Sun Sign Survey: How Do You Cope With Jealousy?

Vintage Movie Three People and a Cat

Do you inwardly seethe & scheme vile revenge even as you project glacial cool???  Emote re your feelings as if in an encounter group? Throw vases? Guilt the person??? Cry in the bathroom at parties?  Text your therapist?  Seduce someone? Or do you believe in the pre-emptive revenge fuq?

Air Signs tend to immediately launch a retaliatory attack with a technicolor display of vibrant flirting & wit.

Fire Signs make scenes or stalk out the second they sense the attention deficit.

Water signs seethe & do the “nothing is wrong” trip but when their revenge comes, it is poignant and possibly out of all proportion to the initial offence.

Unless there is actual evidence of any of what pornography commissioners call the EEE rule (Three Es – Erection, Entry, Ejaculation) the Earth Signs tend to ignore flirting etc as they are so stupendously secure, worldly and perhaps not so stricken with vivid imagination as some.

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80 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: How Do You Cope With Jealousy?

  1. My open relationship just recently ended, and it was one of the most free and fun loverships I’ve ever had. It was so wonderful to be able to talk about other loves/lovers, and not feel compelled to be everything to one person. We even lived in the same space, and would wish each other a good time when going out. Safety and honesty were always practiced. Unfortunately, there were other issues that we didn’t see a way to resolve. Earth here/ air there. Good times, though, even if I felt the physical passion a bit lacking, as she was very in her head, but that made for good fun as well.

  2. Don’t mind flirting either way, DO mind other people moving in on what I perceive to be my territory. Gemini sun. Mars in Cancer means there’s always tears, jealousy, but I do bring it up if it’s upsetting me. Leo rising will take over if I’m really jealous. I’ve actually been known to go & hide in the woods & wait for everyone to freak out & come look for me, what a pass-agg Leo rising thing to do. However I know that my jealousy is unreasonable so I’d rather not say anything and watch and make everyone feel that something was subtly wrong.

  3. Depends where it is & how bad it is. Outright discovery right before my very peepers say at home will be a royal throwing of objects fest involving things that break or ricochet . In public it’s typical air sign, flirt & have a better time than he (with the odd “wait till we get home” look) whilst thinking of brilliant way to give him a lesson in a manner he’d never forget.

  4. Hey Uber, that is good advice.
    I work with one of these women and I did exactly that this morning – because we have to collaborate on something for our respective departments, I just walked in and told her that I expected her to be professional when we were at work – no emotion, no explanation, no blame. Took the wind right out of her, and she had no choice but to comply, because the opposite was to make herself look stupid and childish in front of mutual colleagues.

    I’ve gotta remember these lessons coming on thick and fast. such a far cry from how I used to react. it’s sweet!

    • You beautie!

      Do you know of any current transits that might reflect these lessons. Saturn Venus? I bet it’s playing somewhere in your chart.

        • Hey UP, I was thinking Saturn Venus as I was once warned that transitting Saturn over my Venus could manifest as a critical woman. My mother got very narky for the first pass, but for the final pass it manifested pleasantly as meeting some supportive, bolshie women and getting some solid help with a Venusian project of mine.

          Could be a merc thing too or 3rd house. The fun is making the astro connection.

          • ok, cool. hmm i’ve got saturn trine venus so maybe that’s a constructive aspect…(no idea). what I took from seabird’s situation was the v calm, rational confrontation of the other , communicating with minimal emotion and stating the bare facts…

  5. Is it too late to join this discussion 🙂 ? (have just finished my first module of training and I’m in need of something light!)

    While I’m an Earth sign I’m not immune to jealousy – what Taurean isn’t just ever so slightly possessive hey?

    There was a time my Venus in Aries would have had me flouncing off, exploding in righteous indignation (I would NEVER cheat!) etc, the usual childish histrionics… not to mention my Libra Moon having a say (er, this is the side of me that is TEMPTED to cheat). Any hoo, I’ve learned a lot about jealousy being in the company of that CUB, and have mastered the art of rising above such things.

