All Virgoans Are Atypical

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Art Deco Fairy Tale ArtThe Princess & The Pea really is the quintessential Virgoan Fairy Tale – non?

But a Virgo would deny that. Because Virgo is always sooo atypical. “Oh, I am not the typical Virgo, ” she doth protest. “The other week i let the fridge go without being vanilla wiped and the top shelf was not even colour co-ordinated.”

Or “I am like the opposite of what Virgos are meant to be like. Are you aware that your left sock has shrunk slightly in the wash or something and so it is out of kilter with the other? You can see that they are meant to match and are of the same pair but the left one is slightly more offwhite and the texture is not so smooth as that on the right.”

And “I am such an atypical Virgo. I was five minutes late to every single one of my appointments last Wednesday although it wasn’t my fault as I was having my curtains drycleaned and I had to ensure they used the correct cleaning product.”

Virgos may not DO everything but they sure as hell think of it & lie awake at night, noting the Not-Done in an orgy of self-guilting whereas our Scorp drifts off to sleep happily thinking of conspiracy theory, Saggo of their next trip (beach or mountain and what dullard obligation can they skip paying for to fund the trip – YAYYY!?) and Pisces fantasising re their latest crush and how best to spring their Stun & Beguile seduction campaign.

But poor darling sweet Virgo…they fall asleep thinking “baking soda…mend dentist…DAMN it….”

Remember Charlie Sheen was one of the few clients sprung in the Heidi Fleiss escort scandal because he kept meticulous records.

Image: Edmund Dulac

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73 thoughts on “All Virgoans Are Atypical

  1. Totally. Lol
    I use the princess and the pea analogy all the time to justify just about everything. And I AM NOT A TYPICAL VIRGO x

  2. Yeahhh I dunno… I’m a double Virgo but your post exaggerates to the max. I admit I go through the occasional bout of cleaning things up or rearranging/organizing, but between those bouts I leave all sorts of crap lying about. I hardly even “make” my bed in the mornings.
    And depending on how busy I am, I may or may not even be running through my undone to-do list at night. As of recently, I haven’t been.

    So yeah, just a thought. Not saying I’m a-typical, because in many situations I am QUITE typical. But none of the examples above apply to me, personally. :\

  3. Huh. That’s odd. I’m a virgo but I’m definately not anal about everything. I’m a go with the flow person.

  4. Gem with Virgo rising & I can’t believe that I have to admit this but I can’t stand things being untidy.
    I can’t leave the house/ work without tidying up…. I just can’t.

    I’ve tried but then I quickly run around doing a little one. I’ve never understood why I’ve done this except maybe all the virgo in my chart explains a lot of this. I have this domestic (virgo)/ jack of all trades (Gemini) issue at home & at work, it’s just an urge that I have to repair something & I may have never done anything like it before but I just do it. I’m not saying it’s great but it’s good enough! 😉

    My aqua academic is the opposite & leaves all their paper work & journals etc lying around & it can drive me insane sometimes but I am getting better at realising it’s me that has the problem..

    • LOL! Yes I drive my partner insane as much as he does me (see above). I don’t place them EXACTLY as he’d like them or IMMEDIATELY after using them.

  5. I’m Virgo sun and am forever saying “Oh its the only planet I have in Earth”…like it makes a difference 🙂

    Mystic you are spot on with the constant knowing of what we are NOT doing. And often I catch myself thinking in the shower about exactly which path I will walk to work or which bus I will take and whether I should have coffee at that place or do i feel like seeing people or what will i talk to them about if i see them… etc etc

    This was crystal clear a few months ago when I left the house with my then-boyfriend (Aries) to go for dinner. He said “You look concerned – did you forget something?” And in a moment of complete honesty I said “I’m just thinking about which bridge we should cross” He said “When?” and i was like “Oh just before the restuarant because theres so much ice at the moment, I think some of them are slippery” And he said “Sweetheart, thats at least 20 minutes walk away”
    (insert “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” joke here)

    But i do think it is a good gift when channeled correctly. I work a lot as a proofreader/editor of text. And I can usually articulate abstract things relatively well. So maybe only one planet in earth, but virgo sun in the first house is surely a strong one 🙂

    • OMG that’s hilarious about the thinking of the bridge before you got to it. I have mars in Virgo and i do stuff like that ALL the time!!! Also go to bed compiling lists of what i need to do the following day. My brain is like a perfectly ordered filing cabinet. Except this merc retro has really stuffed me around. It’s like someone has messed up all the filing and i just can’t think straight. Looking forward to Merc going direct.

