Neptunian Dreaming

Surreal Art Bull Pope CatholicNearly everything squares Neptune over this weekend and in fact, the next few weeks. Dreams ARE IMPORTANT. How hard can it be to get one simple little exercise book & just jot down a few vital deets of any dream you remember?  Jung called them the royal road to the subconscious. I am consistently convinced that so much psycho-cultural clutter (all those ADS in self-help & alt health mags, for instance) can be eliminated by simple observance of one’s dream messages…It’s cheap. It’s FREE.  And dreams are particularly potent all this weekend a la the Full Moon and Neptunian activation.

Please feel free to rave re dreams in the Comments. I put my Mugwort dream in the comments of that post.

Have a divine weekend and happy Full Moon in Scorp!

Image: Leonora Carrington

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Pisces Goat

I had dream the other night (I think it was the Neptunian weirding dreaming night) that a man was lurching in my bathroom doorway looking into my bedroom at me. It didn’t really feel like a dream. He looked slightly like the David Wenham character in ‘Australia’ or reminded me of him. A ‘bad guy’. As I was completely up on my what to do with uninvited spirits due to glancing at Ann Ann’s column in Woman’s Day, I didn’t ask him his name and told him to go away. All in my sleep. Voila.

gem le taureau

So I decided last night I was going to dream some stuff out (scorp moon making me feel totally in charge of my destiny).So have very strong peppermint tea and go to sleep. Terrible night sleep, very disturbed. But had a profound dream about this guy, totally woke up in the night with this like light bulb moment ‘Aha I’ve worked it out, I get it etc”. Then this morning. Gone. I’m hoping the profundity of the realisation sits with me even if I can’t figure out what it is exactly…

leonine lovely

My dreams have been amazing. Normally I don’t remember them. But I have had great dreams. One about forgiving my brother for his past bad behaviour while climbing mountains in Scotland with him.

cheshire cap

Happy Mother’s Day all you Mum’s xox

Ãœber Virgo

To you too Capricorn Mama!


Happy Moo-Ma Day to you too Chesh and all other Mom’s!!



I did have also wild and intense dreams last night. That I was walking down the street with my most recent lover and a friend of his was running after us, telling him that he should stop having this affair and that all the newspapers know. We sat with this friend and talked about it, but the friend wouldnt look at me, just kept talking about the girlfriend i was apparently betraying. In the end I insisted we leave, happy to have him to myself again. Then somehow saw magazines EVERYWHERE with pictures of me with my other ex, looking… Read more »


Well mystic, I once wrote to you years ago and now I am for the second time. I had a nuts dream last night – have just moved to a small university town in England (and am, I’m told, no longer to, er, believe in this stuff) – anyway, I’d recently hoped to score some, ah, party substances for the upcoming May balls (read, week of debauchery)… anyway, my dream involved said party substances, my exes, my would-be lovers, and my partner who is yet to join me from home… and of course, police. It was very rough, and is… Read more »


I’m rather excited that this trend of very vivid, meaningful dreams I’ve been having lately will continue over the weekend. Can’t wait to go to sleep!

Happy dreaming, everyone.

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

Yes. That would explain last night’s dream. V intense and quite unpleasant.

But I did make a very cool realisation that a recurring dream motif – crorociles and water – is symbolic of some of my more troublesome thoughts (crocs) and subconscious (water) Which actually becomes more and more amusing as the crocodiles stop doing things like surfacing from murky water and eating my fiancee and start doing things like splashing about and snorting. I’m not sure that crocodiles can snort in reality, but they’re pretty funny in my dreams 🙂


Looks like Champagne, that what you might often find annoying about your fiance is laughable after all? If so, I’m sure he finds that part of you loveable. His croc features your own demons and really not so bad? I was heading a group of folks in my dream last night and we got a bit off track in a darkened apartment like place with many shurbs and side walks. We came to one place in the sidewalk where we had to turn back. Then there was a short cut. Can’t tell you how much I need that blasted short… Read more »

Matthew Minerva

ohhhh wormwood & mugwort are the same thing sorry! :S

Matthew Minerva

ohhh and Mystic i am planning on using the wormwood tonight! i read that the full moon clarify’s dreams and that to dream intensely on a full moon is a good omen so here i go! 😀


Sweet dreams doll…

MM, you seem like a delightful creature…



oh and appropriately off to see my Scorp mum tonight, who used to practice as a jungian analyst. She got me into dream writing as a teenager. When I used to do it, felt like a big brain vacuum each morning. Very soothing…


Woah Matt, goosebumps. Them called prophetic dreams, they are!

