Astrology & Vegetarianism

Isabeli Fontana holding sheep

Sans sifting through the birthdates of celebrity veggos & vegans (another job for my imaginary astrological intern) – coming up with astrological vegetarian/vegan indicators is guesswork. I’m vegetarian and have been since age five – Anecdotally, I know a lot of Pisceans who are veggo & a strong Neptune (ruler of Pisces, compassion, empathy) can also predispose one. There are Scorps who wear fur and relish red meat a la Anna Wintour and there are Scorps such as Joaquin Phoenix, who are strict vegans & do stunning docos like Earthlings about it.

You could also argue that it is Uranus/Uranian if the choice is less compassionate & more New-Agie logic re resources et al. And indeed, Aquarian veggos also seem to disproportionately high. I’m thinking Neptune in Pisces (2011!) will see a big spike in the veggo ranks…i note that nearly all the females in my teenage son’s set are vegetarian – the Pluto in Scorpio generation girls, not sure where that’s coming from exactly.


Image: Jacque Dequeker-Vogue Brazil

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49 thoughts on “Astrology & Vegetarianism

  1. other discussions on vego-ism aside, I think there might be 2 oil categories: the subterranean fossil fuel (martian = fuel & war or plutonian = subterranean & power struggles).

    the other oil is the sweet almond oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, the stuff that keeps us healthy and that we use to make (nice) soap. Maybe that’s the neptunian part. or venusian??

    but in general, oil is slippery, has many sources and uses ie. hard to categorise, maybe that’s why it’s Neptunian

    PS I would love to be an astro-intern!! although not so sure about my astro knowledge. Mystic maybe you can be the first modern astrologer to take on an apprentice. ..

  2. All my Leo mate llloooovvveee their meat. I never liked the touch or smell of raw meat as a kid, & have been veggo for 20 years, now lean towards vegan because of animal welfare issues. I strikes me that some cities are much more veg friendly than others, too – I wonder if there’s astro at work there, too?

  3. I’ll ask my daughter if any of her friends are veggo – they’re in the same age category as your son Mystic. They also have that Neptune-Uranus conjunction in Cap, yes?

    I have crapp’d on about this before but I was raised vegetarian by my triple aries mother, who is also tres Plutonic (mars conj pluto in leo in the first house). The pic you’ve used reminds me of why she refuse meat as a small child – yes it was a pet lamb (her grandmother was a sheep farmer and practically raised her as my scorpy grandmother was apparently to busy drinking/partying/having illigit offspring/working/spending the inheritance and NOT noticing all the sexual predators surrounding her) that was put on the dinner table that scarred her for life.

    as a child I was sent home from school a lot for being low in energy and had that funny mottly skin that undernourished children get – and THAT is because my mother didn’t know what to feed us apart from tea and toast, given that meat was off the menu.

    I never really wanted to eat meat as an adult and was even a very strict vegan for years – but then started to crave meat when prego with baby number four (when Pluto was swiping back and forth over my natal mars actually).

    Now I mostly just eat fish and the occasional bit of chicken (I don’t really enjoy looking at an entire dead bird cooked up in front of me and have been known to gag chopping up meat/poultry to make food for my children)… and my naturopath tells me I MUST keep my protein intake up, as I am losing muscle as I lose weight.

    • forgot to mention that I have scorp on the sixth house cusp and Neptune in Scorpio in the sixth house, sextile Pluto in Virgo (surely Pluto in Virgo has something to say about nutrition?) in the fourth.

      also, while I’m procrastinating here rather than writing my own blog – it occurs to me to mention DLE, who is clearly a Leo, son of a Leo, grandson of a Leo, who dearly LOVES his meat – he is the guy who will eat a sheep’s eye, and tongue and other offal creepy things… he even wanted to eat placenta after the birth of our children but I drew the line (it is after all an organ that was made inside MY body!)…. but, Get This – he has Gone Vegetarian with his URanus opposition!!

