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Boy Skateboarding down stairsHe Says He’s Not Really AΒ  Saggo

The other night, at kickboxing class, i was partnered with a Scorpio. When she told me her sign, she said “Oh well I’m a Scorpio but none of that stuff fits me. I don’t have any of the Scorpio traits.”Β  Then she proceeded to belt the shit out of me to the point that i had to seriously engage just to not be knocked over & express various relatively Scorpionic opinions. Not so much the actual opinions but their vehemence and tint of obession.

…My boyfriend’s put on weight as he’s studying so hard. I can’t stand it. I won’t tolerate even a gram of extra fat. Not on me, not on him…I do 1000 crunches a day…I am locked into an endless power struggle with him. But i don’t care. Truth be told, I kind of like it. Relationships with no power dynamics bore me….And the sex is amazing…I am going to do whatever it takes to get on television this year…My co-worker is so infuriating. I am plotting to end his employment…And all the while this intense, fixed gaze, like a Barn Owl.

She is, said the Scorpio Sex Academic, clearly a Scorpio-in-Denial. My friend Not-The-Typical Virgo is constantly decrying her lack of “real” Virgoan traits to the world even as she gently chides one for various sins against etiquette, punctuation & an orderly existence. I knew a Leo once who said she deplored ostentatious grooming & liked to be understated yet her ego was IMMENSE only she felt herself to have such natural chutzpah as to be above the actual plebian crap such as WASHING that most of us do to be attractive etc.

AQUARIANS are the worst offenders. And not only the men. They are prime candidates for “well none of that eccentric stuff fits me, I’m intensely normal” when they’re SO bats…Arieans are the least likely to be in denial about their Sun Sign traits – they love being the Alpha Sign enough to OWN it.

Which sign do you think is the most likely to be In Denial?

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96 thoughts on “Sun Signs In Denial

  1. LOVE the typo in the sentence about Virgos etc. This i know is a TRAP to ferret out virgo/virgo rising who will not be able to restrain themselves.

    I of course being a scorp am NOT using this as excuse to power trip and laud over …oh bugger it, yes i am. btw have ZERO virgo in chart hence my own typing is ismply shit. (that one was for real). but am just a critic, alas.

    Leos are ALWAYS in denial, no? Who’s going to admit, yes i do think i am king shit of the jungle?

    • Sorry to contradict (actually, I’m not, leo’s aren’t sorry to contradict at all), but I and every leo I know are super proud of being leos. I’m especially fond of tossing my enormous mane about while talking loudly about my latest theatrical production/drama to anyone who will listen.

    • Plutonicfemme, i am never in denail about being a leo. But there is a certain kind of cowardly lion who hides his or her titanic vanity and pretends to abhor grooming etc. Usually a male.
      you do seem very comfortable accepting your scorpion nature, however. eg being able to jest about power trips.

    • I’d say the leo in me is often in denial (moon, and sun on the cusp) in fact I once said to a leo friend …
      “Thank God I scraped into Virgo, I couldn’t STAND myself if I were a Leo” to which he replied…
      “Oh but darling if you WERE a Leo you COULD stand yourself!”

  2. ps I even more love the idea of scorps as barn owls. From now on when people ask my sign, I’ll say Owl.

  3. RE: “Arieans are the least likely to be in denial about their Sun Sign traits – they love being the Alpha Sign enough to OWN it.” …Too true MM! I have 6 planets in Aries including Sun and you are right.. I not only OWN it but brag about it with no shame. And when I meet other Arieans we rejoice in the sheer fabulousness of being an Aries, happy to be #1.. Humility? Shame? What do those words mean?? πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha, I have an Aries friend who has annual birthday weekend celebrations…he calls it “Festivus.” He has a bunch of Arien friends who join in…they run around shouting “Horns Up!!!” and do the horns side on their foreheads. It’s hilarious! and adorable!

