The Astrology Of Affairs With Married Men

The World Is Full Of Married Men Soundtrack

Yes, I know that some of you guys are men and not even gay! In which case you’re more than welcome to substitute the word ‘women’ for men.  If you’re a gay girl – think ‘wives’ – whatever. I am just interested in the astro of when peeps get involved as the third-bit of a triangle and all. No morality, no angst, no names – astro-anecdotally only — WHICH MARRIED SIGN IS THE MOST LIKELY TO FOOL AROUND?

Not deeply fall in love.  Not your Twin Souls entangled with others when  you meet hoo-hah. I am talking about Players.

The astro-lore has it that tricky aspects to the Moon signify players but a lot of this stuff was written during a time of less cultural freedom. And it’s sexist. We need new data. Which sign is most likely to be the Classic Married Player?  Male or female. The retro guy or gal who can happily linger in apparent hell for decades, provided he/she gets the occasional excursion.  It’s not Aries, Kataka, Scorpio nor Aquarius or even Pisces…though the latter is doubtful. Taurus is the most likely to use a professional but be stringent in enforcing the mate’s boundaries.

Yes? No? This is purely objective and save tales of YOUR tawdry sluttage & infidelity for later. This is TOTALLY about which sign is the most likely to be (apparently) attached to an entity whom does  not understand (ever) him/her and seek comfort outside of this bond without ever actually breaking it.

I’m going for Gemini. When I was a teenage cocktail waitress, a young Gemini sales rep took me home “for a drink” and insisted  that the toys around the place – bikes, dolls etc scattered everywhere – were something he collected, being arty & all. And that the photos of him with a bride on the mantlepeice were of him and his SISTER as he was SO close to her and she DIED so he kept the pics. I left suddenly when the wife + her parents & the kids got home several hours earlier than expected. He told me that they were the mafia and that i had to leave immediately through the window. He then stalked me. What was weird is that it took me ages to figure out what had happened, as i was So naive.

Players? Married players? This is a very apt topic for the Full Moon in Scorpio with Mercury Retro…

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108 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Affairs With Married Men

  1. I’ve known players to be Taurus (married), Virgo (married) & afraid to say the odd opportunist gemini. Gemini’s are just players, until they fall in love lol

    • Taurus was female, virgo male & I’ve known both male & female gems to do this..

    • Players – married men – come from ALL star signs. They are the opportunists who take the opportunity when presented. You’ll only get left-over crumbs of affection. Save yourself and DO NOT go there, no matter how tantalising. As said by a psychaitrist recently, women need a reason for sex – men only need a place.

  2. Sorry – menat to elaborate.

    Gemini – opportunistic, not so much malicious as unthinking
    Libra – thinks they might be missiing out on something
    Cancer – just wants love and attention
    Scorpio – uses affairs as a power trip

    Simply my observations of people over time…

    • Yes TLA my vote is Libra – in the past 5 yrs, have been propositioned by 3 Married/partnered men for little dalliances, with their partners, though they would’ve also liked it without (don’t know what energy I’m giving out to attract that as have always been a 1-man woman and never really interested in that sorta thing) and they have ALL been librans….never had anyone else ask the same thing. So my vote is Libra, though yes Gemini men are players too. Funny, cos I’m a gem and always been a totally faithful gal in all my relationships (or is that my Sag moon?)

  3. Aries men (marriage does not provide sufficient adulation)

    Scorpio women (love to “act” in secret)

    “Lower” Pisceans (generally sneaky and sleazy)

    • Gemini – no bones about it. Their care about emotional consequences – about as deep as a baby’s pool.

    • I agree with you current but ‘higher’ pisceans just don’t see the point of marriage full stop so you can’t accuse us of cheating on anyone.

  4. yes as i read the headline i instantly thought of Gemini’s (soz to all gemini’s!) — but i do think that an irritated leo might cheat = if a leo doesnt have control over a situation they’ll scatter and so i think they would be suseptable to cheating. hmmm
    ohhh and i think a bored scorpio might also seek uniquness in another mate (other than its spouse)
    Matt x
    ps. does that make sense?? i know i am a bit young to talk about marriage and cheating but wat the hell :)

  5. I know a Sagg who’s involved with two women at the mo and says it’s possible to love two women at the same time. I’ve had the same line from an Aqua.

    My first husband is Cap and a serial offender and been married four times and played up on all of us.

    I knew an Irish Piscean who was another serial offender. I actually was involved with him when very young and naive and believed his ‘catholic and can’t end marriage’ till I saw him with another woman.

    Another Piscean friend of late husbands had at least 3 on the side. Arrived home one dawn and had just slipped into bed beside his wife when she stirred and said ‘ if you’re awake, I’d love a cup of tea’ so he had to pretend he’d been asleep too.

    I worked with a Scorpio who definitely played and the only person not aware of it was his wife.

