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My God, GO the Virgo Moon. It never fails. I went from total Venusian-Pluto Mode (courtesy of The Uranian detouring back into La Vie en Moi all of a sudden) so that was fun & then straight into waking up at about 3AM this morning with a screechy Virgoan Must-Do-List that – I swear – included all these: eat more fibre, analyze ‘pond’ dream, suggest people in next block muzzle their dog, wear sunblock on decolletage, book electrician to fix light switch before Mercury Retrograde, research ‘chimera’, do Pilates PROPERLY.

What’s more, I  have tainted my immaculate pile of neatly aligned clean writing pads by scribbling this stuff all over them and with anarchic arrows + some doodling of pentagrams. I think the correct way to run this Moon (and associated situation of Mercury going in slo-mo getting set to turn Retro etc) is to let the Getting-It-All-Done laundry Qi of Virgo be comforting and a settling post all the dramas of last week. Yes?

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23 thoughts on “Virgo Moon Management

  1. Well the Venusian Pluto thingo certainly had its effect. By Saturday night/early Sunday morning I was flashbacking to this “event” a few years ago now that I’d completely forgotten about, but suddenly seemed vastly significant to current relationship circumstances. Totally freaked me out until I recalled this is kinda the stuff that’s “meant” to happen when Pluto starts rollicking around in the grass with Venus. Brings up bursts of “crap” that one had forgotten one has, all ready there conveniently to now process. How kind Pluto is. Not. Oh well, I guess it’s good in the long run.

    But not feeling the Virgo thing at all!! In fact even thinking about Virgoaness is giving me a headache. I’m more in a “shitloads of bloody mary – like JUGS of it – plenty of tobasco and vodka, kicking back and doing bugger all” kind of mood. The washing can go stuff itself up its own undies.

    • I got my washing done Prowlin’ but did have some wine…As did yesterday when posting here. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to face my “drunken” but was feeling rather philosophical in the throws of it yesterday….Music always sends me somewhere else…

      Then I went to the casino and did fifty bucks. Home by one a.m and feelin’ quite crap like this a.m….Now need to get in the kitchen and cook for the week ahead….

      Maybe that’s the Virgo part of me coming out. I like being organized food wise for convenience as with my work must have sustanence, so will spend a couple of hours or so which will be so worth it later….

      Enjoy your bloody Mary….

        • Yeah a bit woozey….


          Ah but flippin freak, I’m a freak twenty four seven pretty much..

          Life is just so hilarious I cry..

  2. Ha. I’m virgoing out. Happily did 11 hours of marking yesterday. LOTS of red pen slashing their poor little essays apart. Was spazzing at the level of crapness and marking accordingly. This morning had flash insight into diet, and am on track to fit into skinny jean for European jaunt in (eeeeep!) six weeks.

    • gems, you’re scaring me now. I’m seeing this hypervigilant red marking pen slashing across poor, daft little undergrad’s sweated-over essays. The poor dears are probably really only used to LOLcats and texting lingo.

      “Zis iz myze ezzay aboutz Freudzdudian slipsong, wich iz likez de hip-hop but betterez and kickz aszz!”

      • Lol. Whatev. They like so deserve it. Oh hang on that’s spelled correctly. Ahhhaaaa ha ha. Suck it first years. The red pen is cooooooooooming! Maybe that should be my name. Gem the Red Pen. Or just Gem the Red.

  3. yah, the Venus-Pluto thingy-oh was no biggie for me – or perhaps I’m just immune to it??

    I suppose CUB turning up yesterday with a bottle of Moet could be considered part of that transit (we didn’t drink it but rather in true Virgo mode took the kids for a bike ride to the park, played in the sunshine then came home to eat and watch a movie). The bloody idiot ruined a civilised and ‘friend like’ afternoon by mentioning how ‘times have changed’ and I wouldn’t be getting any sex. I can’t even fathom why he’d say such a thing. He later texted to add that I’m still ‘hot’ (a term that annoys the heck outta me) and I have my ‘man club’ (his term for my collection of male friends). *exhasperated sigh*

    anyway, today I’ve been reorganising my work space (in between the laundry, dishes, general tidy up – go go go today!) – switched places on the communal desk so that I can see the whole room. Edited books kept handy for quick reference, filed away journals (finished one just in time for my Solar/Mercury Return and my eldest daughter presented me with a new one as a b’day gift).

    Am all done now and ready to get working on various writing projects.