  4. pisceans, except they are in denial about EVERYTHING else except their own sun sign traits. i think.

  5. I’m Aqua & I just love to do and say bats things a lot of the time that make people blink rapidly & try and regain their composure. I get a kick out of it. Other times I’m not even consciously aware that I’m doing & saying eccentric things.

    Causing confusion and a smoke screen so we can continue keeping people guessing perversely so that they can’t see the deeper vulnerable us? Maybe? Perhaps that’s why some Aqua’s deny they are Aqua’s. It’s all part of it.

    Besides I find myself boring other people are far more interesting.

    • LOL as in I find that I’m boring to myself & it’s OTHER people that are interesting. SHeesH!

      • Hang on, the last two comments are one and the same, no? Or are you trying to create more of the above mensioned confusion, Savannah?

        I would agree with Mystic that Aquarians are most likely to be in denial. I’d also say they are the most likely to be sceptical of Astrology as a whole. In fact ANY idea at all really. My aqua brother makes a point of questioning everything I say, even things I know he agrees with. I have to qualify and expand on even the most benign statement. He claims he objects to my “fixed” or “obsessive” way of expressing myself (I’m taurus sun, scorp rising). Ha! I’M fixed? Talk about the pot and the kettle. He is so fixed I don’t even know how it’s possible. No point telling him anything about being an Aqua. I’d just end up being dumped on from a great height. Or maybe it’s just an older brother thing…

        • Btw, Aquarius loves poking holes into any idea that seems to come from a “fixed” place. So you probably express yourself to him in a way that makes him think you aren’t taking other things into consideration, which of course means he needs to point that out to you…Meanwhile, Aquarians NEVER (watch them come a’running to challenge this lol) take into consideration that you may have already weighed up all the sides/pros/cons BEFORE coming to the fixed opinion.

      • That’s funny that you felt the need to clarify your previous statement. I understood exactly what you meant the first time. lol But maybe you wanted to head off the Virgos/Virgo Risings at the pass, eh?

        Sun/Moon/Mercury/Jupiter touching Uranus…I am socially and intellectually dyslexic. πŸ™‚

        • Oh the tyranny of spelling. That’s it I refuse to be held hostage. It irks me that I can’t be perfect but I have to build a bridge.

          And Jazzy you don’t seem socially and intellectually dyslexic so far (coz you agree with me on Aquarians hehe πŸ˜€ )

  6. Savannah darling, you just illustrated my point. Aquas deny to delight in being contrary, sort of to prod for a reaction and yes, the smoke screen! It was one of the things I could count on with the Well Hung Uranian. Say something, and he’d zip in with the complete opposite. For a laugh obviously.

    Hmm, I think the Scorp-in-Denial was probably denying as part of a defense system, possibly being intimidated by the idea that Mystic could divine her secrets from the shade. In my experience, most Scorps I know listen intently to my synopsis, weigh it in and cop to whatever they feel is true for them.

    Goodness, even Le Scorp admitted he was Scorpionically Vengeful, as in he gets mad, never says a word, seethes, plots then strikes when the opportunity presents itself. NOT to say all Scorps do this but it depicts the intensity when twisted a certain way.

    I DO confess, am a wee bit guilty of border blurring as I am cuspian myself. Though I put a stop to that once i found out I was a Virgo rising since it explained traits I was mistaking for a Gemini influence.

    • lol I just ready your comment, fallen angel, after I did my little rant re aqua brother. Totally agree about Aquas getting a kick out of being contrary. It drives my whole family loopy. On a side note he had my mother (also an aqua) in tears today making an ‘observation’ re her comments on a site she frequents being fuelled by jealousy. She on the other hand does not appear to be a typical Aquarius. Extremely emotional, definately not detached. She’s a complete mystery to me. I should look up her full chart.

