Virgoans Of Fashion

High Fashion Crash HelmetKarl Lagerfeld Fall 2009

“…That’s why I sleep alone. My hair is curly, and that’s why I have my ponytail. I look like a madman, like something out of a horror movie! But I’m very impeccable and clean before I go to bed. It’s just like right before I’m going out. When I was a child, my mother always told me that you could wake up in the middle of the night and be deathly sick, so you always have to be impeccable. I laugh about it now, but I think everyone should go to bed like they have a date at the door….”

KARL LAGERFELD in Interview Magazine

Virgo IS the key fashionista sign…it’s in the details…

I like clean, clean, clean, clean. Its my new Zen attitude, you know? The less you have, the more you enjoy.”
Carine Roitfeld

“Our C.E.O. is a Virgo like myself. We are always saying, keep it moving, keep it moving.”
Rachel Zoe

”’I’m a Virgo, so I see all the problems.’  As usual, he was obsessive about the store’s decor. He moved a white stool, he worried that the handrail would give shoppers splinters and he set little marks on the stereo volume so the music would provide the proper ambience.”

Tom Ford

“I religiously label all my shoe boxes.”

Claudia Schiffer.

“… Tom Ford is nervous about almost everything, sleeping only a few hours a night, budgeting every minute of the day. ‘I’m a Virgo,’ he explains. ‘Virgos tend to make things look easy because we are perfectionists, so people think, “Oh, there’s not much there”, because I’ve made it look easy, but that’s not the case.’…”

“…I throw everything away!’ Karl Lagerfeld declared.’ The most important piece of furniture in a house is the garbage can! I keep no archives of my own, no sketches, no photos, no clothes – nothing! I am supposed to do, I’m not supposed to remember!’ He smoothed a gloved hand over the empty page in front of him and visibly relaxed. “

“…At 45, Ford is still the only handsome male fashion designer, with perfect stubble, manicured nails, and not an ounce of fat: ‘When my clothes are getting tight, that’s not a sign to me that I need to go to another size – it’s a reminder that I have to stop eating, or suffer,’ he explains. He has been scrutinised for signs of a toupee, Restylane, and lifted shoes. However, the Tom Ford chest hair remains in fine form, a forest of manliness barely concealed by a polo shirt, usually with merely three or four buttons undone….
‘I am my own muse,’ he says.”

carine_tomCarine Roitfeld & Tom Ford

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57 thoughts on “Virgoans Of Fashion

    • hahah practical in a sense where the only time you would use it being the “costume party – that ended up not being a costume party but i dressed up anyway coz u didnt get the joke” type thing — me and my teenage sarcasim lol

  1. Darn, I’ve tried to post the link twice but?

    Anyway for a good Lagerfeld laugh go to gofugyourself and click on the Lagerfeld & Friends link. Total hoot inspired by the most whacked Virgo of all time.

  2. hey I am just in from a big dubs party and yet to be digested – food and the comments – but i think the commenters missing the point. It is not about the helmet and if mystic wanted to do a HELMET post,she would!!!
    I am getting – AND freaking out about him saying u go to bed dressing- EVERY NIGHT – as if for a date..
    I half LOVE that and i HALf HATE it- i mean he is a VIRGO= a Leo would NOT do that. We have our secret Zone.
    I am too distracted/drunk to dwell on this but the HELMET is fine – attention seeking and if REAL FUR than the dude is ancien regime and farewell – WHAT i saying?

    • is ‘dubs’, a suburb ref?
      if tell???
      tho if so….I may tell 🙂

    • Oh. Thank you. Cried myself silly laughing.

      did that make sense?

      My favorite (among many, many candidates): “Embarrassment is the birthplace of lust, darling, and you are crowning. PUSH.”

  3. Do not agree with the awful outfit but definately agree with all the prep before bed. I am deoderised, perfumed, and scrubbed and cleansed and moisturised within an inch of my life before I go to bed. And don’t get me started on pj’s…..

  4. People actually wear stuff to bed???? hmmmm … I’m au naturale which could be due to Sag moon or just that everytime I wear anything I end up half strangling myself with it during the night, or wake up with one arm having managed to wiggle out of armhole ending up feeling as if I’m in a straightjacket or choking on a button or SOMETHING.

  5. Oh yes, me too Prowlin! Do love the ‘negligée look, you know that beautiful crepe de chine or silk satin
    but strangle badly.
    Sleeping au naturelle is the best for your skin breathing & shedding.
    La Vierge, you obviously do not sleep alone!
    I am obliged to wear knickers to bed unfortunately, coz my little creature likes a pre-sleep
    run around bed & body with a chew on the T-shirt as well. Punkified by raggity holes.
    Needless to say i have no partner:) & delight in sleeping solo.

