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Astro-Housewitchery; Vanilla


It’s harder than you might imagine to get the real essence of the Vanilla Bean. And cleaning your fridge with the stuff is way more evocative than you’d think from whiffing the synthetic grot that is most “vanilla essence.” The real thing – this is just one example – is so totally worth getting your hands on because it is SO magic.

A la saffron, vanilla was once more valuable than gold – it has it’s own dark & torrid history/mythology – linked by legend with a lost princess-Persephone-style bride of the MesoAmericas, it was bought to America by the conqueror Cortez but they could not cultivate it until a then 12 year old slave boy named Edmond Albius figured out how to hand-pollinate vanilla. I would LOVE to be able to say that he lived happily and prospered amidst his gloriously scented vanilla plantation but twas  not so! It has long been a tale of exploitation.

The real essence is an aphrodisiac – truly, i have tried this and i don’t know if it’s because i smell like a cupcake or not but vanilla is a POTENT lure-all kind of an aphrodisiac. Ylang-Ylang’s vibe is more Uranian and urbane & Rose makes one feel Queenly – only Vanilla works to draw them all in….It has other medical effects, still being studied. One says it is calming- the next that it increases adrenaline.

The real vanilla is traditionally part of a fast-money fix along with the essential oil of cinnamon & you burn and/or wear them both in a blend. I add vanilla to rose, patchouli, grapefruit and ylang-ylang to make a  mix I call Venusian 9. It is awesome but you have to watch that one doesn’t tip in too much vanilla – it wants to dominate & it is a plant of Pluto.

AND – yes – REAL vanilla is fab in cooking but i am so un-flash a cook that is been perhaps less than ten times that i’ve ever used vanilla pod/beans in cooking…thoughts? The association of the word “vanilla” with lukewarm sex or whatever as in something tempered down is SO odd! Vanilla is WILD – snort some of the real essence and you will totally get it. Anyone who thinks they are so smart for referring dismissively to something as VANILLA WHATEVER is ill-informed…

They are maybe talking about the synthetic vanilla?  The true vanilla bean is magic.



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33 thoughts on “Astro-Housewitchery; Vanilla

  1. Mmmmm, I’d buy Venusian 9. Sounds divine. However, i don’t like the whiff of ylang-ylang. I’d change it for Sandalwood which is the best scent on the planet. But it might overpower the Vanilla which is more subtle. Mystic, where does one purchase REAL vanilla as opposed to vanilla extract?

    • Ms Motown, you can buy the dry pods at deli, supermarket, spice traders etc, split them down the middle, and plunge them into a sterile preserving jar filled with organic jojoba oil, being certain to cover all the pods with the oil. Leave it in the sun, or some kindly, warm place for a day or so. Then place in the back of a cupboard for a few weeks. And repeat the process with fresh pods until you have a beautiful vanilla scented oil, to which you can add your favourite essential oils…. voila, a basis for a beautiful body oil!

      Otherwise, hop online and search for essential oil traders – you’re looking for vanilla oleoresin, but it’s really only soluble in alcohol.
      Try Ahimsa, SunRose Aromatics, Eden Botanicals, White Lotus Aromatics

  2. OMG I love vanilla, always have (since little girl), always will. I love to cook, and I use the vanilla bean paste more these days (genius) and have always sought out true essence in good cooking stores, not the supermarket version. Herbies Spices do a good one, and you get a really expensive one at Simon Johnson. The beans are magic in your sugar bowl to flavour it, also with a little bit of lavender.

    I agree with the aphrodisiac qualities – although I am currently single I wear the Body Shop’s vanilla perfume oil to bed every night, and it feels so sensuous. Their rose oil perfume, or Jo Malone Red Roses are particularly special too. Perfect alternative to standard scents and people always notice it, but in a subtle way, like – “oh i think i can smell something yummy, is that cake?” .

    Calling plain or basic products ‘vanilla’ is something that has always given me the sh#!ts because the term is used by people who could barely be described as plain or basic. And my home made vanilla ice cream is the best flavour, agreed by all who taste it.

    • I agree it is an aphrodisiac. When I wear my Dior perfume or Department store perfumes I rarely receive a comment. I think they are too strong and the chemicals are over bearing. But, when I where vanilla men comment and follow me around.
      I also love Body Shop’s Vanilla Body Spray and their Spiced Vanilla for the holidays. It’s so simple but everyone seems to be attracted to vanilla and brings back warm memories.
      I also have a Tonka Vanilla Perfume from Pacificia Perfume Co from Portland, Oregon. It’s a nice variation of the vanilla essence.

    • The ‘new’ (has been around for a few years now) Body Shop vanilla is not nearly as good as the original. I still have a small stash left, my husband goes wild for it and it smells great on moi.

      Can’t do rose or any florals for that matter, they don’t mesh with me. Love Sandlewood and Cedardwood, however.

      Will have to try the real vanilla in the linens wash. Sounds great. : ) I’m into converting to organic cleaners right now, have finished the fabric softener and now using vinegar, which is great, and a teaspoon of bicarb in with the detergent. My current detergent isn’t bad, but will convert to an earth wash when my bulk supply finally runs out.

