The Astrology Of Affairs With Married Men

The World Is Full Of Married Men Soundtrack

Yes, I know that some of you guys are men and not even gay! In which case you’re more than welcome to substitute the word ‘women’ for men.  If you’re a gay girl – think ‘wives’ – whatever. I am just interested in the astro of when peeps get involved as the third-bit of a triangle and all. No morality, no angst, no names – astro-anecdotally only — WHICH MARRIED SIGN IS THE MOST LIKELY TO FOOL AROUND?

Not deeply fall in love.  Not your Twin Souls entangled with others when  you meet hoo-hah. I am talking about Players.

The astro-lore has it that tricky aspects to the Moon signify players but a lot of this stuff was written during a time of less cultural freedom. And it’s sexist. We need new data. Which sign is most likely to be the Classic Married Player?  Male or female. The retro guy or gal who can happily linger in apparent hell for decades, provided he/she gets the occasional excursion.  It’s not Aries, Kataka, Scorpio nor Aquarius or even Pisces…though the latter is doubtful. Taurus is the most likely to use a professional but be stringent in enforcing the mate’s boundaries.

Yes? No? This is purely objective and save tales of YOUR tawdry sluttage & infidelity for later. This is TOTALLY about which sign is the most likely to be (apparently) attached to an entity whom does  not understand (ever) him/her and seek comfort outside of this bond without ever actually breaking it.

I’m going for Gemini. When I was a teenage cocktail waitress, a young Gemini sales rep took me home “for a drink” and insisted  that the toys around the place – bikes, dolls etc scattered everywhere – were something he collected, being arty & all. And that the photos of him with a bride on the mantlepeice were of him and his SISTER as he was SO close to her and she DIED so he kept the pics. I left suddenly when the wife + her parents & the kids got home several hours earlier than expected. He told me that they were the mafia and that i had to leave immediately through the window. He then stalked me. What was weird is that it took me ages to figure out what had happened, as i was So naive.

Players? Married players? This is a very apt topic for the Full Moon in Scorpio with Mercury Retro…

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107 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Affairs With Married Men

  1. im a gemini sun pisces moon. went with my scorp ex while he was in a relationship…i thought i still loved him. dont like being the other woman though so wont have a repeat of that.
    I would say pisces men are serial cheaters- my pisces friend told me he cant not cheat. he just cant. he used to go to the movies with his scorpio gf and while the movie was showing he would excuse himself to go to the restroom..when in reality he would go with another girl (an obsessive cancer) and do stuff. then he would wash his hands and return to the cinema.
    taurus men are the ones who would be in a long term, loving relationship but still cheat. i know a taurus with a beautiful, loving gf, they’re always together, epitome of a perfect couple. that is unless he started messaging me on fb, started off innocently then got friskier. I ignore him.
    ahh my fellow gemini brothers- im ashamed of them. one of my close friends, he cheats, fantasizes about cheating, he is terrible. he wants every attractive woman around. because of his friendliness women like him so i guess he has alot of temptation. i laugh at all his stories