Astro-Beauty; Yoga-Yes, No, Fanatical or Loathe It…?

Madona Doing Ashtanga Yoga in fishnet stockingsAt the risk of sounding seriously bats – a High Functioning Flake for sure – i never went to Kundalini Yoga as threatened because they’d moved buildings and the Feng Shui of the new building is fuqed. There you go.  And even though half my friends SWEAR by Yoga – the yoga peeps at my gym give me the freaks. They’re a high-bummed & tight-lipped super-clique.

I think Yoga is kinda Scorpio/Plutonic whereas Pilates, which I love, seems more Aqua-Uranian. Proper Pilates has paraphernalia so it’s prob way more intricate & fussy than Yoga which could technically be done under a lotus tree in Woop-Woop.  Or on a chic, distressed 90’s style table in fishnet stockings, a la Madonna.

I think Martial Arts are obviously of Mars & weight-lifting seems Saturnine. Aqua anything – such as swimming –  is technically Neptunian but so is meditation & just ploughing up and down doing laps is way more Saturn too. Soooo, what’s your sign & preferred mode of exercise…?  Oh and I guess if you say nothing but lugging around crates of wine & walking to the patisserie then that would be Jolly Jupiter, our patron saint of righteous indulgence.

IMAGE: Steven Klein

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120 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty; Yoga-Yes, No, Fanatical or Loathe It…?

  1. I’m a Scorp and love love love yoga….when I can get over the Cap Moon tendency to a little laziness, that is. I feel balanced and alive when I practice, with a connection between mind, body, and breath that is calming and strengthening. It’s wonderful!

  2. Martial Arts primarily – which also incorporates meditation and stretching. Possibly Mars conjunct Neptune conjunct my ascendent in Scorpio?

    I also love bush and beach walking, swimming (preferably the ocean or laps in an inlet shark enclosure, I think the water alone has health benefits), belly dancing and just dancing.

    I have tried weight lifting when I was younger, and never got with it.
    I think excercise machines are a waste of time – why not just go for a walk? Yes, it may rain.
    I studiously avoid yoga and pilates. They just don’t seem like much fun.
    I can’t run, even though I was good at it when I was younger, it just stuffs my knees. And I really wouldn’t like a runner’s body anyway.

  3. pisces of course…exercise, i;m either 110% or NOTHING. But when i exercise i want it to WORK. therefore running, walking involving huge flights of steps or cliff walks, 100 situps a day, etc.

    i love yoga but hate having to pay money for exercise. hence no gym either (why inhale more processed air after breathing it in the office all day??)

    the common factor being exercise outdoors, hard work, results, goal = hot ass, flat stomach bla bla.

  4. ALWAYS could do splits flat. up a wall, sometimes on Rollerskates, but just know barefoot was 1 inch from the wall. damn, tho not that much of a surprise – aside from disco in my own home, dont exercise.
    Will cultivate some stretching thingo. Soon.

    Latent retaliation for the Australian Ballet’s refusal to me 100 years ago (1 inch too short, built right bar supermodel cheek bones), one should honour all THAT training yes?

    thanks for the reminder MM – stretch it what ever way it suits!!
    p.s will be flat splits up wall in 2 days…….use it, why lose it?

  5. Pisces rising – swimming (providing you have the lane to yourself – agreed with Savannah)

    Prefer solitary exercise or occasionally with one other….go to the gym sometimes, but too many peeps all staring at each other and no fresh air.

  6. Gem sun, Aqua moon, Taurus rising.
    Dislike yoga. I always want the class to finish. love meditation though, so it’s not that. Love love love dancing, love swimming but in the sea not laps although will do laps as a subsititute but tend to start counting and then it all becomes an endurance exercise, occasional jog, hate the gym. Anything outside, anything involving solitude (yes, i dance in my room!), anything involving a bassline, hate being watched while exercising (no gym therefore)

  7. Gemini sun, Capricorn moon, Libra rising

    Used to be martial arts but got sick of being injured.

    Love intense sweaty yoga, bored by all gentle or slow classes though. Go at least 3x a week, though always at a studio, not a gym. Freaked/annoyed by the tight-lipped cliquey yogis as well.

    Love dancing but not as a workout. Despise running/gym. Love swimming but not in a pool.

  8. Pisces Sun, Gem Moon, Kataka rising

    Um. I used to be a swimmer–no surprise, right? I finally managed to get my shoulders back to its original smallish, downward-sloping size, but my neck remains a swimmer’s neck. Swimming is not nice to the female physique.

    I love to dance, I still love to dance, and dancing is my favored sport if I can’t get to water, or out to walk. It’s the repetitive, graceful motion thing that attracts me, I think. Meditative in itself.

    I sometimes like and sometimes dislike yoga. It depends. There are days where I am so totally into the stretch and the breathing and the sense of peace and balance and hoo-ha and then there are days where I -cannot- bend that way and I just -cannot- breathe in time and you’re asking me to do that and balance simultaneously -what-.

    Also, the smell of yoga mats are sort of terrifying.

  9. Leo sun, sag moon, taurus rising
    Love spinning.
    Start body sculpture and kettle ball swing this month. Saturn currently transiting 6th house. Just lost 20 pounds. Most motivation in years

  10. love swimming…swam in the womb and swam just months post-womb…i am long distance swimmer in the pool i don’t count laps i just swim straight for an hour…reading the majority of the comments i garner its a Gemini thing as well as a neptunian thing.
    i have a Gemini sun…gemini cuz swimming is all shoulders (arms) and breathing…air….oxygen without oxygen water wouldn’t exist…Geminis (airbenders) make excellent swimmers.

  11. I love yoga, & want to start a regular morning practice. I go as often as I can. Dancing is wonderful. I prefer swimming in a freshwater lake or the sea to a pool, but I’ll take whichever’s available. I really truly love walking – ninth house moon & I believe you once wrote that ‘walking meditation is your thing’ – it truly is. I get all my best ideas when I’m taking long walks.

    Gem sun, aries moon, leo rising