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Thalia Muse Of Comedy Mernie BuchananAstro-Fiends & those of you looking for a more expansive view of their career scopes should check out whether they’ve got any of the Muse Asteroids strongly aspected. ie; conjunct Sun, Moon, Ascendent or a major planet. Within two degrees, please. A.k.a. a narrow orb. I have Urania in my creative sector trining the Midheaven (major career point) and Thalia + Sappho conjunct my South Node…The South Node pertains to your past and/or path of least resistance but is most often used as referring to your past lives.

All you do is go Astrodienst and the Extended Chart Options link. At the bottom there, you enter the reference  number (see below) of whichever asteroids you want included. The Muses are Goddesses who inspire excellence in mortals – from them we get the words “amuse” “bemuse” and museum. There are more I am sure. And Sappho – often called the 10th Muse is number 80.

Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry. 22,  Clio, the Muse of History. 84,   Erato, the Muse of Love Poetry and Mimicry. 62,  Urania, the Muse of Astronomy & Astrology. 30,  Thalia, the Muse of Comedy. 23,  Terpsichore, the Muse of Dancing. 81, Polyhymnia, the Muse of Mime, Meditation, Agriculture and Rhetoric. 33,  Melpomene, the Muse of Tragic Storytelling. 18,  Euterpe, the Muse of Music. 27

As an experiment, I just looked up the position of Terpsichore, the Muse of Dancing for Isadora Duncan & it is exact conjunct her North Node. The North Node is what draws you into your most desirable future…your destiny. It is where you ought to be tracking toward even though you are naturally good at the South Node stuff. Anyway, this is about the Muses, not Nodes. Darcey Bussell has Terpsichore square her Node and trine her Saturn exact. Annoyingly, i have no birthtimes for these two.

Asteroid-Muse-Tracking would totallly be a fun project for my imaginary intern.

Thalia, The Muse Of Comedy – Mernie Buchanan

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49 thoughts on “The Asteroid Muses

  1. I have two muses (Clio and Urania) in exact conjunct with my Midheaven at 18 degrees Scorpio. They also trine my Saturn retrograde at 20 degrees Pisces and Melpomene at 18 degrees Pisces in my 2nd house.
    Euterpe in 1 degree conjunct with Mars (14 degrees Scorpio with Mars at 15 degrees) in my 9th house.
    Erato is within 5 degree conjunct of Mercury and Venus in Libra in my 8th house.
    Polyhymnia is in my 5th house at 18 degrees Gemini and also squares my Saturn in Pisces.

    Those are the major muse aspects and positions in my chart. Any info you can tell me from this? I’m working on deciphering it myself.

  2. Hello everybody,

    could anyone be kind enough to tell me what a Saturn conjunction Psyche (tight double whammy) might mean in synastry?

    Thank you so much.

  3. I forgot to mention, (as I see some have enthusiastically found, ta) I’ve an asteroid forum that has been running for almost 10 years with thousands of posts (many excerpts from my research, articles, books etc) on hundreds of asteroids.

    And wait until you start checking out the NAME asteroids (plot your name asteroid or a lover or boss or child’s name asteroid in your chart or by transit and your eyeballs will pop out. It’s amazing!

    Also on my astro site, if you check the transit archives there is a wealth of information there on, again, on hundreds of asteroids. 🙂 Just click on Eros transiting a sign and in the intro of that page you can see what other asteroids are discussed.

    This is the intro article to 433 Eros by sign and house–

    If anyone has a question about the name asteroids, (how to look them up, plot them, interpret) let me know. They are so fascinating!

    Happy New moon (in about 12 hours!)

    🙂 Kim

  4. Oh, I forgot I already knew this from a reading I had a few years ago: I’ve got Pele and Eros both on my ascendant line.

  5. Wish there was an asteroid guide to give the interpretations. I went to look and geez! There’s over 14,000 and I don’t know what any of them does! That or I wish there was an option to just tell the thing to show all the asteroids on my North Node because I would certainly love to see what it is that might be difficult but best for me to be doing with my life. (I used the ones Mystic mentioned but none of them were in that area.)

    • the link on my anonymous post above has some more and their descriptions – strangely enough I think it’s a page that links to Kim Falconers site – google comes up with a lot – good luck pilgrim! It’s fascinating I’m a total astro junkie.

  6. Ooo-this is good stuff:

    Calliope conjunct my MC in Gemini
    Thalia conjunct Mercury & Neptune in Cap
    Clio trine my Mercury & Neptune
    Urania trine my Saturn
    Polyhymnia trine Saturn
    Melpomene trine Moon
    Euterpe trine Mercury & Neptune
    Terpischore trine MC
    Erato trine Asc
    Sappho conjunct Moon (My feelings are…poetic?)

    Curiosity is definitely peaked–looking into this more. Thanks a bunch.

  7. Polyhymnia conjunct Pluto and Thalia conjunct Jupiter in the 3rd is interesting – will I be able to make a living communicating about gardening by the moon? I do garden by the moon and it yields spectacular results. Maybe I should start an almanac.