    I heard Seal on the radio talking about his supermodel wife Heidi Klum – when asked if she ever got jealous of him being around other models he replied that ‘Heidi is very Germanic about such things – she’d view something like that as a sign of unintelligence’. I completely got it.

    I am now firmly in the camp of ‘if I love you I want you to do what makes you feel happy, not what makes ME feel happy’.

    • Wondered where you were TA!

      Good on you for the new courses girl…Congrats..

      My problem…circa 1999, was someone coming and going from my life as it seemed “he pleased”. Obviously, as I allowed as I was hoping things would work out and we could get on with a healthy relationship.

      I’m all for backing someone up to do what makes them happy but not at the expense of humiliating me or disrespecting me…Expecting me to be there for them but little in return. Heidi and Seal are married. Obviously there is a recognized committment there.

      In my case, I had wanted a committment but there were now “issues” that I had not created and I was not going to abide irresponsibility and childishness to one not seeking some sort of healing guidance (counseling, etc). So, I HAD to draw a line for my emotional sake and sanity.

      I was self effacing for a very long time, putting my own ego aside, and all it got me was manipulated, humiliated, disrespected and feeling used.

      Being spiritual I sought to rise above and can’t tell you how I wrestled with that and confronted those conflicts within self…

      “Aren’t I supposed to always forgive and find understanding and compassion?” I read Marrianne Williamson’s “Return to Love” but where had I ever NOT loved? That was the problem…I always had and I always sought to rise above.

      What I found was mentally rising above certain emotions is not rising above them at all…They have to be felt….They are like a volcano that rises and the power behind them is the impetus for transcendance of those emotions.

      I’m all for one doing as they please, but it won’t be in my bed when I don’t know who else they have been sleeping with, etc. And I speak of painful experience.

      The Pisces called me and called me after my third surgery. Finally, I agreed to see him. I had been alone and processing for ten months after he pushed me aside after my first surgery. It had been extremely painful and being alone, I had been nearly virginal like as had not been with another man but him for nearly ten years…

      He came up, slept in my bed and then later put distance between us as he was seeing somone else and she ended up having his child.

      I’m just wondering how much of that I was to accomodate in “his happiness” at the expense of my emotional and physical well being.

      I felt utterly VIOLATED at that time.

      In the end, at least I did get an apology and like LL mentioned about the Saturn transit in Leo some time back, I hope in his case as it moved across his Leo Mars and Moon and Cancer NN, that it did give him time to reflect.

      I see a similarity between us TA and sister to sister I pray the CUB does not abuse your open heartedness and compassion…your seeking to rise above. I hope he is doing the work as well and yes, it is not my business and I recognize that….But I do care and I’m feeling very emotional right now.

      Remember, roses had to have thorns to protect themselves. Sad, but true.

      Love, Sweetpea…

      • thanks Sweetpea, you are a very Sweet pea indeed 🙂

        I can feel you hon, its indeed a dichotomy – to love unconditionally and yet hold your own ground takes practice. There is a difference between saying ‘do whatever you like, what ever makes you happy’ and ‘do whatever you like to ME’. Protecting oneself is crucial! Its a case of ‘I love you, hope you do what makes you happy, even if that includes other women – but I am a monogamous, faithful person so I’m going my own way now’. Yes indeedy, CUB may try to take advantage of my compassion etc but at the end of the day I’m following my bliss, not holding out for him (his?) – dating other guys included. He is free and I am free. I can take responsibility for myself now … although things were different when I was pregnant or when the dung bug was just a grub – I felt very vulnerable and needy then, and so got hurt by what I perceived as rejection by him.

        sometimes we think we are putting our ego aside but what is happening is the ego is acting differently – it becomes the ego that tells us we are being manipulated, abused etc. It takes work to recognise that we have allowed it to happen through the agreements we make *mostly unconsciously* when we choose to put ourselves in the path of others with behaviours and traits that aren’t ‘harmonious’ with our own.

        In this way CUB has been the best thing that ever happened to me – a true soul mate – because through strife I’ve learned about what my ego wants, what my soul wants and I’ve awakened further to who I really am. I have no doubt that the Pisces is a similar soul mate for you.

