freed her from herself
      Virgo (cusp libra) sun and libra moon.

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