Mystic, am decked out in black today, goth style as you suggested for lead up to full moon exact this arvo. Even have black onyx ring and black rose earings 🙂 Something cosy about being dresssed head to toe in black, makes me feel safe. Actually, I think black is psychically protective colour??

Happy Full moon y’all, am kinda glad this one’s almost over…x

Matthew Minerva

Hey Guys! My whole family have very odd but strong dreams – especially now that we have experienced so much together ok ok umm i’ll start with a dream i had 6 months ago (i know im not ment to go into past dreams but this is freaky!) – my Great-Grandmother past away about 7 months ago, she was the sole matriach of the family and was the strongest in all possible sense. after her death everyone was very scattered and we were about to sell her house. My mum was the first to get a dream – she deamed… Read more »

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

Wow! Spooky! And I love the idea of being chased by a giant pair of sunglasses (the reality probably not so much) 🙂


All I’ve got to say is: “Whoooooooooaaa!”

And maybe: “Aw! Wish I were spiritually directed to treasure!”


I cant remember what i dreamt last night but I woke up at 6.45 sobbing. I have no idea what bought it on. It’s a bit unsettling to be bawling your eyes out and have no idea why. I don’t often remember my dreams but I’m especially not a fan of the emo ones when I don’t remember them. Great start to the day.

Leonine Librarian

I’m really glad I looked up the meaning of dreaming about my stomach…because I thought I had just had the worlds most shallow dream. All I could see was this image of a really well toned stomach…which well I’d like, but still the thought that my potent dream was all about having a toned stomach …gah. So it happens that apparently ‘To see your own stomach in your dream, suggests the beginning of new changes in your life. The dream may highlight your difficulties with accepting these changes. It is also indicative of how you can no longer tolerate or… Read more »


Hmmm, symbols are mega important, but so is the feeling that goes along with seeing the symbol.

Try and think whether your reaction to seeing the buff tummy was like your reaction to something else.

I only say this because my friend whom I always thought was slightly less ‘dream-literate’ than I, completely floored me once when she listened to me talk about a dream and then said “That’s the same face as you pull when you’re talking about X”. And she was so right. And I was freaked, cos I never would have noticed it on my own.

Leonine Librarian

Thanks for that Buckle… the feeling aspect adds another layer of understanding …cos I felt good, felt satisfied, felt that all the hard work had paid off and everything was as it should be…which is not generally how I feel about my stomach…however that feeling sort of segues well with the changes I’m currently enacting in my life. I’ve just recently realised how many decisions I’d made in the last few years that had to do with me being comfortable….which was necessary at the time…but recently I’m totally up for things that have me uncomfortable in the moment to get… Read more »


Wow, that’s a really worthwhile realization right there. That’s not an “I don’t like men with motorcycles; I think they’re arrogant” type of observation; that’s a life changing one!

You’re about to do something awesome, LL! I feel the feist!


I awoke from a very intense dream this morning. In it, I’d gone to my ex-husband’s house, exactly as I had when we were courting, only instead of this house being in the country where we met, it was in Sydney, a large three-story terrace. It was a share house, and his room was on the top floor at the back along a corridor. I’d gone there to take my bags, I was moving in with him, exactly as it happened in real life, and again, he was at work, which I knew already. I didn’t expect him there. This… Read more »

Champagne Bearing Aquarian

That’s a beautiful realisation, Seabird. Isn;t it such a relief when something like that hits you after you spend a day trying to shake of a feeling of dream-unease?


Last night i dreamt my car got replaced with a horse and my best friend dreamt she was scooby doo…

taurean alchemist

wow, is that what it is?? I thought it was something I ate – last night I had a full sci-fi armeggedon movie about aliens landing in space ships that looked just like apartment buildings… millions of them. The ‘EMP’ (electro magnetic pulse) took out all of our machines, and everyone had to stop working. People just lost the plot, and I kept trying to tell the aliens that it all had to go back to normal, and everyone had to go back to work or there’d be no food etc. Then a small group of them came and got… Read more »

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