    Do love those 40’s 50’s movies, where the couple would dress for bed, have separate boudoirs & dressing rooms, then have knock politely & ASK for sex &/or stay the night.
    How can peeps have great sex when all the clothes shoes STUFF in the Sacred Space!
    Think bedrooms should be all feathers ‘n furs & the most exotic bed & covers you can imagine, for loving, dreaming reading & eating chocolate.

    • peg do you get that thing where no matter how you tie the flippin cord on pyjama pants they either always end up in a knot in the morning, which is particularly troublesome if one is busting for a pee … or come undone in the middle of the night so they work their way down to your knees like some kind of pyjama bondage – which is fine if there’s someone there to play hanky panky pyjama bondage with, but not if you’re alone trying to disentangle oneself from strange pyjama bondage pose and trying to bloody sleep!!!! I like that word. Pyjama bondage.

    • hehe I have PJs for visiting or for when I have platonic company and I do crawl into PJs if I’m having a veg morning or sulking……mostly sleep nekked

      yep Pajama bondage is good— clap clap clap

  6. And unless i tie up my hair, ponytail or pinned on top, i have The Worst BedHead ever, hence
    don’t want to wake up to ANYONE.
    So vain & proud..tsk.

  7. Brought to mind a movie with Richard Gere…”Red Corner”…

    Thus her hat and memory jog.. thought it was in Russia but was China…

    He only had one ear phone though…

    But crickey…be impeccalbe when going to sleep in case you are awakened, etc? Like you have a date at the door?

    Freakin’ please.

    It’s all I can do do brush my teeth and wash, tone, moisturize face.

    Take me as I am because I’m not comin’ any other way…

  8. “…I throw everything away!’ Karl Lagerfeld declared.’ The most important piece of furniture in a house is the garbage can! I keep no archives of my own, no sketches, no photos, no clothes – nothing! I am supposed to do, I’m not supposed to remember!’ He smoothed a gloved hand over the empty page in front of him and visibly relaxed. “

    Wow, that’s nuts because my Cancerian Sun, Virgo Moon ex, threw everything away of my maternity clothes that were up in the rafters of our garage and, all the girls Barbies!!

    I would have thought a Cancer would be more nostaligic but with his Moon I guess not? And yet he is sentimental. Maybe I divorced him because I was confused?

    And just listening now to “Simple Minds”, “Alive and Kicking”, which I love as it’s inspirational to me, I remember he said “yeah, they sound like they have simple minds”.

    Just felt like he did not understand and yet he was eight years older and Iranain…

    “you lift me up to the crystal door so I can see”

    Somethings we have to do for ourselves….

    • Well, twenty years later I check on the lyrics and it’s

      “You lift me up to the crucial top so I can see”

      As an Aries, surely its shining and so a crystal door, if not a diamond…

    • Sweetpea from observation, Iranian men are controlling. I think it’s a cultural more than astro trait. Over the last few years I’ve had dealings with three of them and none were quite sane.

      • I second that! I’ve only had dealings with one and that was quite enough.

      • My observation is that is was a combo of the culture and the astrology (Virgo Moon) as the throwing out trait was quite pronounced along with other phobias – borderline OCDish… Know the maternity clothes and Barbies did sound gender biased…

        “None were quite sane”…lol..

  9. Must say that i’m surprised by the amount of women attracted to Iranian Men.
    It always ends in tears.
    Did have a few Muslim boyfriends when i lived sth east asia & they were delightful,
    but absolutley no thought of marriage OR importing them.

    • pega thankfully I wasn’t involved with these men except socially. I felt sorry for their partners. Only one of the three relationships is still together and it’s on shaky ground. One of the Iranians was married to a sweet lady GP but was violent. He served time and was deported.

    • and considering the current ethnic climate they are revoltingly racist in my experience – seriously believe they are a superior race of human being. Which is why I am incredulous when they carry on about anglo-Aussies being racist.

  10. on a lighter note … Tom Ford just proves why Virgo men are soooooooo damn SEXY gaarrrrrrr *dribble* … I could never actually go out with another one again they. The obsessive nitpicking detail oriented control freakishness drives me bats, but they’re lovely to look at.

  11. I am convinced that Tom Ford would turn for me. I love his work ethic and flair. He looks divine. I feel as if I understand him. The white patchouli perfume he chanelled for me and me alone though he does not know it yet.

