Power Tripping On The Scorpio Moon: So Easy

Sexy Biker Wear Female

And so the e-mails flow in. Power-tripping. Control freaking. More power trips. Another control drama.  “…WHAT is going on, Mystic? Could it be a Full Moon or is something retrograde?”

Do any of you actually read me??? I have said a zillion times – am sure of it – that the Full Moon in Scorp/Retro-Mercury combo & Mars but never mind the astro-deets for now…that the current astro-weirding = massive power tripping & that there are secret grudgelines & attempted manipulations all over the place. And yes, people will try to exert control and power over you. And that your task is to – ideally – resist such an endeavour without losing YOUR precious cool.

I know I had a far more fashionable suggestion for what to wear on the Scorp Full Moon earlier but I am now thinking the above jacket is awesome. Imagine that – it’s On Trend (bikies, leopardskin acrylic print, neo-90s midriff, Scorpionic overt display of hostility AND sexual intent) + peeps will freak out when you walk in wearing a jacket that actually SAYS Power Trip.

But really, i have already issued forth enough lecture rants re the power-trippy flashpoint potential of this Full Moon.

Image: Power Trip Clothing

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75 thoughts on “Power Tripping On The Scorpio Moon: So Easy

  1. That just explains why engaged-Scorp who still wanted to get it on (especially when I told him was moving to QLD from Melbourne in January) just popped up on chat two days running after no contact for about 3 months. I should pay more attention. Thanks Mystic!

  2. Well I was doing ok…till… my youngest daughter went into spiel about the howling wolf tatoo she was wanting to add to her, at this point on un-tattooed body…this was within maybe 2 minutes of picking her and her elder sister up from the train station.

    On some rational level I believe it’s her body, her choice, which is also what I believe of anyone getting unusual bits pierced, or whatever tatooed…but for some reason, hello scorp full moon, her qualifying her reasons just set me off. I think it was also because she wanted my honest opinion, and boom did it spill out. I’ve just had so many friends that have tatts say they regret them now, or go to a lot of pain and trouble to get them removed…so then Spazzy A asked why I was reacting way more strongly to when she proposed a welsh dragon on herself…to which again unwisely I snapped back because I thought you’d never follow through. Argh…it’s like my tongue was possessed.

    • LL – 20 years ago, when inked skin was akin to crims not debutantes, mother balked at my 1st (ALA my avatar), & vowed in full Irish humour, tongue firm in cheek, I was NEVER to get xmas / bday presents only donations to my ‘laser surgery removal fund’!! Decade or so later, with more additions & ready to get the rest of back done, Pollackesque Arian Ex (AKA an illustrated man~!!) gave me sound advice. That Tattoos were cliched. So I stopped. Thankfully. And happy for current illustrations to grow as old as I do without regret.

      It’s a bit like luxury hotelier Ian Schrager’s “If everyone has it it’s no longer luxury”, in another context of course but you get my drift. Like cosmetic surgery/alterations, UN-inked skin’s destined to be Vogue.
      p.s I bet daughter was intending howling wolf on her upper arm???

      • inner upper arm…it’s like she thought…poor little mite (slight sarcasm) that etching the symbol of rebelldom..(well sort of but I think that’s what she was aiming for) would offset aging …like some not quite secret talisman that would keep weary attitudes from descending on her….oh and she threw in something about carrying the person she is right now through…I never knew I felt so strongly about it…as in anti…

        Oh and yes I went for the don’t you think it’s a tad cliched..as she quasi ranted/explained it’s not like she wanted a frangapani..(apologies to anyone that cherishes them)and that’s when she went yeah but I can get XXX aries to draw one. Friend since kindy, fantastic artist…and if there was ever to be a truly individual image, yes he could do it…

        Also the un-inked being vogue…she has beautiful skin, it’s like letting a toddler loose with textas in the national gallery…not that I’m prone to exaggeration..but gah.

        • LL – searched YOU TUBE for that great TV commercial with wonderful silver haired woman cooking on elite electric cooker with final shot on her tattoo’d arm. will find & post. it’s priceless. & a reality check re ink on aging skin!! your darling offspring’s no doubt unaware of ‘tuck-shop’ arm syndrome…..not everyone can be bothered doing a Demi or Madoona (perma-workout / surgery addled…) & ink wont go away. Worse would be a lover’s name…….Johnny Depp changed ‘Winona’ to ‘wino’ ; Pollackesque Arian Ex changed ‘Michelle’ to ‘My Hell’……..