      • Sweets, what a shite, esp when you were so vulnerable (lo fish indeed). And interestingly your statement “What I found was mentally rising above certain emotions is not rising above them at all…They have to be felt….They are like a volcano that rises and the power behind them is the impetus for transcendance of those emotions.” That nails a huge part of my problems at the moment, I dwell in my head as it doesn’t feel safe to let go of the volcano of emotions and it’s a habit ingrained from childhood. I have to learn to dwell without drowning. Strange with my grand water trine involving Chiron-Vesta/Moon-Mars/Neptune. I blame my triple Virgo conjunction including Mercury opp Saturn conj asc. Head must have been safer at an early age (survival). Anyway what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger is a truism as cliqued as it sounds. You give me hope Sweetpea xx

        • To heal, you could go ape shit ff…

          No crap..

          In one instance I paced my kitchen nearly tearing my hair out that’s how insane some things felt…

          Never forget what a teacher said to me one time…”they take them (the students moving through “stuff”), out to the woods so noone will hear the screams..”

          I believe him now…


          • Think it might be addressed in one of his books that I have as don’t recall off the top of my head.

            ‘Let me get back to you ff…


  6. wow. do u think you could come and do my family too ! you are right tho, it is insecurity at work altho some people do seem to like that sortov thing as they feel loved ?

    • Yes, and to me thats ultimately freakin sick…

      Like for example my ex Pisces hearing and or feeling my pain. It made him feel loved… That’s what I ended up surmising and I told him “this is not love”…

      I’ve got to be fair too in that with a large dose of Leo Moon and Mars it was validating for his ego as well…Often times the Pisces part would finally reach out and hug me to comfort me…But it just didn’t last with his behavior overall.

      Still makes me sad sometimes because I saw him struggle with different sides of himself. I did really love him and always will..

    • They are both Moon Saggies with her Node in Sagg so probably past life stuff.

      She’s a Scorpio Sun and his Nodes in Scorp.

      Also, my brother had issues with my Mom and think that comes (or came…don’t think he’s so jealous now..) out with being critical of his wives.

      Like what they wore for example.. (he’s had three previous wives too!). “Where are you going dressed like that? Why do you need to put make up on to go to the store and wear that partiular top?”” Etc., yadda, yadda

      I actually had to “coach” him in some of his jealousy, insecurity issues to use reverse psychology with his wife in order to not give his power away and destroy his marriage at the same time.

      Interesting….But think that speaks alot about my Mom having been manipulative of him as a child and taking her anger with my Dad and her Dad (when she was a child) out on him.

      My poor bro. Luckily lots has been healed and they’re on speaking terms.

  7. I love flirting… extreme flirt alert. Luckily I’m married to a sag (me aqua)who doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body…… I’ve never cheated on anyone though btw.

    • My brother, Libra Sun, Sagg Moon…

      Can be extremely ballistic with jealousy

      His wife told me that a guy came up to her when she was checking groceries and complimented her looks. She said “‘I’m married”.

      He said, “your husband should get you a bigger ring”..

      Of course she used that to make him mad and believe me, he was!!

    • I think flirting when your in a solid marriage is usually fine..and yes, it does obviously depend on the temperament of the partners.

  8. Hey mystic – have you being reading my posts on the blog below? Although i am the focus of the jealousy this time.

    but it’s been a trip, the last few days. My initial reaction to women talking about me behind my back spreading rumours, was to go into a kind of war conference with myself. I’m a nasty, nasty person to cross, I have a wicked temper and dare I say it, I can be spectacularly and strategically cruel. And I have all the ammo to do so where I am. I thought ‘right, that’s it, you two are going down, and you won’t even know how.’
    But i’ve been sitting here meditating a lot for the past 8 months or so, and my own voice said to me in my war-conference ‘I don’t want to do this any more, it’s not giving me any kicks’, and so on saturday night I spoke to them out loud in my kitchen, told them I would do nothing and that they could fall on their own swords, lit some incense, went to bed and slept like a baby! And woke up realising that the ignoring course of action had brought me peace.