  6. My best friend is a Virgo and tho she is hysterically hypochondriac and knows the ins and outs of every vitamin, amino acid and mineral capable of being ingested by man and their effects on the human body, she continually says she a libra/virgo cusp. She is always studying, is super smart and needs a list or plan of action for everything otherwise she gets very unwell and tense.

    I finally lost it at her and told her she was an uber Virgo and to suck it up and go with it; after all Madonna has virgo moon and rising and I’m sure she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without that… That placated her a bit. She’s super smart and loyal too. I seem to attract lots of virgo friends and find them lovely.

    As for princess and the pea.. my ex boy called me that after I slept incredibly poorly on an unpopped corn kernel in bed one night – always makes me smile to remember

    • Sand in the bed can do me in. I HAVE to get up and sweep it off. Not sure I want to ponder how a corn kernal got into your sleeping space….

      • When I was on Kauai I was disappointed. Such a beautiful place but not the kind of sand I’d like. Maybe that is my Virgo parts? Picky about
        beach sand?

        But I do have a few picky parts in me.

        Like when I drive through Taco Bell I MUST have the plastic spoon for my beans..Metal just does not do..Must be a Gemini “lightness” kind of thing because metal is too heavy for my beans…Oh Crikey, I know that sounds nuts….

        But back to the sand…

        When in Kauai, I almost always fell asleep with sand in my bed. Maybe that was due to the crazy drinks at happy hour….Great possibility there…

        But seeings how Kauai did not have powdered white sand but tan, little nugget type sand, I woke up with nugget sand embossed on my bum every morn..

        You’d think that for an island six million years old, the sand could be powdered like in Florida. I’ve never been to Florida but like the pix of their beaches.

        Picky about my beaches… So that is perhaps a Virgo side of me too…

  7. haha hilarious… my excuse always is, “I’m atypical, I have an aries moon!!” but i’m purposely self-deluding… unlike one boy I met recently who, when I asked him his sign, said: “I’m a virgo. It’s like, the worst star sign, hey.”

    • Sadly, I have to report, that every now and then some peeps who are not really into astro but kinda read the newspaper-sun-sign-scopes do tend to give me this “look” when I answer their sun-sign-question with “I’m a Virgo”. Quite a few actually nod knowingly and murmur “Well, I never really liked Virgos, they are weird.” This shortsighted prejudice infuriates me, but I refuse to tell them about Rising and Moon and the rather complex art of astrology. I silently smile at them. After all, one does need quite a bit of chutzpah (or is it ignorance) for stating such generalizations.

      So yes, Virgo obviously has a strange reputation, being typical or not.

  8. Ahhh Mystic – thank you. Finally, it makes sense. I read some of the above virgoan comments and just feel guilty at my relative squalor. I iron nothing, nothing matches, little order much chaos. But yes, I do notice these things. To make things to the standard that would be “right” would be impossible in terms of time, money and maintainance. So I decide not to gove a damn, spend more time reading, writing and living.

    Virgo sun, scorpio rising.

  9. This sounds just like my Libra partner. His mercury, mars and pluto in Virgo if I’m reading his chart right (I am a learner). Jeez it all makes sense!

    One of the concrete plants is only a few blocks away (we have our own concrete business) he’ll hear the faint beeping of their loader at 4am or earlier on some mornings if the breeze is right and can not go back to sleep. And/or he’ll start thinking/worrying about a current job we’re doing about some minute detail. He’ll go to bed thinking of work too. Often he’s sweating the small stuff he neglects the bigger circumstances. This is where we’ll compliment each other because I’ve usually got my mind on the logistics.

    Tools, papers, pens, wheelbarrows etc HAVE TO be placed in their allotted space or he’ll get jittery til it’s right. His filing system is meticulous. He drives me insane with his nit-picking.

  10. What about natal aspects disturbing the Virgoan traits?

    Virgo Sun squared by Neptune, Virgo Venus squared by Uranus speaking here.
    My Scorpio Mother is the woman with the lists, she has her Moon in Virgo. Admiring her structured way of achieving everything she sets out to do, I have been trying to do it like her, but I tend to throw these lists away and do things anyway (I do not need lists really, as I have a very precise memory – is this Virgoan?). I know the pondering about those things to do at night, but always end up dreaming about my latest crush before falling asleep. I guess, I feel like a Pisces most of the time, especially when I wake up and face the reality of my Virgo work-life….

    • Using my Very Virgo dad as a reference I would say that a precise memory about things that matter to you is very virgo. While compiling business plans is very easy for me, he just does his in his head and builds an empire. He can not see the point in writing it down. My explanation is that not everyone can see 360% about a situation like he does and they need a map…hence business plans.