  3. Babies smell like vanilla, hence ‘Vanilla Sex’ but i was told it referred to Lipstick Lesbians.
    It is so hard to obtain the pure essential oil because of hand pollination, which i think
    MAKES it so special. OF COURSE Tahitian Vanilla is The Best but need to know someone,
    & if you do, try their Monoi oil for everything.
    A bean can go into your sugar jar (if you do sugar) for flavours. Under your pillow
    is wonderous. A very comforting aroma & will go with most blends as a fixative, Venusian 9 is superb
    mix. Quite euphoric.
    Can only get Vanilla essential oil from Essential oil outlets, v expensive & rare & often only v small amounts.
    Make your own from the beans is possible.
    Thanks for the Organics site for Eo’s as looking for a different distributor for posting to me.
    Brill Babe x

  4. Ahh, vanilla. It really is the finest of the flavours… perfume, cooking, anyway i can get it. I love to smell of it, and i agree, Mystic, it can be a bit of a magnet.
    I love Sohum’s Madagascan Vanilla body butter for depth of aroma.
    One of my favourite winter foods is pear slices poached in a little water with a vanilla pod split and scraped. I normally have them on my porridge in the morning, but think they would be perfect warmed up, with some of your homemade icecream Cancerian Annie! Divine…

    • Oh my lord, pears poached in vanilla syrup…for breakfast…yes I could go on and on about recipes featuring vanilla! Great with star anise/cinnamon in savoury things, like a tagine. I’m off to do some pears to put on my porridge for tomorrow!

    • Adminiscorp!! I thought I was the only one. Madagascan Vanilla body butter is delectable, it doubles as perfume, soo delicious. It’s spicier than other vanilla body stuff, never smelt anything else like it. Can you believe NO shops in my town sell that brand anymore!! think i have to go online to get it..

        • good fish on the ID factor – we’re all exhausted by the ANON-o-bashing AKA them that don’t own a comment. can draw breathe & safely scroll down……..

        • It’s by Sohum, you can get it at Myer, and other places, and also at the Victoria Markets in Melbourne, they have a store on the Victoria St side. You can probably get it online too. They do lots of other delicious flavours too, but that one is by far the best. I tried the coconut one once (which i also love), but could not get through it and ended up giving it to a friend. Meanwhile, I have to pace myself with the vanilla lest i use it all up in a month!

  5. I am in love with the smell & taste of Vanilla

    I love to use it in as many desserts as I can & totally get the aphrodisiac lure of it.

  6. totally agree, love it..sooo sexy on any woman, rrrrrrrr, my magnet smell though is krsna musk, I think it has a touch of vanilla..drives em wild..

  7. Vanilla has been my lifelong favorite scent to wear, I have recently found an amazing perfume though that smells like honey and faintly of tea. An amazing second.

    • what’s that called, aquarpio?

      Ps strange story for you, we had a cat who i think was an aquarpio. she was part ice queen/lunatic/shun the crowds, and part inscrutiable/luxe/vamp kitty kat. hope you like cats 🙂

    • I am also interested in the Venusian 9 potion!
      Question is does anyone dislike the smell or taste of real vanilla? Is anyone allergic to it?

  8. Vanilla anything is very sensuous and earthy – I adore anything with it.
    Pegasus – I make my own vanilla body/bath oil, vanilla sugar and vanilla essence for cooking – it’s not difficult just need quality pods.

    Mmmm…I’m drifting off into vanilla heaven now…..

  9. I love real Vanilla too… am this very moment longing for some! It is also family legend (myth?) that we are descended from Cortez (as my maiden name is a Germanic version of it, as a branch of the family migrated to Prussia and then in early settling days came to South Australia) so I always get a bit of a buzz from both Vanilla and Chocolate in that very taurean way (aka I OWN it, lol).

  10. oooooh I LOVE real vanilla! it grows everywhere in Tahiti and the french chef where I stayed on this secluded island used it in everything he made. His homemade vanilla yogurt was so divine I savoured every mouthful and have since been vanilla mad! Very easy to buy quality vanilla pods (just cut them in half and scrape out the seeds – voila thats all it takes), look for the Tahitian ones tho, they grow in paradise so you are taking in that energy too! Divine

    Hmmmm next time I cut one up I might just dab a bit behind the ears and gauge the male response 😉

  11. Just like cannot do lavendar because of the Aqua man/back surgery phase, cannot do Vanilla because of the Pisces.

    It was a depressing, lonely feel, as we layed in the bed, watching the ceiling fan go round, and a vanilla scented candle was burning, I can still see it there….flickering…

    And I was floating somewhere far, far away, knowing this was not my life, it was not to be who I was, so I cannot sniff vanilla, even at Wal-Mart..


    Dang men messed up my essential oil

  12. Vanilla’s an amazing scent – my favourite aphrodisiac is a combination of vanilla and jasmine… always get comments with that!

  13. TJ…you have been to Paradise too!
    And yes, you bring it back with you.
    Always the memories of such a sensual place that stay in your mind.
    When things get a bit tough, i visualise Moorea Island or Huahini.
    Always remember & crave the fruit & fish……..ALL.

  14. for those whom add pure lavender to the towel / sheets wash – try vanilla. non synthetic anything. then put your seat belt on! from dreams to Ah-hem rocking & rolling…..

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