    • My Virgo sis and I know that we have the innate ability to level all comers if need be…(curse/gift from our Aries mother) but we chose to rise above it.
      It also stops that rats gnawing at your soul feeling just not engaging in that level of venom. Glad you’re feeling the peace Seabird.

    • Oh and the Aries mum I mention is my bio mum, my adoptive mum (mum from when I was 10 days old mum is also an Aries but the sort that did get an order of australia for community work)

    • I used to be like that, seabird. Very cutting. Unfortunately being in business and coming from a large and difficult family means I need to confront people at times in order to get things done or have peace. I’ve gotten better at it. I boundary call the behaviour, but avoid getting personal, and have learned not take crap personally. I consulted a Zen friend of mine once when I had to do a boundary call on a rather aggressive person. I was pretty anxious and he told me to take the emotion out of it. Best advice I ever got.

  9. i’ve always had that in my head mystic, from something i probably read when i was a little-y scanning mums Lovesigns. Aries jealous, taurus possessive…

    howevs, i don’t seem to get that jealous in relationships. i’m not sure this says anything about my straightforward astro-specs (aries sun & venus, lib asc, scorpy moon – v little earth) cos i think the aries / scorp mix is meant to make me a green eyed monster. but honestly, it rarely comes to mind… plus i’m quite liberal about sex stuff & i’m an open, thoughtless person so can imagine i would quite possibly accidentally flirt and couldn’t bear to be a hypocrite by punishing someone else for doing the same. i love me freedom too, so would get shirty eventually if someone jealoused out on me. did have a scorpy fella who was so suss of me and it turned out him who was dodgy. i was mega pissed when i found out but more peeved at the deceit than the shaggin someone else. plus a virgo-virgo who i was deeply in love with shagged his ex at the beginning of our r’ship – he was v honest about it – and i tried to make myself angry but just couldn’t get that angry. i dunno, maybe i’m just expert at repressing my true feelings… cos at the time a kinesiologist said i was FURIOUS. but i would literally sit with myself and go “come on, get angry” and nothing would come.

    to be honest, i’m kinda surprised by how definite all the peeps on here are about their boundaries. i just don’t have those definite lines that once crossed it’s all over.

    i do howevs get SOoooo jealous about petty things in friendships – like if friends are meeting up/ going out and i wasn’t included, people find things out first etc. i don’t do much about it, no scenes, retaliations etc. i just get hurt by it. silly really.

    • I think that through a couple of situations I learned what my boundries were and that was the lesson as I’m very live and let live overall but that can get one into trouble sometimes if others don’t know one’s preferences/boundries.

      What I think being jealous or feeling possessive, or any of those things did for me ~was~ to define what my values are (Vesta in 2nd opp. Moon).

      Don’t know that I’d ever really had to explore my values as had been married sixteen years and being single was just all so different…

    • shagging the ex doesn’t seem like so much of a threat really … sort of “been there done that”, they are unlikely to go back relationship-wise if they are with you, but it’s easy to just have sex with a body you’re familiar with. I wouldn’t think it’s worth worrying so much about as sex with a new person.

  10. An appreciation of the opposite sex and a bit of hair tossing + inane smiling is pretty much par for the course…it’s the flirting where touching is involved where I have little tolerance.

    YES to the seethe and icy cool artic tundra level tolerance to flirting with intent or cheating. YES it is disrespect..I feel, it’s disrespect for themselves, the fellow flirter with intent, and me.

    Only person that did the way too touchy flirt to someone that was not me was an old Cap bf. I found it very easy to cut to the chase and say goodbye. I think my surety and decisiveness stunned him a little as previous to that I think he thought I was pretty easy going.

    With someone that I cared for deeply that did cheat, I was prepared to work towards rebuilding based on years of good stuff, but yes there was an attention deficit and it became more about how bad he felt instead of how we could turn a corner…so it all came to a skidding halt. I said enough and packed all his stuff into garbage bags and that was that.