  11. I have 4 planets in virgo (sun, merc, pluto and venus) so do relate but with my moon and rising in pisces I am happy to focus on the crush at night. Good antidote to overthinking: list what went RIGHT! its excellent soul food and very relaxing

    • ohh I like this quintile…’list what went RIGHT’…my safe question to stop the spin cycle of my mind is …’Is this helpful?’ this tends to columnise the thoughts a tad…the caveat is to not beat myself up if it’s not helpful…just accept that it’s part of my mind processing things…I try to accept that not everything that wanders through my mind will be helpful, and focus on things that do move me forward…or else it’s like reshuffling cards…not helpful.

  12. Got the worst sleep last night as all that kept circling around in my head was…. take avo to work for lunch, bins out in the morning, make phsyio appointment, email such and such, blah blah blah etc.. I am however so not virgo in the sense that we are supposed to be pretty conservative and boring like that. I am pretty promiscuous altho I think it could just be a phase? Oh and I HATE that shaker furniture Mystic mentioned in the Bauhaus armchair post.

  13. Forget the tidying, it’s the worrying that makes being virgoan a karmic chore. Cannot wait to be a Libran.

    We do sweat the small stuff. I myself could worry for Australia – as in I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (OCD and of course it manifests itself in a continuous loop of anxious thoughts about the state of my HEALTH!!!! Could I be any more virgoan). I have actually wondered which star sign is most likely to be diagnosed with which disorder.

    But on the up side, we do get stuff done – we’re extremely efficient and we’re excellent multi-taskers. And imagine the spelling mistakes if we weren’t around!!!

    Also we’re amusing, diverting, frequently frivolous and we LOVE to chat. None of my friends are ever left in the dark about any aspect of my life (or theirs). It’s all analyzed and dissected in detail and then recounted in ever more dramatic and witty vignettes. Well, I think they’re witty anyway. And if we’re not nagging and guilting then we’re usually pretty polite and helpful.

    And we love to study. I’m finishing my Masters now and am soon to move on to a PhD. And that’s gotta help someone!

  14. My dear partner has Virgo moon – after sex I am drifting into a satisfied coma – he is itching to change the sheets.

  15. I can’t stand closet Virgos. For God’s sake, be out, be proud, be Virgo!

    Iron your clothes twice!

    I can so relate to that princess, but reckon I could feel the pea through more mattresses than that. The illo is monstrously inaccurate BTW. There’s no way we Virgos would allow any unsightly overhang of the bedding and the colours & decor are all wrong, like the decorator is some fuqed up water sign. Tom Ford would be climbing the walls.

    • I love, love, love the look of that bed although did tuck in my corners on my own bed this a.m. so would probably tidy that up. Still though, totally nappable for me (I love a good nap) and just climbing up would be an accomplishment type feeling for an Aries with Draconic Virgo Sun and Merc.

      And besides Ub, being an Aries, I can shout orders from up there….

      How come I DONT feel the damn pea!!

      Now I am only Sweet….


    • The messy bedding AND the pea probably kept her awake…
      Mental list:
      -Curtains MUST go,
      -feather mattreses NEED airing (if not replacing with posturpedic innersprings),
      -must order white 800 thread egyption cotton sheets ASAP,
      -and SOMEBODY WILL polish the candelabra IMMEDIATELY

    • TOTALLY agree….the mess of the bed…..the colours……so NOT virgo. we have …nay need…sheets with hospital corners, white white white white everything white, sheets spotted with lavender or final rinse in eucalyptus oil. So soothing….

    • I KNOW! Lovely illustration, but she would have tidied at least the top sheet already, by herself — secretively — if not pushed the mattresses into shape.

      The Princess and the Pea was my favourite fairytale when I was four. I would go to sleep at night trying to figure out whether I would actually feel the pea through 20 featherbeds. Could a person really feel that? I was still coming to grips with metaphor…

  16. “Pisces fantasising re their latest crush and how best to spring their Stun & Beguile seduction campaign.”

    OMG. It is true, to the nth degree, it is true.

  17. someone please help me here. Sun 1 deg libra – but my world crumbles if the (perfectly white) bathroom towels are not exactly aligned, the larder / fridge art directed, cockery / cutlery cabinet perfectly aliged, everything matching sans chips or cracks. the cleaner laughs at the how both under sink & linen has been elevated to an artform. there are lists of list & pls DONT show me a stain.
    Is there such a thing as a sign being on the CUSP?
    or is it c/ Natal Mercury 15 deg Virgo?

    • rLp I’ve taken to unpicking the label on my pure white I know how to care for them and they offend my eye…which for me makes sense considering my trifecta of virgo planets. I’ve also noticed Libran people very discerning/fussy re:anything that displeases them.