    Oddly my vast extended family has loads of Gems, including my father, and all are strong family men devoted to their wives.

    The only married woman player I know is a Virgo

    • I agree Chesh. I’ve just removed myself from a situation with a Sagg. He is involved with many women at the same time – all in a very full-on way. All believe that they are the one and only…very sad I reckon (for him). What a life.

  6. cheshire cap have you read Brida by Paulo Cohlleo??? i think your Sagg comment will be explained in that novel – it is a very intriging read

    • No I haven’t Matt but have my own theory on people who say they can love two at once. We can all love many people at once but not in the special way that asks for total commitment. Some people are so self-committed that it’s impossible for them to place another’s needs and feelings ahead of their own desires. If they want something/someone they go for it and bugger the consequences. It’s perfectly natural to have feelings stirred by someone other than one’s partner but most of us don’t act on it because we value our partner completely.

  7. I’d say Leo. I have a family member who is a Leo who has cheated at times but never with the intent to leave his marriage. My criminal ex was the same. He cheated constantly (I was unaware until after we broke up) but never had any intentions of leaving me. He explained to me afterwards that I was his trophy girlfriend, the nice pretty smart girl he could take to work functions and family bbqs. He cheated with the taboo girls, the drug addicts and trashy girls from the wrong side of the track that he could never take home to meet his mum. I wasn’t impressed obviously. Lol. I think he thought that I would be. That I’d be happy I was the chosen one, the public girlfriend. So I vote Leo.

  8. why is it all the ones who say they can love more than one at one always choose partners who want exclusive relationships ?

  9. after mentally rummaging round in my past, I’ve remembered a Taurean woman who respected no boundaries including those of her marriage.

    and a Libran woman who considered any man fair game if she was partnerless but eventually married a Virgo and hasn’t looked sideways since.

    • ps…..forgot the women ex-cap bedded…1 sagg 1 pisces 1 leo 1 taurus…all knew ha was married with kids…..the taurus becoming wife no 2….fuq that man had strong pheromones …there could have been others but these are the ones I knew about….he probably went through the whole zodiac

      • I’ve noticed Taurus women I have known will date married men w/o any guilt, but if cheated on them well, that was a different matter.

        • I have noticed the same thing, Scorp Tongue.

          Had a female Taurean friend who happily played around (tee hee, it’s fun! Toss the blonde locks about.) LIke a weird power/ ego trip but in a girlie way – “The stupid wife doesn’t even KNOW!” That kinda thing.

          Had been married 3 times but always divorced when hubbies cheated on her. Enraged that they could do something so immoral and cruel. Oh the horror!

          • The one Taurus women I knew had gender-identity issues dressed very mannish and had low self esteem. I think she pursued unattainable men to boost her confidence and say she won the competition.
            She was bi-sexual but I’m unsure she was as aggressive in pursuing them.
            Very competitive for a Taurus, she was born on Hitler’s bd. Maybe that’s why. :)
            Ultimately she did not act, dress or act stable or nuturing like most Taurus women I have known before.

  10. being a gem I would say Leo’s, Libran’s, Sagg’s and Scorp’s

    I would also prob say Gem’s but I’ve never known one who has, myself included. How sad… It would sound a hell of a lot more exciting if I had :)

    • I’m a gemini, and seem to have an eye for men already in relationships. Nothing beyond a little flirting prior to truly establishing that fact ever happens, because I’m not a home wrecker – its a morality issue, which I believe has been raised with regards to geminis before.
      My mum’s a gemini -had an affair for two years then left my taurean father to marry the man she had been seeing (who funnily enough was born on the same day as my dad – that bit gets even better as my dad then met his future wife at divorced classes, and she’s a gemini born a couple of days before my mum…)
      Given I was born somewhere directly in the middle of my parents (and thus also step parents) – early gemini, and lived with my dad when my mum left, i would attribute some of my behaviour re cheating to my childhood – but still i think that the morality issue is relevant to gems – and its more likely to be flirtations which they really don’t see as ‘meaning anything’ than actual philandering.

    • I knew one Gem guy in particular, who was super sexual and sexy and basically wanted to bed every single woman he came across! He just loved them, all shapes,sizes, hair colour etc…It gutted him I wouldn’t sleep with him, as I was in a long-term relationship with the father of my child, think I was the only one ever who had turned him down, but oh my gosh it didn’t stop me thinking of it, esp when my relationship was going down the gurgler! He still thinks of me as the one who got away apparently…

      • He was resolutely single too, so a player definitely, tho not a cheater…

  11. The cheating Taurus I know is a Scorpio rising with Leo moon, so pretty much follows all above.

    • Shudder, those are precisely my specs but I have always had a feeling of nausea at the thought of cheating. Doth I protest too much? Don’t get me wrong, I have been tempted once or twice when I was with Libra ex but then became so disgusted with myself that I had this ridiculous puritanical reaction to even being in the same room as him. Then there was this bloke I was attracted to at work (in a don’t-go-there-fantasy kind of way) who I knew was engaged to a model or some such. Perhaps he sensed my interest because he propositioned me (mere opportunism) and I was so outraged at his audacity that attraction quickly turned to repulsion. I didn’t catch his sign but at a guess I’d say Gem because only they seem to have that gaga-fying effect on me (it’s my venus and eros)

    • The cheating Taurus I knew that went after married men was Taurus Sun, Libra Rising with Scorpio Moon.
      I thought Taurus would be practical. It seems against their nature.