    Leo Sun, Taurus Rising Scorp Moon

    • actually that’s true- when under duress, the cap moon really comes thru – if i see danger (jealousy wise), the temperature drops about 10 degrees, and it’s like I go on autopilot – basic social function only while the other 85% of my brain gears up to work out if there is something i should be really worried about.

      • ie i never/rarely lose it, i just go ice cold and so analytical, it’s not an act, it just happens. the emotions come later.

        • Oh yes, emo came later (Cap Moon). Cried alone alot…And when on the phone crying with him, it was like it fell on deaf ears. Not in the sense that he hung up on me or didn’t listen just that nothing changed…

          And with that Moon in Cap in the 8th I was nearly immobilized by emotions. I remember just laying there…stuck. ..If it had not been for the gym and keeping those energies moving, I would have gone insane or gotten sick. My spirtual teacher told me I didn’t get sick because I didn’t repress.

      • I’ve been told at a limbic level there is fight, flight and freeze…

        Since Saturn stomped through Leo a couple of years ago I saw just how often I was freezing….I’ve previously just thought of this as me being immobilised as options flood in and I need some time and space to sort through…but there is also an icy quality to my emotions in the moment, they go into deep freeze and then I sift and sort when I feel safe. So much of what I feel just flits across my face normally, if I’m hurt or extremely pissed off some regal distance seems to give me a serenely calm facade.

    • yessss!! spot on mystic, the Taurus Possessiveness is legendary.

      it does count for the rising as well, non? most exhausting scenarios re jealousy for me were with a pisces, taurus rising scorpio moon. sigh.
      This combination is weird, as he did not allow me to be curious and friendly in public or with strangers (which i am, Leo Moon, Aries Rising?), but all this unspokenly… so it was basically every time pretty much the same story: he was brooding all nights long (i was already developing this “feeling”) and when we arrived at home he exploded. not explaining to me why he actually was getting angry, now that the night was almost over and I could not see how I caused this anger.

      Anyway it went like this 4 years, and its only now, 6 months after we finally broke up, that he actually tells me (when reflecting, what we need to do as we still work together and there keep strange emos popping up – anger most of the time) that at this and this incident, he was very jealous and thus freaked out at me. I keep thinking: aha, that is what the whole thing was about.

      so this is the perfect blend: Pisces Sun weeping inside the Taurus Rising, coupled with a hyper sensitive Scorpio Moon: possessive feelings become jealousy become very loud and physical outbursts – there he was: totally hurt, but in secret and I had to telepathically anticipate his motives.

      Too weird for a Leo Moon, That just goes off on the spot and half an hour later would love to make up for the scene with some sexual healing…

    • hmmm I guess so – to me it feels like the same thing. Either way possessive doesn’t fly with me too well what with Gem Asc and Sag moon. I must have my freedom to move about and do my own thing and talk to whomever I want. That being said I don’t do that with any intent to stray if I’m in a partnership, it’s just a personal space thing.

    • wot about taurus women, i’m not possessive or jealous in the least.

      not fair to expect what you’re not prepared to give!

      toro sun, kataka ascendent, virgo moon

  11. Yeah I must demur on the subject of Earthians ignoring flirting or not being prone to hysterical jealous fits. The Double Bull was jealous to the point of being completely bonkers. I don’t flirt, but with Gemini Asc I do come across as “friendly” which he unfortunately interpreted as flirting on numerous occasions, much to my consternation. But he would also find grievance in the most stupid things and was jealous to the point of it being controlling. He also acted out on these jealousies, regardless of whether or not they were founded (they weren’t), by being deliberately flirtacious himself! I blame it on a ditzy Libra moon and mars square neptune, but should probably just blame it on the fact that he’s an immature prat! :mrgreen:

    In general though I’ve found more sane and blanced earth signs tend to stalk off in a sulk if they feel slighted. They get very, very quiet and subdued if they suspect something, but it has to be pretty OTT before they blow their stack about anything.

    Sags are the worst offenders for big hifalution jealous tizzies in my experience. They just go OFF! Don’t give a crap who’s watching and are quite happy to have public emotional firework displays, the point being they need to let off steam to divert imminent implosion and aren’t too fazed by others opinions of their behaviour. Then they get over it just as fast as they exploded and waltz off whistling dixy like nothing happened.