    • Oh LL, you’ve got to admit that entire convo rather comic, no? haha

      I never thought I’d get one. Because well, I grew up in the depths of the city where peeps with tatts got them in prison, or etched them on themselves sort of thing. And I went to a very well guarded private school.

      I pretty much sailed through life not thinking a thing about it when seeing Le Scorp again resulted in a tatt pact where I got a scorpion on my hip and he got a small bear (what he calls me) over his heart. So for me, the act was about sharing, and bearing a mark together. Of events, of life, of pain and of love.

      I reckon let her explore the possibilities so she can have the space to understand that it isn’t just about consequence, because let’s face it, that just triggers the rebel mechanism. But rather that its about meaning?

      I feel like I earned my mark, at least that’s my perspective on why I got mine.

  3. This Scorpio full moon has been freakin awesome!

    Not one power trippy, manipulative, lying, cheating, pscho in sight!

    Lots of zen contemplation, staying in the moment, acceptance that the past is done, the future is whatever it will be. Catching up with all my awesome woman friends (who didn’t get nearly enough of my attention recently due to the Double Bullshit artist dramas) and who’ve nurtured my jaded spirits back to health. Even had a nice, non-schizo dinner/conversation with mum tonight!

  4. maybe even debt collector ? 🙂 i nearly said death collector which would be v eight house … it is full moon in scorp today so ! (ps dont mean that rudely).

    • No, it’s okay bubble. I’m a massage therapist! But do know plenty about death, debt and taxes….And sex and, and….

      Power trips, manipulation, liars and cheaters…

      Hmm, what else..

  5. Must be my Cap Moon, but it’s too much “in your face” for me.

    p.s., like what I often write here at Mystic’s isn’t. 🙂

    Guess that’s the difference between Mars in Gem on Ac and Moon in 8th..

    I keep my power trips private (hopefully for the most part and don’t like to admit it if I am on one..)

  6. my whole family – minus my dad – are very spiritual and believe in a range of things karma ect. so she’s very proud lol

  7. HE GUYS!
    we just had the garage sale – WHAT A DISASTER = i knew the moon would have some effect! We ended up earning over $15 HAHAHAHA
    IT WAS RAINING! IT WAS FREZZING!!! and we packed up early cause it was just too much – i did warn everyone! – and now as i sit looking out the window the black sky is now turning a dull white – typical!
    anyways i told you all i’d let you all know so there
    Matt x

    • Bummer. What does your mum think of you predicting trouble at the garage sale because of the moon? Lol.

    • Maybe the next astro query du jour should be ‘what moon is most suitable for a highly profitable garage sale that will successfully finance the astrological education of an apprentice warlock?’

  8. Über…first hit : then lol then another :…..the lol is inside two colons…and Bob’s your mother’s brother….:lol:

  9. Sorry Mystic but i wouldn’t be seen dead in that jacket! “Scorpionic overt display of hostility AND sexual intent” it is NOT. I don’t have a single item of white clothing or leopard skin in my wardrobe and prefer to keep my sexual intent to myself. Scorps aren’t overt about anything – that’s more Aries, Saggo or Leo style.

    I actually have quite a few Scorp friends and can’t see any of them wearing that jacket but an Aries friend for sure! She LOVES animal print and always says “Anyway”

    Gee, must be a full moon… it’s the first time i’ve fired up all day. 🙂

    • That’s not like you robots. I’ve never seen you get shirty. Are you suffering from hypoglycaemia?

      Can you teach me how to make one of dem smileys in da little box? One dat laughs too.


      • 😆 and that was my diplomatic response. It’s a full moon… i’m allowed…
        I do actually suffer from hypoglycaemia. The worst incidence i can recall was storming off during a briefing at work because it was an hour past my lunch and i was too hungry to concentrate. I didn’t even care if i got fired or not.
        Plus I have mars in Virgo in 8th opposite Saturn so i get shirty a fair bit but try not to on a blog. If i’m happy i’m okay but little things (mars in Virgo) piss me off. Like that jacket… 😆

        Anyhow… the smiley in da box… CC beat me too it. Damn you were so close!

    • I’d get shirty over that ensemble too…actually I think it could only be worse if worn with the hair skirt.

      Also I’ve found that Scorps don’t need clothing to project what they’re feeling they just sort exude it…intensely, like a silent hum. But then I have my own mutation of leo and scorp…sooo I don’t think I’m quite as overt as some.