      • that’s an asian thing isn’t it (not racist generalisation but my gazillion chinese mates tell me this), it’s all about the other bits – tongues, intestine, whatever. not so much about flavour as texture. at least it’s not wasted…

        also a general comment (not just TA but i’m consolidating here), vegetarianism is all well and good, but if you live in greenland, siberia, etc, there isn’t much vegetable matter to be had in those harsh wintertimes – otherwise no meat, no eat! it’s my opinion that vego-ism only works in good climates. and think of the food miles having to import cracked wheat, tomatoes, chickpeas, tofu, lentils, spices, whatever across to the inhospitable climates just so someone can feel ok about not eating the chicken that’s right next to them (yes yes i know, i’d hate to be a chicken too. I indeed subscribe to the sustainable farming / animal welfare ethos. but if the alternative is buying everything in tins, plastic, etc it’s not v sustainable? …basically i think it’s a western thing. your average impoverished farmer in nthn africa or west china couldnt give a rats. happy to debate, of course…you know me. and all in good humour of course..

        • Yes UP, the meat thing is indeed cultural for DLE and his male progenitors… there are some animal parts that have spiritual significance for them too, or something akin to spiritual significance. DLE’s father is fond of snake’s gall bladders for that reason. Come to think of it, if you eat meat, you just about NEED the gall of a snake hey?

          UP, anybody… have you heard of ‘eat right for your type’? As fad diets go this one is fairly sensible and talks about blood type and our genetic heritage – eg type O is the oldest blood type so people with this blood type do better on meat diets with little dairy, no grains and plenty of unprocessed veg plus nuts. Typical hunter-gatherer diet I suppose. The newer blood types do better with grains and dairy.

          I am a great believer in choice – informed choice…

          • The ancient Celts were type O and my entire family is type O so natural carnivores.

          • I have adhered to this diet since i was 20-ish….. As an O+ I get very cranky if I go too long without protein.
            I find it interesting that most people who eat in tune with themselves naturally self select food according to this framework – so many A friends of mine will cheerfully wander straight past the meat counter, and get insanely excited about tinned lentil specials…

        • yes i’ve heard of that book/method – was talking about it the other day. since you’re about the 10th person to mention it in the last 2 months i have decided that i should take a proper look!

        • I was vego for a good few years when young, but not a well informed one, so didn’t do the protein thing properly. However, I got really sick for quite a while and was strongly advised by a few therapists to eat meat again in order to recover. I’m blood type O, so could be something in that. I’m still underpowered if I don’t eat meat and function much better on it.

          I’m also a yin type, so always chilly and cold. Yang types, folks who don’t feel the cold so much and tend to overheat make much better vegetarians and vegans. That’s an observation I’ve made over the years.

          I lived in Japan for a while and felt sorry for Western vegos who came to visit because the locals just had no concept of vegetarianism. If you said you didn’t eat meat, they’d give you chicken or pork or fish. I had to do a lot of explaining in restaurants and with local hosts on behalf of vego guests. Luckily Japan has the best tofu on earth though.

  4. The only card-carrying vegans I know personally are both Capricorns. Have three Piscean gfs and all are high protein/low carb. The long-legged piscean thinks the perfect meal is a pub steak with garlic buttered beans. Two of them take total pride in never cooking unless absolutely necessary. Had an Irish piscean bloke who ate meat three times a day and shuddered at the thought of salad and said quiche is mainly eggs and the only way to eat eggs was with bacon. Grandfather, brother, 2 uncles and ex-motm all aqua and all proud carnivores. Oh forgot, psych sagg’s daughter is vegan and Aries.

    • Neptune is most elevated planet and most aspected and with Jupiter ruling my asc, merc and moon, the combination makes for a strong piscean vibe. Whenever I play with the idea of vegetarianism, I smell a roast and my wheels skid.