      • Maybe she’s moon in pisces or something, or cancer? I was married to an aqua and i won’t tell you what he thought of astrology!!!! (unprintable words!)..but, I used homeopathy on all our children and when people would question it as a load of bull, he would defend it, saying “I don’t know how it works, all I know is it does” – cos there’s no placebo effect with screaming babies with raging temps etc…anyway, typical aqua – if you can PROVE something, they will believe…

      • Oh, I’m not surprised about your Aqua Mum little pasture pet. Aqua Females are amazingly emotional, but not in the way water or fire signs are. I find that it’s more a zeal and an anger for a wrong doing, a transgression whether its real or simply a situation where their ideals were marauded (as your brother did your mums!). Crossing their beloved beliefs/ideals literally wounds them because as you said, they’ve arrived at this after much experimentation and truth seeking then have become fixed.

        They are staunch defenders of a visionary ideal that is more real to them than what is actually present in their lives at times, Ayn Rand was an Aqua for instance! This devotion is so strong that it is horrible for them when they experience dissonance between what is and what is supposed to be as per their belief system. And as is the case with Oprah, they horribly dislike coming off as hypocritical when they fall to being so human that they cannot seem to keep up with the cherished vision of who they ought to be, or can be.

        Having said that, I have an Aqua moon which tempers the flow of emotions from my Kataka sun. So I am the reverse, I react with calmness, equanimity and logic when inside I feel a raging sea!

  7. well from my personal experience… virgos are most likely to be deniers, especially if they have some sort of fire sign as their ascendant or moon or something.

    only because we have the most boring ever list of attributes according to the blah mainstream version of astrology.

    scorpios i think are most likely to claim a cusp. i don’t know why, just an observation.

    • Well put, not-so-virginal (or could that be not-not-so-virginal?)

      Who wants to own up to being the most nitpicking, anal retentive, hand wringing sign in the zodiac? Except me? Five planets in Virgo! My personal strategy is to flaunt it, (eg. come upstairs and see my filing system, but wipe those feet first) but you’re right, that could be down to my Sagg Asc and Aries moon.

      I do draw the line though. Check your own damned spelling!

      • Wow Uber (sorry, don’t know how to umlaut), restraint in the spelling department – impressive and very evolved. And I’m sure your filing system is something to behold.
        For a long time I was in denial about being a taurus thinking it was the most boring sign (practical, dependable, stubborn etc). I still refuse to admit to any greediness (I AM NOT the stuff I own). In the last few years I’ve met that many fruit loops though (bless their hearts) that I’m beginning to see the upside of being the ‘sensible’ one. Oh and love having a license to lick peoples faces if the fancy takes me (oh I’m sorry, I’m a taurus, we’re very sensual, don’t you know?). It feels good to OWN it, as Mystic puts it (not in the greedy consumer toro kinda way).

        • Dang! Should be licence (noun) not license (verb) in that contex. I should know this stuff I work for the ‘Licensing’ dept. All these Virgos are making me nervous.

          • The pressure of the Virgos watching my Taurean friend. I got a heft of planets in Virgo too and spelling and me go way back BUT is the first crack to show under Virgo pressure. My long term love was a Virgo and a hot shot Scrabble player. No surprises there huh.

          • oh GAWD gems me toooooo. Well he wasn’t my long time love (this was the Virgo with Libra in everything) but who woulda thunk so much steam could be generated over a triple word score???

    • Ha! I’ll have to agree with this…the person in my life who is the biggest astrological denier is a Virgo with a Leo Moon…he will not cop to wanting to shine, get applause, or be out front or anything else he feels are Leo’s “negative” traits, even though they are RIGHT THERE for me to see in his behavior. Even the way he defends himself is very LEO (“I know what I’m talking about and YOU don’t!”). Instead, he tries to challenge my impressions of him (and what his chart clearly says) with all of these “credible” sources (that’s the Virgo eh?). Btw, he has Moon-Mars conjunction in Leo with Leo on the Midheaven too.