      • hahaha… now you’re talkin’ – white jacket with the hair skirt!

        exactly LL. It’s all about the intensity, the silent hum and the eyes. I know you’re not overt either. You’re an evolved Leo or perhaps just an evolved being. I equate anyone overt to an empty vessel making a lot of noise. But i guess that’s just my Cap rising talkin.

    • Scorpababe, I so agree. Yes, Scorpos are more covert vs the other, and definitely not about sex. Funny thing I’ve always thought there was a saint/sinner or monk/maniac aspect to the Scorpionic, as in able to go for long stretches sans sex, doesn’t discuss it, then suddenly bam, is having it. Though certainly NEVER advertising it.

      About the only thing I can think a Scorp would ever advertise is that they have a secret. Not that they’d tell you it. 🙂

      • hehe… knew you’d understand FA. I’m actually going through a monk stage right now. Looking forward to the BAM tho… hehe… but it won’t just be anybody.

  10. HAHAHAHA thanks Leonine Librarian, Uber Virgo & mons for your words of comfort and comedy! I read out your comments to my mother who laughed so hard she cried lol – she cant believe that i’m talking to a bunch of adults about astrology ahhaha
    i’ll tell you how it all goes

  11. I’ve been copping a bit of the power-tripping stuff from friends fighting with other friends and wanting me to take sides. I’ve been all reasonable and controlled and just told them I’m not getting involved in any of this so leave me the hell alone and did I mention that I’m ver sick too so double leave me the hell alone. Ha Ha Ha.

    • I had this conversation…(not the being sick bit) only yesterday in regards to a bookclub imploding. I did use the words ‘although I can see you’re hurt and yes this is all very grade nine, I think it best if I say nothing and you just have a purge’. Just one of those times where listening and being a bit switzerland is best for all concerned…

  12. You know I never made it to the rainforest. Maybe just knowing I could was enough. I thought I’d do a couple of chores in town first then do it…however have only just made it back. Gave away a couple of skirts to a friend, bought some organic black tights from her…made a couple of layby payments, bought an enormous amount of vegetables…which I will slow roast some of this evening…and have found that as the moon rose I had this beautiful surge of energy with a side order of ahhh. Hope everyone is evening out to their satisfaction too.

    • LL I was outside a few minutes ago weather-proofing my new red outdoor chair cushions and the moon is beautiful with a wisp of golden cloud. How could something so beautiful bring on such chaos.

  13. ok ok HELP — my mum is planning on having a garage sale tomorrow aint this bad with the full moon and all??
    matt 😮

    • Matthew it doesn’t have to bad…people could get very intense about old tupperware and have a little debate about it…but it could just enthuse your average old garage sale with that something extra that makes things sell, sell, sell…

    • Yup, I reckon it’ll go off, and your Mum’ll clear everything before the moon begins to wane after lunch. Then you can hassle her for $$ to buy yourself more astro tomes.

    • Lol, I’ve been at a garage sale and saw two old ladies fighting over a plate. They almost came to blows. I tried to help them sort it out but it was a huge bloody drama. Apparently they had both inherited dinner settings that were missing pieces and both were apparently missing this particular plate. There was no resolving it and the lady running the garage sale eventually took it back and said ‘nobody is buying it. It’s not for sale’. So I’d say watch out for the old biddies.

  14. oooo, I just looked on astro.com, & the full moon trines my Jupiter & Chiron tomorrow. Now that *has* to be good!

  15. Oh goddess yes, am trying to keep my head down, but the power- trippers are finding me anyway.

  16. Crazy obvious power tripping happening in my workplace from the usual suspects! How predictable and also so easy to deal with when I know it’s going to happen. I just can’t help being disappointed every time they’re so predictably lame….

    • I know where you’re coming from Aquarpio, I always try find it amusing in an out of worldly sort of way but sometimes it’s just frustrating that they don’t change the record.

  17. My already bleeeaaah mood has taken a dive. I didn’t realise that alpha tauri had turned off the twoway cold tap in the laundry (I never change it) and I washed my favourite black top in scalding hot water and the result isn’t pretty. And I’m fuqing fed up with fuqing dog hair!!!

