Astro-Beauty; Yoga-Yes, No, Fanatical or Loathe It…?

Madona Doing Ashtanga Yoga in fishnet stockingsAt the risk of sounding seriously bats – a High Functioning Flake for sure – i never went to Kundalini Yoga as threatened because they’d moved buildings and the Feng Shui of the new building is fuqed. There you go.Β  And even though half my friends SWEAR by Yoga – the yoga peeps at my gym give me the freaks. They’re a high-bummed & tight-lipped super-clique.

I think Yoga is kinda Scorpio/Plutonic whereas Pilates, which I love, seems more Aqua-Uranian. Proper Pilates has paraphernalia so it’s prob way more intricate & fussy than Yoga which could technically be done under a lotus tree in Woop-Woop.Β  Or on a chic, distressed 90’s style table in fishnet stockings, a la Madonna.

I think Martial Arts are obviously of Mars & weight-lifting seems Saturnine. Aqua anything – such as swimming –Β  is technically Neptunian but so is meditation & just ploughing up and down doing laps is way more Saturn too. Soooo, what’s your sign & preferred mode of exercise…?Β  Oh and I guess if you say nothing but lugging around crates of wine & walking to the patisserie then that would be Jolly Jupiter, our patron saint of righteous indulgence.

IMAGE: Steven Klein

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125 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty; Yoga-Yes, No, Fanatical or Loathe It…?

  1. Pises sun, virgo moon. Anything outdoors – esp jogging and walking. Yoga but only on my own on a beach. Can’t stand group exercise except occasionally, and really find gymnasiums absurd. Although in the depths of Melbourne winters i do use the treadmill at local gym to get a bit of night exercise…this might sound ridiculous but I used to waitress for the exercise – can’t find anything that tones my arms quite as much!

    • Yea Yea Fishgirl so true – nothing works the arms or the weird bits on your hips like waitressing and the legs I love what happens to my legs when I engage in manual labour. if people are so worried about their kids being obese they should get them to run the dinner to the table and clear it of an evening – that’d sort’em out.

  2. I absolutely love yoga – i would never do it at the gym – it just seems like the wrong place to do it – with dance music and all.

    I do yoga in a little studio, wonky wooden floors and old velvet curtains, with mandala’s painted on the walls in funky glittery paints. Always lots of familiar faces and i often go with a friend – certainly yoga can be clicky and with anything that has a spiritual aspect people can get a bit evangelical about the whole thing but yoga for me just chills me out, i feel really connected to my body, really grounded, part of a group but very much in my own space, doing my own thing – yoga feels like a very taurean thing to me, very much in the body and sensual, languid movement but it depends really on how you practice – clearly discipline and dedication (not necessary key taurus traits) can also be part of it – but i like yoga that is more melty and luscious than hard and intense…..

    I have spent time in ashrams and less structured yoga sessions in bali and india, doing yoga twice a day for 4 or 5 weeks at a time, and I am off to Bali and then India in August and September – can’t wait!

  3. i like alot of different fitness-y activities, as long as it’s not competitive sports. i like the athleticism of running/training, and the building up of strength of weights. both are meditative for me once i get into a rhythm. love the gym! also love yoga, especially astanga, but i’ve found some classes either too purist (and competitive) or not of a high quality. finally found a great one now though. I have never liked swimming (no water in my chart!), though did so much swimming training as a kid. i prefer solid ground beneath me. And tried pilates but didn’t get into the technicalities of it.
    Fave activity in the world though is hiking, dont get much of a chance to do it in the city but when traveling its no.1 on my list.

  4. Pilates & Yoga.
    KUndalini Yoga BUT not a la Madonna who actually looks gross in that pix.
    Don’t do the Pilates machines anymore just floor work, same with Yoga.
    Use them both for stretches,particularly the fascia which absorbs & tightens
    with age & memories held.
    Never been to gym cept for the spa bath……WATER. Love the water & floating.
    Not a hardcore workout or ball sport person but do love Ballet & Pilates best for dancers.
    Being a Saggo was into both long before mainstream messed with them.
    Anything that helps dance down the highway of life instead of plodding is helpful.
    Cappy rising LIbby Moon.

    • I also love pilates and yoga- but I’m still very much a beginner. I prefer a small studio with others or alone, not a noisy gym.
      I didn’t recognize Madonna and the picture is kinda gross, I agree.
      Virgo-Sun and Scorpio-Rising, Pisces Moon- love water very relaxing and soothing.
      Love to walk, hike and dance and enjoy Tai Chi and martial arts – but not into competitive sports.

  5. surfing and sex

    any other forms of group exercise I do because I’m trying to impress someone

    pisces sun
    scorpio moon

    • Oh dear I’m seeing someone with the same sun and moon as yours. I guess i better watch out. :p

    • oh yeah and sex is really good for the inner thigh area! No other exercise compares there! i forgot to mention salsa dancing too – you lose yourself and forget you are exercising…like a natural high beyond belief

  6. Irish dancing ala riverdance, acrobatic training ala real circus (used to be an aerialist) with a big chunk of burlesque, teaching ballet based stretch at a burlesque/pole school- the class involves a lot of silly poses accompanied by silly jokes. Then pole class, dangling upside-down, getting bruises and chinese burns. When on form it is about 5 1/2 hours a week.
    Hate swimming, it is sooo boring. Hate aerobics, it makes you so chunky and the music sux. Hate gyms they are just surreal. Yoga is for elitist hippies (what the?). And pilates is ok, but there is no distractions from the burn.

