Katherine Hepburn: Uber Taurus

Cary Grant in jail Katherine Hepburn smoking

It is the birthday of Katherine Hepburn.

She was a Multiple Conjunct Taurus – Sun, Moon and Mercury – with Scorpio Rising. Venus in Aries and in the 6th House.   Note ornery Taurean stubborness and how Venus-in-Aries is independent trailblazer, shunning marriage to be mistress to Spencer Tracy…

Taurus with Scorp Rising is sooo fixed. So sensual.

“She was obsessed with flowers. She couldn’t relax unless fresh flowers were in every room. When she repaired to Fenwick from her town house in New York, she would take the flowers with her. Sometimes, she could be seen leaping out of her car to pick wildflowers by the side of the road.


She kept a fire burning in the fireplace at all times, even in L.A., even in Summer.

She was equally obsessed with hydration, both drinking enough water and making sure people urinated frequently.


She never sat in a chair if she could help it. Her customary after-dinner position? Sprawled out on her stomach. “Helps the digestion.”


She took a gazillion showers every day. She didn’t like eating out in restaurants because she found them too expensive. At seventy-one she took up jogging. With Greta Garbo, then seventy-three.”

How To Hepburn by Karen Karbo

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jogging at 71! I’m 52 so there’s hope yet. Venus & Moon in Aries 3rd H and Aqua rising, Merc Mars NN in T plus a host of Ceres Juno and Ops. Love KH


Taurus sun, Scorpio rising and Sagg moon… I have so many houses in aires its so not funny!! Good on Katherine Hepburn, showing us taurus’s for what we truly are – purely amazing:)


Haha, I’m not quite that taurean. I have always wondered what someone would be like if they had their sun, moon, and ascendant all in Taurus. There is something definitely special about this fixed sign. There is so much talent relative to the bull even though many perceive us as predictable and lazy individuals. To think that having both Sun and Moon in Taurus could make history is to think about how similarly situated signs could inspire greatness.

unpredictable pisces

Maybe people here can help. Fixed signs. Could someone explain what it is that motivates or de-motivates fixed signs? any any other helpful info? What do they gravitate towards? people, scenes, places, etc.
I need some help with my Fixed Sign Management Plan as we just don’t get each other. (well, I don’t get them, and they think i’m a fruitloop – doesnt bother me too much.)

bull w sting in tail



Great motivators for me.


thanks stinging bull


Values, principles! Stubborn, longevity…they can be long suffering…..loyalty, sometimes creatures of habit, stamina. Remember, depends on the whole chart!


Values, principles! Stubborn, longevity…they can be long suffering…..loyalty, sometimes creatures of habit, stamina. Remember, depends on the whole chart!
They can get stuck. They commiit! They are the sowers, they plant the seed and originate things that others disseminate. ie. they are the old souls, the elders, the wisdom.
The more you love them, the softer they become.


Strong portrait!

Taurus ariès scorpio and the VIth house.

La magie de fleurs…

Tactical she was, with passion.


*highfives gem le taureau*

Me too. Or is it three?


Sweet! You’re scorpy asc enjoy the full moon as much as mine?


Turner Classic Movie channel (Ted Turner, was married to Jane Fonda fame), is showing all Kate movies today as is her birthday.

My Mom reading “Kate” biography for some time now as is large, wordy book, but she feels Kate greatest actress of all time…

Leo X too

and she also used to do headstands – daily……..an amazing , focused + fabulously strong woman………..

Pisces Goat

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Complete admiration and respect for her eccentricity. And the no doubt stubborness. She also only wore pants. Even if the costume was a skirt, she wore pants underneath. Not sure what they if she had a long shot…

cheshire cap

I want to be Katherine Hepburn when I grow up.


Me too.

Ãœber Virgo

I heard she used to swim daily, summer & winter – in the Hudson! (NY)

Spencer Tracy was Catholic I think, so wouldn’t divorce, and those two happily got on with their long term (decades) extra-marital tryst.

What a handful!

taurean alchemist

*sigh* Kate Hepburn. *sigh* She’s so amazing…. I didn’t know she had Venus in Aries (me too!)…

Leonine Librarian

I think it so cool to think someone would have the attitude at 71 to take up jogging….let alone ring in a notorious recluse into doing it too.

unpredictable pisces

i love the attitude…why let a silly think like age stop you?

gem le taureau

Ha. Taureau with Scorp Rising is sooo fixed. That’s me baby! Laughed about the water bit, that’s so me. Obsessed is the polite term. Oh I love her, and I love that photo.

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