  5. I’m more of an Anna Wintour sorta scorp…. Love my steak, all game foods, even haggis (its the genes – I’m just programmed for it). However I have also been exposed to the farming side of it all, so fully respect the animal that feeds me, and am a proponent of using ALL the parts of the animal – waste not/want not so to speak. I am also pretty dogmatic about sustainable farming, and organic meat production. If that means meat is more expensive, so be it, I’ll eat less, and enjoy it more.

    The vego’s in my life are 2 x libra (I think they just forget to buy meat, so their not ‘real’ vegos) 1 x aries and 1 x sag. I know the arian went vego at 15, with no real reason behind it, just a desire to expand her meal repetoire…. or something like that. And the sag eats fish (not sure about chicken)… Oh my Leo sister flirted with vego as a teen, not sure about now… And I have a pisces friend who also forgets to buy meat, but loves it when she remembers, or I dish it up!

    So no real pattern that I can see. Most vegos in my scope of meat forgetters!

  6. I’ve been veggo for about three years now – and was on and off years ago, but it was too difficult when I was with my ex, also Libran, husband who didn’t consider a meal a meal unless there was half a dead cow on the plate.

    When I first went veggo three years ago it was strictly Brahmin or Sattvic – no meat, eggs, garlic, onions or mushrooms. That’s all well and good when eating at home, but really difficult when eating out, even in veggo restaurants, as just about everything is heavy on the garlic. The only place I could be assured of finding suitable food was at the Hare Krishna restaurants.

    Also I had a recent flirtation with Ayuveda which made me into a vegan for a while, and no wheat either. Way too restrictive and I like cheese too much πŸ™‚

    Travelling last year in Norway and Scotland it was a case of eat fish or starve, particularly in Norway, where it’s either meat and potatoes or fish and potatoes at every meal. We are so lucky here in Australia, it’s easy to be veggo.

    My reasons for going veggo? Well, I lived in the country for a while learned the necessity of having to kill chickens – which I absolutely loathed doing – so I decided I’d only eat it if I were prepared to kill it myself. I haven’t killed a fish lately, but have in the past, that’s where I draw the line.

  7. thinking about this, I found that all non-meat-eaters I know have very strong Uranian influences, be it through personal aqua-planets or strongly placed Uranus.

    to me the most interesting one is my gay Aquarian flatmate. He has Sun and Venus conjunct in early Aqua in the 8th + Pisces MC and decided to be vegetarian at the tender age of 6 (note: he is Croatian and on the Balkans the idea of not eating meat is basically considered a mental illness, whenever i meet his virgo mother she talks about how otherworldly she considers his sexual orientation and food preferences, she still has trouble coping with this, as she fears she has failed as a mother). His point is, that he is ABOVE the evolutionary stage of consuming meat (yes, he talks about consumption not eating). He reckons he is a step ahead of me (I admit, I like meat – Leo Moon?), the ghastly carnivore. According to him it is PRIMITIVE to eat flesh (“After all, we are not living in caves anymore and hunt mamooth”). It is not, that he is a real activist or interested in the political or economical dynamics of meat-production. For him being vegetarian is some kind of elitist trait.

  8. Love the idea of being veggo but love steak, chicken casserole, roasts, ham, bacon, baked fish much MUCH more. I would probably gas myself and everyone around me to death if I only ate fruit, vegetables and grain based stuff.

    • This! I love animals but I love the taste of meat much more. I hate the idea of factory farming. I buy organic and free-range when possible, and luckily that is almost always.

  9. That photo looks a little suss I reckon, she’s turned up at the farm all like ‘ yeah, like being a vegan is like really important, for the planet and all…then when the farmers back is turned she digs the fangs in and sucks its blood ..