      When I thought it was imprinting from my Virgo dad I resisted my Virgo tendancies…now I’m just trying to embrace the productivity and go with it…much easier all round.

    • gang – as little as this novice can interp – Sun Lib 1 deg, Moon 4 deg Tauro, fish riser & then (per something a newby can NOT figure…MC 13 sag / 11 16 Cap & bunch of other stuff …..

      ?? xRLPx 🙂

      • RLP…These are the house cusp degrees. MC is the mid-heaven and the cusp of the 10th house….11 16 Cap means that the cusp of your 11th house is 11 degrees Cap and so on. Often you’ll only be given 6 house cusps as the other 6 are exactly in opposition. So 4th house cusp or IC would be 13 degrees Gem and exactly opposite 13 degrees Sagg. Does that help?

        • Spesh – my brain spazzed out after ‘MC is the mid-heaven’ (thx for that interp. but is there such thing as ‘CUSP’, & are Virgo-esque traits above attributed to anything c/ scant info provided? Have spent past 2 weeks looking for shite to guilt out on. seriously unfounded. am on fire yet crumbs on bench spark bug neurosis…& that’s just the beginning of stuff that wont be fessed up here. BTW loveya work Chesh!! 😉

          • thanks sweet Rlp, cusp simply means dividing line whether it’s the dividing line between two signs or the dividing line between two houses and are the spokes in the wheel of your chart. When peeps say they are cusp it means they don’t know if they are one sign or another because their Sun is at 30degrees or zero degrees of a particular sign. If a planet is placed on a house cusp it can influence both houses. Does that help??

    • hey Ubers & TA –

      moon 4 deg Taurus / Jupiter 24 Taurus & nothing obvious (from novice interp) in Cap

      Could Virgoesque traits have anything to do with the Natal Virgo “club” comprising Uranus 15 deg Virgo, Pluto 14 deg Virg & Merc 15 Virg??

      thoughts?? 🙂

  18. ohh Massive Deja Vu as i was reading this post –
    i think virgo’s are the detailers or the family – we have one and if anything doesnt go to plan — all hell breaks lose!

  19. Virgos emerge from the womb fully Virgo-ing…

    CUB took my six year old Virgoan daughter (sun conj mars in virgo in fifth house) on his search for a newspaper and breakfast food on sunday morning… he later recounted the story (his virgo moon tickled no doubt) about how she knew a) what time the supermarkets were opened b) a back up plan should it be too early for the said Coles to be open so that she directed him to the two-dollar shop for a diversion; c) knew precisely where all the ‘cool toys’ were d) gave him all the precise reasons why he should purchase all the toys (this sword has lifelike blood detailing on one side, this one is curved so you can take someone’s head off with it etc) so that she came home laden with bubbles, helicopters, planes and guns – all the things I’d never buy! and d) once satisfied, merrily showed him where to find the required items in the supermarket.

    He calls her a walking personal digital organiser.

    she hates the Steiner school she’s at because they ‘don’t do any work’ and ‘its all singing and playing and drawing stuff – where’s the maths and science?!’

    I find it hilarious to observe how utterly Virgo the kid is and look forward to hearing her deny it in the years to come! 🙂

    • My youngest Virgo, now Head of English at posh school, at three would hold a book open and ask “Mummy, Why don’t the words work for me like they do for you.” Not easy to explain to a three year old that it’s a lengthy process.

      • I was reading basic words at 3, and books by 4. If dad tried to create a new and improve storyline in Pansel & Betal (aka Hansel & Gretel) I’d calmly say “noooooooo” and read the ‘correct’ version.

        • Cute…

          My Cancerian daughter (with Virgo MC and Virgo Venus conjunct) didn’t seem to mind what I called Barbie and Skipper in her picture books.

          “Slarbie and Flipper”…

          Poor thing. Gem rising I had to always change things around to a more (to me) fun way. Can’t remember what I called Ken..

          Ah, don’t think I changed it. Other than his car, he was boring…. 🙂

      • aw, chesh that’s an adorable childhood anecdote 🙂 at what age did the words come?

        my little virgo gets quite frustrated also, when the ‘words dont’ work’ ,lol, but has discovered the joys of sums, and in the absence of any guidance will make her own up, covering reams of papers with numbers which make no sense to anyone but her.

        Saturn in Virgo isn’t nice to her – hovering back and forth over her Sun for ages now. She has taken to lengthy ‘time outs’ under her bed or in other dark corners. V sad.