    And crikey my 5th house is so full I didn’t think there was any more room in there for some asteroids as well – Pallas Athene, Venus, Mercury, Erato, Terpsicor, Juno, Ceres and the Moon are all there in scorpio. Sappho conjunct the moon = strong friendships with peeps of the same sex is 100% true – my mother used to think I was a lesbian and it messed with her head for a long time – I just ignored her and secretly relished her confusion. I don’t hang with women much but when I meet a woman I like I’ll be loyal to the bitter end.

    Sappho and the blurring of the line between friendship and romance is totally true too – I’m more of a boy’s girl and many times have been astounded when I thought we were just friends and one of them lunged. My male friends wives and girlfriends always ban them from seeing me when they get “serious” because they don’t get it that there’s nothing more to it than friendship on my part – always so suspicious of me. I’ve always thought god how insecure and paranoid but maybe they sense the sappho. They need to get a grip on their own vibes and chill out.

    And what is Nessu? it keeps showing up even though I don’t select it and it’s conjunct my Gem Asc & Lilith and all in opposition to Eros.

    • OOOO I just found this – 4450 Pan May 9, 1988 3.00 years Seductive and earthy sensuality, creative, wily, and likely to instill “panic” to produce change or contact.” It is conjunct my saturn in the 10th – My job is 100% deadline driven, wily coyote, panic driven and creative.

      And Pandora conjunct my MC – I’m afraid to let my cat out of the bag? Hiding my light under a bushel? I do all my best work away form the glare.

      And 763 Cupido Sep 25, 1913 3.35 years The look of love, aware of image, being tantalized by the reflection, seeing is exciting or foreboding. Cuspers cupid conjunct pluto is conjunct my sun conjunct uranus in Libra. EEEK we totally loved at first sight. He told me he felt like the glamoury had been put on him when he met me – he was bewitched.


      Is it ok to share this link? there are more asteroid definitions there – Fascinating they should teach astrology in schools.

  8. Wowsers, how did i miss Euterpia muse of music conjunct my moon and psyche to the degree! WHAT AM I DOING WRITING! I SHOULD BE A COMPOSER! hahaha gosh i make myself laugh, cause THAT would be an easier way to earn a crust…Although my god i just remembered i busked for five years when i was 9-14 every Saturday in front of a gift shop and made a fortune for a little kid…it was Euterpia musing me and my recorder along!

  9. Well yah and think of how their names linger on in museum etc. I love that. It’s like how the days of the week are all Gods and Godddesses and words such as Jovial and Saturnine link back to Jupiter and Saturn…

  10. hey I too can be your intern any time you like Mystic… happy to help…
    and I use slightly larger orbs… more sensitive a person I think larger the orbs… and I do work with energy.

    i have passion for astrology, and the muses especially… they are big in my chart… Urania conjunct Eros conjunct IC… hehe… maybe i bring it from my ancestors???

    Urania is also associated with music, my other grand passion!

    URANIA Conjunct IC (Exact), Conj. Mercury, (Mercury rules MC), Conj. Eros, Trine Moon, Trine Neptune, Trine SAPPHO, also Conj Lust, Conjunct MNEMOSYNE.

    ERATO Conj. Sun (Exact), Conj. Psyche, Square Moon, Square Saturn, Trine Uranus Sextile Ceres, Square SAPPHO.

    MNEMOSYNE Conjunct Mercury, Conjunct Venus, Trine Moon, Sextile Saturn

    EUTERPE Conjunct MELPOMENE Conj. Pallas (Exact)… all three are Sextile Venus, Sextile South Node, Trine North Node, funny too it’s Conjunct STARCHIK… hehe.

    THALIA Trine Ascendant, Opposite Chiron-Mars, Conjunct Pluto, Trine Juno, Trine Jupiter.

    SAPPHO Conjunct Moon, Square Sun, Trine Mercury, Trine Neptune.

    KALLIOPE Conjunct TERPSICORE both Sextile KLIO, Sextile POLYHYMNIA, Sextile Karma.

    POLYHYMNIA Conjunct Karma, Sextile KLIO.
    KLIO Trine Karma.

    I am a muse! ;))

    • Starchik? Karma? Are you trying to trump me? Urania-Eros-IC makes me think you waft about in your knickers at night in your sensual penthouse observatory, making inscrutable notes in sanskrit which your carrier ibis automatically whisks off to your p.a. at another location.

  11. Hmmm… I am not sure how to read/find my north and south nodes… The closest asteriod to my MC is Euterpe… but it is still 10 degrees out (not exactly tight).
    I seem to have lot of Aries, Aqua and Virgo asteriods…

    • Heya – your north node will be on your printout of the personal chart – also called the ‘true node’, south node is opposite sign to that to the exact degree…x

  12. Weird. I have Terpsichore in my north node, and I don’t think I’ve danced a step since I dropped ballet when I was six…maybe I should take dance lessons!

  13. Awesome, I have Calliope in Cancer sextile my midheaven in 1′ 59 deg. I am a poet, it’s nice to know the heavens support me!