  10. Agree with above comment that it is cultural often, and that eating meat is sometimes necessary. Ex was from west Africa – never enough protein available to most people on a daily basis over there, no-one starves but no-one exactly thrives either. All the west africans I know in Australia love meat and eat it daily, almost to make up for what they missed. Is also a symbol of status, obviously, in these countries. Where I live now, up until 30 years ago, staple diet would have been camel meat, camel milk, dates, and the occasional vegetable and rice that you might have bought when you came into the towns to trade camels. Tough diet, tough life, very tough people.
    But I think you have to take into account how the animals are raised. Daily here I see herders with their goats or cows or camels, herding them along the verges even in this small city. The animals live outside in flocks, and they are killed as adults, not as little babies. They are killed by having the name of god invoked over them and then their throat is slit as they are held still. Almost all parts of the animal are eaten. I think that with eating animals, everything is in the detail. I eat meat in Aus, but only organic or better (because it is slaughtered properly) biodynamic. Here i eat it weekly or more, and it is TASTY. I applaud peoples who eat all the offal (I can only manage liver), and I think that doing this is very respectful of the animal.

    • that is one thing – no feedlots and awful stinking abattoirs with terrified critters. πŸ™

  11. Geminis! Only successful long-term vegan I’ve ever known is a Gemini. I’m a vegetarian Uranian Gem, in fact i wish I could be vegan but the world ain’t supportive enough of it yet, too restrictive. Also Aries because they are so damn determined, aries ex lasted a year as a vegan and now wants to eat meat but finds that he can’t!

    2 picses! 1 taurus and 1 cancer and im half-vego No red meat but fish and chicken yes!
    there is a neptune/uranus conjunct in all of our natal charts in cap — could that cause this??

  13. I am 29 and have been a vegetarian for 17 years. I first wanted to become one when I was 3 years old after seeing a chicken get its head chopped off, but my mum didn’t know how to work the veggie thing for a 3 year old.

    I have a Sun/Neptune conjunction in Sag in the 7th, a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo in the 4th, and a Mercury (Sag)/Uranus (Scorp) conjunction in 6th house.

    If I didn’t love dairy I would like to be vegan, as that is best for our animal friends, but I am not there yet!

  14. *sigh* Joaquin Phoenix… the only Scorp man i find really sexy.
    I actually love meat and offal.
    Don’t like cooking red meat at home because:
    a) i can’t cook, don’t enjoy cooking and hate having to clean up after cooking meat
    b) hate the smell of raw red meat
    but quite happy to eat it when i visit my folks every few weeks or so.
    I could very easily become vegetarian but i’m all about nutrition and couldn’t be bothered fussing over food, mixing pulses and grains to get my daily protein quota. Meat is just easier.
    It never ceases to amaze me how many peeps presume i’m vegetarian though. Must be my petite stature

  15. I’m a scorp (with Cancer rising) and my daughter is a Taurus (virgo rising) and we are both vegetarians. The thought of eating an animal is just too cruel for words – but have you seen what meat does to your insides? Animals have all sorts of worms inside them, from eating other creatures and eating off the ground etc etc. If you eat meat you are also eating these worms and they accumulate inside you – its GROSS! You need to do heaps of juice fasts with herbs and bentonite clay to get them and the muciod plaque out of your body……….. why do that to yourself?

  16. My sister a veg. She does not eat anything with “eyes”. As a kid we called her “the bird”.

    Aries Sun and Venus, 9th, opp Neptune with Uranus in T-sq. 12th.

    There’s that Pisces energy Mystic with Uranus 12th, and the Neptune tie in.

  17. Gem fish rising, uranus in scorpio 8th

    Although I still eat red meat every 2-3 months I would like to be vegetarian. I love lots of fruit, vegetables & good produce. I eat fish mostly.

    My dad was very big on nutrition, meat was never a big part of our family meals & neither was dairy, we only had soy. We never had a single item of junk food in the house & I had no idea that sugar was also white, we only ever had raw. Only oats for breakfast & after school I snacked on beans in the garden.
    Growing up in the country meant we had to grow most of our own produce. I ate lots of fresh food.
    We had chickens & goats but we never ate them, in fact I can’t eat chicken comfortably & I’m allergic to eggs.

