Astro-Beauty; Hats

Brazilian Model in Feather Hat

The Mercury Retrograde before last, I was looking at some old photos that Not-The-Typical-Virgo had somehow retrieved from one of her secret stores of clutter.

And it was like looking at postcards from another dimension.

Why were we so skinny & pale?

Who was the drippy looking guy she was clinging to like a parasite vine?

What kind of slacker life did we lead that we were depicted working our way through endless vino at a well-known player-haunt overlooking Bondi beach and on a weekday? Who were we?

And why was I wearing a stupid hat?

“You wore hats that whole year, ” retorted Not-The-Typical-Virgo “and they weren’t that stupid. It was just your thing.”

Then we got onto the drippy guy she was vamping off like he incarnation of young Adonis himself. But i had totally repressed ever being a hat person.

I admire those who are devout hat peeps although sometimes my Mars-in-Virgo freaks up and decides that wearing hats without practical purpose is, in fact, neurotic. An Aries Ex of mine had a whole body of theory based around women who wear hats that are not for the cold (only skiiing is really officially ‘cold’ to an Aries) or the hot (desert style temperatures) and the races but only if you competing in fillies on the track or whatever it’s called.

I need data. Which signs are hat mad???  Who’d go and blow $$$ on a milliner? Which sign would be confused as to what a milliner actually was? Which sign hoardes hats they never wear but as sort of a strange symbol of the woman they might – one day – become? Which sign wears berets?!  Flamboyant broad-brimmed hats with feathers??  I remember when i was a child going to the department store with my grandmother and there were loads of hats, a whole section, right beside stockings. So is it retro-homage to, like, the 1950s to wear hats???  And why DID they wear them then?

Angelina Jolie – Gemini with Moon/Pluto conjunct in Libra f.y.i. –  gives good hat.

Angelina Jolie Aged 13 playing guitarA la Boy George, aged 13. Splash News.

Angelina Jolie in cloche hatFilming Changeling

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35 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty; Hats

  1. Don’t want to be vain, but was always told hats were complimentary..

    Love berets and wore them in Germany….not in Calif….Unless I had been out jogging at night in the chill…I wore a beret at some point when jogging many years ago…

    Same sign stuff. Ar Sun, Cap Moon, Gem rising…

    Don’t know what a milliner is Mystic so guess I’m the sign/s that would be confused? Of course I’ll go google it now…

    And scarfs….When in the 9th grade I wore a a little triangle scarf on my head (that ties down and around back of the ears to the neck nape) and started a fad. Maybe that was my Sun trine Ur?


  2. Most of my hats are practical (cold climate, hot climate). However, I like my hats to be lovely in some way.

    I get my love of hats from my mum (Libra).

    People I know who wear/own the most hats:
    Woman: Pisces friend
    Man: Leo ex

  3. Oh yes and my Gem sun, Gem moon dad wears a black beret (and often a silk scarf). He’s a sheep year guy.

  4. Ooh, how I love hats. Have plenty and yet as I’m getting older (me? A cap? Ha!) I feel a little more self-conscious wearing them – although that seems a trifle odd considering I live in a state (geographical, not mental) where most SHOULD be wearing hats to avoid death by sun exposure.
    I think it’s because the last time I wore my funky little checked fedora, someone actually said I looked “try-hard celebrity.” Umm, what? I have fair skin! It’s summer! Do the math!!!

    I do love the odd beret but the strange shaped or wide brimmed is what appeals to me the most. Cap sun, Cancer moon, Lib rising. I love hat shops and really go stupid over hats rather than shoes. I just wish ppl didn’t stare at one so weirdly when one wears a hat. It’s really not that “out there”, surely?

    And Mystic, like you, I went through a year-long phase of “head wear” of sorts – wearing a purple wig everywhere I went. Mauve. Straight. Sassy. So much cooler than my normal red (I thought) but now I really don’t know what was going on with that. It was just seemed so right at the time. Must have been a weird transit.

    And isn’t Angelina starting to look like Kristen Scott-Thomas??

  5. This Capricorn NEVER wears hats. I would quite like to but have a big head and even bigger hair so hats never fit me, or just look really silly.
    My also-a-Cap-Soul-Mate also has a rather largish head, but looks absolutely adorable in any hat he puts on. And as we Caps tend to do neat classic lines, I reckon the addition of a small, neat hat would work well for most of our kind… Despite our tendency towards a sizable skull… And even as I write this I am realising..

    WE ACTUALLY CALL CAPRICORNS CAPS – so you know – maybe there’s some hat symbolism in that.