    Dance baby, Dance. Oh and about to get into swing dancing soon.

    • Me too …..definately dancing……….I flamenco…….its fab not only for the body……but the soul and mind too…….I’m a leo sun and asc……so the drama and over the top costumes suit me to a tee……..and the emotion well thats pretty leo too I suppose………wild and passionate…..

  7. I live for yoga and have been practicing for most of my adult life. So addicting yet so free-ing. My sun is in Leo and my moon is in Aquarius. Dpn’t know about the ascendant sign (yet).

  8. Hi Madonna’s crotch! πŸ˜‰ lol (funny photo)

    I love both yoga and pilates (personal studio sessions, using the reformer etc), but I have always felt more relaxed at pilates. I think I do better when I have a one-on-one trainer (maybe because Libra is the sign on the cusp of my 6th house? I also have a Mercury/Uranus conjunction in that house too, Uranus in Scorp/Mercury in Sag). Group exercise sessions in general make me a bit nervous. I usually get into them once I relax, but I do always feel a bit uneasy about going and have to kind of make myself.

    I have a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo in the 4th and am loving my new strength training routine (do this with a personal trainer).

    Great topic!

  9. I started Yoga about 2 months ago and have a love hate relationship with it. I hate doing it… but my body loves it. I do wing chung with a scorp friend (whenever she needs someone to force her to go) and I either walk for 2 hours or swim for an hour each day. If I can. I can walk forever… and I love swimming for the immediate hunger after:) (and I am a water baby).
    Toro Sun, Libra Moon, Scorp Rising

    • Dude we are SO the same – cept I’m Aqua moon (and you are north node leo and going through Saturn Return too yes?). I can walk and swim forever. Once I’m in the ocean I NEVER want to get out.

      • What is it about the ocean??
        I have friends that are mountain people… want to live near rivers (which would be nice)…. but give me the goddamn OCEAN BABY!

        • I feel like I’m emerging from Saturn’s thrashing a bit (though Oh Master Saturn I am not speaking too soon so you can thrash me a bit more buddy! I’m done okay Oh Big Mighty Dude one).

          My family reckon that if the garlic, the ocean or champagne can’t cure everything that could ever go wrong with you, you’re in serious, serious trouble! Sometimes all I need is the sand between my toes and I’m okay…

          • i like your family’s cure gem le t. :)
            i often subscribe to the one that salt is the cure for whatever ails you- tears, ocean or sweat.

          • Oh yeah – that’s beautiful (and sweat covers SO many restorative activities πŸ˜‰ ). Maybe we should change the family motto to garlic, salt and champers!

  10. scorp + sag rising= kundalini daily + kickboxing nightly. But of course.

    • oh plus mars in aries so was a mass fan of whin chung when i had opportunity to practise it

    • I also love kickboxing/boxing. forgot to add it… particularly good for the days when i feel i have mars overload from my aries rising/mars on leo/many planets in Sag… a healthy way to vent!

  11. I teach a practice called Yoga Chi Gung and it’s very gentle. The focus is on strength AND softness and also building up internal energy. It does give some muscle tone but that’s more a side effect for me. The main reason I practice and now teach is that it teaches you to use your energy properly in the centre of your being not your head and that it gradually and safely unblocks energy meridians (and therefore emotional issues). The focus is on harmony and balance not extremes.

    Yoga is a word that is very much misused in Western Culture. There are yogi’s who only do breathing and meditation excercises. It shouldn’t be just about the physical.

    I have only ever been to a gym once. I don’t like them. The only other excercise I do regularly is walking. I don’t drive so I walk a lot.

  12. oh I had the joy of doing Laughter Yoga when i was recently in Bali. Truly cathartic. have not been able to track it down locally, alas. twas joyous.

  13. Cap sun, Cancer moon, Libra rising…

    Like to walk and walk and walk, just me and my music, the trees, the road… and the odd annoying walker/ jogger/ woman with three-storey pram who refuses to share the footpath.

    Dancing is fab. Water is OUT. Gyn treadmill was my big thing for a while there – as long as the gym wasn’t crowded and they had good TV on.

    And I’m with Saggigal on the competitive sports. No way. Just not into sports in general, I guess. Maybe too much competition in my youth – and as I have ZERO ball skills/ hand-eye co-ordination, I was always the “last picked” and “always boo-ed.” Children can be so cruel. My Scorp mother forced me and my brother into Tee-ball because she was hyper competitive and wanted her children to be sports people. My brother and I turned out to be academic/ creative types. Haaa! My excelling at dance didn’t really register with her. Sigh.

    • Ooops, tyop. I meant “Gym treadmill”, not “GYN treadmill.” Jeez, would that have stirrups?