    When I came to the city I saw that people eat differently & I got caught up in the hype but now I’m older I want to eat fresh food. πŸ™‚

    • Baristagem, what a lovely way to grow up. Were you the perfect picture of health back in those days?

      • Thanks scorpalicious, I was very lucky to have that experience.

        I was in good health & my dad encouraged me to play lots of sports such as tennis, hockey, athletics, rugby league (yes, with the boys & it hurt!), swimming, equestrian & I was even in the rodeos. Thank goodness I was eating well, I don’t think I could have managed all those sports without it. lol

  18. I was vege for three years by default, living with my brother at the time who made all that lived with him turn vege too!
    I didn’t bat an eyelid about this for that whole time, the easy transition felt normal, body was lighter and healthier.
    Moved back in with my parents a few years later and turned carnivore again but never with as much gusto.
    Having beeing through a deep healing phase last year and back into my meditation, I am naturally leaning towards being vego again. The idea of eating meat is slowly starting to ‘gross’ me out.
    Like you Matt, am half vego, or ‘flexetarian’. I eat red meat (because I like the taste and for the iron) about once a week but I don’t eat any white meat of any kind. Fish occassionally.

    Think the idea of eating meat will be outdated in a few decades. People will look back on it as barbaric.

    There’s a theory about humans not having the teeth to eat meat, we are designed to be herbivores??

    Does anyone know any vege sources of calcium? I don’t do milk and don’t want to over-do soy but my levels are low and want to avoid a supplement if possible.

    • Lots of leafy green vegetables, figs, beans, oranges & almonds are all a great source of calcium πŸ˜‰

  19. Is that pic of Summer Rayne Oakes?? She’s a model/environmentalist doing a promo tour of Aus at the moment. Using the media to promote eco awareness. Intelligently inspiring young lass.

  20. Pegs would be a Fruitarian, if she could,and perhaps shell sea creatures, ie oysters
    cockles, pipis, clams, no ‘eyes’.
    Of course your food regime is climatic, the colder, the more meat coz less veggies.
    Whatever floats your boat, and makes sense.
    Whatever keeps you healthy & energetic.

    The white haired bringer of The New Age in the early 70’s, said ‘if you eat meat, be prepared to kill
    it yourself’, if you can ,then do. But if you cannot, don’t. Right! In a perfect world!

    Too much chicken is pumped with hormones is why men are getting man boobs & prostate
    cancer & women, breast cancer.
    Turkey is free range still, & organic chickens. Choices are complicated, but lucky we have
    Remember the Hunza’s & their valley of elders all over 100 & actively useful to the tribe.
    Apricot Oil & kernals. An Urban Myth was that an almond a day prevents cancer.
    If you have ever fasted for a number of days,, passing a butcher shop cause nausea,
    the smell & colour.

    If you are a Traveller, it’s endearing to locals to eat what is offered & deal with it later:)
    It takes time & thought to be a non-carnivore & get it right. Many went to hospital because of going
    Machro, without the complete picture.
    Whatever you eat ,do it with concious awareness & attention, is the simplest philosophy
    to stop dilemmas of meat or not.
    Forever Fruit from Trees.

  21. Not one word about Oil.
    Seems to me totally understandable that it is ruled by Neptune as the word did not always mean ‘that which drives us to our doom’. Oil was magical and used in many rituals, prized above all other fragrances and essential to matters of life and death, hence Neptune and the veil of the unknown the mysterious and altered states of being.
    It is only in our time that the substance dredged up from subterranean lakes of liquid fossilised rotting matter poisonous and indigestible has become known as oil which in true Plutonian style is exacting its deadly toll.

  22. To me, her dark glare is to ward off those who are out to eat her little lambsy…

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  25. I’m a leo and a later in life vegetarian (of sorts!) I just won’t eat red meat but I feel ok with seafood. It took me so long to connect what was on my plate with what it had been.

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