      I also agree with the person who stated Pisces isn’t usually in denial about their Sun sign traits…just everything else. lol (count that for Moon in Pisces too)

      Conversely, I have experienced Leo, Scorpio and Aries as most proud to tell/brag about their Sun signs. πŸ™‚

  8. I agree with Leo’s & Aries loving being Lions & Rams & need to tell you fast.
    Pisces come to mind re denial of traits or denial of ‘society’ as it is now.
    Scorps love telling you what sign they are, like they are daring you to tell them
    Saggo’s love the ‘now you see me now you don’t’ attitude & can be quite up themselves
    in public. ‘See me walk vis a vis see me roar’
    Do you remember Linda Goodman’s masculine night & feminine day/feminine night & masculine day
    energies? So there would be a private AND public persona for each sign?
    Anyways, have found that 5 out of 10 traits for each Sun Signs are set in stone.
    Whether they know it or not:)

  9. I’m a Cap and a happy Cap but having rising, moon and merc all Sagg I’m a fairly left-of-centre Cap. Lots of Caps are in denial. Old Papa Saturn scares the crap out of them so they try to disown him. I tell them to embrace their Saturn. He’s all about timing and responsibility and if you don’t respect him he’ll bloody well make you and that’s when Caps sink into gloom. Over the years he’s been a hard task master for me because he’s conjunct Mars in Cancer in 8th square Jupiter in 11th so lots of my dreams have been shattered and because of the duplicity of my brothers, I missed out on a huge inheritance but I’ve learned to accept the lesson and move on without angst but I do sometimes wish I was a Cap with a well placed Saturn. But men don’t ever forget romping under the doona with me πŸ˜†

  10. my libran father ALWAYS denies he is libran and aligns himself with scorpio being on the cusp and all. but he is the most ridiculously libran man ever.

    • What doesn’t he like about being Libran? To me Libra is the most sanguine of all the signs and who wouldn’t be smug about being sanguine (as opposed to choleric, melancholic or phlegmatic)? Is there something about Scorp that draws his ego maybe?

  11. Your inheritance story has happened to a dear women friend
    of mine as well. Loss of a family mansion at Palm Beach.Took a part of her
    big Leo heart, the subterfuge by the family accountant.
    Too many family breakups over inherited money.
    My Ascendant & Venus is in Cap, Mercury & Jupiter in Sagg. Hence rapport.
    NOW i understand the downers the Caps sometimes have, the way you put it.
    My Father’s Mother had a Villa in Toarmina, Sicily that would have gone to me,
    but we were prevented from meeting before she died.
    There is something in my chart above lost inheritance. The movie ‘Anastasia’
    with Ingrid Bergman? resonated with me way back then.
    Life is mysterious.

    • Pegs, I’m still in constant touch with my brothers and the family is intact because I love my nieces. I figure karma will get them eventually. My parents signed the family properties to them on the understanding that they raised loans against said properties to buy a suitable retirement house for my parents plus a substantial bank reserve. Shortly after the signing my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and my father had a stroke. Dad trusted them to place the money into an account for him that would be left to my sister and I but they never did. They’re now very wealthy men and my sister was killed in an air-crash before we had completed legal proceedings and I no longer had the heart to fight.

  12. I’m one of those annoying cusp people!! But seriously, each magazine has a different opinion about which sign I am. For years I denied the Sagg aspect and now I lean away from the Capricorn…so calling myself a saggicorn feels better than a capritarrius!

    I do live on the cusp of prospect heights and park slope….Prospect Slope!

    • Haha πŸ˜† Love the made up words! That seems like a Sagg thing to me or do you also have some Gem planets? Personally I prefer capritarrius because it sounds like a capricious dinosaur while saggicorn brings forth images of a limp vegetable. But I only thought of that when presented with the alternative.

      • i love made up words too. I have moon in Sagg and my north node is in Gem.

        I actually liked the sound of saggicorn. To me it conjured an image of a goat-like unicorn not a vege.