  14. MY AUNTY IS A YOGA INSTRUCTER – lol she taught me yoga during the summer = we were at our beach house lol omg i couldnt do anything – but now after like 5 months of practice i can bend my legs to my head backwards with ease! πŸ˜€
    its funn
    its relaxing
    and yes it makes you look stupid – but we all do that naturally in daily life do we not?? lol

  15. pilates in small classes- without reformer etc, swimming in the ocean everyday (of course), running, bushwalking. early morning rowing. anything highly challenging requiring heaps of discipline. pisces sun, moon aqua asc

  16. Swimming – just me, the water, my thoughts….. its rhythmic, and like yoga a huge element is managing my breathing. I enjoy yoga, but have yet to find someone I can really learn from close by or easily accessed. I do prefer the intense stuff, I usually walk away about a foot taller with my energy forcefield radiating out in rainbow colours. Unconnected yoga is awful, just stretching and contorting without any other aspect incorporated – not for me.
    I recently did a tri and LOVED it, the combo of swim/bike/run works for me, there’s variety. I do have major issues with running tho, and cannot seem to commit myself to it, I get all sooky la la at the pain, despite the fact I can cycle thru similar pain rates, and swim despite aching muscles! Go figure.
    I also love the gym – it motivates me, as does having a personal trainer…

  17. Love this thread about workin’ the body & so many different ways.
    Ain’t life grand:)
    If nothing else take 3 excersises from all modalities, mix ’em all up,
    set a tune that suits your rythmn………….and GO!
    Am about to start a Lomi-Lomi – Yogic massage, it’s like i’m dancing over the body & moving the energy
    to a euphoric state.
    Love it!
    Light your Fire via your body.

  18. I got a book out of the library on Ashtanga Yoga, tried to teach myself, leafed through the pages, practised ‘standing pose’ quite difficult-really. Kept going, until one picture the ‘turtle pose’ made me laugh incredulously and the side note from this position you can swing your legs back and go into a handstand. Yeah right. Insufferable show off.

    Used to go to dance classes in Paddo called “Free & Wild” by a woman called Janice Claxton–a buto dancer. She loved winters. They were truly great classes.

  19. My alter ego is Uma Thurman in Kill Bill……what was her name in it?
    Something i liked:)

  20. Me, bushwalking, body surfing, sex…my wife is a past kundalini yoga devotee and when she gets into it her body transforms in days, its really her thing.

  21. gemini, pisces moon, virgo ascendent

    in answer to your original question i’d take pilates over yoga any day. the whole breathing meditation thing is too much for me, i like that pilates is (originally) specifically about working/strengthening certain muscle groups – and it greatly assisted a chronic back pain issue of mine so i am indebted.

    But – walking and lugging things (food and books mainly, i get my wine delivered) is my main exercise definitely. i have jupiter in taurus in the 8th (and mercury and venus).
    swimming is my next choice. try to go at least once a week, in reality make it about once a week. all that plugging up and down is great for thinking through stuff, and i love that you can exercise without really feeling like you’re exercising. and i LOVE being in water, even if it is stinky chlorinated stuff.
    all that aquarian stuff is going on in my 6th house and i’ve been attempting to channel it through ‘regular’ exercise, so have added an attempt to do about 20mins of strengthening stuff most days when not done something else i can count as exercise. leg, arm, stomach exercise things pilfered from my memory of years of bits and pieces of yoga, pilates (with the machines), kung fu stretches, circus muscle strengthening classes etc etc. I’m having varying success keeping this commitment. but given any regular exercise beyond the walking lugging is a massive improvement for me, i’m kind of proud of myself.

  22. Yoga? – I like yoga and do it sometimes when i am bored with my regular workout.

    My preferred exercise:

    rock climbing, martial arts (esp kyudo and jiujitsu), snorkeling, bicycling, and belly dancing.

    My profile: Libra Sun, Scorp Moon, Saggo Rising

  23. Yes I’m with you Mystic – love pilates and just cant get into yoga…am gem, aqua rising..also love jogs/walks through deserted bush/parks – that’d be my sag moon. Have one friend who adores swimming and does it almost every day throughout the year – she’s double aqua, pisces moon..and the three other people I know who love to swim to keep fit/stay sane are all pisces or pisces rising. I also used to love weight-training – my guess is that’s my sag moon, but now I get more of a kick out of pilates…and if I could just get a bit more motivated at the moment, I used to love spinning classes, but just can’t seem to do crowded sweaty gyms for now (well that’s my excuse..)

    • I used to think that Pisces = swimming was such a cliche (I am Pisces Sun/Taurus Ascendant/Leo Moon), but this year I have really gotten into it – I can only do freestyle and backstroke, but the laps are so soothing! Apart from that, I love anything outdoors – cycling, bushwalking, climbing mountains, running (alright, jogging!). Had a brief flirtation with yoga once, which I loved – but as others have mentioned – the setting has to be right. It was a small class in in a small converted church, with wooden floors, and the music playing during class was always amazing. Have enjoyed boot camp stuff in the past (Mars in Aries in 10th house?); did have a fad on aerobics one year in the late eighties, and I’d go with a group of friends for a laugh…

  24. Aquarius: Boot camp style out door exercise, pilates, yoga, boxing, rowing, having a trainer kick my butt, climbing, jump rope, rebounding..

    Not good at cycling or balance stuff, but I still give it a go!

  25. Yes to yoga. Just regular power flow classes, nothing special. Good for calming my frantic brain (mars in gem).

    Kundalini is fun once a year for the crazy post-session high, but all the time? I think it would be too much for me.

    My absolutely preferred form of exercise: walking.

    Followed by: riding my bike, ice skating, cross country skiing and sailing.