      • Hmmm I’m Taurus Sun, Scorp Asc and have to admit I have been guilty of straying. Have always been one off and alcohol fueled, am not someone who could live with long-term cheating (the one offs have been wracking enough as it is). I’m certainly not going to defend my behavior, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it anymore, but add a few wines and the lusty interior of Taurus/Scorp seems to come rising to the surface and I just get overtaken by my lustyness.

        Base Taurus behaviour is gluttony and scorp is sexual sexual sexual so I can understand why that combo would lead to straying.

          • Spooky, GLT. Do you also find gemini men irresistible? I agree about the base behaviour and I know I’m capable of much naughtiness but I also think that if the bloke at home is doing his bit right then a taurus/scorp is more inclined to keeping her panties on. Nothing like a bit of guilt tranference.

          • Funny I have never known any Gem men but I can imagine they would be a fire hazard for me. My two best female friends are Gems’ (not that there is a sexual connection there, but they are definitely my irresistible friendships).

            I think if the bloke at home is the right one then a Taurus/Scorp very inclined to keep pants on. I’ve also got Gem in the 8th and 9th so its fairly significant sign for me.

          • My two closest buddies are also gemini but I am a little morose at the mo because I have had a major-merde falling out with one and the other has just moved to edinburgh. Still trying to recover.
            Happy birthday for the other day btw GLT, glad to hear your party was a success guilt-free sex inclusive. We should all be able to order a birthday like that on e-bay.

          • Ha! Totally. It was perfect. Not sure how you would price it, but I’m reckoning expensive! And happy birthday for you whenever it is. x

        • She was a big wine drinker, dropped X, crystal meth, was a bi-sexual fetish swinger and self proclaimed sex addict and a muslim extremist. How is that even possible?
          So, with all these crazy things she was extremely unstable.
          I don’t think she was pursuing a higher lifestyle but was getting really into subversive shit.
          I dropped all contact she was way too plotting. She thought the world was out to get her and was going to get them first. Very angry and had hateful energy towards women.
          I think maybe abuse altered anything nurturing in her nature- maybe?
          I doubt you are anything like her- thank god! :)

  12. Although I don’t, for a multitude of reasons cheat, I do know a significant amount of Leos that do. I think sometimes it’s the not dealing with the day to day well…the need for drama, to distract them…for some the creation of a little golden illusionary bubble that they immerse themselves in. Also there can be an unhealthy amount of arrogance and going all droit de seigneur. After breaking up with my leo husband I had a leo friend want me to join the harem…to which I said hell no. I don’t share.

  13. The moon sign may have a fair bit to do with it, being our emotional guiding light and all.

  14. libran man. a time bomb with a ribbon round it.
    saggiatrius man. a wolf with a diamond collar.
    scorpio man, taurus rising …a current anthropological exploration, id love to know more about scorpios potential for infidelity and cheat capacity.

    • Thanks Aquaqua – your libran man is the best one liner to describe my ex I’ve come across. Hope you don’t mind if I pinch it. To the best of my knowledge he wasn’t a cheater, infact I never doubted his complete devotion right up until the moment he inexplicably dumped me (mustn’t have heard the ticking). Then again I’ll never really know and happy to keep it that way.

      • Oh and my humble advice re cheating capacity of Scorps is that it’s best not to over think it when it comes to current flame because a) jinx and b) if the Scorp be power tripping it would play right into his hands. I know given my track record for naivety I’m probably not one to talk but I firmly believe that it’s tempting fate to go all Othello on your lover.

      • ha, my libra fella the same, after years securely and utterly devoted, i was kicked to the street- and the cause? his estranged 22 yr old daughter had re-entered his life, hence (?) no place for me – kind of like adultery, wot?
        “a time bomb with a ribbon on it”

        • are you a Pisces anon? Thought i saw you mention it somewhere else?

          • no, capricorn aries rising – not ‘anon’ actually just too lazy to login as beachgirl – love reading the threads!