    Leo’s and Scorps seethe quietly – depending on how hi/low they are will depend on whether they content themselves with fantasising about revenge or actually extracting it.

    Libran’s sulk, overindulge in food/booze, then chuck a fit when they put on weight or start looking puffy and throw themselves into a self improvement frenzy.

    Gem’s, Pisceans and Virgo’s are most likely to shrug and act flip on the outside but have a quiet weep when nobody’s watching.

    Crabs go LUNATIC when cheated on and are prone to pathological stalking/revenge for at least 2-3 moon cycles. Yuh, I am one 😳

    • Actually the Gem will bitch in their very public private journal, the Virgo will distract with numerous important tasks like removing mould from in between bathroom tiles behind toilet with a toothbrush, the Fish is the most likely to do the private weep … then they’ll just have a cone and do some out of body meditational thing and forget about it.

    • Yes, quiet and subdued is true regarding this Cap Moon and Venus Taurus.

      The “sunlight” is gone baby and those clouds that covered over the sun might take quite some time to clear.

      One time, when in Mexico walking down the street with the Pisces, a girl with a somewhat see thru top walked by. The Pisces turned his head way around and took a good look. I dropped his hand immediately and did not speak ONE WORD to him the rest of the afternoon and we were with his Dad and had a long day ahead. Of course they spoke Farsi quite a bit and so I was not in every convo any way but not one word, “peep”…

      There I was, in excellent shape, tanned….gorge if I say so myself and if that was not good enough then darlin’ there’s just not much more I can do. The relationship was in trouble anyway and that was just a last straw.

      Later he said “what do you want me to do, kiss your ass?”

      Real sensitive, huh?

        • He did end up disappointed in himself and you know, I know men will look, but out of respect, I don’t need to know. I busted my arse at the gym and took such pains to look good for him and then he turned his head around so obviously after I hadn’t seen him in about four or five days…One women in the gym had commented that whomever I did all my work for was lucky. And here I was going through such a time with him of not even feeling appreciated on the most basic level. It was just an awful, awful time and never will I ever please a man before I please myself as far as self esteem, etc…

  12. How do I cope? I don’t cope!!!!My knees weaken, my breathing becomes shallow and I talk absolute gibberish. It’s awful. Irritatingly, I also go for hot men, so there you go.

    • lol… so if you went for aesthetically challenged men there would be less of an issue fighting off the competition?… or you would feel less jealous when they wandered? 😉

      No, that sounds like an awful situation… what to do though?

    • LS,

      We really must get you some smelling salts a la your beloved Tom Ford’s White Patchouli…

      Tom Ford does not come with the perfumed salts, that’s extra, but he did say he’s loyal… 🙂

  13. massively sensitized to jealousy / cheating signs due to past bad experiences. I pretty much match the water description that mystic used. however am learning to bite the bullet and say ‘wtf’s going on’. If there’s actual flirting with intent (on either side), I refuse to stick around and deal with the fallout. I just draw a line under that relationship and walk away, otherwise it really f*cks with my head. why deal with someone who isn’t 100% about you, when there are others out there who would be.

  14. hmm yeah i am totally typical earth with this. i have always felt that flirting is not worth making a scene about. actual cheating, however… but then maybe it’s a gemini moon thing, too. i could be too rational to go really emotionally deep about this stuff.

    myself, i try to deal with jealousy in terms of my own issues about self esteem etc… i’m into radical love / polyamoury. but even though i am pretty good with jealousy, i am still offended when people step outside the boundaries of their relationship for whatever reason. that includes people who are monogamous who cheat.

    i don’t know why i have this double standard, except maybe the Virgo part of me is offended by people who blatantly flout the rules and cause undue hurt in the process.

    i don’t break the rules, i make em :p

    • ^ am basically into similar approaches to relationships & think it is more about loyalty + trust than physical/sexual fidelity. however i don’t really trust anyone lol! and being a scorpio i demand a level of loyalty that goes above & beyond what most people want/can give. am working on evolving with the whole jealousy thing.
      i agree it is strange when people say one thing and do another. especially when they berate you for being poly and then go and have an affair .. exqueeze me who is being more honest here? lol anyways…if they were truly monogamous they would not be interested in anyone else!!
      have no virgo in my chart …
      hmm… rules don’t exist for me…they’re for other people, the weird people who feel compelled to obey rules for some reason.