  26. Cancer Sun, Scorp + Neptune Asc, Aries Moon

    Love yoga. It transforms me within weeks, but only with a good & knowledgeable instructor – there are some shockers out there! I don’t like the wishy washy version – much prefer yoga that strengthens and works on particular muscle groups etc. Love triangles, warrior poses and anything that requires balance eg. the tree pose. Can stand in that for ages. I found the yoga breaths hard to learn but extremely helpful once mastered and use them often.

    Love walking. Anywhere, anytime. Usually walk in the bush with my Kelpies most mornings. Love walking up hills.

    Not a fan of running AT ALL – detest it! Can’t swim.

    • Agreed. NO RUNNING. I admire that other people can do it, but I’d rather chew glass.

    • Running is undignified. I only do it if an Aries is chasing me, then it’s very fast.

        • And darlin’ Ubs, used to be more limber than my kids but titanium in the back now…run girl, run…I’ll be right behind you in the car…

          Let me know when you want a lift…


          • Hop in babe, we’ll go get an ice cream…Forget that dang running!

            And I just watched “Blue Crush” the other day. I wanna learn to surf, dammit…

        • Actually, even with an Aries on my tail, I don’t run. It’s more like an accelerated mince. I bet there are no Virgo sprinters in history.

      • Agree!! It’s undignified. And if you are endowed with more than a C-Cup, you need serious scaffolding! I can get a wobble up with a brisk walk….and I wear underwired bra’s every single day. Yoga yes, love it. running, no sorry it’s not a good look

          • Ms Motown & Nat – I recently purchased the best sports bra ever. Brand is anita activewear. V v good. You can get it at specialist and online-y places. I don’t think they have them in regular bra shops.

            I LOVE the idea of running but ridiculous (I cup) boobage (&unfittage) has always held me backs. I don’t think even the Anita could prevent me from having to hold on to the darn things were I to start having a go… tho I have a friend with massive zoinkers that layers 3 sports bras so she can run. She reckons you can get over the wobblin…

          • Thanks for tip re the Anita Lib Rising Ramzilla – I’ll def check it out. Hats off to your I cups my girl! Never heard the term zoinkers before. Funny. The Grade 10 boys put paid to me EVER running in school sports. I walked the 3000m – came 3rd as there was only 3 in it. Luckily I live in the bush now and when I do want to run (well, you know, jog…) up a hill I can make a perfect push up hand-bra without anyone watching :) Feel for fellow Cancerian Therese Rein being photographed in the bloody gym – poor love. Kevin is right, we do deserve some privacy & respect when exercising.

  27. I’m a Libra with Aries ascendant…who lives in Canada and loves Yoga, but enjoy the hot yoga due to the great detox the heat gives me, plus i love to play a lot of Hockey. Even now going into summer I play 3 times a week plus swim and yoga. I think the reason I have enjoyed it so much is because of the social interaction with friends, being a big team sport…

    • OOh you just reminded me, I love hockey too…well that and curling.

  28. Aqua sun, Saggo moon, Cap rising.
    I’m nuts about pilates, and prefer going to group classes over exercising alone. I don’t really care much for yoga though. It seems nice, but I just don’t feel like it does anything special for me.
    I’m also developing a love for elliptical trainers; I kind of like watching the petals whirl around.

  29. Aqua sun Cancer rising

    alternate yoga and swimming (smoking in the off hours)

    love any kind of discipline/zen activity, and feel sometimes so out of body that exercises have to be gentle as prone to getting hurt. both are lo-impact.

    i think earthy types love the harder stuff–running, cross training

    but I get more in touch with my body with slow rhythmic, repetitive movement. and I love the sense of floating with swimming. making as little splash as possible, etc.

  30. I am LOVING all this data….
    Awesome – And remember that the slow consistency of building muscle is excellent for Saturn transits…This is great – no posts till later 2-day as FLAT OUT but so happy my peeps are so fit & aware lol…

  31. I’ve replaced yoga in my life (trained in dance for 4 years, with yoga mornings EVERYDAY) with playing the piano! Can be quite the work out if you let yourself release the inner rock/burlesque/beethoven. Pumps both bi and tricepts, wonders for the pecs, and I have FINGERS OF STEEL. Just this morning someone noted how I lifted a 15k suitcase with my little finger while holding take away coffee in the same hand.
    Capricorn / Virgo rising
    Piano is my meditation too.

    (PS – to be truthful, I’d never leave the bod-tightening to piano alone, there’s still the regular at home DIY push ups, sit ups, yogish stretches going on, plus a jog. BUT – would NEVER PAY FOR IT – gym or yoga class style.)

  32. Do you want better, longer lasting SEX?

    Of course you do, but chuck the viagra and do yoga. I really noticed a difference when I started doing it regularly. Within a couple of weeks the pleasure levels went roofward. Pegasus perhaps you can back that up.

    Yoga is also the most preventative thing for bad backs/necks, and the breathing aspect of it strengthens the internal organs. I prefer it to Pilates as it packs the punch of tradition. Each move is so well designed and complete.

    However, I’m not a heavy user, just do a light routine most mornings to keep busy me out of trouble. And having once belonged to a yoga cult, the holier than thou stance is a bit much. Believe me, when the shit hits the fan all those serene looking, high bottomed Gwyneth types turn just as feral as everyone else.