    Apart form that. I know three Scorpio women who all do hats incredibly well.

    • Ha,ha,

      That’s funny Cappy because I thought Aries are the ones who were supposed to have a big head. Then again, both signs need to accommodate horns (maybe that is another whole topic altogether!?) 🙂

  6. Aqua sun, scorp moon.
    I would beg my mum to let me catch the train to the city as a teenager so I could head straight into DJ’s hat department…. would try them all on and dream away… Would even lash out on a $300 hat at the age of 16.
    Have a huge collection now at 35 and am always wearing them. Yes people do often look at me as some try hard celeb… But I could not give a rats…. They feel glam and old world … great for hiding a hang-over under … also a black beret is a must for bad/dirty hair days. I do think cowboy hats look at bit mid 90’s al la Elle Mcpherson and trucker and baseball caps should be left for just that. Can not begin to tell you the amount of grief ex bull and his baseball cap caused in our relationship…. He hasTHE most beautiful head of hair hidden under cheap crappy cap. I would be always throwing them out when he was not looking. I bought him a great fedora that he lost … Really was a sore point that lead to all sorts of probs. Shallow ?? I dont think so.

  7. I secretly love hats, I adore them but I don’t buy them because 1. It’s not exactly mainstream and 2. I have big head, so most of the hats wont even fit me but instead, I am starting to really enjoy wearing beanies. I am looking forward to collecting them more haha.

    Sag Sun, Leo Moon and Pisces rising.

        • Because they are ‘sign combo most likely to…’ take a lunch time hike in ancient mountainous forest.

          • Oh that makes sense esp. after they hit up the corner conveno store…

            Just joking but your answer does help me to understand as forget these things…

            Was thinking more along the lines of cutting eye holes in beanie hat…

            Guess I need to get out in nature more, eh?

  8. I suppose i do wear / have a quite a few hats. generally for practical purposes – keep sun off in summer, keep warm in winter. am definitely a beanie fan. I prefer to travel light so if I can’t shove it in a bag when i’m not using it, I probably won’t wear it. I suppose I think it looks a bit affected if i wear a hat for no good reason.

  9. My Leo sun/Aries moon/Virgo asc son has a hat thing – maybe due to the schools policy up here in Qld re no hat no play. He spent all of last year wearing his hat all day in the classroom. This year his teacher has prised it off him so he only wears it at lunchtime. When he started rugby tackle this year I bought him headgear and thought I’d have trouble with him keeping it on as can get really hot. But no, he puts it on before we leave and doesn’t take it off until after the game. Is that an Aries moon thing?

    As for wearing hats well I agree with aqua tiger – I know some scorp/aqua combo women (and my daughter too) who do quirky hats well.

    I love my hair too much (Leo sun) to squash it under a hat, although wear a cap for exercising outside and at the beach. Sunnies are just as good to cover regrowth. Have a couple of gorgeous fascinators – they let your hair flow and add height.

  10. Am not really a hat person, the closest thing I have is a red crochet number that I love wearing when i’ve curled my hair ………BUT ………when i was in Melbourne a few months ago I HAD to buy a red felt hat that looked like the one Angelina wore in Changeling because I LOVE that pic of her

    Of course I’ve only worn it twice ever since

      • oooh I really like the sound of both those RED hats Lexicorn_Limbo!! I also have a red peaked crochet number with a spangly broach attached and it’s the only had I have LOVED, and I really do love it.
        Aqau sun/Aqua Asc/Gem moon

  11. I will wear a hat for safety aka QLD sun…with my hair tied back and liberal application of suncream…as a style statement I look awful in hats. I can work a scarf, but hats just always look wrong on me.

    Leo Sun, Taurus rising Scorp moon

    My Aqua Sun, pisces rising, taurus moon daughter however looks fantastic in hats and can especially work a beret…as can other Aquarians I know. Rakish tilt + saucy look…all there and working.

    My Sagg daughter, Libra rising, Cap moon did have a thing about a fez when she was about 9. She is pretty much anti-hat these days though.

  12. I look crap in hats – anything pulled down past my forehead makes me look like I have chipmunk cheeks, so no hats or fringes. I do look good when I wash my hair and wrap the towel around it in one of those big african wrap styles and often wish that big mardi gras headresses would become a mainstream fashion item as I’d look fab in one of those.

    Crab/Gem As/Sag moon

  13. mystic, i have to say your hat-hating aries was an anomaly. aries rules the head & aries’ love hats! maybe he had some kind of hat-envy as he was a frustrated hat wearer himself. or maybe he just felt strongly that hats should be utilitarian (v. aries).