        • TA with five offspring it was time rationing and a hit and miss process. With four older siblings who were all into reading, she could always con someone into reading for her. With a combination of Sesame Street, my telling her words and her learning books by heart, she was reading simple stuff at four but it was difficult because she didn’t like what she called silly baby books. Unlike most kids she didn’t like a quick fix and loved a story to go on serial form night after night. She’d go to sleep imagining what was going to happen next. I found that teaching her to write was easier as she learned the words at the same time and it kept her occupied writing the same word till it was Virgo perfect.

          Both my Virgos would do the time out, living inside their heads and I found that they were virgo mentally processing something and could normally crack the code to prompt them to telling me what was being pondered. It could be precious time consuming though as the “story” was rambling and detailed with lots of pauses to sigh and look Camile-ish and tragic.

          • good to know, Chesh, that my little virgo’s time-outs aren’t odd. I did think this was something that would pass – as I recall when her next oldest sibling was her age Saturn was in her sun sign and she became rather obsessed with death and illness (very scary for me actually!).

  20. My linen cupboard is immaculate. Woe betide anyone who messes with it. Thats what comes when the great Benefactor and the great Teacher are both in Virgo. Ordered life = prosperous life = greater learning.
    But I’ve not honed the art of the list. I love them, but I’ve not moved from mental to physical yet. They’re too untidy…..

    • My linen cupboard is a disgrace. For a start, most of it should be thrown out and replaced. And secondly, things are squished in cos there is not much room. Try as I might, my bed linen barely warrants the term “folded”. they are more or less in a rectangular shape. Sorta. I find housework unbearably dreary. I do the minimum to make life pleasantly bearable. Hardly an ounce of virgo in my chart….obviously!

  21. LOL so very very true. it really bothers us if the towels havent been rinsed in eucalyptus oil. And the white sheets are not absolutely immaculate ALL the time. The deets really matter. Just ask Karl Lagerfeld. Or Nick Cave.

  22. ‘Virgos may not DO everything but they sure as hell think of it & lie awake But poor darling sweet Virgo…they fall asleep thinking “baking soda…mend dentist…DAMN it….”’

    i do that all the time, even when i’m on holiday, it’s exhausting!! and obsessive i’m sure. i wish i could stop but don’t dare and i’m only virgo moon, sigh, LOL!

    • Same here hmbots, moon also. Even writing the damn stuff down in a list before bed doesn’t stop it. I also count obsessively. Winding a cable, steps down the garden, brushing hair, beating eggs, chopping veg … and I know I am not alone!

      • I do the counting thing and always have. I didn’t know it was an obsession thing till it came up in a chat a couple of years ago. I’m not obsessive in any other way and only have Virgo on my mid-heaven. I hate un-ironed clothes and scruffy shoes but thought it a Cap thing

        • hey chesh, apropos of nothing except a bit virgo, i’m just making quince jelly and feel very Edward Lear/Lewis Carroll so thought of you, LOL!

          • Runcible spoon at the ready……..I’ve got the glums today. I seem to get them on day 3 after alpha tauri disappears into the West. Totally rudderless, still in jammies and mentally screaming at myself to GET A FUKING GRIP!!!

          • poor chesh, i know just what that is like, i love spending time with the HM but oh the disruption to my psyche and the inevitable few days of adjustment until one comes back into one’s own self and fits one’s own skin again!

            yoga and distraction work for me, but in any case rudderless and in jammies is occasionally very good for the soul, IMHO.

            i must take my own advice occasionally, am sadly inclined to perpetual motion!! possibly rather untoro?!

          • Just said to a leo friend that I feel like this when my children visit…love seeing them and then when they leave, the house which I normally love being alone in, seems to echo without their laughter…takes me a few days to readjust…did comment that maybe I could find some undemanding bloke to feed. I can not believe my desire to just feed people at the moment.

            and mmmm quince anything twthmbots (looks like I’m lisping in text)

          • LL it is rather good to cok for anyone other than just me and a taurus is soooo appreciative……….he has a special love for teacake

          • yes taureans and food. i went out the other night for my birthday in Adelaide with an aquarian friend who i think sought to impress me and boy did she, serious food porn and quite possibly the best food i’ve ever eaten.

            small amounts (so you don’t feel horribly stuffed life a fois gras goose, LOL!) of brilliantly put together food with amazing tastes, shall take me a long time to get over that one, mmmmmm i do so lurve food! in fact it’s a line ball whether music or food wins with me (though good sex is hard to beat too!), a combination would be the most perfect thing, hehehe! oh there are just toooo many pleasures in life, the possibilities are endless!

          • aaaah the four great Fs essentials of life and relationships T with HMBOTS…great food great fun great fonics and great futon <3

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