    Would not be seen dead in a gym. Vile miserable places. Best exercise is good people watching walk with a friendly dog and body surfing.
    Virgo, Sagg rising, Aries moon.

    Oh and Qi Gong brought me back to life when my qi bottomed out and was too weak even for yoga. Must get back into it.

    My Scorp brother is a formidable Kung Fu demon.

      • are you levitating after orgasm ? no !!! try yoga, !
        Just listen to one of our happy customers
        Hi Im UV, oh man, after 3 sessions, everything went , like , ummm , roofward man..sooo cool !
        It won’t happen straight away but it will happen !!!

        • I’d struggle with the testimonial. Usually can’t speak for a while. Erhem.

    • YES YES YES to the orgasmia. For that alone, yoga should be a MUST.

      I fell in love with Anasura Yoga which I happened upon in a small gym I used to go to, it’s basically hatha yoga with poses focused on opening the heart center more and more. So as you evolve with it, almost every pose you do is like a blossoming into the universe, physically and mentally. The methodology incorporates playfulness, joy and contemplation via reading/introducing thought prior and after the practice.

      One would think some ancient yogi created it but it was some guy in Santa Monica, he trains teachers specifically in the technique. And I’ll be honest, if the practice wasn’t so good I would have never showed up because, yes I totally get wot the Divine M was referencing when she mentioned tight lipped and clique-ish. Uber I LOVE the astute notes on high-bottomed GHD types turning feral!

      In fact, one of the instructors who subbed was exactly that, and used to do the class wielding her massive mega carat engagement ring, while trying to catch glimpses of herself in the mirror. That particular day tuned me into a mental discipline that restrained me from kicking know, inadvertently etc. haha

      I’d tried yoga before in different studios etc. but either found it oddly competitive, OTT trying to be spiritual, or actually encountered some rubbery limbed person competitively showing off..not to mention one occassion with a guy who used to OMMMM SO loudly, the rest of us could hardly hold a pose from laughing!

      I do work out at the gym, but love going to a track nearby specially when I can run/walk in moonlight. LOVE to swim if the pacific wasn’t so cold all the time. On holiday, I work myself out more vs not. If I’m in an island, I like hiring kayaks for a period of time and using that as transport with hiking/walking/yoga on the beach.

      The closest I got to a dance class was a class called Heart and Pole, haha…where I managed to stun the teacher with both my playlist and er..apparently natural abilities, haha…

      Kataka sun, Virgo Rising, Aqua Moon, Venus in Leo (of course!)

    • hey UV agree about the sex thing, was celibate for 17 1/2 years, started yoga and shortly afterwards had affair (still going, LOL!). conclusion: something about yoga switches it on!

  33. Sagg sun, Aries Moon, Pisces rising: do boot camp, which is outdoors, which I much prefer to the gym, though will go to the gym as love doing the weights thing. Also, LOVE swimming, diving and kayaking. Not into competitive sport, nor yoga, which gives me blinding headaches. Have been trying Pilates but feels too technical and passive – much prefer being able to flail about.

    • “much prefer being able to flail about.”

      Me too Hazelblackberry…must flail at all costs..

      Actually, that is so hilarious and endearing…This is why I love coming here…

      You have Moon in Aries like Uber…And she is hilarious…

  34. I decided i needed to relax a bit- had done yoga at home for a few years and liked it so went to a class- but during the relaxtion time- I was just getting over the flu- and I couldn’t stop coughing.. I was trying to relax but is just made it worse and I couldn’t breathe..
    the yoga instructor came up to me and said next time i didn’t have to stay for meditation- BE-ATCH! so i never went back..

  35. I feel so restless just reading all these fabulous, body-conscious/ health-conscious ppl’s posts. Really does ram it home to you that sitting at a computer all day is unnatural. We should be moving frolicking fit all day and night.

    I’m inspired… am going to take my chickens and ducks for a walk in the sun… but I’ll probably skip rather than walk πŸ˜‰

  36. pisces/leo/pisces.
    surfclub/trekking/cycling/stairs/WALKING/paddling in the river/rowing/.
    When the weather’s just too awful I use machines. There is NO EXCUSE for not exercising. Our climate is brilliant.

  37. Also, just running through list of water-sign peeps I know and they ALl either loathe swimming or are “so so” on it. And Leo friends HATE it of course. Ha ha!

    • lol i get that too!
      ive nearly got a grand fire trine – yet have a major thing with my picean AC so i love all this stuff! Yet i know when something is just plain stupid = EG. THE LEMON DETOX DIET! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND THINKS IT’LL WORK??? PLUS THE PEOPLE WHO COME UP WITH THESE DIETS ARE USUALLY BODY BUILDERS ECT. THEY DONT NEED DIETS! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!


        AND i DO MEAN



  38. Love Swimming, Pilates & kickboxing…. 5 days a week

    Loathe yoga

    Swimming is my first love, the others are just great for building strength for when I’m in the pool. I just want to feel strong all the time & swimming gives my body all over strength & great muscles! πŸ˜‰
    I’m not great on land

    Gemini sun, pisces rising, gemini moon

  39. I just have to say it…

    Okay, love Madonna. She’s tres cool and so then am I because she’s still older than me.

    But in this pix she’s flippin’ freak a zoid..