    Sarah Jessica Parker (major aries) clearly does not see the need for hats to be utilitarian.

    i know several aries with substantial hat collections. an aries myself, i used to be a complete beanie girl & still have a large number of them but these days i like a formed hat – those depression/WWII era ones are great, like Jolie in the pic.

    I wear other people’s hats at parties whenever i find one lying around, no hat is safe. I agree with your aries’ friend’s utilitarian hat philosophy. i just think that to complete an outfit, to look good, to look silly or to hide bad hair – these are among the many legitimate practical reasons to wear a hat!

    fave hats are those bloke cricket hats or the army disposals ones – like an ocker hat-with-the-corks but without the corks. These keep the sun off, sure, but they also keep the rain out of the back of your collar, it only rains on your shoulders – good gardening hats!

  14. I have exactly two hats and don’t wear either of them. I adore silk scarves (worn as headbands) on the other hand and could wear them all the time. I seem to have a preference for vibrant geometric patterns.

    Aqua sun, Saggo moon, Cap rising

  15. Love hats
    Obsessed with them.

    Aged 16 in Florence I had a dream that i walked into a shop and found a hat. The following day i walked into a shop and had freaky moment of deja-vu. And there it was – my hat. So I blew all my money on it and it is still one of the finest things in my wardrobe. Here I wear a big sun-hat every day. people actually recognise me because of it.

    Hats and shoes, I don’t know which i love more

  16. Cancer Sun, Scorp Rising, Aries Moon…. and I SOOOOO dislike hats!!!
    To me they often seem pretentious & unnecessary. Like OTT or bad jewellery, they seem to overdo/undo the objective.

    I have a face that can carry classic hat styles… but why??? They serve no purpose and I’m not into fancy dress. I dress up but not with hats.

    I work outdoors a lot and wear hats for sun protection some times (very picky about the style – no Hat Statements please!) but I’d mostly rather use sunscreen.

    I like how the bloke from Jamiroquai is called the Prat in Hat (his b-day 30 Dec 1969?).

    • I just cant wear them, my head is too round or something…never found a hat that i looked good in..

      • davidl, guess you’d have to pin hats onto that big round ‘fro…
        do you keep things in there?

  17. Love hats, I would happily own more. I’m like a magpie with them. Also obsessed with hair (colour, style, sticking things in it. etc)
    Gem sun, aries moon, Leo rising (No surprises there eh?).

  18. I think a good reference point to look at is ISABELLA BLOW; bats english fashion queen/fash-mag editor/heritage aristo.
    born on the 19th Nov 1958 in London, this makes her Scorp Sun, Capricorn ascendant, and Pisces (pesce) moon.

    It seems like the perfect blend for a mad hatter – fiercely sexual/ powerful scorp, showy and jaunty caps, and mysterious sensual pisces blend together for the lady responsible for the career of miliner philip treacy.

    a quote about isabella from treacy:

    “If you met Isabella, the sort of charm of Isabella’s hat wearing is that she wears hats like she’s not really wearing a hat at all. She feels much more normal when she’s wearing her hats than when she’s not. “

  19. I’m a Scorpio and adore hats, but only for cold weather purposes….if I don’t actually NEED it it’s just something else to look after/possibly lose. I went through a phase of straw boaters in summer but then everyone started doing them so I gave it up….plus the hatband got sweaty, ugh. But for cold I have about seven different beanies/berets that I deploy often. One really does need them, though, in upstate New York winters! My favorite one is red, second-favorite grey fuzzy leopard print.

    I think when I grow more fully into being a woman, as opposed to a “young woman,” I could start getting into hats with net veils. Those have ALWAYS appealed.

    • oh and also Cap moon/Leo rising. Pretty hatty pairing. My father’s a Cap and is never seen without either a baseball cap or a cabbie hat; my mother is a Leo and adores her straw summer hat.

  20. Miss H, Hat Style you haz it! I’m pleased hats have someone stylish & fun like you to celebrate them and keep them out there.

  21. I go through hat-insane phases–currently, it feels like no hat looks good on me and it also feels pretentious. However this year I’ve been wearing a black leather hat without much of a shape, but with a wide brim day in and out. The year before, it was a ridiculous amount of beanies and/or newsboy caps. The year before that, berets. I never looked good in a fed, so I’ve bought a couple that I haven’t ever really worn out in public. But everything and anything in a wide brim is so, so mine right now. When I have the courage to wear them, that is. Also, would one day love a slate grey cloche. Oh, and a bowler hat, or a top hat, or something ridiculously European.