        I’m currently trying to guess the sign of my favourite barista because he loves words too and it never fails to amuse me when he says “your beverage is ready” rather than the usual “your coffee is ready”. He’s very witty too… so i’m thinking a Gemini perhaps. I love trying to work it out.

        • I’d say he’d definately have some gem in there even if it is just his mercury or something. I have gem venus and eros so words are a big turn on for me. I like making stuff up but my efforts pale in comparison to two strongly gem friends of mine. Sometimes when the three of us are together and the conversation is on fire it’s like we’re talking a different language. Now if that could be combined with a massage…..sublime

          • btw, sorry to jump into the made-up-words convo but I have sag asc, venus and mars in gem, and eros in pisces in 3h…couldn’t help it. πŸ™‚ i’m with you about finding creative language erotic.

          • oh no worries Jazzy jump in! WOW, venus AND mars in gem and eros in 3rd!! I can see why you’d find creative language erotic. Do you fall madly for Geminis? Where’s your Sun?

  13. Hellooooo, all. Not sure who is most in denial about their sign ? what would interest me though, is what sign is in denial about astrology as a whole, you know, those poor non believer types *looking up, crossing myself, saying prayer* (may they one day be saved from their ignorance, oh mighty universal force).

      • Now Im an Eagles fan from way back but ‘ forgiveness’ ? ..humm a few notes and I’ll see if I can remember? The new kid in town is one of my favourite Eagles songs Im humming that now..
        Trouble is Im neither new, or a kid, doh! just love that song.

    • hehe chesh I’m humming the theme tune to Welcome back Kotter. Yeah welcome back davidl!

      And funny you should ask that question as I find Aries and Taureans to be the most likely to think astrology as a whole to be a load of – as they put it so bluntly – “crap”. But only the blokes.

      • the kotter song has inspired my new avatar pc. You’ve come so close to my true identity. is it a freeby ? you don’t have my address for invoicing anyway, ha!

        (yeah, I know myst, aries are always saying “anyway”, yeah sure they are (bulldust).

        • It must be my jupiter-pluto-neptune self made mogul guru powers suddenly asserting themselves. But the vision is unclear *holds fingers to temples and looks suitably ommed-out* I can’t determine whether you’re channeling vinnie barbarino or hawshack?? πŸ˜‰

          yes I’m still a cheeky little shit stirrer!

    • hey!! welcome back. How funny…. i was just thinking of you today… just wondering if you would ever come back. Like the new avatar. πŸ™‚

    • Cerberus returneth! Me and my wooden spoon missed you, my pet. *Thwack thwack and double thwack* And I’m just warming up.

      That bore, Richard Dawkins, (atheist guru, describes astrology as an enemy of reason) is Aries with saturn, uranus & jupiter conjunct in Taurus. Another on my list of Putzes, and due for a sound paddling.

      • Afraid I found out that the lure of the paddle is too much for one man to deny. As long as you enjoy it I will too.

        I agree with you totally about RD, the antitheses of god, that man is. The most childish person I have ever scanned. Ever. His name is so apt.
        Dickie Dawkins, come here lad, ,,,thwaaaack,,,,

      • ….and Dickie Dork thinks his mind superior to some of the greatest minds in history? Even Einstein explored astrology though his papers have been, shall we say, neglected.

        • Ask a ‘scientist’ what man has ever truly ‘created’, not derived, from elements already in existence, zilch…Dickie must be a source of great humor to the spirit in the sky.

          There is not one important question of existence that any one of us has a definitive answer to. We know a little bit about a small speck of dust, we called earth, in the luciferian quadrant of a smallish galaxy, many light years from the ‘great anchor’, and Dickie totally knows .. not.
          Einstein knew it wasn’t his information, he was the conduit, a real mensch, humbled, and awed.