    (Okay…done now…)

  40. I don’t do team sports unless drinking is counted as a sport. Teams are not my thing. I see them as cults and I’m scared of sports fanatics who travel together to see the team too. Nothing is scarier to me than that. Footie supporters top the list. They are not my kind.

    Love yoga had an in house hare krishna growing up so hooked into it then and always return to it although sporadically. Results are always visibile within a week and UV I concur it def ups the ante on the orgasm.

    Obsessed with my mountain bike you when cats hear the fridge door open and they get all frisky? That’s me when I hear a bike. And you little bastards who take me on on the dirt track better look out because next time I WILL catch you and it won’t be pretty. I might look like your mum or your auntie but that’s just a convenient disguise so the train police don’t give me tickets when I break the rules. Look out mongrel children your days are numbered.

    Swimming is the other – love it.

    Will never do the gym – altho favourite machine is the rowing one – have considered renting one as sometimes I crave a bit of a row. I joined a gym once – went once and thought the hell with this – the smell is not my thing makes me gag which impairs breathing and the thought of other people’s body fluids being on things freaks me right out. Dirty.

    Libra Sun Scorp Moon

    • I hate the gym too cos of the smell although I’ve come to accept it as a “smell of authenticity” but yeah gross. I also hate having to borrow someone else’s yoga mat or group yoga mats. Being outdoors is where it’s at.

      Team sports = hate (unless it’s non-competitive)

      • LOL yes non competitive teams I’m ok with too – there are no lurid scarves or songs to be sung out of tune. Am so not interested in accessorising or memorising something in order to “belong” in that sporty realm.

        • AHH I wondered if my overt loathing of teams would flush out any others and what their signs would be if they felt like joining in and responding :o) My MC is in Pisces – maybe Pisces is the uncompetitive one in the astro world? Pisces is naturally aloof right?

  41. aries sun, lib asc, scorp moon

    it’s been a while since i’ve done it regularly (mars in pisces = pretty pathetic at getting it together?) but i loves yoga and have never felt better than when i did it regular. i’m pro IYENGAR. it is the bomb. all about correct alignment & the one that uses props, ropes, blocks & stuff. i find it quite pervy and sexy and occasionally gotten roolly horny in classes. have also had the most incredible emotional releases. je deteste yoga bitches & all the fakey/LA/wanky yogas out there and think yoga in a gym should be banned. that’s not yoga, it’s just making shapes… the other thing i love about yoga is that i think it is so cool to have a lie down at the end of a class!!

    i’ve never done pilates. i had a gorg scorp ballerina friend who was into it – “yoga minus the bullshit” is what she called it.

    at the moment my exercise = cycling. i am warrior cyclist on streets of sydney, flying through traffic, yelling at 4WDs, daring cars to hit me. LOVE it. it’s a bit adrenal aries crazy tho…

  42. I started doing yoga 4yrs ago after my last break up – I cannot believe how much it helped me – it truly was a saviour. I would come out of a class & be untouchable, I was serene. Stable. Uplifted. I could see light at the end of the tunnel. I stopped for a while & am now back at it – love the difference in toning that I get from yoga & not just regular gym. Never thought I would EVER say it but last year I started running (aka Cliff Young Shuffle) & I love it!! I can even run now breathing through my nose & not gasping for breath on the verge of death. ahhh…………accomplishment.

    LOVE the water but HATE swimming laps……..god the tedium kills me

    Am also now addicted to cycle classes – sheer lunacy! I don’t know what is wrong with me

    Taurean with Gem rising aqua moon

  43. Yoga got me through a hideous Saturn Return. I also now take pilates classes, because it revives my childhood ballet discipline.

    To counterbalance the yin, have actively sought out yang stuff: roller blading, and pump class.

    The yin and yang styles feed well back into each other. Eg it’s easier to do a random step class if you are aware of your breathing; it’s easier to hold a plank pose if your upper arms have been toned with bicep curls.

    I’ve learned how rewarding it is to try something you think of as ‘not you’.

    I recently read that learning new dance moves – no re-doing ones you already know – is really good for keeping one’s brain sharp.

    (Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Rising)

    • Love the Hi-Cap vibe you are giving off. That is SUCH a useful insight – that the Yin and the Yang feed…Peeps so oft get evangelical re their “thing”

    • Pluto T.L, i couldnt agree more with this- i like the feeling of balance that diff. things give me. I find that my astanga has gotten better because im fitter from my running, and yes, can do downward dog etc so much better from doing weights circuits or boxing to strengthen shoulders- and vice versa.
      they complement each other, and also adds completely different elements to the workout program.
      during my saturn return i could barely manage the emotional intensity that yoga inevitably brings up in me when i do it with commitment, so i switched to boxing/running to process more of the energy. but have been able to gravitate back to yoga now i feel stronger- emotionally and physically.

  44. There is actually a yoga sequence called ‘Astrology Yoga’ – it is a sequence of poses dedicated to each of the signs.

    I used to rack my mind after the class trying to identify each one. The only really obvious ones were Lion and Fish poses.

    • I believe the Virgo pose was a hunched forward-bend as if poring over a filing system/spelling disaster/ironing board and an impossible case of wrinkled collar, with the right index finger extended in the nagging posture. Very strenuous.

  45. i’m an aries who likes a good walk. – Chaaarge!

    i do certain yoga stretches, occasionally (no discipline). they’re amazing for your core strength, so you won’t hunch over when you’re old hehe

  46. Yoga, but only with a great teacher preferably from the Iyengar tradition – I just can’t see the point of it if you’re not completely aligned in the posture.