      • Are you copying me CC? We are astro twinning today. Made the towels blue with bad wash move, so so so fed up with dog hair (feel like I spend my life cleaning up after other peoples animals. Humph. And Bah Humbug) but my feet are comfortable in my nice silly leopard print ballet flats. And prepping for the big bash cest soir. Oooweee off to the hairdresser for radical cut before it starts. Wish me luck! x

        • enjoy enjoy enjoy gem le t……….please think before the radical cut, it’s full moon….and have a rip-roarer big bash!

  18. Wonder if we also see an increase in traffic accidents, road rage, etc. today. We just had at least 3 ambulance helicopters go overhead, hope there’s not to many hurt by all this rage and general dark feelings.
    Go for a walk in your head in LL’s rainforest, sounds so calming, just the antidote.

  19. Thanks for the advice fishgirl and cheshire cap, I did actually get a trashy novel and hid from the world yesterday. I’ll Keep head down until tomorrow, I think you’re right about the full moon being a sort of anticlimax, hopefully today is the worst of it.
    And what to wear, I’m of course in all black… My Libra sun is very late degrees, so maybe it was the moon passing over my Sun being the worst of it. then again the full moon is going to be right on my Mercury, more outbursts to come…

  20. Have been contemplating solitary walk in rainforest to even out.Good advice fishgirl. Usually have nice little nosh and latte in the sun of a friday morning…make lists…all terribly pleasant.Doesn’t matter if I’m alone or if the Taurean bloke joins me…or the legion of leo women that I seem to know…anyways it’s usually all good… I must mention that this isn’t as blah as fishgirls encounter…thanks for sharing your blah blips, fishgirl and libratwin, it helps me gain some perspective…

    Yet …for me finding the table next to me fill slowly, as in one by one, loud 55 + year old men sat and just spewed aging testosterone about…in between yelling racing theories at each other. Really fuqed with my chi.

      • Yes fishgirl, surrounded by green fields, the odd cow, slightly more bookstores than pubs, good coffee…so I think the grounding of the rainforest is the way to go. My head and heart are greatful for well the bounty of my life. It’s a good one…but my body at the moment is just feeling a little bombarded.

  21. I think I want to hide until it’s all over.
    Just took my 3yo daughter to McDs for a break. She went straight out to the playground while I ordered, came back inside 2 seconds later sobbing as a little boy had punched her. It was my reaction, put on full Mummy voice and told him to go and tell his Mum what he’d done, scared the bejebas out of him and he hid until his Mum came out. We sorted it out but I’m not usually that OTT, fairly calm individual.
    Yesterday phoned about a job I’d applied for last week and was told they hadn’t received my application via seek or whatever and applications had closed. Got to just lurv Mercury retro really at this point… I got off the phone and promptly burst into tears, full on heart wrenching and uncontrollable. Just cried for ages, my poor husband phoned just as I’d controlled myself and I went off again.
    I feel like I’m just holding it all in and anything can set me off again, tense, stressed, it’s really doing my head in and it’s not even the full moon yet.

    • Stay in Libra twin, don’t listen to the news, watch something light, read something fun, avoid the streets is my advice…and unnecessary communication…have a walk in nature followed by a hot choccie? It’s over tomorrow:)

    • L twin, sometimes the build up and angst leading to a full moon is stronger than the actual full moon and the full moon comes as a relief….sort of all angst no result or something

  22. I just want to say thanks for the light relief Mystic.
    Have been laughing at Darth Vader and now this. I should have worn this outfit to Borders last night to defend myself against the random stranger who i thought was going to belt me! Very very scary. Yes we do read you! I just…never…think…things will really be this bad! Yesterday was textbook. HAd to escape my computer with a headache thanks to an accusatory email from an editor which i’d snapped and replied to…totally threw my equilibrium off course…then fielding phone calls from family members about a vacuum cleaner piece which had gone missing – all sorts of theories as to who had ‘hidden’ it in an attempt to mar cleaning efforts…and i FOUND the vacuum cleaner head they were all paranoid about in the comprtment it was supposed to be in…!
    Buut the worst was the random stranger at Borders. SHe’d been talking about her weight with a friend and i was leaning in to get Vogue and she turned and pounced towards me with a vicious look in her eye swearing…needless to say i didn’t buy the Vogue…thought she was going to belt me…very scary unpredictable peepes…and she was big and wearing all black and soon turned her anger to someone who sent the shoplifting buzzer off…then some guy touched me on the tram even though his girlfriend was beside him…bloody hell…lower vibe scorpsville much?

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