  12. Lol so I have my Uranians and you have your Iranians.
    I just ANOTHER encounter with the Uranian at the gym today – lifted fantastically heavy weights as SO furious with the fiend.

      • mmmm form what Mystic’s said it’s a big enough target…………..

  13. TOTALLY. Thank you for the validation. I thought i had wiped them all out with my trip to the Relationship Exorcist but noooo. This is a man whom a few weeks ago (after i weakened and saw him post-weird blind date in which the person was actually repelled by me, lol) was almost in tears of adoration, claiming he loved me. THEN disappears – as they do – then texts me as I walk downstairs from relationship exorcist to say he’d only not called as he had SUCH a good time it freaked him out. And then this and then that and now today at the gym chatting to someone who i SWEAR am not just being catty looked like she did not wash EVER. And not just chatting – doing big goo goo eyes and his crap dazzling smile. He makes me feel like i 14.

    • ” He makes me feel like i 14.” and i ask you mystic what wrong with being 14! lol jokes jokes! i was happy yet surprised that you came out of your “writing/editing” period/ VACATION FROM US! hehehe

      • 14 is COOL! But it means, a la the below, that I tempted to go back to gym and ponce about a bit, rather than the more dour approach that the U prob deserves. How was your drama thing?
        I always said BACK on the WEEKEND?
        Hey, i can’t be bothered posting on this as would cop too much crap incoming BUT how much profit is CSL gonna make from Swine Flu Vax that they apparently urgently cooking up right now???

        • A LOT, but flu vax have such limited efficacy that I’ve seen, and I don’t know how they’re going to get around trialling it. I suppose they’ll skip that step and deal with the side effects fall out later. Best flu prevention is to boost immunity/qi, i.e stop eating crap and imbibing substances, sleep, relax, breathe, exercise and stay warm and dry.

    • sounds like the Uranus energy stronger than Relationship Exorcist?
      If i saw an ex making goo goo eyes with someone who looked like they didn’t wash – EVER, well that would be the final nail in the coffin for me and i would change gyms!… no that i even go to gyms. I just walk a lot.

    • please change your gym Mystic. That’s were you seem to run into him constantly. Let him come and find you and if he doesn’t, he’s the dh he seems to be and you deserve so much better.

  14. most influential Virgo in my life, a former internationa super model, throws EVERYTHING out! no modeling portfolio. not even an comp card. kept not one shred of editorial in Italian Vogue. Now she runs esteem building workshops, guised as beauty workshops for teen girls. as well as occasionally be seen on those ‘make me a super model’ shows or fashion week behind the scenes – producing shows. I bet if her husband taped it she’d chuck that as well!!. she, curiosly, introduced me to magic & ‘the other worldly’……….

    As for you & the U Mystic…..hmm who wldnt spring back from dud-blind-date with an attempted ego boost? was that date the male Helen Keller? Blind, deaf & obvoiusly dumb?

    so Uranus 11 deg Virgo – here – means what?

  15. Lol thanks dudes! The prob with thinking like a 14 yro is that i think i will just go back to same gym and annoy him by being beautiful and fab. He adores me but cannot be constant enuf, poor thing. Plus…Neptunian substance overload.
    Rockstar! LOVE the sound of super-mod. Uranus11 is outta zone of the current Uranian weirding! But you are Pisces Rising yes? and what degree?

  16. Myst, while you are around this time of eve & i have downloading almost all of NASA pix,
    came across a personage called Dovid Krafchow on You Tube under 2012 Explained.
    He’s described a Jewish Bohemian Tarot Kabbalist.
    Long curly silver almost d-locks & very long white beard, yup looks like a GODGURU, interesting
    stuff ’bout numbers, dates language etc. he was mesmerising:)

    Change to your closest Pilates studio…energy follows thought remember,or do you have unfinished
    biz with the Neptunian Uranian?
    ‘don’t stoop to pick up nothing’….ooops sound like my Mother!

    You have a wealthy/substantial M A N coming to you if you clear the space for him.
    He will be more evolved than the last 2/3 BUT you need to be final with the past first.
    Be prepared……..drop the losers.Written with the best intentions, they say if you want the truth;
    ask a Sagg.

    • Hun are you channelling? Oh well i love my gym and the U is my Ex and am over it now. Was irritating to ego as he still texts me all this lovelorn stuff but then voila…!
      Totally get what you are saying. Need to clinch things off with the Aqua Rugger Stud too…xx

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