    I go to another class too – more hatha-style – where not so much emphasis is placed on alignment and it drives me nuts some times to the point where I want to get up out of posture and make subtle corrections to others around me – maybe something to do with my Virgo rising, eh?

    Used to be right into Tai Chi and took up belly-dancing when my kids were little – now there’s something to make the pleasure levels also go roofward – and it was absoutely the best thing for toning up after popping out two babies in 20 months.

    Was a bit of a gym-nut for a few years a while back, but all those mirrors and people checking themselves out all the time and sweaty towels – yuck.

    Swiming and running are, in my opinon, emergency procedures only :)

    • Watery Libran, you’ve so totally got it, was reading all the comments and thinking but they’re not doing Iyengar yoga!!

      yes, total alignment is the key, most yoga is inclined to be passive and boring because it is not rigorous enough, it ducks and dives and tries to make it easy for soft western peeps, LOL! (i’m not virgo rising but virgo moon and yes i so want to correct alignment too and form in the gym!)

      it’s only by the extreme rigour that the benefits come!

      i’ve also done pilates (with a physio) and do gym intermittently for weight training but also ride a MTB which is just the best fun and sooooooo good for the soul, like being a big kid again!!

      • I’m so with the iyengar devotees. after iyengar other yogas seem a bit of a joke to me.

  47. Libra sun, Aries rising, Aquarius moon
    I love dancing and yoga. The combination works well for my body and my spirit. Have been dancing in various forms for 30 years and practising yoga on and off for 25 years.
    Have tried the gym but hate the music. LOL!

  48. Hi Pluto Transit Lounge, am also libra rising, leo moon but with Aqua sun..

    Agree re balancing yin and yang. I was doing yoga and went back to swimming this summer after getting bored with power walking. Loved the pool, love the ocean to when I can get to it. The swimming high I felt afterwards and the tight toned legs and tummy I was getting were a bonus – could have done without the stocky neck though!

    When winer hit I started triaing myself to run. Only ever ran a few 5kms back in high shcool so it was all new. Body did not really take to it, I enjoyed the feeling of running and the cardio ascpect but then my legs started to get chunky, lost some of my boobs and started to grow a real booty!! Needles to say I didn’t finsish my training and have gone back to power walking and am loving it again. I zone out more with wlaking than running, music on, braing ticking over. Bit of bike riding on the side too is a great feeling of freedom, esp along the water’s edge or down the middle of empty, tree lined streets

    As for yoga, have been practising it on and for for over a decade. Think have grown out of it a bit and my practice (done at home) has gone from daily a few yearas ago, to once weekly. Its a love hat with me too as some have said. I love the way I feel on all levels having done it but don’t the vigourous enthusiasm i had for it as a 20sthinger. Always wondered about Yoga Chi Gung, someone mentioned above. Sounds like a nice gentle thing to try. Did pilates once but think need to try it again to see if I really like it. Maybe get a DVD one of these days to do in my loungeroom. Not much of a class go-er. Perfer to excersise on my own as it’s a zone out time for me.

    Liking all this talk of working out.

    Oh and i forgot dancing, wanna try salsa. Done 10 weeks of pole…so funny and fun and a great feeling in your body of senauality BUT very hard on your skin and body for a softy like me:) Love to watch it though, takes a lot of skill and strength.

    • Ah, you’re so conscientious really about your exercise, it’s great … yoga once a week is heaps. But you used to do it daily?!

      Easily you could do pilates from a DVD, especially if you’ve had a daily yogic practice.

      I also have loved a swimming regime in the past. Finding a beautiful coastal rock swimming pool and going daily: what a revelation: such a different experience from the chlorine swiming pools of childhood. These kinds of regimes become like a private luxury. (Who else are you doing them for, if not yourself?)

      Yes, have to watch the stocky neck with pump class too :)

      I have a friend who is really enjoying her pole dancing lessons. She didn’t mention the fact that it was hard on her skin, but I guess it WOULD have to be.

      I do hope you do find a good salsa class!

  49. Yoga seems boring, don’t know why. Only tried it twice.

    I like swimming laps, can either assist in emptying brain completely and be meditative (providing you have a lane to one’s self) or for thrashing some state of mind or mood out. Swimming can be gentle or high energy & rhythmic. Love beach volleyball too. I like my exercise rough lol.

  50. I’m a Scorp and love love love yoga….when I can get over the Cap Moon tendency to a little laziness, that is. I feel balanced and alive when I practice, with a connection between mind, body, and breath that is calming and strengthening. It’s wonderful!

  51. Martial Arts primarily – which also incorporates meditation and stretching. Possibly Mars conjunct Neptune conjunct my ascendent in Scorpio?

    I also love bush and beach walking, swimming (preferably the ocean or laps in an inlet shark enclosure, I think the water alone has health benefits), belly dancing and just dancing.

    I have tried weight lifting when I was younger, and never got with it.
    I think excercise machines are a waste of time – why not just go for a walk? Yes, it may rain.
    I studiously avoid yoga and pilates. They just don’t seem like much fun.
    I can’t run, even though I was good at it when I was younger, it just stuffs my knees. And I really wouldn’t like a runner’s body anyway.