  15. i can get jealous, but rarely act on it in any way major way -ie, scenes, yelling, door slamming etc. And do not waste time seething – if something seems really dodgy and its sparking jealousy/distrust, then i go gung ho in dealing with the issue. i’ve had ‘flirty’ boyfriends in the past, and it seemed to me a callous way to act if you profess to love someone- not ‘fun’, not ‘funny’ or charming, just actually quite cruel. like sweetpea said, i find it disrespectful, and a bit shallow, and i dont tolerate it. my sun-venus-juno conjunction in the 8th im sure…
    i once read that jealousy usually has an ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ issue- ie, jealousy can be a trigger that you havent been valuing yourself enough and being the person you wish to be, so you’re more hyper sensitive to partner looking at others in a desiring way. BUT the issue rarely stops there- there usually is something you’re noticing that is going on too. so i try to tackle it if and when it arises, from that stance. the detachment i think is my aquarius moon.

  16. Jealousy? Que? What for? Ok I admit, the ugly green monster does make his presence felt in my life from time to time. I do not admire him, so I give him very little oxygen. Or sometimes I wonder I’m too gormless or naive for my inner, green, monster to ‘come to’ in time.

    Jilted and I’m another monster altogether.

    Red lipstick on white duco glides wonderfully.

    • Link,

      Are you saying

      A) You bind and tape your loved one and kiss him through the duct tape?

      B) You bind and tape your girl and she has lipstick on?

      C) You bind yourself while wearing red lipstick to keep the monster from spewing forth?

      Just wonderin’ 🙂

      • sweetpea – i think link might be saying that red lipstick gets on a white car when link is jilted. duco is aust slang for car paint.

      • Hmmm no. Not sure where the binding idea came from sweetpea.

        The red lipstick on the duco (as in car paint duco) was more in retaliation for being jilted, by the unbeknownst to me, local philanderer. Who I might add, I left my husband for. Jeebus. Oh well. Needed to leave my husband anyway–nice guy an’ all. BUT. Philandering Aqua sun, Virgo rising, Scorp moon–musician, said he would not consummate our relationship until I’d left my husband, for some hitherto unknown to me, legal reason. I forget the term, it has been lost to history. Anyway five weeks later, on the day my dog got hit by a Bondi bus, he lost interest as it was apparently time to move on to the ‘next’. Really nice timing. I was shattered, the first real heart break I’d suffered, not to mention the dog. Life was dark and gloomy. I cried an awful lot for quite a long time.

        Nevertheless, I quite liked his new girlfriend (and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that etc, ad infinitum) she was sweet and there were no hard feelings, I certainly wasn’t jealous. But HIM! The world needed to know what a philandering piece of . . . he was and his nice white car door was as good a place as any to advertise it to the passers by and for when the guys and the new gal, got back from their gig at 2 am. It was the solstice, it had snowed. Revenge is a dish best served cold and all that. It was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done. Although I did wonder that the low temperature my ‘set’ the lipstick on permanently.

        You must have thought I was talking about duct tape?? Or is that duck?

        • Yes, “duct” tape 🙂 … Peeps being bound up (hands tied) and then their mouths covered with duct tape hence my lipstick take on it and thinking that was what you meant humorously for revenge…

          But NOW, the red lipstick on the car for reals..

          Reminds me of the Carrie Underwood song were she takes the baseball bat to the headlights and carves her name in the leather seats…

          Hey, I stole a cactus from the old bf and then ran it over…

          Do understand. Hope things are looking up now…I almost as well wanted to spray paint some things on his garage door…

    • And it’s disrespectful moreover. I feel if you respect your loved one, you will value them and think about how they feel.