    • Unfortunately, I think Scorpio men have a bad rap.
      Is it that they believe they are going to be secretive and bad and therefore live that out?
      I knew several Scorpio men all extremely deceptive, a few abusive.
      Just recently had a co-worker Scorpio Sun/Scorpio Rising who was a newly wed married a women for a cover girl. Cheated on her after one month of marriage with ex gf’s and had a few bf’s on the side too. I dare say he was addicted to lying and deceptive behaviour- “duper’s delight.”
      Marriage was a public show he wanted to marry a black feminist to show his hipster friends he was hip and pc, but they had nothing in common and barely lived together.
      I thought it was the oddest arrangement.
      He asked me to lie about his whereabouts if his wife called. Made me uncomfortable and refused to do it.
      He would be an excellent case study.

  15. Leo. Knew a Leo butch lesbian who had three women on the go – one a girlfriend she’d had since 13, another a polyamorous queer activist, third a housemate. Eventually chose the Gemini housemate & they’ve been together for three years.
    I think Leos & Geminis are probably the most likely to do a quick about-face if they find someone they like better. Not QUITE what you were asking, but it’s an about-face so quick that they might still be in the previous relationship.
    Libra men seem to have a reputation for unfaithfulness, aquaqua’s comment made me laugh.

    • A Leo Sun/Scorpio Rising male I knew was always worried about public appearance and would date women publicly that he thought would enhance his public appearance or advance his business financially. Women with lots of $, prominence or power. In particular a defense attorney for date rape, statutory rape cases. She bought him an all-ages nightclub. I thought that was very bizarre.
      He would pay escorts and go on sex vacations to Thailand or Japan.
      Would hit on underage girls at his club. He is basically a criminal who hasn’t been caught yet by the justice system.
      It appeared his wife was aware but didn’t seem affected. She was a victim of childhood abuse. Not sure if that’s why she allowed this behavior and helped support it. Seems absolutely nus to me.
      I sure meet alot of scumbags in my life.
      I do NOT associate with this individual after these things came to light btw.

  16. Silvio Berlusconi is Libra (first house sun) with Pisces moon and Virgo rising. Putz!

    There has to be more to it than sun sign. His Scorp Venus has a heap of aspects (sextile Mars in Virgo, opp Uranus, square Pluto, conjunct Lilith!, trine MC) Probably more telling than his moon in Pisces in the 6th (conj saturn, square Jupiter, opp Nep, sextile Uranus). Hang on, he has Uranus in the 8th!

    • i have Uranus, Pluto and Mars in Virgo in the 8th! It explains a lot.
      I’ve only cheated once (not proud of it either) during a two year relationship – my longest.
      I blame my Sag moon. I love my freedom too much… it’s almost pathological.

      Dated a polyamorous Taurean once, he had moon in Sag and merc in Gemini. That was a total disaster.

      My pick would be Leo, Libra and Sag.

      I work with 3 male Scorps who are the most loyal and devoted partners i have ever met. And i’m in advertising where there’s so much temptation, so that says a LOT!

      • My Scorp brother is definitely faithful and loyal. His Leo wife left him for over a year and saw lots of other blokes, but even after a year he wouldn’t look at another woman. Cap moon & Lilith rising.

  17. Gemini for sure, followed closely by Leo and Saggi comes in at third a little way down the track.
    Sure as eggs. I would bet my fortune on it.

  18. Gemini – their of care about emotional consequences? About as deep as a baby’s swimming pool!

    • I’d have to agree with that. Maybe, I just keep meeting shallow Gemini’s.
      The ones are new were flighty, junkies, stoners and were both bi-sexual. Interested in glamour, who is who in the scene and what you can do for them.
      I had a friend who was a Gemini- very fun party guy but was not royal friend material.
      If I could introduce him to famous musicians or people he loved me. If I got him into VIP events we were best friends for life.
      If not forget it.

  19. ew, judge not lest ye be judged and all – but I have to say Librans. Male and Female. (yes yes I know its all about me, and I’m saving my tales of sluttage etc for some other rant).

    yeah, and any of the dual signs, Libra/Pisces/Gemini are candidates for living double lives/having two faces/playing both sides. And Sadge/Pisces who are ruled by Jupiter – the classic mythological Player (who took on many forms to seduce his prey)…. plus surely Neptune is an important factor in that in its Bas form it symbolises deception and illusions?

  20. Gemini but you have to look at the whole chart( it’a only fair!!!!!)…so if it’s a Gemini he should have a combo’s of planets in mutable signs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause I have a Gemini and 4 the past 10 yrs he’s loyal then again help’s he has placements in fixed signs!

    • very true.. it’s only fair. I have moon in Sag and venus in Libra so i wouldn’t trust me.. especially if someone gorgeous comes along… tee hee. Although i’m older and wiser now and have a bit of self-control.

  21. Librans librans librans …they’ll ride whichever wave takes them the highest (don’t be fooled by the charisma facade, they’re into fairy floss, not integrity and when things start to smell rotten … poof, they’ve got a new wave). I just pity the new girlfriends of Libran men, it’s always dissapointing when you find out you bought an imitation.