  52. pisces of course…exercise, i;m either 110% or NOTHING. But when i exercise i want it to WORK. therefore running, walking involving huge flights of steps or cliff walks, 100 situps a day, etc.

    i love yoga but hate having to pay money for exercise. hence no gym either (why inhale more processed air after breathing it in the office all day??)

    the common factor being exercise outdoors, hard work, results, goal = hot ass, flat stomach bla bla.

  53. ALWAYS could do splits flat. up a wall, sometimes on Rollerskates, but just know barefoot was 1 inch from the wall. damn, tho not that much of a surprise – aside from disco in my own home, dont exercise.
    Will cultivate some stretching thingo. Soon.

    Latent retaliation for the Australian Ballet’s refusal to me 100 years ago (1 inch too short, built right bar supermodel cheek bones), one should honour all THAT training yes?

    thanks for the reminder MM – stretch it what ever way it suits!!
    p.s will be flat splits up wall in 2 days…….use it, why lose it?

  54. Pisces rising – swimming (providing you have the lane to yourself – agreed with Savannah)

    Prefer solitary exercise or occasionally with one other….go to the gym sometimes, but too many peeps all staring at each other and no fresh air.

  55. Libra, Pisces moon, Sag rising. I love creativity, so my preferred mode of exercise atm is dance (burlesque especially!!) and circus. I also enjoy yoga, and while I find swimming fun I’m kinda crap at it πŸ˜›

  56. Yoga is definitely one of those exercises that goes in waves for me. Used to do stints of hatha yoga when I lived in Newtown as I was literally 50 metres from a studio but I don’t seem to stick with it for more than a couple of months at a time. Love doing Bikram yoga now though which I only discovered last year, because I appreciate the consistency of routine. Same poses in same order every time and the heat is an awesome detox! I detest yoga in a gym setting though. I did it a couple of times at a Newtown gym and thought it was revolting. I also hate the fact that this is some people’s only experience of yoga. It is totally misrepresented in that setting and just seems entirely wrong.

    I also love walking, especially barefoot on the sand by the ocean, and love swimming, even though I’m not a good swimmer (more of a mermaid than a lap swimmer if truth be told – so I’m not sure it even constitutes exercise). And I also enjoy quirkier exercise like hula hooping. If it doesn’t amuse me it won’t keep my attention. Burlesque totally appeals to me on an aesthetic level but I suspect I’d be crap at it. I love tap dancing because it’s noisy (and kinda dorky which appeals to my inner nerd) and have always wanted to do flamenco. It just hasn’t worked out for me geographically or timewise. I know I’ll find the perfect flamenco class one day though – it’s one of those things that been in the back of my mind for about 25 years… just waiting for the right studio.

    Aqua sun, Leo rising, Cap moon

  57. Gem sun, Aqua moon, Taurus rising.
    Dislike yoga. I always want the class to finish. love meditation though, so it’s not that. Love love love dancing, love swimming but in the sea not laps although will do laps as a subsititute but tend to start counting and then it all becomes an endurance exercise, occasional jog, hate the gym. Anything outside, anything involving solitude (yes, i dance in my room!), anything involving a bassline, hate being watched while exercising (no gym therefore)

  58. Gemini sun, Capricorn moon, Libra rising

    Used to be martial arts but got sick of being injured.

    Love intense sweaty yoga, bored by all gentle or slow classes though. Go at least 3x a week, though always at a studio, not a gym. Freaked/annoyed by the tight-lipped cliquey yogis as well.

    Love dancing but not as a workout. Despise running/gym. Love swimming but not in a pool.

  59. Pisces Sun, Gem Moon, Kataka rising

    Um. I used to be a swimmer–no surprise, right? I finally managed to get my shoulders back to its original smallish, downward-sloping size, but my neck remains a swimmer’s neck. Swimming is not nice to the female physique.

    I love to dance, I still love to dance, and dancing is my favored sport if I can’t get to water, or out to walk. It’s the repetitive, graceful motion thing that attracts me, I think. Meditative in itself.

    I sometimes like and sometimes dislike yoga. It depends. There are days where I am so totally into the stretch and the breathing and the sense of peace and balance and hoo-ha and then there are days where I -cannot- bend that way and I just -cannot- breathe in time and you’re asking me to do that and balance simultaneously -what-.

    Also, the smell of yoga mats are sort of terrifying.

  60. Leo sun, sag moon, taurus rising
    Love spinning.
    Start body sculpture and kettle ball swing this month. Saturn currently transiting 6th house. Just lost 20 pounds. Most motivation in years

  61. love swimming…swam in the womb and swam just months post-womb…i am long distance swimmer in the pool i don’t count laps i just swim straight for an hour…reading the majority of the comments i garner its a Gemini thing as well as a neptunian thing.
    i have a Gemini sun…gemini cuz swimming is all shoulders (arms) and breathing…air….oxygen without oxygen water wouldn’t exist…Geminis (airbenders) make excellent swimmers.

  62. I love yoga, & want to start a regular morning practice. I go as often as I can. Dancing is wonderful. I prefer swimming in a freshwater lake or the sea to a pool, but I’ll take whichever’s available. I really truly love walking – ninth house moon & I believe you once wrote that ‘walking meditation is your thing’ – it truly is. I get all my best ideas when I’m taking long walks.

    Gem sun, aries moon, leo rising