      • I think he is a Lower Taurus – like Lenin “truth is always concrete.” He’s hilarious when he’s not being boring. I read an article he wrote once and it said human consciousness is like a telephone exchange but he so old-fash he meant like someone sitting there and plugging things into a board…
        If I edited a mag i’d make MUCH better use of him – he just gives given free rant, i’d make him go to high-tech conferences & do kundalini etc. And I’d get average drongos written up blowjob journalism style and photographed by Bruce Weber or similar & do it for a year – see if we could create them as a sleb, without them having to do anything.

    • Hi davidl. Didn’t see your post when I had my little rant about this earlier. My theory is that aquas are the most likely to be astro deniers probably because they love disagreeing for the sake of it. The usual story I hear is that their way of thinking is the most rational.

      • Oh and I for one like Dawkins’ writing (wait for it here it comes), even though he is persona non grata in the astro circles. I find a lot of his stuff makes sense to me and I don’t mind him trashing all of humanities deeply cherished beliefs. But perhaps I have some hidden aquarian contrariness in my chart, some as yet undiscovered celestial body that was lurking in and around aquarius at the precise hour of my birth….

    • someone very earthy with little or no water/air placements in their chart? very practical and lack of faith in the “unprovable” stuff…until you read them left, right and sideways just from their chart.

    • In my experience, it’s almost always the earth signs who claim that astrology is a load of bull! Air and water tend to be unabashed believers, and fire signs tend to be mixed.

  14. I agree re Capricorns being most in denial. I know a Cap who actually said one of the most classist remarks I’ve ever heard but outwardly acts like a ‘humanitarian’.

    Most Pisceans I know are extremely proud and secretly very chuffed to be Piscean…they love the intuitive, psychic, other worldly description of themselves. They are also usually secretly arrogant that being the last sign, they are older, wiser souls and hence know more than others.

    • Welcome Jazzy πŸ™‚ I only discovered it recently too, in fact I’m new to the whole blogging thing so still a bit hyper and find I’m dominating some of the threads with prattle re spelling etc πŸ˜† really should go back to the barn for some shut eye

  15. funny, i’v come across three gems who ‘absolutely and convincingly’ dont believe in this stuff, but funny too….they are also some of the deepest most complex people i have met, also deeply spiritual(methinks) though they would also deny it vehemently(sp?)… this classic?

  16. I have no problem owning up to be a Gemini, I’m proud of it! Though we do like to be private about our beliefs and whereabouts. Linda Goodman once described an astrology convention she spoke at. She invited all the Leos in the room to stand up and be recognized, so of course they all proudly jumped up, accepting the applause and actually bowing to the audience!

    Then she asked for Geminis to raise their hands…not a single one did, and in fact a slew of them started scurrying out of the room!

    Sounds like us. We tend to want attention, but only on our own terms. I can be a big clown/show-off in front of my friends, but tend to clam up around people I don’t know or in business meetings. It’s all about comfort level for me.

    • YES yes yes attention on our own terms is so true.

      I would have been split as to which action to take (gem, leo rising) i might have stuck a hand in the air to represent rising whilst hiding under a chair!

  17. er, i don’t know. as a gem w/ leo rising i really dislike the leo aspects of myself that i project – the loud laugh etc. Really I am quite shy & it’s tough for people to get to know me (ok, that is a gemini trait, but I just feel SO different from the person i imagine other people must think i am). i suppose gems are shape-shifters.
    when young was convinced i was a pisces, hated all the descriptions saying gemini is chatty & gossipy & shallow & always on the latest trend – i’ve taken time to grow into my gemini (intellectual, casual, quick) self. it took me a while to understand why i’m so emotional when my chart is fire & air: until I took a look at the aspects. moon sq. neptune, venus trine neptune – makes for dreamy & spiritual. mars in cancer the tightest orb in my chart accounts for the watery, relationship-based moodiness/strife i often deal with, y/n? I’m slightly confused by my moon in aries.
    my boss is an aries who denies it! she dislikes all the negative attributes. but apparently her friend did her a chart & found her moon was in taurus. she does seem quite taurus-y so it’s not surprising.