    • Oh dear my first love was a Libran and I know exactly what you mean by “bought an imitation.” Do I ever. And I’m just waiting for his poor current GF to figure it out, too…

  22. Taurus men…hedonistic, indulgent of food, alcohol, sex, women. Stubborn, don’t think a little thing like sleeping with someone else should ruin where they are fed and watered.

    I have never had a Libran boyfriend, or even had a fling with one, but have some male Libran friends. Watching their antics and the way they go through life, I would have to agree with the comments above re Librans being players.

    Agree with Gemini thing too, and also that they are like that until they fall in love…

  23. when i was young & silly i was into attached fellas. i remember gemini’s fo sho. i don’t think they’re cruel or vindictive about it tho, they’re just… flexible. & older leo men – they’re centre of universe, so will do what they want, especially if a bit of adulation/ ego gratification is involved, espesh from nubile youngsters.

    scorched more than once by the scorpy male, secretive fuckers and they’ll cheat when they’re pissed off but they won’t give you the slightest whiff that they are or why and you may never figure it out cos they’ll get extra pissed off when/if you find out/ expose them and will never speak to you again!!

    as for chicks, i’ve known many cancer & a virgo serial “monogamists” who’ll defo lock in the next relationship before they’ve left the last one. for cancers cos they can’t let go perhaps? the virgo was scared of being alone.

    and to be honest, my aries sun is a bit impulsive, randy, pro instant gratification. i actually think i’m loyal as and would never “cheat” with my heart but find it hard to control the loins if the circs make it easy (ie cat’s away, booze etc)… i always feel guilty afterwards.

    • I’m a Cancer and yes I agree…the overlapping cheating Cancer. Not breaking up before moving to the next guy. Also, many Cancers have a whiff of Gemini close by to that Sun. lol

  24. oh, i forgot the saggi ex flatmate. total SHOCKER!

    would drive wife to work in canberra, catch plane to sydney to mistress to spend the day with, fly back and pick up wife from work like he’d been in the office all day. originally met mistress in park walking their dogs and i believe had sex in the marital bed that day. mistress was an aries, total ramzilla. poor wife was a sweet aqua who unfortunately in her detached aqua way had no idea he was completely miserable and contemptuous (and he was a sag, so wasn’t exactly hiding it). lord, it was a MESS.

  25. Have to stick up for taurus…none of mine have strayed.
    I also believe that geminis are more intrigued by the idea of infidelity rather than actual consummation.
    I have, however, had a couple of rather icky virgos and scorpios…both cheaters…the virgos like to fuq and the scorpios like to fuq with your head. I had a scorpio boyfriend who while we were “on a break” phoned me at 3am to introduce me to the two women he was in bed with…that still pisses me off.

  26. Virgos.
    I have cheated in almost every relationship I’ve had.
    & the people I’ve cheated WITH — who had girlfriends at the time — were Virgos too.

    • Gala as in Darling? Scandel! No, it doesn’t matter, I’m a virgo as well and I agree with you. I’m not a big relationship person (I find them mostly impractical) but I did cheat on one boyfriend (who was a lower pisces, and was absolutely horrible to me and I don’t know why I stayed as long as I did). I think it’s really any sign under Mercury. I held a three year affair with a Gemini man, and eventually I wisened up and realized I was much too good for that nonsense.

      • That’s the one! ;D Ahhh, we can’t all be perfect… To my credit (?!) I never cheat & stay. It’s the final straw & I use it as a jumping off point to get the hell out of there. Not my finest attribute I admit.

  27. I have to stand up for Geminis, in My experience They are very loyal, unless They become detached, and at that point, Why does it matter?

    Now, Myself, Being a Sag with Leo Rising and moon in Scorpio, lets just say I’ve always had the best intentions. Infact, I’m in such a serious relationship right now, I just don’t let temptation in because I don’t fully trust Myself.

    So Sag, Leo, Scorpio, totally agree, and watch out for the Libra men.

  28. Well, the gal depicted with puppet men, reminds me of the 007 movie on just now “Pussy Galore”..


    • She seems like a wonderful character Mystic. Right up most of our alleys here as she can kick 007’s arse right back as good as he gives it..

      • Next Bond movie after Pussy G. is on..

        Didn’t see the title but the villan female says to Bond…

        “When the time is right, you will be killed”

        Maybe he was a cheater….


  29. I gotta stand up for Geminis as well, being one. :) I have never been a cheater BUT I am prone to having very intense crushes on other men while in relationships. Those come in waves though. So I really relate to this:

    “I also believe that geminis are more intrigued by the idea of infidelity rather than actual consummation.”

    Totally true. I can have very elaborate seduction fantasies in my head which never even come close to happening, yet it’s still scintillating. I love the act of flirting…flirting with disaster even. But I want nothing to do with the actual consequences and resulting swamp trips.