  14. Too much fun!
    I’m excited too…
    I have Thalia conj Sun, Polyhymnia conj Sth node, Erato & Urania conj Mars.
    The last three are like a little stellium conj Mars & sth node, all within 2 deg of each other
    What does it all mean?!?

    Thalia, I figure, means I like to take the piss a bit… and traipse around the countryside… tick!
    Thanks Mystic. Will google the rest and see what I can deduce. Night xox

  15. PS I mean its pretty clear that she’s linked to poetry with a lyric form named after her and stuff but there’s all these other links to lesbianism and erotica when you google her name…what’s that all about?

    • Sappho was a wonderful poet – YOu can look at the Wikipedia. She DID have a daughter called Kleis, apparently to a solider but was other than that said to be gay. She wrote some scorching poems about women – some also well known. The Pope of the day had a lot of her stuff burned. I think i did a post about her a while bk.
      As an asteroid she’s sort of sexy AND poetic. Is worth seeing where your Sappho is…

  16. Wow! Thanks Mystic! I always print these little astro-lessons out.
    I am very excited to learn i have Euterpia conjunct my North Node (perhaps I’ll stop writing and start composing instead) and Sappho very close (4 degrees) to my Jupiter in the 12th – soz, i know you gave the 2 degrees rule.

    BUT does anyone know if Sappho was the muse of poetry or of eroticism? I’ve googled and wikipaedia’d but it’s hard to tell…Any know-how mucho appreciado…

      • Thanks sweetpea, am reading thread after thread on Kim’s forum adding to the print out of Mystic’s astro lesson with a few extra Muses. So great! Like a whole new astro strand i’d never explored, and a really inspiring one too, career-wise…x

    • OMG ehhehehehehe!!!!!!!
      Thanks Uber Virgo and Scorpalicious Robot!!!!!!
      i’ll try!!
      but i think i need Mystics approval lol!
      and what exactly do u want me to do?? lol i forget 😛
      Thanks again
      ps. i have
      Kalliope 4 Cap 5′ 34′
      kilo 16 Libra 45′ 16′
      Erato 19 Vir 51′ 27″
      Urania 17 Lib 29′ 35′
      Thalia 24 Sco 21′ 7′
      Terpsicore 8 Picses 0′ 41′
      Polyhmni 11 Cap 58′ 8′
      Melpomene 16 Sagg 8′ 11′
      Eulepe 6 Lib 28′ 59′

      😛 Matt

      • Yes, yes, yes Matt. Now are any of those asteroids making tight aspects (of less than 2 degree orbs) to your planets or Asc MC etc.? I want your answers by tomorrow and I don’t want to hear that the dog ate your chart or something. Hint: look at the little table in your chart.

        And is there an asteroid called kilo? The dieters will be going ape.

        • ok ok — hmmm
          so ive got
          Thalia in conj with True node (4 degrees)
          Melpo in conj with sun and moon (2 degrees)
          Polyh in conj with neptune (5degrees)
          ohh and Terps in conj with saturn (2degrees)
          Erato and True node sextile (58)
          Terps and mars Trine (119)
          :S i hope thats right

          • Yes, v. good. Tick tick tick.

            A promising chart you have there, esp with Melpomone. If you have a gift for tragic story telling, perhaps you could ghost write my autobiography. (I have Erato bang on my MC, which makes me think I should start writing saucy ballads for Barry White.)

            Thalia conjunct is obvious. Terpsichore plus Saturn is interesting – Saturnine dancing? (Disclaimer: I am also astro student) Also you have Sun moon conjunct in Sagg! That sounds amazing. Does that mean you have trouble hiding your feelings?

          • lol the gregarious expression of feelings of the native is immediately apparent methinks – it is entirely beguiling too MM.

          • hehehe
            thanks uber virgo – Anonymous
            lol yes i have both the moon and sun in sagg = i dont really have troubl hiding my fellings no, basically because i say them anyway! im not one to hide what i feel anyway! =
            Melpomone – i love writing i really do!
            thanks again

  17. Thanks Mystic and Kim. Asteroids are fascinating, but difficult to find info on. If there was an asteroid directory, I’d buy it, but haven’t found one. Any suggestions?

  18. This is wonderful Mystic! I love the Muses and though I can’t be a full time intern I can give some more examples from my files:

    Poet W B Yeats had Erato, the muse of poetry, conjunct his Moon.

    Elvis Presley had Euterpe, the Muse of Music, conjunct his North Node in sensual Capricorn. Joni Mitchell has Euterpe conjunct her Mars in articulate Gemini.

    Marcel Marceau had Polyhymnia, the Muse of Mime, conjunct his Moon in Taurus.

    Jeff Goldblum had Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, conjunct his Moon in Sagittarius.

    Madame Blavatsky had Urania, the Muse of Astronomy & Astrology, conjunct her Moon in Libra.

    It’s fascinating to see where in the natal chart these inspiring goddesses reside. They indicate a place we can go for ideas, support and inspiration!


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