    • Ariel, I can SO relate to this! “mars in cancer the tightest orb in my chart accounts for the watery, relationship-based moodiness/strife i often deal with, y/n?”

      I have Mars/Venus in Cancer and always seem to be obsessing over my relationships with other people…ugh. Feels like such a burden sometimes.

  18. Well, there is a Tarot pack called The Aquarian Tarot. Astrology came to the forefront in The Age
    of Aquarius, so i must agree they are cosmically tuned in……….very.

  19. Throw a party, got my gravatar at last. The key was to retype my name & email
    in the ‘reply’.
    Not such a computor clutz after all. It’s a download from the Hubble on NASA site.

  20. hehehe I was totally in denial about being a Cancerian until I had my Saturn Return. Lot’s and lot’s of lessons learnt then.

    I think my line used to be “oh but i’m cusp gemini and venus and mars in airs signs too so I’m so much more an air sign”.

    Sure. With sun moon and mercury in cancer. yup. moody, passive aggressive, completely reliant on a happy home for security, motherly, food as comfort, fantasic at baking, clingy, needy, incredibly empathic and a tad psychic, extreme emotions, excellent at counselling others, nostalgic and sentimental…

  21. Haven’t met a Libran yet who wasn’t in denial–not about being Librans, that part was fine, but about just about any supposedly hidden aspect of their lives.

    They say, and I tend to concur, that in the company of ‘straight-ey bones’ types, Aquarians excel at being eccentric, but when the tables are turned and Aquarians find themselves outclassed in a room full of space cadets they call on their ruler of olde, Saturn and become the model of conservative.

    • Absolutely agree re Librans….I used to know one who insisted he was some sort of dynamic, decisive action man and yet could not actually make a simple decision, and in fact would spend approximately 45 minutes dithering over the mandarins in the fruit shop.

      I must admit though I am in denial about the baser aspects of my Scorpioness…no doubt many of us cling to the idea that we are ‘evolved’ Scorps, no matter what the evidence.

    • wow those are very good observations about libra (denial of any hidden aspects) and aquarius flip-flopping between eccentric and conservative. my aqua ex told me during our 1st meeting that he is both liberal and conservative and refused to answer my question about it until I gave him my #. after getting to know him better, I found out he’s absolutely right! I thought he just liked being “different” from the majority but your explanation makes perfect sense.

      • Now there’s a man that knows what he’s doing. Reels you in with an enigmatic statement and then holds you to ransom for your number. I like it.

  22. I proudly and wholly embrace my Aquarianism. I even sometimes wonder if I’m not actually weird at all and I feel disappointed by the idea. But while I may seem normal to myself I have realized that I probably do seem weird to others.
    The ones I’ve always noticed who say they’re not like their sign (or don’t want to accept astrology because they feel their sign is ‘the worst’) are Capricorns.

    • The first person who did my chart pegged me as a Capricorn rising, probably because she wanted me to be a Cap rising. She was a wicked Cancerian,with Mensa like intelligence and a whopping great grand square. She got expelled from Ascham for calling the headmistress a ‘fuqing cnut’. Mmm yeah well that’ll do it. Anyway, for about five years, I like, totally identified with all the Cappy suns I met–like I totally knew where they were coming from. THEN another astrologer did my chart and said no no no no, Sag, rising, 29 degrees, which actually fitted a great deal better with my more horsey aspects. It was quite a relief and I was able to reinvent myself yet again.

      My solar return has me as Scorp rising, Scorp Moon, Progressed chart I am Aries Sun with an Aqua rising, natal . . . well frankly its all a bit bloody overwhelming sometimes and I sometimes don’t know whether I’m Arthur or Martha at which stage, its probably a good idea from time to time to deny the whole kit and kaboodle, (until the next major transit.)

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