    My vote for most likely to cheat? Based soley on people I’ve known:

    Leos – when married to more stable, “boring” partners
    Scorpios – the lower kind who like to power-trip and sneak around and are obsessed with sex
    Geminis – have to agree that the lower type of men tend to be sketchy, don’t even understand them myself!
    Capricorn – will marry for status, but have a shockingly decadent side they will fully indulge until they “fall off the mountain”

    Read something intriguing about Cancer men in the “Sextrology” book:

    Everyone knows them as the ultimate family/marriage men, but they are among the MOST likely to indulge in an extracurricular affair at some point. No idea how true that is.

    Currently crushing hard on a married Cancer man at work. The attraction is strong and mutual…to the point where he avoids me in any sort of one-on-one interaction, but will say the most outrageous things to me when others are around. It’s really funny! And the eye contact we have in meetings when there’s a reason to talk to each other…jesus! Always feel like I’m being hypnotized.

    Don’t worry…no intention on acting on anything and hurting this wonderful Katakan’s family life or feelings of self-worth. In another life, perhaps…sigh.

    • “but will say the most outrageous things to me when others are around.”


      I was married to a Kataka for sixteen years. That’s his crab way of going “sideways” (as real crabs do) to make a point, to get to the point, etc., but, he is totally serious, I guarantee it…

      • Ooh, Sweetpea, thanks for the insight!

        Again, not trying to start an affair here, it’s just gratifying to know he is feeling me too. :)

  30. I really try to keep away from the morally corrupt and insensetive but ofcourse everyone’s known a few.

    ‘Lower’ Pisces man I was entangled with when younger was a definite player but I think it had to do with self esteem issues.

    Have known more than one Taurus woman who very callously played a number of guys between them. One in particular who’s boyfriend was so blindly in love with her that he told her that she could see other people as long as she didn’t break up with him -really sad, and so terrible to see her go right on and take advantage. Her best Taurus friend who would pathologically show up to visit her ex drunk and try to tempt him even after she was engaged to someone else.

    And a Libra man who behaves very much like a player but *seems* not to actually cross the line of cheating physically. I’d say in behavior his girlfriend would have drop kicked him ages ago if she knew.

    And sadly an Aquarian woman who cares not whether her boyfriends are married. Although, as an Aquarius myself I cannot understand because I have always had very strict ideas about cheating in any direction -absolutely not.

  31. This may be too cynical, but as an observing Aquarian, I’d venture every
    sign of all preferences are capable of playing if the other is “worth” it and
    the chance of getting caught are nil.

  32. Aries & Aquarian men…….

    Scorp women…….

    • Hello Gorgeous, I’ve been wondering where you were hiding. It’s great to see your cutie gravatar again. Welcome back.xox

      • Spesh….was loosing too much time to the internet, aiming for more productivity etcs. Have been a reader, a real writer & not commenting. Vicariously here!!

        like Mystic….. Twitter’s another time sponge……

        xox :-)

  33. I’ve only just (it’s taken me 40 years) realised that when guys DON’T look at you / talk to you, it may actually be a sign of unrequited, naughty attraction – it may also be a sign of couldn’t care less ambivalence, of course, but Cyd’s comments got me thinking about encounters with married colleagues and friends (one of whom is a super-sexy Gemini with whom I’ve had flirty smouldering vibes for many years). The Gem clams up if we are alone for any reason, but gives the most tingling sideways glances. Dont’ know if that makes him more likely to cheat – I feel like it’s more of a flirtatious characteristic. Back on topic, isn’t Prince Charles, a Scorpio, said to have told Princess Di “do you seriously expect me to be the first Prince of Wales without a mistress?”. And yet he proved himself remarkably loyal to said-mistress, in the end. And Princess Di (a Cancer) had more than a couple of affairs. Confusing.

    • re: “The Gem clams up if we are alone for any reason, but gives the most tingling sideways glances.”

      Oh gawd I’ve been experiencing that for sometime now too. We chat like mad when others around but when alone it’s just like that.


      • Isn’t that funny, Savannah and Earth-bound Aries?

        It’s just too super-charged when you’re alone, is the problem. Being flirtatious in front of others, even when it’s super-noticeable is somehow “safer.”

        We have a week-long business trip together (with a group) coming up next month. That could be verrrrrrrrry interesting. Or just uncomfortable with him avoiding me the whole time. :(

        • I’d be interested in seeing how it pans out Cyd. Do you clam up a bit too? I do.

    • I worked with a Sagg player like that. He was all bluff, bluster and inappopriate comments when others were around, but if he and I were left alone, he went weird, quiet and couldn’t make eye contact. Another putz.