    • At this point in my life I would have zero tolerance for such nonsense and yet where I might feel an issue I would have to look at it and see where I need to own it or not.

  17. Just want to interject that I wish we humans did not have the jealousy tendency because it’s basically based on fear. But have it we do…

  18. I out-flirt/out-seduce my partner!

    Totally ‘if you think you can behave that way well do it while I walk off into the sunset with some hotter, cooler and richer than you’

    Followed by passive-agressive ‘I can’t control who you talk to/what you do but just so you know when I see you with another girl it forces me to think about whether or not I really want to be with you’

    Libra sun and moon

  19. It depends, if it’s just fun flirting? Great! takes the pressure off when they see me doing it, but if it’s a little more serious than that, I’d agree with the air technicolor display…..

    Gemini sun, pisces rising, Gemini moon

  20. If Jimmy Stewart is involved all bets are off!
    In my experience Earth signs are bonkers, actually. Have had many an Earth sign friend in the past and all of them were crazy competitive and retaliatory. Me, hmmm, (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces) depending on the situation it either doesn’t bother me because I feel secure in the relationship or I feel hurt because I take it personally.

  21. Pisces sun, Taurus rising, Aries moon…Well my Taurean rising does NOT help me ignore ‘harmless flirtations’…I am a seether, a private crier, a…well basically everything when it comes to jealousy. I actually do try to acknowledge my ‘slight’ and talk about it, but for me, flirtation/jealousy is a biggie…perhaps the complete lack of an air sign in my chart explains this!

  22. Ooo, as befits my earthiness, I am not terribly concerned by random flirtations, or even a party pash. However, if I feel genuinely slighted (ie ignored at a social gathering, but deemed ‘reliable’ enough to go home with later), my water comes to the fore on this one. I am *such* a seether, and issue secret demerit points. Not a character trait I am proud of, and I do try and say things *out loud* in my current relationship.

  23. “the Earth Signs tend to ignore flirting etc as they are so stupendously secure, worldly and perhaps not so stricken with vivid imagination as some.”

    Wanna bet? I put paid to his little “secret” affair (admittedly, after allowing it to continue for several months), by dropping a word in the right ear. It all played out exactly as I predicted. She found out that he was cheating on me (and her) and dumped him within 36 hours. He still has no idea that I knew about it, or ended it. Oh joy. And I dumped him soon afterwards, for other reasons.

    Earth sun, water moon. She was water sun and moon.

    • Yes but you don’t make a scene on the spot. You are not overt about it. Is that “water moon” in Scorpio?

      • You are right TLS, I don’t do scenes. Too crass for me. My response is very much governed by my moon – cancer. Now you made me think. Because I knew all about it, I wasn’t particularly threatened by it. I actually got quite a bit of amusement from trying to trip him up about it. Poor fool didn’t see all the coincidences going on! I don’t think it was excessive though. He played both of us, and lost both or us, and a few weeks later, his job. That last part was an added bonus as he met both of us through work.

    • Adorable!!

      My Cap Moon finds making a scene too undignfied….Not that I DON’T feel the jealous twinge…I do

      This is where the Moon saves the Sun in my book (Aries)..

      And my Venu in Taur doe not abide the whole flirt with all and sundry even though I try to be big about it. Gem rising does understand…

      Being a contridiction is a full time job and does stink..

      Had a little something happen this weekend and will have to post back and so timely topic Mystic…x

    • I think coming back in and offering your congrats shows you’re a good sport Matt.

      And you got the ‘cos…

      Kissin’ cousins as Elvis would have said (or some hill billy ‘ther bouts” 😛 )

  24. Fire Signs make scenes or stalk out the second they sense the attention deficit OMFG I OULDNT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MY SELF! i was at a party saturday night — went to 2am! (ROWING PRESENTATION NIGHT BTW!) and one of my friends hooked up with my ex … everyone looked at me and i dropped my glass and stormed out! LOL BUT THEN I CAME BACK IN AN CONGRATULATED THEM! I MEAN I COULDNT REALLY TALK – I ENDED UP WITH HER COUSIN….. OMg re-reading this i sound like a complete bitc* lol

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