    • You been one busy gal TA,

      And my impression is, CUB only brought up the other boys because he’s jealous! He would have not otherwise because if he didn’t care he wouldn’t bother….

      Did he know about the male audiance on your birthday?

    • he said such a thing because maybe he’s jealous? Men say really weird things when they are jealous-ish. It’s like “I know I can’t handle you, but I don’t want anyone else to have you either”. Straaaaaaaaaange days indeed. Good to hear you’re doing well though! 🙂

      • I’m with prowln on this one. I particularly dislike the mixed messages school of manipulation. ‘You’re hot and I want you, but you’re not getting me.’ WTF?

        He wants you to confirm to him that you want him so that he can reject you more completely. Damaging stuff. He’d make the effort to stalk you on this blog, but can’t be arsed to do the right thing by you, himself or anyone else.

        Analyze that, you CUB!

        • yeah Uber what is it with men on this front? And is it my fetid imagination and me just attracting really messed up dudes due to my own self worth “ishooos” – or are men as a whole actually getting WORSE in terms of emotional IQ (or lack thereof), inability to commit and outright misogynistic attitudes towards women???

          • I don’t think they’ve gotten worse prowln. They just haven’t kept up. I call it post feminist evolutionary lag.

            And there ARE wonderful, decent men out there. I gather they’re all taken though. You and I perhaps weren’t clever enough or quick enough to grab hold of em and keep em. It’s like going to DJ’s stocktake sale and you glimpse a nice twin set you like, the last in your size, but some savvy little blonde Piscean has whisked it to the register before you can put a hand out. And she didn’t even bother to try it on.

            I have found though, there are MANY advantages to being single.

          • Now I want to chuck a spanner in that hypothesis Uber – I know five or six great guys..(the ones CUB calls my ‘man club’) all single and all willing to commit. True that none of them are for me, but they are proof that really good, honest men do exist and are not ‘all taken’.

            There are six billion people on this planet – half of them are men. How many do you need? (er, OK, how many do I need? LOL) There’s someone Right for everyone. BE OPEN to meeting him/her.

            lecture over. Moon must be in Libra now xx

          • The freakin Double Bull is from Adelaide!! Every man I’ve met from Adelaide has been a charmingly, charismatic wanker! From the first time I took a Greyhound bus trip from west to east coast and back, I got dragged into “every pub on the road” by this tall, hunky Adeladian. I can tell you my Cappy boyfriend was NOT impressed, but hey I was only 17 or something.

            What the freak do you feed those boys down there TA???

            O K so I’m over-exaggerating. Like H E L L O …. Leo Merc, pissed the hell off Saggo Moon, Aqua mars ready to leg it over to some better terra-formed colony, bored as batshit Gem Asc just so OVER EFFING PLUTO CRAP.

            *coughs and composes self*

            Yes Uber it must be post feminist evolutionary lag. But according to Darwinian theory, doesn’t that mean that they … die out? Which is interesting considering that men have consistently low sperm counts on average over the past 20 years.

    • maybe he IS jealous.. who knows? I think he may have been directing me toward their attraction for me in order to appease me. Yes Sweetpea he did know about the guys at my birthday party. I’m trying not to make assumptions about what goes on in his mind, hence my exhasperated sigh.

      I better be careful as he has discovered my comments about him on this blog. Hello CUB-honey! (see, not bagging you!)

      And yes, twas great to have so much male attention for my birthday bash…nice to be treated with respect, given thoughtful gifts etc. I feel very grown up having male friends who I have no desires for whatsoever, too.

      Prowlincat my luv, what has come over you?? Take lots of deep breaths hun, drink extra water, anchor yourself in your body. :::: passing rescue remedy::::

  4. oooh. was it a nice pond, mystic? serene and reflective with a few lotus flowers? or were there half-submerged shopping trolleys and hamburger wrappers snagged on muddy twigs? was the pond spring fed and sparkling, self-sufficient or had it formed as a result of something being dammed up or blocked? were there friendly associations like animals? ducks, fishies? questions :0)

    also i have a favourite poem by lawrence durell using ‘chimera’:

    resolve the chimera of free choice while we
    steadily become what we believe
    the discrete ego is our fatal fallacy
    hamlet dispensing his ‘to be, or not to be’.

    and by the lantern of the finite mind
    set out to discover only what we find!
    nature’s cruel version of kant’s double bind.

    love UP

    • PS I highly recommend sunscreen on la decollete. no one wants cleavage that looks like chicken neck… xox

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