      Have to agree about Virgos. My Virgo father was out of control. The word ‘player’ doesn’t fit though. Not in the way it fits Silvio B. or Mel Gibson or George Hamilton. Dad is one of the most miserable human beings I’ve ever met. I think his ‘outings’ were more to do with suppressed rage at getting himself locked into marriage and a mortgage when he longed to be libertine. Definitely not fun to be around.

      • This Virgo aint a player though. Haven’t got it in me.

        Aeons ago I tried going out with a Sagg, then an Aries who were seeing others, but I found it too degrading. I only do exclusive deals now. Or nothing.

  34. Women? Pisces, I would think. And Leos.
    Men? Librans, possibly. Aries. Virgos.

  35. Know the Libran ticking bomb
    The Pisces ex hubby who thought it ok to take a 17year old away for the weekend in full view of me, kids and his own father, we where the ones with the problem.
    Taurus who just played the field and reeled in anything that bite the line
    Virgo, had me from the minute i laid eyes on him, lasted 2 years and then went back to wife, but suspect he is still a player
    Female Scorp was until the Gemmi man came along, never seen her happier and settled

  36. Am discovering Cancerian men are more duplicitous then orignally thought.
    I was involved with a Gem who loooooooooved to cheat on his older (meal ticket) girlfriend. We worked in a pub together and both lived above the pub. When his girlfriend would come to visit and he would lock her in his room (so she wouldn’t talk to anyone, I guess)… told all these stories about her. It was wierd and unsavoury… then he got this obsessive thing for me… and I skipped the country

    • My other younger brother is a cancerian and man he does play. I’ve not been sure if it’s to do with his sun sign though, or weird expectations set up in the family dynamic. We my Scorp brother, Virgo sis and I default to he’s almost forty now…but he blocks an awful lot of good stuff cheating himself and others.

      Damn venus a-go-go that had to be intense to take leaving the country as a good fall back position.

        • At present moment, have no clue…not sure if he even knows his birth time. Childhood majorly fuqed up…I only had the conversation re:birth time with my birth mother because, well I was adopted and it made it easier to segue into…

          I might ask the Virgo sis if anyone has a hold on details like that it would probably be her.

  37. Has anyone read ‘How to Spot a Bastard By His Star Sign’? LOL according to that highly entertaining little book all men of the zodiac are players.

  38. Great little book that.
    Scorpios don’t understand this “you can’t have anyone else ever again” part of “commitment”. 😀 Once you’ve had someone, don’t they belong to you forever on some level?

  39. I believe all signs are potential players/cheaters for different reasons.

    I agree with most of what was written above ^ (especially champagne)

    To add…

    Aries – mate/marriage gets boring, ego gratification, spontaneous attraction
    Taurus – meets someone who’s very different from mate who is unacceptable for marriage/commitment but sexually attractive anyway
    Gemini – boredom, variety, doesn’t think will get caught
    Cancer – easily flattered and seeking love/affection, angry at mate, revenge
    Leo – revenge, flattery, getting rejected at home for whatever reason
    Virgo – pure sexual gratification/stress release, fits in with daily routine, convenience, try something freaky with someone that can’t be tried in rship
    Libra – trying to upgrade, in the moment, fulfill idealistic fantasies, ego gratification
    Scorpio – revenge, upgrading, bored with routine relationship, taboo, thrill of getting caught, try kinky stuff out with new sexual partner
    Sagittarius – boring relationship/mate, spontaneous fling, “deserves to have some fun”
    Capricorn – wants to feel sexy/powerful, try out kinky stuff with someone who won’t tell anyone Cap knows
    Aquarius – rationalizes cheating -> “rules are made to be broken”, “no one owns me”
    Pisces – not getting emotionally fulfilled, intoxicated, not worrying about consequences, caught up in the moment

  40. Hmm. Suppose I should weigh in… well, of course, Le Scorp with his Gem Rising is one. Though I still don’t view Scorps as natural cheaters, I do agree about it being more about power, repressed feelings, passive aggressive behavior… They seem to get into it completely limbic and unthinking and I always feel that some part of them dies when they do it, as if they had betrayed themselves first.

    My theory on this is that being quite intense, the quick mash ups sort of fall flat after they’ve had it, and that really the cheating is more about evening a score in the main relationship, or trying to get out of it.

    In my experience, the real players I’ve seen are:

    Sagg men which I presume is a conquest issue. Veni, vidi, vici etc. The Sagg Boss actually appears to keep tabs on whom he thinks he can have next, so it must be a numbers game?

    Toro women where it was a self esteem booster, but generally the attitude was being married is YOUR problem, not mine. It doesn’t happen with them though unless you can man up with the luxury lifestyle. And if they are cheating with you, they do not consider YOU to be a truly viable life partner but more a well-moneyed outlet for their lust. Like they actually judge you for doing wot you’re doing even if it’s with them!

    Cap & Toro Men would get my vote for Olde World cheating, the ones most likely to set you up in a solidly beautiful home, give you their name, jewelry every anniversary, even the romantic cruise/holiday bit, but they have their bit on the side set up somewhere on a routine schedule. Probably conveniently on the way home. Naturally, the mistress would have to know how to cook, as well as be a mad fiend in bed, ready to do things their wives would never do (presumably as they would not let them being too good for THAT sort of thing). Routine would still be important.

    Cap women get my vote for strategic playing, with some aspect of user-friendliness in the surplus relationship. They will keep the main one going for the same reasons as the Cap men until the extraneous partner proves to be more viable for their vision of the perfect life. If not, they will coldly cut you off.

    Geminis get tempted I think, they like to toy with the idea of cheating, the odd kiss or two, etc. but when it comes down to it, their ideals do hold them back from mega playing. I also wonder if they’re getting off the idea they are with someone new, or if it is actually the fact that they are such brilliant multi-taskers specially when aided by technology and conducting a secret life is the ultimate proof of this prowess? Or even living another life and therefore satisfying their dual nature?

    Cancers DO cheat, but its always in the name of love and usually epic. This is usually preceded by a feeling of having been cheated by their partner in the first place when deprived of love and attention. I’m a Cancer and with my Venus in Leo, I adore being worshipped! So yes, the temptation is there!

  41. Well I’m a aqua fem and divorced but I’ve cheated with an Aqua married man and now with a Libra married man. Okay bash me lol the libra guy is real bold we are neighbors and he parks his car around the corner and comes down to my house. It’s a 2 family house I like him I’m not going to lie. I cut the aqua off because he likes to disappear so I pulled another rabbit out of the hat to him THE LIBRA LOL oh well he still calls once in awhile i see the # on id. I never liked libras before but one thing i will say i was friends with both for several yrs before the attraction. i’m a pretty girl so im the one the wives don’t like the hubby to keep friends with after marriage. 😉

  42. one thing i forgot to add the libra guys love pretty girls because I have had several libra guys hit on me and told me i was pretty, beautiful etc if you are married to a libra guy YOU MUST LOOK GOOD at all times. that is one thing i noticed about all of them! they love pretty, feminine sexy girls 😉

  43. I am an older Aquarian Woman. Libra men are drawn to me like flys
    on dodo..!! All divorced.. Last three went back to mama.. first wife,
    When not happy. They want everything their way And put on a
    false front to get it. Handsome and desirable.. But not really
    satisfying.. not to me anyway..Like a flower that dies within a
    week… Italian, German, Hispanic.. all handsome all the same.!
    Aquarius usually does not cheat because they are too lazy and it
    takes up too much time. from things they would rather be doing.
    also they do not trust others all that much.. But if you make them
    feel uneccessary or not wanted, they can show you how it is done.!
    Aries- childlike curiosity
    Taurus- ego or money
    Gemini-something unusual to try
    Cancer-you touched their heart in a tender way
    Leo- pour on the flattery, there is never enough
    Virgo- he was bored, something new.
    Libra- sex is fun. Lets see how many..
    Scorpio- sex gives life meaning
    Saggit- wants to learn something new
    Capricorn-you will never be above him, don’t try
    Aqua- well it was there and he has no commitments anyway.
    Pisces-It’s not his fault.. He had been drinking.

  44. i am a cancer female have been in long term relationships i have cheated on all my boyfriends because i dont get the attention i need. i have also slept with a lot of married men – again i crave attention. i have a gemini boyfriend and i dont trust him at all he says he is not lying and he has never cheated on me but i just cant let it go and dont believe his continuos lies. i have cheated on him lots of times because he doesnt deserve my loyalty. i must admit i would pick a canncer for sure due to needing affection. my gemini cant even cuddle me. we just broke up yet again this time i will stick to my guns and i hope he hurts like he hurt me over and over again by acting like he doesnt care – im starting to think he never did.

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  46. In my experience – Sag. But i think another aspect – such as Saturn retrograde – is a better indicator than sun sign

  47. im a gemini sun pisces moon. went with my scorp ex while he was in a relationship…i thought i still loved him. dont like being the other woman though so wont have a repeat of that.
    I would say pisces men are serial cheaters- my pisces friend told me he cant not cheat. he just cant. he used to go to the movies with his scorpio gf and while the movie was showing he would excuse himself to go to the restroom..when in reality he would go with another girl (an obsessive cancer) and do stuff. then he would wash his hands and return to the cinema.
    taurus men are the ones who would be in a long term, loving relationship but still cheat. i know a taurus with a beautiful, loving gf, they’re always together, epitome of a perfect couple. that is unless he started messaging me on fb, started off innocently then got friskier. I ignore him.
    ahh my fellow gemini brothers- im ashamed of them. one of my close friends, he cheats, fantasizes about cheating, he is terrible. he wants every attractive woman around. because of his friendliness women like him so i guess he has alot of temptation. i laugh at all his stories